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September 29, 2012

The Great Awakening
Awakening to what exactly?
Part One
In this series, I want to discuss the subject of whether an Awakening en masse is really happening and, if some sort of an Awakening is happening, I want to examine what the nature of that awakening is and whether there are more appropriate types of awakening.
There may be more than one ‘awakening’ as we shall see, for it means different things to different people, again demonstrated by what some believe and others hope for.
Initially, this essay may appear more philosophical and metaphysical than practical, but that is not necessarily so, as you shall see as you read on. There are very practical realizations we now need to make as we progress, hopefully, to a fulfilling awakening while the Earth and its failures rush headlong into an all-consuming, soul-destroying Endtime.
As people all around the world are becoming more and more agitated, and as more and more questions are being asked about the Status Quo of the Planet, we need to ask this of ourselves:
Are people really breaking the mental constraints by which they have been harnessed for so long by false knowledge and, while attaining a new valid realization of something spectacular, commencing on a Path to Enlightenment and Self-realization?
Or is it just a case of more and more becoming dissatisfied with their lot in life as conditions for physical existence deteriorate from factors they cannot completely identify, understand and/or control?
In other words, is the Awakening, that some are talking about, a true spiritual awakening with valid answers at the end of the tunnel? Or is it a pseudo-awakening of the masses that will again be herded from one false paradigm, which up until now has been an apparently working one, into another false paradigm that suits the leaders whom, in metaphysical terms, I have called Archons?
People are beginning to awaken to the True Reality of life on Earth, or are they? At this stage, I don’t think so, not the majority anyway.
Into the common culture are entering, from many directions, the thoughts that the quality of life is not as it should be. Specifically, you will see short essays in alternate magazines and clips on YouTube decreeing the deteriorating conditions.
But they all end in the same way, with the same catch-cry:
 ‘Things are bad and getting worse.’ And they give these examples:
·         The sky and its pollution by Chemtrails;
·         The pollution of soil and water;
·         The overcrowding by insects, animals, humans;
·         The GM foodstuffs causing diseases and stress that kills;
·         The financial collapses we have had, and the prospect of more;
·         The increasing poverty in wealthy nations;
·         The control of medications by profiteers;
·         The dangers of vaccines;
·         The manipulation of the weather by HAARP, Chemtrails, microwave technology, etc.
·         The Illicit Wars for profit for the few’, etc., etc.
·         The deteriorating quality of life even while our physical bodies are alive for longer;
·         Inexplicable Mental fragmentation, leading to dementia and spontaneous, pathological rage, conditions I have labelled Terminal Madness of the Endtime. 
And so such articles and videos on YouTube go on, with more and more scaremongering without the slightest idea of what is going on, how or why these things are occurring, and what the endpoint of it all is going to be.
And what is their conclusion? Almost to a man, or woman, they end with this banal cliché: ‘We have to wake up and make things better if Humanity is to survive!’
They urge us all to be like King Canute and engage in futile attempts against this inexorable tide of change without specifying what to do, how to do it, why we should do it and without any understanding of the factors involved and of what is really going on..
Their thrust is for physical survival inspite of evidence that makes some people realize that the physical will not survive.
At the same time, a minority in the New age Movements, ignoring the destructive presence of Evil, and its effects in our lives, are attempting to create a wished-for Fairy-tale in which all will be well as we, in all our war-mongering, dishonesty and exploitative, murderous ways, become Divine and the moribund, fatally polluted Earth jumping an octave in the ‘Harmony of the Spheres’ and becoming a Paradise again. Ignoring the facts, it is obvious that they are simply deluded and will not face the Reality confronting us, as we shall see.
But, to truly awaken, we have to know the following:
·         What this Terminal tide of change is,
·         What its purpose is,
·         How is it really manifesting,
·         On what levels of existence and of our being it is manifesting,
·         Who is sponsoring it,
·         What its outcome will be, and
·         How we, the earth, the animals and all of Creations of which we are aware at present, will fare, not only in the process but also in the wash-up.
Answers to those queries will give us a Real Awakening.
What the above articles in magazines and YouTube say to me is this: ‘We, the mushrooms, spiritually blinded by numerous factors, have partial vision of deteriorating conditions.
‘But we have no idea of what is really going on and we have no insight into what is happening to any of us, why it is happening and what the valid solution to these problems is going to be.’
Those are the answers I wish to supply in these short essays.
As we progress, there will be points of maximal importance that will be milestone and landmarks for a True Awakening. I will highlight them.
If any of you want to accuse me of arrogance in thinking I have valid answers from what I just wrote, when others appear to be floundering in incompleteness, I will simply remind you of my Motto and have these words for you: ‘Get lost. No one needs your idiocy. You are not reading to learn or to find the stimuli to awaken. By wanting to argue, you just want to waste time. Being thus, you are already a loser!’
If you truly want to know what I think, read on.
Although the general thrust is that of a mass awakening, you would be very surprised to know how few, in fact, are really in the awakening mode to the True Greater Reality at present.
Most are not in the enlightenment stages but rather, they are in a dissatisfied, rebellious mode, and that is also because of deteriorating conditions. They are not spiritually awakening at all. They are escaping from the mental harnesses that once held them tightly as obedient robots. There are reasons for that but as yet, they have no idea of those reasons.
As we go along we need to know what I mean by Robots, Archons, and other classifications such as Theomorphs and Demons, and what my understanding of enlightenment is.
We also need to understand how the mechanisms of harnessing emotions, and minds, occurs and why those mechanisms are breaking down.
Some people in society are beginning to go beyond what the Media tells them. They are starting to realize that most of the Media serves special interest groups whose function is to fool the masses and use them as cannon fodder when it suits the special interest groups and also use them as tax-paying, milking cows most of the time.
Without doubt, some people are starting to see the following points. I will expand on them a little in the hope that they will trigger further awakening in readers:
·         The Horror of Wars. Many are actually questioning whether these iniquitous wars are really necessary for their survival and freedoms as say the (lying) leaders (archons).
Some thinking people are suspecting, as we see with the investigations being carried concerning 9/11, that the leaders may not have told the absolute truth about certain thing. And the more they examine facts, they more they are coming to the conclusion that the leaders have lied about almost everything! Thus, they want to know why that is so. That is how the Awakening will commence in some.
The crack in the dyke is now obvious. There is no stopping the cascade.
Even from a prosaic perspective, people are waking up to the fact that there is a limit to what personal satisfaction one can gain, no matter how callous, from the murder of men, women and children, always marked as collateral damage, in countries invaded in order to, as the Archon’s mendaciously say, protect one’s own safety back at home, which has never been truly threatened.
When the citizens see themselves growing poorer by the day; when they see their liberties restricted, and the standard of living disappearing, of course they will question the value to them of these murderous, never-ending wars that they are funding with their taxes. They see no positive outcome in their lives, no matter what the leaders try to say. Enough is enough!
The reality is that the Wars are to steal resources from those other countries and to release energy. The latter point is Metaphysical and I shall discuss it in detail later.
Again I repeat, citizens pay for such wars with their money and the lives of their children, grand-children, spouses, etc., but they never see a penny in profits. What they see are gloomy parades and monuments enumerating their dead and an accelerated rush to identify the next illusionary enemy that requires murdering.
What good does that do anyone, especially now that the doubt has been seeded in the minds of the Common Denominators (the tax-paying milking cows) that ‘Hey, perhaps the wars were not necessary in the first place’?
Thus, in essence, people caught up in these iniquities become morally and financially poorer.
No one gains from Evil but evil Ones. And such ill-gotten gains are very temporary and self-destructive as we shall all see soon enough!
Now we have looming the conflict with Iran that the Archons of the USA, spurred on by Israel, seem unable to defuse. See the article I posted below.
The reason why they seem Hell-bent on destroying Iran and themselves is all within the reason for an awakening to the mechanism affecting those bellicose minds. And to fully awaken we must understand and accept the inevitability of such dooming behaviour.
We are awakening to the Process of Demonic Self-destruction. The Archons-Demons-Beasts of an Evil Essence (the Sons and Daughters of the murderous Jehovah, the Hypocrites and Fornicators) are programmed to destroy themselves and all their evil progeny and illicit apparatus which includes the Physical Universe. If you want to argue with that, forget it. There is no arguing the point.
In this context Fornicators means the evil ones who enter the Cardboard Box of others with the explicit desire to steal/drain the energy of the ones invaded in order to power themselves up, even if it means the spiritual death of the ones invaded. More often than not, that leads to Demonic Possession before spiritual death. I shall expand on this topic in due course.
Of course if any of you want to know these topics in detail, you can read my books and not have to wait for my less detailed essays.
Returning to Wars and their sequelae, unfortunately, as most of us know, the wounded are not even properly cared for once they return. And they return in bad physical and mental states for many reasons, the death of innocents being not the least.
That mental anguish leads to madness, to Terminal Madness of the Endtime, a term I shall use again and again. And the immediate families are forced to share the anguish of their sorry state. It is not just he neglected combatants who suffer, but all around them and society in general. Thus, the whole nation is poorer for the evil experiences. No good can come from evil, for Evil begets Evil!
Read of the suicides by Veterans:
What good is the flag-waving now under those circumstances? Will it feed their children, heal their wounds, cure their minds, and stop the nightmares? It hasn’t so far. It is only getting worse. Now we have a glimpse into one of the esoteric reasons for the moral decay we see all around us.
There is just so much ill-gotten National Hubris that can be accommodated in a normal mind by one’s armies causing never-ending pain, suffering and destruction to both the alleged enemy and to their own population, especially when the home population is forced to accept more and more irrational restrictions as reward for the ‘freedoms’ the leaders claim they are winning by destroying others! Are you starting to see the enormity of the hypocrisy and lies?
Some of the populace is starting to think about such things and asking ‘What the hell is going on?’ And this is the start of their awakening on the mundane level.
From such considerations, we must expand the awareness to beyond the physical for unless one clearly understands the process we are caught in, which seems to indicate death to most of the planet from an out-of-control Nuclear War that is likely to ensure, Terminal Madness looms.
Can you not see that it will be inevitable that, if Iran is struck, China and Russia, who have signalled many times their willingness to defend Iran, will jump into the fray?
The British and Australian lapdogs are there to bark at heels as commanded by their Masters. And to display their moral ineptitude, do you think India, Pakistan, North Korea, France, and so on, will stand back and whistle Dixie? Not on your Nellie. They will be programmed to self-exterminate, as the others are for all nations are under the control of the Archons-Demons-Beasts. It will be on for young and old. There will not be time to count the dead. And indeed, the living will envy the dead, such will be the extent of their suffering.
                According to the National Academy of Science, 24% of children in the USA are living in poverty. Now can you begin to see the reason for suicides in the young? BTW, suicides now account for more deaths than Motor Vehicle Accidents. Would that be so, if the USA was triumphant and prosperous from its wars?
                ‘No’, is the answer. The illicit wars are ensuing social and mental fragmentation, moral decay, emotional disintegration and most important of all, SPIRITUAL DEATH.
                Think of these things when the data of how much the Archons-Demons-Beasts having stolen from the American people. If the data of the very first audit of the Federal Reserve is to believed (the Ron Paul, Alan Grayson Amendment to the Dodd-Frank bill), the Federal Reserve alone has stolen some 15 TRILLION dollars in the 3 years (2007-10) alone as the middle class has been sent plummeting into Financial Hell! The money was secretly given to USA and European banks which are now owned by who? The American Archons no less, not the American People whose money was used! Do the American People who were fleeced know about these illegal bailouts that make the Archons-Demons-Beasts a lot, lot richer while they, the people, are ejected into poverty and misery? They do not know. This is another reason to awaken.
                But, fear not, the demonic self-destruction is coming to a head, very, very quickly. Today, even as I write this, the Archon Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel, an anti-Semitic Zionist, is attempting to embarrass another Archon, US President Barak Obama, his cohorts and minions, into fierce fatal War against Iran, as he gives Nazi salutes at the United Nations.
                Desperate are they to fall headlong into the Programming that will see their Doom!
If you truly understand the total implications of this Process for the Elimination of Evil you will rejoice, inspite of thoughts that our Cardboard Box may need to suffer a little temporarily.
                Those with no understanding are those with no Light within, and they are, more likely than not, progeny of Darkness and they will also go the way of the Beasts.
                Apart from the Wars which are always a manifestation of the presence of Evil, the INJUSTICES metered out to just about everyone regardless of race, colour, religion and nationality are becoming obvious all over the globe. Do you really think that is coincidence?
If US citizens want to argue this point, while they bask in the glory of America’s colourful Autumn (Fall), they should think again of the destructive nature of the recent Financial Fiascos and the erosion of their Freedoms, something some of them thought could never happen.
                The UNREASONABLENESS OF LIFE for the majority is becoming obvious as Archons not only exploit us at every phase of our lives, but also appear to be planning the physical exterminations of the majority, by culling, so they can have more for themselves of what they want from the planet.
                On this point, I have mentioned the functioning of the Eugenics Program many times before. Note who began it last century in Germany, who funded it (Zionists who were of the same essence as the Nazis) and who is now sponsoring it all over the world (Zionists).
                They are the Archons-Demons-Beasts. You had better start thinking in those terms. These people are not Class 4 Human Consciousness in Human Cardboard Boxes. They are of a higher EVIL class - Class 5 of the Demonic Creation. See my books for details.
                We are trapped by financial regulations, building regulations, passports, restrictions into parks and wildlife areas, government departments, etc. We are already labelled and herded as cattle as we were from the beginning of this illicit Empire when Jehovah elicited his ‘Chosen’.
                The EVILS as planned by the Ruling Class which now the common man and woman are beginning to see, , are becoming more and more obvious even to those who formally did not believe in Evil.
                Some are realizing that GREED is winning in every aspect of our lives. Even simple garden herbs to help natural healing are becoming restricted. And, God-forbid, the lunacy that is occurring in some areas of the World’s supposed Super Power, where you cannot even grow a tomato on your own soil, may soon spread.
·         The dishonesty, HYPOCRISY, social programming, destruction of land, sea and air for profits are clear if you stop and think for just a moment.
·         TERROR: The Homeland Wars to terrorize everybody are real. You may not realize it, but you are already living in a war-zone. You are free to do what your government allows and no more. Thus, wars are now not wars just against foreigners in foreign lands and for those who are treated as less than vermin. Governments have been conduction wars against their own citizens for a long, long time. What is different now is the fact that we are starting to awaken to it. And there is a very valid reason why we are awakening as we are. Read on.
·         To many it is becoming obvious that the Archons are harnessing the lower classes into SLAVERY. They have always done this. It is just that now some are awakening to this fact. Do you really think Democracy exists? Have you ever examined what was meant by Democracy in the Grecian Era? Money ruled then; money rules now. There is no Democracy. It is the illusion created to lull simpletons into a morphed state of imbecility and self-delusion. Ballot boxes are shiny toys with which to fool the deluded.
·         The creation of the ILLUSION OF WEALTH and Abundance which the Archons give and take away as they please is being noted by many. Review the financial cycles throughout history and you will see this obvious point.
The Archons plan the booms and busts to suit themselves, not the people. How do you think the Archons became so rich? I can give you no better example than the filthy-rich families that run the Federal Reserve in the USA. They truly did, and are, milking the ‘goyim’ which they saw and see as useless milking cows. See the mention of the $15 trillion above.
                In the past, if people started thinking about these sorts of things, the Archons confused people by adding another one hundred or so different types of soda pop on the shelves of Supermarkets so the Illusion of wealth and abundance was reinforced in the minds of the imbecilic. Don’t laugh, that programming mechanism worked again and again and again. And when it wasn’t soda pop, it was the new car designs or the longer legs in the ads for butter or shinier hair for ……you get the picture.
                Why does sex sell? The sexual stimuli increase the excretion of hormones which activate the Cardboard Box (the physical body) in a certain way which short-circuits the Higher Centres (that are able to think, are more critical, moral, and spiritual) and then more easily program the cardboard box to follow the subliminal impulses send out by the advertisers (Archons). Easy as pie!
                Males are far more susceptible, of course. That is why most males under 50 years of age are ruled by their apparatus south of the border (below the waistline) rather than any functioning neurons that are awake. Male consciousnesses in a female body have the same tendency. But, I am digressing. That is one of the mechanisms for Homosexuality, and again you will find detailed explanations in my books.
                The point here is this: Have you noted sex and pornography are playing bigger and bigger roles in everyday life in the West, in the entertainment world, on TV, Billboards, magazines, chat shows and infomercials? That is so the hormone circuits can be triggered and thus stop people thinking about what is going on. The demons are clever, are they not?
                Illusionary WELFARE exists for all. Where are your pensions? What happened to your 401K? Who stole that money you worked so hard for in all those years? Do you really think your Rulers and your Government care for you? They see you/us as suckers!
CIRCUS MAXIMUS: Some are indeed awakening to:
1         The unending hollow and life-distracting entertainment for the masses (mindless TV with its wrestling, football, reality shows, legs and breasts for the most inappropriate selling commercials;
2         Destruction of our food source with GM products;
3         Destruction of land, sea and air by pollution od all sorts;
4         The restriction of freedoms;
5         Big Brother spying on us all, etc.
Note that I said ‘some’. The majority cannot get enough of this mindless idiocy simply because they are mindless idiots.
·         If you are astute, you will have noted that new movie and TV productions have a DEMONIC ESSENCE. I have mentioned this before. There are very good reasons why this is happening and I will discuss those in detail subsequently.
But, now I need to warn you. The percentage who knows any of these things at present is very, very small, as is the percentage aware of the Process for the Correction Of Evil.
There are many more answers to questions that we need to ask in order to begin our Journey of Self-Realization and Awakening to the Endtime Process. I will pose these questions and subsequently supply the answers in coming essays.
You will want to know answers to these questions:
·         What this Terminal tide of change is,
·         What its purpose is,
·         How is it really manifesting,
·         On what levels of existence and of our being it is manifesting,
·         Who is sponsoring it,
·         What its outcome will be, and
·         How we, the earth, the animals and all of Creations of which we are aware at present, will fare, not only in the process but also in the wash-up.
What is really going on?
Where does this Terminal Madness come from?
How can it be avoided?
Who are you, Dr C.?
Who am I reading this essay?
Why is this happening?
Why is it happening NOW?
Who is in control?
Will you, your ‘loved owns’, your pets, etc., survive this Endtime physically?
Will you survive spiritually?
Who are your ‘loved ones’?
What are Viables and non-Viables?
Are you a Viable?
What is the fate of the Universe?
What is the timeframe for the Endtime?
If the Universe is destroyed, what will remain?
What is the Fate of the Archons-Demons-Beasts?
Why am I so sure of my answers?
The Great Awakening ................Awakening to what exactly?
Part Two
Why should there be an Awakening? We need to awakening in order to mentally accommodate tremendous changes in our lives and understand developments of a very serious nature over which we have no control.
                Every living entity is involved in the changes, and our awakening is to dispel Ignorance, Fear and Untruth from our lives. The points I give you are to accelerate your awakening to the True Reality of existence.
                We simply cannot know too much about the situation in this Endtime. It behoves us to exert maximal effort into awakening to the Reality that is about to turn our existence on this level upside down and inside out, culminating into the eventual termination of the entire Physical Dimension.
Levels of understanding vary from individual to individual. But if you are sincere, you will awaken sufficiently to make a triumphant exit from this decaying Hell. The effort must be your own. I place this material before you as I have been asked to do, but you have to exert yourself.
                Ultimately you are going to use this knowledge and its energy content to make a connection between your lower mind and your Higher Mind. These are terms you will understand as you read my material.
                You will make realizations as you read my words, and certain facts are highlights and milestones in your progress in the Awakening Process which hopefully will fulfil your desire to answer your most fundamental queries: Am I a spiritual Viable? Will I spiritually survive this Process that will end all Evil and all its temporary structures?
                The physical changes that are going to occur, such as wars, natural disasters, climatic change, destruction of Earth, our Sun, and other Solar Systems, extinction of Species, etc., so that we can all eventually leave the physical, are mere details.
                Far more important are the internal mental changes which each of us will undergo. Those changes can lead us to the ecstasy of Victory or the Gloom of Terminal Madness. Hence, take your efforts to awaken seriously and do your upmost to be honest and true to your Higher Self!
                My writings point out that nothing is as it seems in this World of Illusion and that there have been continuous efforts throughout History to prevent the Truth from being known in its fullest.
                Let me state clearly again that no answers to Life’s mysteries can be attained within the Evil System, without contemplation of the Numinous. The Evil System has been developed in order to hide the Truth. I have given numerous examples in my writings.
                Do NOT be lulled into stupidity by the illusionary and very transient beauty of this Physical Dimension. Such fraudulent manifestation is there to lure minds into a comatose state in which they will forget who they are, what they are doing here, and what exactly is going on. Fooled by the fraudulence, they become sheople who are much more easily exploitable.
                When one awakens sufficiently, one realizes that there has always been a well-orchestrated conspiracy against exposure of the Truth and of the controlling Evil Essence, and prevention of Revelation of the Truth.
                The aim of my writings is to stimulate certain people intellectually, philosophically and spiritually so that their process of awakening can be facilitated.
                Sooner or later, an awakener will come to the realization that, inspite of apparent scientific progress, this plane is run on ignorance, deception, confusion, stupidity, emotional exploitation and hatred which form the Maya or the Illusion of this world, the Virtual Reality.
                Time is accelerating as many of you have noted, and it will soon run out for the dimension is scheduled to implode. Hence, there is a certain need to awake up!
                As I have explained previously, the basic tenets of my writings are as follows:
·         DUALITY: Consciousness and the physical body are two separate and distinct things,
·         Existence of certain consciousnesses is MULTI-DIMENSIONAL,
·         The physical mind is limited in its ability to comprehend all the factors that make up the Reality in which we live, which is not always the Reality we perceive and of which we are aware.
·         Hence, you must connect to your Higher, Purer, Spiritual Mind, if you have one.
Theomorphs have such a mind, unless they have sold out to Evil.
Robotic consciousnesses which have been deemed viable will have additions to their spiritual structure so that they will acquire such a Higher Mind.
Archons-Demons-Beasts do not, and cannot, have a Higher Mind simply because of their ontological nature. Thus ALL of them are doomed!
                We are caught in the midst of a War of Essences that is about to be resolved. It is a war between the True eternal Creation and a temporary, illicit and evil creation that will soon exist no more.
                In this Process of Awakening, there are many answers we need to find:
Is there really a Superior Consciousness which some people call God or are we, as others called atheists contend, an Accident of Nature which, like all accidents of Nature, are prone to boom and bust, to resurgence and extinction?
                One cannot answer these questions without making a very clear distinction between the physical component of existence and the spiritual one.
                I shall now write a little about the corrupted and corrupting ‘boxes’ called the physical bodies in which we are placed. You will note they serve Evil, for they efficiently and maliciously drain the energy of the spirit within.
                Here is a clear example of what I mean: Your body, which I call a Cardboard Box, in other words, a container for something, is limited in its function, capabilities, mentality and length of existence. For a moment accept the fact that incarnation exists. The reasons why it does are very important and part of the trap that has been sprung on us, but I have written about that at length in my books.
                The Cardboard Box, the vessel, contains within it something that outlasts it. It is what is in the box that is important! That is the real you.
                Once the box deteriorates and dies, as all containers must, the contents are liberated, and they recycle back onto this plane in a new or already existing box.
                In other words, as far as this planet and all the planets in the Physical Dimension are concerned, we undergo this very unfair process of Re-incarnation into the physical boxes. In-between, most live in ethereal planes. Thus, you see, we are NOT just physical beings.
                I stress again that the boxes are not who we are.
And yet, those unawakened see themselves as the box and nothing else. Science, a handmaiden of Evil, inspite of the work of Avatars to elevate this level to some semblance of Truth, has been much too happy to keep us in utter ignorance about these facts, and insists we are just the box and nothing else. But, that idiocy is being eroded by excellent work by more astute scientists.
                Here is an example of Evil presenting Untruth:
Thus, over the millennia that we have existed as spiritual beings, we have been contained by many ‘boxes’, or physical expressions. The containers have not always been the developing ‘human’ boxes. Many consciousnesses have been placed in large animal bodies, in large birds, reptiles, such as snakes and crocodiles, in whales and other large mammals and fish.
                Would it surprise you to know that many of the whales, dolphins, eagles, elephants, and larger mammals, including domesticated pets contain HUMAN CONSCIOUSNESS? Many of noted the human characteristics and behaviour of some of these species.
                But, you should now know that the consciousness may not be from Earth. Many Class 4 human consciousnesses from other planets and solar systems are kidnapped and transported to this particularly evil, exploitative, belligerent planet as prisoners.
                All physical bodies are Evil-created and Evil-serving. It is the consciousness within that is classified as Demonic, Robotic, Theomorphic, and Viable or non-Viable.
                Once Viables realize the body is a trap for the spirit, they can’t wait to exit and return Home.
                Demons instead, have a destructive, pathological Fear of Death, because they sub-consciously know they have to return to demonic realms where all inhabitants are mercilessly exploited. That is how the Evil Principle built them, and built those places, which were intended to exploit trapped Theomorphs.
                A corollary of this status quo is that the body is NOT you and it is not yours! In other words, you do NOT own the body you are using. The Evil essence owns it.
·         For Theomorphs, the Physical Body, the Cardboard Box, is a prison. It prevents expression of the Divine contents. That is why Theomorphs were trapped in matter as I have explained in my books.
·         When Edgar Cayce transmitted these exact same words in trance, he, a Theomorph and Gnostic, at first had difficulty understanding the concept on his outer mind,
His trance transmissions were the basis for books written by his family and colleagues, and read by millions. But, how many knew the significance of what he said? ‘Very few indeed’, is the answer. Instead, the material he transmitted was perversely altered to destroy its true meaning. We have seen this often, have we not, with pristine work that reaches this level?
Thus in these books based on his transcriptions, the truth of the ‘true spirit being trapped in evil matter’ became ‘god expressing himself and letting the souls ‘he’ created trap themselves in murderous matter to experience physical life. What BS. What else would you expect from those who do not have the Gnostic Keys to the Greater Reality?
Under those circumstances, the ‘god’ that would do that entrapping would be a ghoul, a sadistic, malicious ‘god’ who was happy to see souls inexorably suffer life, after life after life, as they struggled to be free of Evil’s matter that attempted to destroy them.
Thus, you see, without the Gnostic Keys, knowledge becomes absurdity on this level, and the evil Demiurge, the creator of this Abomination, would have it no other way! 
See here the absurdity into which Cayce’s words were transformed:
Now perhaps you understand more clearly why I say that ‘When one awakens sufficiently, one realizes that there has always been a well-orchestrated conspiracy against exposure of Truth and of the controlling Evil Essence and prevention of Revelation of the Truth.
·          Evil can do what it likes with the body, the box, and usually does its best to cause pain and suffering through its abuse of the body. It uses the body, to
a              block expression of the Divine Higher Consciousness,
b              trigger mechanisms in the body which drain the inner Divine Consciousness of its precious Divine Energy.
Thus, you see, the War of Essences is all about energy!
Evil mechanisms such as injury and disease are programmed to abuse the body and make it suffer, for the fear and pain that result then allow drainage of the energy from the spirit within. That is why Buddha, one of the Divine Aspects of the Divine Universal Avatar and World Teacher, said to be detached from all suffering and emotions. Buddha reincarnated again and again, even as Jesus and later as King Arthur, and so on, as I have written previously. The variations in the doctrines of Avatars that we see are due to the morons hacking the pristine works of the Divine.
                The more you know about Metaphysics, the more you will know that injury, accidents and disease are not coincidental events in our lives. They are Evil-created mechanism to purposely abuse us and drain us of energy. (And yet, we have the stupid and very ignorant New Agers tell us to love our disease, accommodate them and crave them, etc., for they are supposedly teaching us. Have you ever heard more ridiculous nonsense? I repeat such negative events in our lives are orchestrated to abuse us and drain us of our vital spiritual energy, even if it results in physical and spiritual death!)
Anything that makes us suffer is teaching us that there is Evil all around us, and that we are being drained of our energy and unfairly exploited by a demonically evil system!
                For example, the fear in a young woman in her prime with breast cancer is devastating for her and her loved ones. The Evil System gains much energy with such sorts of diseases and the exploitation they cause.
                To watch a previously healthy, loving, productive and intelligent individual, regardless of sex, age, religion, race, etc., slowly dying from cachexia, from whatever disease,  before our eyes is soul-destroying too.
                In these circumstances, not only is the victim of the disease drained maximally, his or her loved ones are too. And they suffer terribly in the prolonged process of dying which is encouraged by the Evil System mind you. Merciful Euthanasia would put a stop to the evil System’s energy pilfery. Instead, the relatives are often scarred for life. Who could love a ‘god’ under those circumstances? They do not know it is the evil demigod doing all this unless they awaken to the Truth, as I am attempting and urging them to do.
                Have you seen the devastated bodies, minds and spirits of parents on being informed in an Emergency department that their little 5 year old ‘angel’ has been crushed to death by the school bus?
                I shall deal with the evil trap of filial and emotional attachment another time.
                We all question the imbecility and senselessness of such waste of life, such mechanisms to traumatize us continuously, and the need to scar people in this way for life.
                Even nursing our dying pets till their last day can be a harrowing experience.
                Who can blame those who become angry against the ‘mad lunatic of a creator’ who set up such a mercilessly painful and exploitative system? And yet the demons, as sacerdotes in their party dresses, excuse away the sins of their satanic creator by telling us ‘he’ works in mysterious ways.
                ‘He’, the evil demigod, works in ways that produce maximal pain and suffering and energy collection for ‘him’. And until you wake up, you don’t know any better. Once you do wake up, you realize we are in a prison that maximally traumatizes and exploits us, inspite of infrequent episodes of emotional pseudo-happiness that are supposed to make us forget the awfulness of the rest of the time.
                You also come to the realization that most times, nothing of value is really lost in this evil charade, apart from some energy. But if that drainage is allowed to continue unchecked, the spirit can expire eventually. Awakening helps to minimize that energy loss, for, as I said, massive energy loss can have grave consequences for the individual.
                Having explained all that, you now see the importance of this Awakening Process we must undergo, and the need to remind ourselves that deliverance is at hand!
                Thus, you see, the bodies, the cardboard boxes, are War Zones if a Theomorphic consciousness is trapped within. This explains what Yung meant by all humans being shadowed by Darkness or ‘having a dark side’. He almost had it when he described the Shadow as being comprised of the sex and (physical) life instincts. But, his answers were incomplete and he made excuses for the Darkness to which he eventually turned. He did not know about the Two Creations. He was not a Gnostic. He was not a Theomorph or a Viable. He did not know about the Celestial Error and that this creation is a temporary, illicit creation by the Plato’s evil demiurge.
                After these few points, surely you realize the importance of Discipline for the rampaging physical body so that it will fall into as few traps as possible and that drainage of energy can be minimized.
                Cleansing is also of paramount importance as I have discussed at length elsewhere.
                And finally, take care of it, in a sensible way, not in a pathologically attached way, so that breakdown, injury and disease are minimized for the very reason that they cause energy drainage.
In contrast to the above, here are some points about Demons who were the second wave of beings created by the demiurge for very specific purposes.
1                     They control of the entire Universe with their totally evil nature.
2                     One of their functions is maximal exploitation of the trapped Theomorphs to drain them of their Divine Energy which was and is still needed to run this illicit Empire. The outer source of the Divine Energy has been cut off from it. I will discuss this is detail in the future.
The cut-off of Divine Energy that sustained the System, for Theomorphs were trapped in it, is the reason for the massive accelerated decay we now see in the Universe.
As I have explained elsewhere, Theomorphs have, in the main, been evacuated from this dimension. Read my essay called ‘The Phase of the Shells’.
3                     Demons are predators and spiritual vampires.
4                     They are instruments of a malignant, and very destructive, enforced exploitative scheme which eventually leads to the spiritual death of their victims who are the Theomorphs, and Robots that have turned to the Light.
5                     Demons are the ‘Chosen Ones’. They now make up 30% of the population since the Theomorphs were evacuated. A few remain to assist me in this work till the End.
This percentage of demons is increasing rapidly, for the demonic consciousnesses of other levels that are fracturing faster are coming onto this plane. As well as being born in infant bodies, they are possessing bodies and snatching them.
6                     They have no scruples. They murder at will. Thus you see how capable they are with these characteristics of culling the population as it suits them best. Now you know why they destroy populations as if they are playing a sport.
Look at how unscrupulously they dropped atomic bombs on innocent people AFTER WW2. The war was over. It was the energy released by suffering that they wanted.
Look at how they so easily murdered the 912 men, women and children in Jim Jones’ camp in British Guyana in 1978. Who did the demons blame?
Look at how they incinerated the inmates of Koresh’s compound in February 1993. 80 in all were burnt to death, including 24 children. Who did the demons blame for that?
Only demons can kill their own people as they did in 9/11 to gain an excuse to commit more murders.
History is punctuated by such cruelty and ‘inhumanity’. The can easily do these brutal things, because demons are not human!
Only demons can do these atrocious things. Make no mistake about it.
When you read about these episodes, ask yourself, ‘How close were Jones and Koresh to the truth?’
They both called the government members agents of Satan! Hummm.
Regardless of what you think you know about them and regardless of what nonsense the media has published about Jones and Koresh, know that they were modern day Gnostics.
7                     Demons think they are god! This is where the New Agers, most of whom are demons, get the idea that they are ‘god’ comes from.
8                     They are blind to the True Light.
9                     They do not respond to True Love.
10                 They are the Archons who control everything in this Universe, not just Earth.
11                 They are extremely bellicose and destructive.
12                 They are self-destructive, for that is their nature.
13                 Not one of them has turned to the Light for they cannot conceive the True Light.
14                 They are impregnated with 3 lusts which characterise them
i       Lust for Sex,
ii      Lust for Power over others
iii     Lust for Money.
        Now you see where the expression of the ‘Pure of Heart shall see God’.
One cannot be pure of heart with these lusts in one’s nature.
15                 They are all scheduled for transmutation.
In the final phase of this War of Essences, the Light has removed all constraints from the activities of the demons.
Thus you see unrestrained demonism exploding all over the Earth, and the whole Universe, for that matter. For the latter, you will just have to take my word for now.
Demons cannot control themselves.
They start wars which will destroy many.
All their evil activities will culminate in their own physical self-destruction.
Once they are out of the physical, they will be rounded up and placed in Transmutation vats.
They did not have a chance to turn to the Light for their Creator, the Demiurge, which goes by many other names, including Jehovah, built them to be blind to Truth and the Light. In that way he calculated they would be maximally destructive in their quest to rip energy out of his and their enemies, the Theomorphs.
                Thus, in a sense, these beings were the victims of Pre-determination.
So, Pre-determination DOES exist.
When Augustine of Hippo wrote about this topic, he, a demon, had other things in mind. His was a direct attack on the Gnostics of his day who rejected him totally.
They knew he had no chance to see the Light let alone embrace it, for they, the Gnostics, knew he was a demon.
                Thus, on being rejected, he mocked them saying ‘god’ has predetermined who will go to Heaven and who will go to Hell!
                What he did not know, for being a demon he had no knowledge of the two feuding creation, even though he was in the thick of that battle, was the fact that his evil creator, his demigod, had built him with no chance for salvation (actually liberation from this Hell).
                And, after such a scathing attack on the Gnostics, what did the Catholic Church do to this demon?
                It made him a Saint, a Doctor of the Church no less, and set about slaughtering all the Gnostics who knew the Truth.
Read the poisonous errors in the Catholic encyclopaedia as it writes about him and his conflict with the followers of Mani whom I have previously identified as none other than Jesus re-incarnated:
Unfortunately, his faith, as well as his morals, was to pass though a terrible crisis. In this same year, 373, Augustine and his friend Honoratus fell into the snares of the Manichæans. It seems strange that so great a mind should have been victimized by Oriental vapourings, synthesized by the Persian Mani (215-276) into coarse, material dualism, and introduced into Africa scarcely fifty years previously. Augustine himself tells us that he was enticed by the promises of a free philosophy unbridled by faith; by the boasts of the Manichæans, who claimed to have discovered contradictions in Holy Writ; and, above all, by the hope of finding in their doctrine a scientific explanation of nature and its most mysterious phenomena. Augustine's inquiring mind was enthusiastic for the natural sciences, and the Manichæans declared that nature withheld no secrets from Faustus, their doctor. Moreover, being tortured by the problem of the origin of evil, Augustine, in default of solving it, acknowledged a conflict of two principles. And then, again, there was a very powerful charm in the moral irresponsibility resulting from a doctrine which denied liberty and attributed the commission of crime to a foreign principle.
                That should tell you what the true essence is of the Catholic Church.
I am going into this at length to demonstrate these main points:
1                     The obfuscation of Truth on this level.
2                     The fact that this War of Essences is, and has been ever-present.
3                     It is just that the evil controllers made sure the inhabitants on this level did not wake up to the truth of the struggle.
4                     The Physical Body was, and is, instrumental in keeping us somnambulant with its distracting functions, made to appear so very necessary for physical survival, when, in fact, they are murderous for the True Spirit trapped within.
5                     The Demons and their evil creator knew that if the Theomorphs and Viables awoke en masse, as is occurring now, their pilfery would come to an end, as it is doing now.
6                     Under those circumstances of total revelation of the Truth, it is game over!
And that will conclude the Endtime.
On a more mundane level:
Demons love their bodies for they can disguise their evil nature in them and exploit their victims more easily. But, as I have stated elsewhere, we are all regaining our spiritual vision, and are starting to identify demons in their bodies so that we can put an end to their energy pilfery.
It is demons, robots and deluded, and unawakened or failed Theomorphs who are obsessed with physical looks, supposed sexual charms and attributes. They are also easily dissatisfied, often, with their physical, and make plastic surgeons rich beyond imagination, even though the end results of surgical interventions are usually more dissatisfaction in the demons and robots, for they are never satisfied, if truth be known.
                They are expressing their dissatisfaction, not because their bodies are necessarily ugly or disfigured, but because they know how ugly they truly are in spirit.
                Why do some become prostitutes and gigolos so easily even when there is no need for them to work in such degrading professions? It is because they know they can gain much energy from positive beings far more easily by using their bodies for sexual exploitation. It is the energy they are after, and they don’t care if they have to take drugs, have surgery in an attempt to look and feel better, be abused by pimps, run the risks of sexually transmitted diseases, get infected with potentially fatal Hepatitis C, be prosecuted by the Law, be open to blackmail, etc., etc., etc. All in those professions are demons or demon-possessed, with no exceptions.
                Rehabilitation procedures carried out in great numbers in South East Asia, where prostitutes were released from the control of their pimps and made financially stable in order to lead normal, non-prostituting lives, failed miserably.
                It was found that as soon as they possibly could, the women, men and boys, returned to prostitution, even though they were no longer in financial need. The prosaic practitioners could not understand why that was so.
                It is the ‘energy’ of their victims that the prostitutes are after. And there is an agreement with the Evil System that they keep a percentage of that energy for themselves. The major portion goes to the Evil System. That last point is metaphysical, and while you may not fully understand it, it is accurate. Jehovah set it up that way. Now you know why prostitution is called the oldest profession in the world. The evil Principle would have it no other way.
                Here is a recent article from Live Science (July 16, 2012) demonstrating that demons express even before the Age of Reason:
Energy extraction of some by others leads to one or more of the most disastrous experiences most of us endured when we were younger, as we were led by the nose by our hormones and their evil-created emotional love into the ‘time-dishonoured’ ridiculous Concept of Marriage. Invariably a highly evolved, True Spiritual Being is married, as if by choice but really by evil programming by evil vectors such as the aforementioned hormones, and Emotional Love, to a demon. This allows massive energy exploitation of the victim.
                BTW, it is now well known that Emotional Love, falling in love, and wanting to copulate, are emotional and psychological states created by exchange of salivary antibodies, release of dopamine, suffusion of pheromones, etc., when one kisses another. Your mind really has no say in it. Freewill on this level? What Freewill?
                The more dissimilar the antibodies, in particular, the greater the fall into emotional love, regardless of other circumstances and operating factors. A temporary situation is created and those involved ‘fall in love’.
                When progeny is produced, and the antibody factors diminish, they fall out of love, often with the outcry ‘What the Hell was I thinking’! Well done O Evil Demiurge. Once again, you got your way.
                Here is a rather wishy-washy article on this topic. You can gather the gist of what I have written by reading it with your open mind.
                Now, as I have pointed out before, as our true vision is restored and we see who is who, such marriages will collapse all the more quickly for energetically, Viables will not be able to associated with demons or failed robots.
                This again leads me to this point: The more you awaken, the more will you be intolerant of evil beings and non-Viables. Even their voice or proximity can cause one to feel unwell. Often nausea becomes prominent in the Viable. This occurs even if Archons-Demons-Beasts are speaking on a television broadcast or at a rally, etc.
                Do not be thrown off balance. Such reactions in you are a positive sign that you are awakening and can now identify the scum from their putrid energy.
                You will find you will automatically seek means of alienating yourself from such evil creatures in preparation for total separation with lift-off to the New Dimension.
                Having written that, as a physician I must warn you that if you have symptoms that will not go away, as soon as you distance yourself from negative beings, seek medical help. If you have nausea, loss of appetite, weight loss, mood swings, intolerance to most you meet, etc., etc., please see your health provider.
                If the symptoms are due to your increasing awareness and sensitivity to negative energy, your discomfort can be mitigated somewhat by Protection at all times, and extra protection if you know you are going to interact with a demon.
                After the exchange, thorough Cleansing of your Centres is mandatory.
Some professions cater to a higher percentage of demons than others. If you are in the midst of ones you tolerate less and less, you may need to move, just like in the situation in which you may need to leave a partner for energy reasons. 
                Like will seek like, in energy terms. And this will become very, very obvious as we progress with greater and greater speed to the End Point.
                Finally, pay attention to your reaction to beings, to their voice, and to their energy. Many demons know how to camouflage themselves with a false aura, especially if they exaggerate their physical attractiveness by the means available to them which we all know.
                Sense their energy. It is all about energy. Look beyond their obvious aura if you are able.
                Forget how friendly they seem to be. After all, conmen and women are the friendliest people you will ever meet, right? If they weren’t, they would con no one.
                Forget about their looks, especially if they are alluring femme fatales. They will try to distract your higher mind by triggering your hormonal cycles.
                The human brain, especially in males, is programmed to respond to curves. A plunging neckline in a shapely female body can really distract a male, who is in the age group where he is prone to hormonal stimulation. She is not after your body nor does she want to have your children. She is after your energy! In these circumstances, a demon will always take the initiative, regardless of whether you are male or female and regardless of whether the demon is in a male or female body.  I know, because I know, that there is a higher percentage of demons in female bodies. It is simply due to practicality: they find it easier to seduce using female bodies.  Review the article about the 6 year old girls I posted above.
                Hormonal and sexual excitation will dilute your protective aura and allow easier access to your Centres from which energy can be drained.
                This demonic ploy of triggering brain function with pre-programmed stimuli, then hormonal release with uncontrollable physical responses is often seen in teenage males who can actually ejaculate in their pants with no chance of controlling themselves under these circumstances. I have seen many such patients. Luckily low doses of SSRIs can help them control these urges. Can you think of anything more evil than this embarrassing impost on a young man who has his Freewill overridden in this way?
                There are many other programmed reflexes that the physical body can express that destroy the concept of having freewill on this level. As I said, they are mechanisms to block the expression of the True Spirit from within, and they serve to drain it, especially when they lead to problematic situations, and activities the evil institutions then label as ‘sinning’.
                Did you understand that last paragraph fully? The Evil System programs you to fall into traps, against your will, and then punishes you for it. What an evil system, hey? Who but demons can defend such a wicked system?
                All such programming is evil as I have explained in my books, even though each type of programming seems essential for physical existence. The end result is loss of Divine Energy.
                Once understood, there can be no mistake when saying it is evil to do this to a being. Thus the assertion that the True Spirits have been trapped in matter stands. It is not a pleasant experience as the New Agers contend.
                Existence on this level is an evil trap that leads eventually to physical and spiritual annihilation of True Beings who are the enemies of Evil but are Invaluable Children of the True God, Sparks of Light that are precious. Thank this True God that deliverance from Evil is nigh for deserving ones!
                As the article above demonstrates, Demons are programmed from a young age to act as the trigger mechanisms, and an astute person/therapist can recognize it in preschool girls. Yes, it’s an evil system alright.
                It is not a ‘normal’ reaction to propagate the species. It is a purposely programmed destructive reaction to drain Theomorphs of their precious energy.
                You will know if they have been successful in draining you of some energy, for often demons whom you have met purposely or incidentally during the course of your day may visit you nocturnally, during which time you may be sexually excited. They are back for more energy. You may think I am joking. Wait and see. If most people were honest (they are not) they would own up to such experiences.
                Aliens too may come during the night to steal ova and sperm, and therefore energy. These are related to some of the stories of Succubi and Incubi in literature who more often than not are demons and discarnates who seek to copulate in vain but still drain some energy from their victims.
                This mechanism for energy extraction is the reason for the explosion of Pornography and prostitution which has been legalized just about everywhere.
                The only time you should take particular notice of the physical expression of ones you suspect are demons is when you are going to look intently into their eyes. If you do that, sooner or later you will see the eyes of reptiles like I did in Amitakh Stanford, and her husband Steffan. They are the vile demons who wrote the infamous essay, ‘Promenade 10’, to try and stop my work to awaken the Viables. From that essay, and from their intentions, you know what side they belong to. They are of Darkness. I refer back to this point again for they have trapped many people, and drained them of their money and energies.
                Amitakh is an especially successful con-woman who has convinced many old people to leave their possessions to her at death for she has convinced them that she is the Mother of Creation no less.
                After the first time you recognize reptiles via their eyes, that exposure is unmistakable.
                When biologists/scientists/ignorant sacerdotes speak of evolution, they are referring to the boxes. In other words, they associate who we are with the boxes, the physical bodies, which are a work in progress for evil experimenters such as the Anunnaki.
                They have been developed step by step from basic building blocks by more advances consciousnesses who reside in their own types of boxes, as well as in these human boxes. These, called Anunnaki by some, come from other areas of the Physical Universe. These are the aliens identified in early records of the Sumerians and other races.
                Consciousnesses were trapped in all modes of physical expression as I mentioned above: Insects, fish, birds, reptiles, rodents, mammals, etc. These DNA pieces form our nonsense genes. Under hypnosis, some recall their lives as these expressions. Many humans were in dinosaur bodies. As well as that, Class 4 human consciousness was in other sub-dimensions at various times: in the soil, under water, in mountains, in the hollow of the Earth and other planets, on the various moons, including our own, on larger, stable asteroids, etc.
                The fact that there is constant development of the boxes to suit changing conditions is obvious scientifically and esoterically.
                Thus, Darwin noted such Evolution of Species simply by observing the changes of the boxes in differing conditions.
                By esoterically I mean the stories as yet not in the mainstream that recount the experiments by aliens on these boxes. Stories abound of kidnapping of human boxes, regardless of who is in the box, in order to steal gametes, zygotes and foetuses from those boxes and make hybrid PHYSICAL creations, in other words, differing boxes, a la Darwinian evolvement.
                To complicate the matter, superior aliens who are billions of years ahead of us in knowledge have also learned to make artificial consciousness. And this is the consciousness of those whom I have labelled ROBOTS. I have dealt with that aspect in my books.
                Thus, you see, the facts are rather complicated.
                But the point you must remember is that who you are is the identity occupying a box, and not the box.
                Now you see why I and many other True spiritual teachers have stressed the need to make the inner connection to your Higher Self, your True Being within. That connection is going to be ESSENTIAL in the Endtime when general communications may be cut severely and all you can really trust and rely upon is your Divine Inner Gnostic Nous to guide you.
                All the negative emotions and fears are properties of the box.
                And people are scared spit-less because they do not know or have forgotten they are NOT the box.
                Those who never awaken even just a little can live life after life after life as the box and nothing else, with the consciousness blocked from expressing all that time. They are spiritually comatose, even as they claim they are ‘alive’ on this level.
                As I have repeated many times, the ultimate purpose of the box is to drain the energy of the occupying true consciousness residing within it. There are many mechanisms and emotions to do this as I have explained in my books.
                The Evil System would have it no other way.
                Thus, you may now be able to accept the assertion that the longer a consciousness resides in physical boxes, the more and more it is drained of its vital energy, which the Evil System desperately needs to run its Empire, and the closer that True Consciousness comes to spiritual death.
                That is another reason for Correcting this Abomination as quickly as possible.
                The ignoramuses who want to argue about timing should review my writings where I mention that, although 14-16 billion years have passed on this level since the Celestial Error and the manifestation of Evil’s Physical Dimension, a few short hours have, in fact, passed at the site of the Error.
                Thus, now with the talk that we must all leave the physical, that we must all die, those who are not awake to this DUALITY OF EXISTENCE, are panicking as stupid fools are want to do.
                This point, of truly knowing who you are in spiritual terms, is of paramount importance, and I cannot stress it enough.
                Contrast this knowledge to the idiocy of the unawakened, the robots and demons who spend an inordinate amount of time catering for the box, and who try to make it last forever. Fools, are they not?
                The boxes have timing telomeres in their cells to tell them when to expire, when each individual cell is to die.
                As is the case, fools are attempting to alter their function so the boxes will live longer.
                From what I have just written, you must understand that Physical Immortality is nonsense. If the Universe is to end like I say it is, how can there be immortality of the boxes?
                Do you see how stupid these people are without the spiritual knowledge?
                Before we leave this topic, you should be aware of these repeated facts:
                The boxes are created by Evil. They serve Evil. They are inimical to the consciousness occupying them if that consciousness is not Evil-created.
·         Thus, if you are a divine consciousness, or a Viable one, your box will have done, and will do, everything it can to disadvantage you on this level. This is not paranoia. This is reality.
·         The boxes have been created to PREVENT expression of the spirit within.
Thus we have the battle of the flesh and the spirit.
                That is why Discipline is so very important, as are Cleansing of the box and its mind, and Protection, as well as minimization of programming, pollution and indoctrination of the body and its mind.
The Great Awakening ..................Awakening to what exactly?
Part Three
Like all my writings, this series of essays is to stimulate your awareness and accelerate your awakening in preparation for the Endtime.
I have given various concrete examples in previous essays to allow you to conclude the veracity of the following assertions:
·         This is a demonic realm, run by demons to exploit the rest of us.
·         History is bunkum, written by the victors, who are invariably the demons on this level.
·         History is written in such a way, as to obfuscate the TRUTH and not only present a Virtual Reality, a destructive and very exploitative nightmare, but also to confuse us as much as possible.
Here is an example of half-truths being used to confuse people and eventually form complete lies, thus obscuring the Truth.
I shall linger on this point for a moment.
Go to my website. On the 3rd page labelled ‘My Family’ read the essay of May 9, 2012, which I have called ‘David Icke, Chalk or Cheese’.
                Before I continue I want to make this point very clearly:
As you will all agree, Jeff Rense does a wonderful job with his site, and interviews, allowing all views to be represented.
In my writings, I am obviously giving you my views. At all times, regardless of what is presented, and regardless of the source, you must choose what Truth is for YOU.
                Babaji is fond of saying that ‘Truth is Truth, even if no one believes it!’
                Many writers on these subjects of World Changes, Existentialism, Theology, Metaphysics and Spirituality, are like the blind men I mentioned in the story and poem about blindness and the description of an elephant.
                If you read the websites and books of some people like Icke, you will see expressed sentiments like this:
The Truth is this;
No wait, it’s that;
No, no, it’s really this!
Oh no, it looks like it’s that over there after all, etc.
                Truth is Truth. It is not like a cloud that changes with passing conditions.
                As I said, it is you who must choose what Truth is for you! You do not choose with outer mind analysis and by seeing who has the best argument or best presentation or biggest website, or the most financial backing.
                You find Truth, for you, by referring internally to your Higher Mind, your Higher Consciousness, to your Divine Nous of which the Gnostics speak. You then assess if what is presented to you as Truth, by whomever, from whatever source, resonates with your Truth within.
                As I have written, and you no doubt had noted, Religions try to take this ability to discern with your Higher Mind, this ability to access the Divine Particle within you, away from you with their punitive Dogmas, and such.
                As far as I am concerned, if you are a Viable, you will resonate with my words and my energy.
                If you are not a Viable, you will resonate with whatever words the wind blows your way and with whatever programming your Cardboard Box is responding to at that moment.
                That latter path will eventually lead to vacillation, doubt and confusion, consternation, mental stress, and finally emotional madness, for you will be plunged into the Darkness of Untruth. That process is the very opposite of what Truth should do for you. Thus, that is the Path to the Terminal Madness of the Endtime.
                Truth should clear your mind.
It should dispel confusion.
Truth should set you free.
It should give you true confidence.
It should set you on the Path of Light and onto mental and Spiritual Clarity, Joy and Happiness.
                So, what is Truth for you? It is that knowledge contained in the Godly, and therefore Divine, Essence within you, the Divine Nous of which the Gnostics speak.
                If you do not have such an Essence, you have no Truth.
                As I have stated before, only 9% of the present population have that Nous. Thus, Truth is not the winner of a popularity contest.
                Now you know why Viables have to fight every inch of the way in the gauntlet we are forced to run by Evil and its controlling demons.
                The other 91% are out to contradict us every inch of the way. In former times, they slaughtered us with no qualms.
                And, to make matters even harder for us, realize that of the 9%, only a small fraction is awake as yet.
                But, I assure you, they are all labelled and ready for evacuation into the New Dimension.
                In the past, any who have attempted to expose this desecration of Truth, and represent it as the Gnostics have done, have been slaughtered mercilessly by blood-lusting demons who feign airs of magnanimity.
                Religions are obstructions to one’s Truth and to a superior intellect and Higher Energy. In other words, they are obstruction to God rather than paths to ‘Him’. I explained this at length in the essays on Religions. The solace they appear to give the few is but opium for the body and spirit. Opium eventually kills body, mind and spirit!
·         As I predicted long ago, people are waking up and abandoning Religions in droves. The clergy are desperately trying to turn them into social clubs where people can gather once more. Even the most forceful, strident and maliciously entrapping of the Religions, the Catholic Church, has had its attendance reduced to 15% of former times, while other less forceful ones are down to 5%in Oz, according to the latest government census figures.
Religions remind me now of how conmen and women work. They try to appease you in some way, and make you feel good temporarily while they rip out whatever is in your wallet without you knowing. You will be worse for the experience, always. In former days of course, they emotionally blackmailed people with the Fears of Hell and Perdition.
This older ar          ticle had attendance at 8.8%. The figures I quote are 2 weeks old.
If your train ride home is particularly long and boring, you can peep at these statistics:
Pentecostal churches are winning numbers because they are more about music and giving the Cardboard Box a good time and not about God and the Spirit as such even though they carry on about the spirit and its healing powers. They stimulate the emotions, thus draining the energy once again. See, it’s all about draining energy of Theomorphs.
                The healing is hysterical conversions and Prana distribution. See my chapter on healing in my books “Making Sense of the Madness’.
                Demons are involved every step of the way in Pentecostalism, as they are in all religions, and make no mistake about it, the episodes of speaking in tongues, so much admired by the attendees, is temporary demonic possession no less!
                The church has the final say on everything for it stipulates this: ‘all manifestations of the Spirit are to be judged by the church’.
                Not only that, they have made Jesus Christ the One and Only God.
                As I have explained elsewhere, Jesus Christ was but one manifestation of many of the Christ Light, of the Avatar (Son, or Aspect of the Supreme Godhead) that has needed to come into this Evil Dimension periodically for the various reasons of bringing in Light and Wisdom, and sustenance to the Viables until the time of the End. 
                BTW, Jesus was the name given to the Cardboard Box. Christ is the name of the Light of God carried by the Box. In the case of Buddha, or King Arthur, or Manichaeus, Mohammed, Nietzsche, Galileo, Columbus, Hitler, Aurobindo, Babaji, the real Sai baba, etc., etc., it is the same mechanism. They are Christ in Different Cardboard boxes. Makes inter-religious wars silly, does it not?
                By promoting this exclusivity, the Pentecostal Churches are no different in any theological way from the other churches that present the trap for the True Spirit with different coloured ribbons round it!
                Thus, the more things change, the more they are the same: from one trap into another for the silly sheople.
·         And like all demons, those in religious houses make accumulation of wealth their number one priority while they urge the poor to breed like flies in order to increase the energy harvest from the few Theomorphs caught in the midst of the throngs. Sexually assaulting young children is an entrenched culture within the religions and that is why the clergy have, on every occasion when they have been exposed, vigorously attempted to sweep news of it under the carpet. It is how demons get their energy as well as their sexual satisfaction.
·         Hypocrisy is the operative word on this level. Thus you have demons preaching love and peace even while they rape, plunder and murder. This could not be more clearly seen that in the 20 centuries of atrocious history of the Catholic Church, and the murderous imperialism and hegemony of the USA since its inception.
·         Science is a fraud and does its utmost to prevent anyone awakening to the Truth of life outside of physical, and from finding the Numinous.
·         Governments are run by the Archons-Demons-Beasts to control the ‘peasants, the goyim, the milking cows,’ and as we saw so clearly recently, with the devastating Financial Collapse, to steal from them as often as possible and as much as possible.
·         Opponents of the demons are eradicated at the slightest excuse, and in past writings I have given you the examples of Abraham Lincoln, JFK, William McKinley, etc., when they attempted to thwart the evils of the controlling demons who usually hid e in the shadows of governments and institutions.
·         Wars are initiated by fraudulent deeds for the benefit of the demons, who as I said, hypocritically voice the catch-cries of Democracy, Freedom and Social Stability when, in fact, they enslave the vanquished, steal their wealth and destabilize the populations, often using racial and inter-racial ill-will to fracture the conquered nations, as we have seen in Iraq, Libya, Egypt, Afghanistan, etc.  Divide and conquer is their modus operandi.
This video is inferior in every way, but it does make a few relevant points.
·         Science has used technology to further control us, poison us, abuse us, and now is about ready to cull our numbers drastically, even as its controlling demons again hypocritically broadcast their lies of helping suffering humanity. ‘Just who compounded their suffering?’ you may well ask!
·         I am sure you can expand this list quite a deal, as you examine the evil all around us.
If you cannot that see this world is evil and is run by demons to disadvantage those of Love and Light, then you are still asleep. Worse still, you could be blind to the Light in which case your prognosis is not good.
Let us hope you are not blind, and that my words will awaken you swiftly and surely so you can take your place in the ranks of the Just.
In the meantime, the Madness gets worse:
Of course I know who each is from their energy, and from their reaction to my energy, and to the energy of my writings, which are one and the same. But I will not necessarily divulge that information about individuals on this level unless it is absolutely necessary.
What we will see is that each individual will express its ontology and state of viability, or otherwise, as we progress to the final moment. That is how it should be; that is how it will be.
But now, it is time to awaken to all of this and more. And as the awakening proceeds, the control by the scoundrels will become less and less. We will be set free, mentally at least. And they, being unharnessed for a specific purpose, will plunge headlong into the Abyss of the Damned.
It can end in no other way.
It will end in no other way.
My writings are to assist you in understanding what has happened to us, what is going on at present, and what will occur as we proceed.
The failures are angered by my words.
But, of what value is their anger? Better would it be if they prepared themselves for an eternity of Darkness and Despair, for that is what they have earned with their maliciousness.
Awakening to the Truth which may at first appear foreign to you is not always easy. The lower physical mind, that called the Monkey Mind, long ago, by Sanskrit scholars, wants to argue. It cannot understand things it has not been programmed and indoctrinated with.
                The Monkey Mind is the mind of the Cardboard Box, of the physical body, and it is inimical to Truth. Bypass it at all costs and you will be fine. As I said previously, it has been created by Evil to serve Evil. Hence, it is not going to give you an easy time to awaken to the Truth that it has been created to hide, for it is your True Spirit’s enemy.
                If you find you are vacillating with various ideas and topics, just take your time. Sooner or later the information I give you will resonate with your Higher Mind to which you will connect, if you are a Viable, and you will be on your way to full Self-realization.
                Realize that to attain such a connection you must take valid steps to cleanse, purity, protect, and avoid factors of programming, pollution and indoctrination.
                Excuses are for fools.
If you still drink heavily, take drugs, cavort with demons, have indiscriminate sex with beings whose ontology is less than desirable, if you still smoke tobacco or pot, then you are a hypocrite. You cannot be sincere. You cannot be a Viable, no matter how many excuses you can come up with to defend your vices. And under those circumstances, all you will connect to will be your vivid and livid imagination that will get you nowhere.
                Many write to me after reading an essay or two and ask, ‘Help me Purify, Cleanse, Protect; help me be viable, etc., etc. Teach me how to do these things.’
                And I reply: ’Start reading my website, and then my books, in the order in which they are placed on the website.
                I usually never hear from the majority again. They cannot be bothered to make an effort even though it costs them a few pennies, less than a couple of Starbuck’s coffees. How sincere do you think they were?
                Once you connect with your Higher Mind, the amazing thing will be the fact that you will realize you have had this knowledge, or a gist of it, within you all the time. You just needed my prompting to awaken to it.
                As I said in Part Two, the True spirit is entombed in an evil-created prison (the Cardboard Box). It has been made essential while we are on this physical level, but believe me, all its programming, pollution and its indoctrinations, all its needs and wants, all its urges and emotions, all its fears and mechanisms of egotistical survival are inimical to the True Spirit within.
                Knowing these things will be of great help to you as the physical dimension fractures and eventually dissolves to be no more.
                If you have understood my writings, you will see what a joyous event the Liberation from the prisons created by Darkness shall be.
                If you have fully understood the gist of what I wrote in part Two, you are on your way to destroy the programmed FEAR of leaving the physical, and the FEAR of physical death!
                It is only via such liberation that we are able to return back into the Light!
                Between physical lives, all True Beings have been still trapped in the Darkness of the Etheric, Astral and Demonic planes. At present, only the Consciousness of Avatars can escape the physical, and all its sub-dimensions, after death of the body, and return to a special locus outside of this dimension. How do I know that place exists? I visit it often.
                This last assertion of mine, that none but Avatars can escape the Physical Dimension at present, immediately poses questions concerning the validity of Near Death Experiences, of Astral Travel and the information gained in such exercise. I will discuss this another time. But for now, realize that Good and Evil beings exit in all levels of this illicit creation. Thus, such experiences can be illusions within an illusion, with some valid information given by True Beings who are in all aspects of the Illusion, some trapped, others working to support the Viables no matter where they be.
        Before proceeding, I want to clear up a point I mentioned regarding plastic surgery in Part Two. Obviously not everyone who undergoes such surgery is a demon. There are many valid reasons why one needs and/or has cosmetic surgery. Some of the reasons are functional, some are medical, and some are part of the psychological and psychiatric therapy for problems the patients may validly have. Please understand that in these short essays I do sometimes use generalizations to make a point, and exceptions are understood to exist.
Fatal Traps for the Unwary:
At other times, any of us can be programmed, especially under extremely stressful conditions, to do foolish things, or God forbid,  fall into traps and act like demons due to the pollution we acquire in those traps. That does not mean we are evil or demonic. More often than not, we come to our senses, when the stressful situations pass, and we make restitution to ourselves and others for our foolishness.
                Some mistakes can virtually destroy our lives. For example, as a result of a dare, some young people may take illicit drugs after being taunted by their peers. It may also involve consuming large amounts of alcohol. If serious enough, with massive pollution acquired, the episode can result in temporary or permanent possession of the body by a demon or demons. This can later manifest as mental disease which may or may not be resolved by appropriate cleansing and treatment. It depends on how much damage has occurred to the Centres of Consciousness.
                In a more acute and far more serious scenario, the body of the inebriated or drug consumer may be temporarily taken over by a demon that goes on a destructive rampage. Cases occur where the demon actually commits one or more murders, or rapes others, and/or commits armed robberies, extreme violence, etc., etc. These are all thrills for the demonic consciousness from which it gains energy.
                The consciousness of the original inhabitant of the body can be pushed out of the body as in Body-snatching, or else be in the body with the demon simultaneously (Demonic possession) but is unable to exert any power to evict the demon.
                When the demon or demons have had their fill, and the body sobers up, the original consciousness will express. When such people are caught they invariable tell the truth: ‘I did not commit those crimes! It wasn’t me, it wasn’t me!’
                Too late! On this level we have no way to physically measure this mechanism I have described. Some psychics can see what has gone on. Hence, the person is jailed, even executed. The responsibility was his or hers from the first instance, for it was its foolishness to acquire such massive pollution, via alcohol or drugs, or sex with demons, that allowed the demons into the body.
                It is not unknown that the demons, on having enough ‘fun’ with the body, will actually destroy it, and statistically it appears as a suicide.  I am aware of many such cases.
                Thus, the foolish episode serves the Evil System well, does it not? It causes much pain and suffering all around, especially to those loved ones left behind who have no idea why their special young man or lovely, lovely daughter would do such a thing. It’s an energy harvest all round for Evil. Nauseating is it not?
                And this is the ‘wonderful world’ the idiots want to save?
The point is this: Be careful of what you do, what you consume and with whom you associate. This is no laughing matter. In previous essays I have given examples of demonic possession of the body following drug use. Excellent documentaries are available of the demonic take-over of communities in Oregon, Montana, and many other places. They may not call it demonic possession, but that is exactly what it is.
Just who are the Pigs and Cannibals?
Another point that I made in Part Two that is worth revisiting is that of human consciousness in animals. Many such consciousnesses reincarnate in animal bodies for various reason, not of their choice, as I have explained in my books.
                If you have extended vision, or once it develops sufficiently, you will see human consciousness in pets, animals used for food, in wild animals, even in trees, vegetation, etc. They are reduced to such a state by Evil. It is all due to the evil system exploiting their energy.
                My point is this: once we recognize this situation, and especially once we see these beings, we should treat them via the Golden Rule; ‘Do unto others as you would have done to you.’ Thus, we need to show them all the love and affection we can muster. Realize it is not emotional love I am indicting.
                Under those circumstances, where is there room in a knowing heart to slaughter them, hunt them for sport, be cruel to them, and eat them?
                These are evil practices the demons taught us when we were in a stuporous state. And most people have been in such a state since the beginning of the Error. Even the interpolation in the Bible to use animals as we see fit and have dominion over them is a demonic insertion.
                I have mentioned previously that medically it has been proven humans bodies were never meant to be carnivorous.
                You would be wise to take note of these things and to stop eating flesh, not just for medical reasons, but especially for spiritual ones too.
                Eating fish and vegetation has been made an exception for the reasons I enumerate in my books. While we eat them, we do so respectfully, and we are mindful of the Units of Consciousness who have had to sacrifice their Cardboard Boxes to help sustain ours.
                Given a choice we would not eat them. But as we must eat them to keep our Boxes alive, we should harvest these items of food serenely, lovingly and with respect. Alas, modern society is such that we have to resort to eating tinned fish and vegetables at times, and we do not know the circumstances of their gathering and deaths. We do not know how cruelly they were treated. From documentaries we know that often the actions of uncaring robots and demons are prominent.
                Demons cannot help being demons. They also engage in cannibalism, in secret at present, but it will not be long before it becomes an open practice. We have already seen reports in the general Media of such things from Germany and Japan in recent times. It is interesting that in Germany the cannibal was declared insane, but in Japan he was not found mentally ill, merely undisciplined. So you see, the barriers to demonic lifestyles are breaking down.
                I have visited Japan many times, especially in the 1990s and from 2000 to 03. There were 3 Theomorphs in the population when I last visited, and one was a foreign student. There are now no Theomorphs in those islands. It is truly the land of the dwarf (robots) as the Chinese call them. And, as they broadcast openly, the Chinese have the intention of annihilating them all.
How do I know these things?
How do I know who is who?
How do I know the exact number of Viables in the ‘human’ population, in the animal population, etc.?
How do I know what is occurring in other areas of the Universe, in other sub-dimensions?
For answers to those questions, be patient. You will just have to wait a little longer.
If you think I am making all this up because I have nothing better to do in the few seconds between medical consultations, what exactly are you doing reading this information? You should be selecting your outfit to match the colour of the transmutation vat you are going into!
Jokes side, if you are NOT starting to recognize the energy in these words, you are very deeply in trance due to the noxious poisons of the Evil System in which case I say to you: ’Wake up! Wake up! Time is short’.
                The only other alternative is that you are nigh on spiritually dead. It is for you to find out.
Is this process in which we are caught really terminal for the Physical Dimension?
                Or is the Physical, a self-propagating phenomenon which, having run out of energy at the end of its life, as the Laws of Thermodynamics suggest it must, able to spontaneously regenerate de novo, that is from nothingness, thus again contradicting the very first Law of Physics that governs our very physical existence?
                You know by the way I posed the question that the End must come.
                Questions you must find the answers to in order to awaken follow.
BTW I have supplied the answers in my books, website, lectures, essays, workshops, etc. I will continue to publish them in future essays, lectures and workshops.
                Please do not write to me wanting personal questions answered. Research my works, read my books, and you will find all the answers you need.
                So, for starters, consider these questions that follow. From what I have written previously you should have a fair idea of most of the answers:
·         Can there really be an Endtime?
Look at the lists of coming destruction I have provided for you and then answer the question.
·         Is there really Terminal Madness?
Measure the degree of Terminal Madness of the Endtime and then give me an answer.
As I stated in a previous essay, 88% of adults in Oz sought medical treatment for mental disorders in the last twelve months. Mind you, Australia is one of the most stable and happy nations on Earth. We missed the global depression. There are virtually more golf courses then there are malls for shopping; more tennis courts and swimming pools than there are houses; more sporting events then there are minutes in the day, more pubs and racetracks and betting shops than there are betting slips.
It’s a robotic and demonic paradise. Consider how far more terrible the mental status would be in Iraq, Libya, Egypt, Afghanistan, Syria, Iran, etc., etc. where the guts have been, or will be, ripped out of the lives of the inhabitants.
                And what of the USA? It is a shambles. Don’t believe me? The striking example I can give is the degree of mental disease suffered by immigrants from Mexico after entering the USA. Statistics show that the relatively healthy immigrants become mental patients very quickly because of the way of life in the USA. These are people with massively positive changes in their lives: better jobs, more money, social security, etc., etc. Imagine the depth of mental illness in the indigenes!
No wonder suicides numbers far exceed deaths from vehicle accidents as I pointed out in an earlier essay.
                Here you have it: the USA is THE leader in Mental Illness too.
‘One-quarter of all Americans met the criteria for having a mental illness within the past year, and fully a quarter of those had a "serious" disorder that significantly disrupted their ability to function day to day, according to the largest and most detailed survey of the nation's mental health, published yesterday.
Although parallel studies in 27 other countries are not yet complete, the new numbers suggest that the United States is poised to rank No. 1 globally for mental illness, researchers said.’
·         Why are the controlling demons and the rich suddenly burrowing underground?
·         If Time is linear, by definition it must have a beginning and an end. What, who, is on the other side of those two marker points?
Watch the scientists get loopy:
And loopier:
·         If the Time of the Physical Dimension is linear and limited, having both a beginning and an ending, then another Time that supports the concept of Eternity must exist. And if it does, then a non-Physical Dimension outside of the Physical is mandatory.
That’s the one I and Babaji, and many others come from. That’s the one I periodically visit.
·         Does Evil really exist or is it an illusion and misperception?
Is your life
A)      Full of love, laughter, happiness, serenity, fulfilment, Godliness?
B)      Is it stressful, sorrow-filled most of the time, dramatic, traumatizing, draining, senseless, abusive, painful, merciless, haunting, destructive, murderous, disappointing, harrowing, death-dealing, and full of disappointment and misery?
Are there dishonesty, hate, hypocrisy, crime, theft, rape, suicide, destruction, never-ending wars, and emotional scars for all?
If it’s more like the latter, then Evil exists!
·         If Evil is an illusion and a misperception of defective minds, as some contend, why do we suffer the consequences of Evil even when we wish not to?
The answer is simple. Evil is real. It is not an illusion. It is not simply in the eye of the beholder. Evil will destroy you and every other True Spirit if it is given half a chance. Evil is NOT just the absence of Good.
                Can there really be a non-physical Universe outside of this Universe?
                Yes, it exists. I have been there. “I”, not the Cardboard Box, come from there.
                That is where Jesus went to:
New International Version(©1984)Simon Peter asked him, "Lord, where are you going?" Jesus replied, "Where I am going, you cannot follow now, but you will follow later."
                Jesus was telling Peter that He was going back to the non-physical dimension from whence Avatars come.
                By saying ‘you will follow later’, Jesus was explaining that on termination of the Physical Dimension, the non-Avatar viable consciousnesses would go with Him to that Dimension.
                Those 13 little words that Jesus said contain
 i              the promise of Liberation and rescue of the Viables,
ii              Proof of the existence of Life after Physical death,
iii             The existence of Dimensions outside of the Evil Physical.
iv             Suggestion that Jesus was NOT of this world, and this, of course, tell us that He was a Divine Consciousness.
v              By saying ‘NOW’, Jesus suggested the existence of not only a different space (New dimension) but also a different time once the time and space of this evil dimension ceased.
·         Can the recently developed String Theory that is leading us towards a 27th dimension propel us into a non-physical locality like Quantum Physics seems to promise?
Quantum Physicists have a tendency to become Metaphysicians for the simple fact of encountering unknown time and space in which the quantum articles disappear. Metaphysics is the only field that will accommodate that which they observe.
                Please read these papers and similar ones with caution for, in the main, they are written by minds that have not yet accommodated the Numinous as we have in these essays.
                I reproduce them simply to support my point of the New Physics leading us to Metaphysical Science in which I have a PhD.
·         Is there really life after death of the physical body?
Well, if there isn’t, both you and I are wasting our time. If there isn’t, we might as well be watching wrestling on TV, eating cheese laden pizza and being served cold beers by blond bimbos. Just kidding!
                I have given you numerous examples of scientific evidence for consciousness residing outside the body.
                I have experienced many, many times, as we shall see, when my consciousness leaves this body and goes into another dimension from whence I come.  
                I have seen Babaji and many other Avatars do the same thing.
·         Where do I get my information from? I will address this in due course.
·         Why do I say we are not all equal?
Here I reproduce the types of consciousnesses in human bodies from my essay Collapsing the Virtual reality, Part 3:  Explaining the Paths by which the Truth shall set us free
The Classes of Consciousnesses in Human Bodies:
Previously I had written that there are many classes of consciousness in human bodies and that they are physically indistinguishable to the untrained observer. You will note that the majority in the different classes are NOT Sons and Daughters of the True God.
 These classes are as follows:
I              Ancients: These were Theomorphic Class 5 beings present in the vicinity of this dimension when it was still ethereal, and before the takeover by Evil. They were to organize and supervise the evolution of the lower Theomorphic classes in the dimension.
II             Ancients of Ancients: This was the Evolutionary second generation of the above. Many of these were hopelessly lost in the Virtual Reality and became desperate to go Home.
III           Theomorphic Earthling Class 4 beings: As I said, most of these were rescued in 1999 and only a few remain on the planet.
IV           Class 4 Aliens: These are Beings from other planets that had been kidnapped and placed on Earth. These beings who have been kidnapped from other planets can be both Theomorphic or of Evil origin. Many of these are now spontaneously awakening to the fact that they are not earthlings and are expressing an intense desire to go “Home”, They know they do not belong here. 
Indigo and Star Children, so-called, roughly fall into this group. They are, in fact, advanced robots and demons from other more developed planets and star systems, forced to come here as their home planets are destroyed. Their lack of empathy is pathognomonic, inspite of what the delusional and celebratory New Agers say about them.
V             The counterfeit evil-created robotic and demonic beings of Evil’s Class 4.
VI           Class 5 beings: These are Spiritual beings called Walk-ins. They can be good (Angelic, Devic), or Evil (Demonic). They are the Pixies, devas, leprechauns, fairies of which many have become aware throughout history. Before the Evil Takeover, there was liberal exchange between the Classes of Consciousness. This communication was cut off by Evil in order to control and reduce awareness. But now, as the Virtual Reality collapses, the inter-dimensional barriers will crumble and communication will once again be established. That is why ghosts and apparitions are being seen more and more frequently and easily, and why it is becoming easier and easier to communicate with astral and etheric levels.
VII          Fallen Class 5 Theomorphic beings: If a consciousness loses a great deal of energy, a point is reached where it can no longer sustain the body of expression in that class, and is forced to drop to the class below. This also works for Class 4 consciousnesses in human bodies. If such consciousnesses lose sufficient energy, they may not be able to sustain a human body after death and will be forced to re-incarnate in an animal body. As I have explained elsewhere, many human consciousnesses are in the physical bodies of our pets! Many Class 5 angels and devas have fallen due to evil drainage and are in human bodies. Often they have spontaneous recall of their greater World, and their anguish of their loss and their homesickness are great. Maladjusted ones can seek escapisms and self-destructive behaviour. And all this is due to the influence of Evil and its destructive drainage of energy from Theomorphs..
VIII        Special Creations of the Supreme Command for this Endtime. In this lifetime, since commencing this work in 1984, I have been involved with the creation of some of these beings. As an example, Lea, Cara and Phoebe, have been created specifically to help me in the Clearing of this Planet in its Endtime. They are working in Higher Levels.
IX           Evil incomplete beings (called Soulless Beings). These are a specialized class of demonic consciousness that can be likened to drones in our earthly wars. They are vicious and malicious to the extreme. There have no compassion. They have no comprehension of Truth, Goodness, Justice, Love, Harmony or Peace. These are also in places of High Command in the Evil ranks. You will not have to think hard to find examples all over the world. They bomb and murder indiscriminately. They are killing machines when allowed their heads. They have no places whatsoever in the future.
X             Consciousnesses who are Rescuers: These are also called Avatars in ancient texts. Rama, Krishna, Shiva, Zoroaster, Jesus, Marcus Aurelius, Manichaeus, Mohammed, Merlin, King Arthur, Nostradamus, Christopher Columbus, Galileo, William Shakespeare, Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven, Abraham Lincoln, Frederick Nietzsche, Hitler, Edgar Cayce, Shri Aurobindo, (the real) Sai Baba, (the real) Heidekhan Babaji, and many, many others are of this category. They have presented as world teachers, as explorers, artisans, musicians, poets, philosophers, etc., but also as simply people who brought down energy (and knowledge) to stabilize the plane. Sometimes they acted as double agents and secret agents in this War of Essences. Of course, this Class of Consciousness is here on the planet at this Endtime.
This detail should put paid to the evil fools who want to argue that Humanity is homogenous and that we are all “One”. They say this, forcefully of course, in an attempt to hide the Truth and their own evil nature, so that they can continue pilfering the energy of those not evil that they have trapped. But, their reign is over. The Evil Empire and its Virtual Reality are all but finished.
With this knowledge, realize that your little dog or cat many well be one of your deceased relatives. Your next door neighbour may well be a pixie or an angel or a demon; your spouse may well be a demon! Judging by the divorce rate, there is a high percentage chance of this being the case.
It’s been tough going in this essay.
Let’s finish on a humorous, scientific point:
Breakthrough medical news sent this morning to doctors who subscribe to Medscape Daily News (an American Medical Magazine): ‘Cherries may prevent gout flares’.
Golly!! Even Simpletons have known this fact since the days of Atlantis!
But, Modern Medicine has just caught up with the ground breaking knowledge. Verily, Science is at the forefront of backwardness.
To be continued …………
 October 13, 2012
The Great Awakening............Awakening to what exactly?
Part Four

Awakening to the value of Self
These essays are about making you think as I present my point of view.
It is obvious that the majority may not agree with every point I make. That’s OK. Most of us cannot agree on what is the best car, the safest country, the nicest restaurant, etc. Hence we are certainly not going to agree on what is important in a process of waking up to what is happening to us, to the planet and to the reality we live day to day.
Massive changes are afoot. Of that, there seems to be no doubt. What those changes mean, what they will do to our lives, how they will manifest, and in what timeframe, are important considerations, so that we can prepare as best we can.
There are methods by which you can access data on physical changes, on planning by governments (to some degree), on coming financial crashes (again), on mental changes to people, on deficiency states, in terms of our health, and also what provisions and services will be available to us and what will not be available.
But there is also a pathway by which we can be guided essentially from another level. And that is what we have to learn.
If the outcome is as gloomy as many predict on the physical level, we have to ask ourselves, ‘Well, what is left?’
That is where these metaphysical essays come in.
There is either a continuation of life, or there is not. It may not be in the way most think. The continuation may not be physical at all. It may not be on this planet. It may not be in this Universe even.
These are topics very few have mentioned anywhere in prosaic writing, in recent times, as far as I know. That is what makes these essays, and all my writings, unique. I realized from my very first publication that what I write was not going to win a popularity contest.  As far as I can see, the Truth never is popular. If my writings do not resonate with you, if you are incongruous with my words, if this is not your Truth, move on. Remember my motto at all times.
If time proves me wrong, so what? I’ve told you all to make up your own minds. Is there the possibility that others have been wrong in the past? Indeed others have been wrong. But, if you read the general thread of what I write, you can see there is a connection to many other writers of past times, and that connection is more than coincidental. It is for you to say whether that is relevant for you or not.
We would all rather be left alone without these massive short-term disruptions in our lives that so many have now predicted, not just me. But, the disruptions are for a very specific reason. They are to destroy the old reality, or rather, I should say the ‘old pseudo-Reality’, and to introduce a New Existence!
Without these enormous changes that are upon us, we would remain locked in the systems we have now. And to remain in the status quo would mean more of the same imbecility, the same questions, the continually wondering ‘Why!’
These then, are the questions asked by the Unawakened:
• Why the Perpetual Pain, Suffering, Misery, Trauma and Death?
• Why do we remain in Ignorance of whom and/or what control our lives?
• Why must we forever wonder what all this pain, suffering, and ignorance are all about?
• Why is the Truth of situations and things so very hard to find?
• Why is there Fear shadowing our lives as if we cannot be rid of it?
• Why are we, so willing to love, with so much love in our hearts, abused and traumatized by ones who never return that love to us?
• Why do some not respond to kindness and goodness?
• Why do so many not respond to our love?
• Why do we have to lose those we love most at some time in our existence?
• We need to ask why we cannot simply live in Peace and Harmony. There seems to be someone, something, always wanting to destroy our serenity;
• Why must we wonder if there really is life after death;
• Why do babies have to die?
• What chance would they have had to pursue Love, Joy and Happiness and fulfilment?
• What chance did they have to gain ‘Heaven’ as some claim we must work for with a full, loving prosperous and long life?
• Why do innocent, loving pets and animals have to be brutalized in the ways we all know they are?
• Why do so many die of starvation as we see in Africa? Does ‘god’ not love them?
• Why are we punished so much at every turn in lives, or so it seems, especially the harder we try to be good, that we could easily consider any ‘god’ in control is a misanthrope?
• How can we justify some people breeding and fattening the wonderful animals so that they can slaughter them and devour them without a second thought?
• Why do the ‘lucky ones’ grow old, wither and die after having been transformed from wonderful, loving, productive adults into demented imbeciles who no longer have control of their hearts, or minds, or bladders or their bowels?
• Why are there more days in our lives full of jeers and tears than there are filled with cheers?
• Why do the biggest bastards always seem to win?
• Are we really reborn sometime after we die via Re-incarnation like some suggest? If so, why?
• Why must we wonder if Aliens in UFOs really exist or even created us like some history seems to suggest?
• Why are the established Religions so apparently unable to truthfully answer the simplest of questions about our existence?
• Why is nothing simple enough to understand in the idea of existentialism?
• Why must we plead to know why there has to be the exploitation of our assets, minds, emotions, etc., on an unending basis?
• If pain, disease and death are the results of our ‘sins’, as some try to force us to believe, just what sins did a two year old child commit to die a painful death from bone cancer, or meningitis, or leukaemia, or violent abuse?
• Why should there be Unending Wars for Terror and Destruction, as proposed by those who seem to control everything we do and against whom we seem impotent?
• Why is there insecurity in all aspects of our lives as ‘Big Brother’ controls everything, even our thoughts it seems?
• Monetary impoverishment as governments get meaner with our own money seems to be our future lot. Why should it be so?
• Ubiquitous poisoning by Chemtrails, GMO foodstuffs, vaccines, drugs whose side-effects can be worse than the disease, is now an established reality. How did this happen?
• Pollution of air, soil and water, for the sake of short-term industrial profits, but with impending doom for the physical existence of animals, insects, birds, and humans is stating the obvious. Why should it be so?
• Why is there Mental and cultural imprisonment and abuse for those with a differing opinion, as is obvious now?
Do we really want to be forever asking these questions or do we want something better as has been promised by every true Spiritual Philosopher that has spoken to us throughout History
My writings show that things should never have been this way.
We are so used to being abused, and exploited, and punished, by this obviously Evil System in which we live that we take it as the norm. Worse than that, it seems we are prisoners in a vile system and like sufferers of the Stockholm Syndrome en masse, with some of us attempting to love and excuse away the iniquities of the controlling essence which is obviously very evil and which we are forced to call ‘god’.
No wonder so many, having suffered so much, having been abused so much, having lost so much in so many ways, develop a pathological hate even for the word ‘god’!
But, that should never have been so, as I show in my books.
As some undergo the Mass Awakening that I am writing about, they will remember it should never have been so. They shall remember a time before this era, a time when it was not this evil way.
The coming upheavals are to re-establish non-Evil Normality as it once was and shall, in future, be.
The coming upheavals are inevitable.
They are necessary surgery for some individuals, in all Classes of Consciousness, to return to a healthy state of existence in the essence, Light and Love of the True ‘God’.
The coming physically destructive upheavals are surgery to remove forever a SPIRITUAL CANCER that has affected our lives.
The less sophisticated of my readers say they don’t believe a word of what I write and then accuse me of frightening them. That is illogical. If they don’t believe what I write, how can that produce fear in them?
If they sense fear, it is because they SENSE AND KNOW, deep within them, THAT what I write is true. Something declared false by an individual cannot make that individual fearful.
On the other hand, many others feel Joy and Elation once they contact the energy of these words. For them, the resonance within is due to knowing that what I write is true for them too, but with a different result from the failures: The feel Joy, not Fear.
Those that write to me accusing me of truly frightening them are really giving an open assessment of their true status in eschatological terms. They are declaring themselves to be finished. They are telling us that they know they are NON-VIABLE, and, with the coming turmoil, will no longer remain in existence!
I can put that analysis in no other words.
You may recall that previously I wrote that, in the Endtime, each will declare its own status: Viable and non-Viable. That is what these people who write attacking me are doing. More and more will recognize their status as we move along this path to the End.
It is futile attacking me. It is the energy content that exposes them. I have explained this previously also.
Thus, as well as Awakening beings to whom and what they are, my writings are also conducting the natural selection of Viables from the non-Viables in preparation for lift-off.
It is neither I nor the New Green Energy in my words that is being judgemental.
It is the individual in its reaction to the Energy, and to me delivering and distributing it, obviously, that automatically judges its own worth.
Thus, whether you want to believe it or not, every living being, every Centre of Consciousness, regardless of the class of physical manifestation it is in, be it in the Mineral Class, the Vegetable Class, the Animal, Human, Devic, Galactic or Universal Class,  is receiving this message on some level of its being, throughout the whole Universe. Individual Humans, as I wrote previously, have seven such Centres in their metaphysical anatomy. For more details, read my books.
What is occurring on Earth is being repeated everywhere in the Physical Dimension. The fact that the lower physical mind cannot comprehend such a phenomenon is of no importance. Besides, I have already mentioned that over 90% of the Universe has already been corrected and no longer exists.
Thus, this is your conundrum for today. How the heck could I possibly know all this and especially that last fact about the disappearing Universe?
Bye, Bye Cardboard Box
As events that will suggest disruption of the physical world become more pronounced, you will note that the ones with no spiritual insight will focus on physical survival at all costs.
Already you will have noticed published advice on the Internet and magazines stating what food to store, how much water, how many guns you should have, when you should shoot, etc., etc. Silly is it not?
The point is that no one will survive the physical. What then is the good of hoarding stuff?
I mentioned the elite are building underground cities and so on, to survive whatever calamities they think will occur, whether it will be a meteor strike, or Nuclear War, or the fall of Earth on its axis, and the subsequent massive fracturing as has occurred in the past., etc., etc.
My advice from the very beginning has been that the Earth is finished. My message was, and is, of Clearing of the Planet.
In other words, all life is to be removed from the planet in preparation for its total destruction.
It is while I was driving through New Mexico in the mid-1980s that the message came through that, in fact, the whole Universe was going!
You see, even this Cardboard Box of mine had to be given the information gently and slowly because of the risk of OVERLOAD. No matter who our Higher Consciousness may be, the Cardboard Box (the physical body) used by it, made by Evil, to serve Evil, as I have explained often in the past, is MORONIC! All Cardboard Boxes are moronic, some more than others, until they awaken somewhat.
Chasing Evil’s Programming, Pollution and Indoctrination, in all their forms, as fast and as often as they can, some make sure that their physical body remains as stupid and as moronic as possible.  That process explains the stupidity, the bias, prejudices, hatred and ungodliness we see all around us.
The lower mind of the physical body can understand so much and no more. It has to be fed information from Superior Levels in tiny bits, especially information as explosive as this about the end of all life in this dimension, the end of Earth and the End of the entire Universe.
It takes time to integrate such new, explosive knowledge into the stupid Monkey Mind. Many a time after I got back from the Spacecraft in 1985, at which visit (I have had many such visits and will write about them later) I was told to make the Message public, my lower mind rejected again and again the information my Higher Mind fed it as it became more and more foreign from what is called ‘normal’ on this level. 
On occasions, I would stop writing, throw the notes across the room and yell ‘This is crazy! This is impossible!’
At other times, the knowledge would descend in the form of hieroglyphics or in mathematical figures and equations, or in abstract ideology which I could not translate satisfactorily into words. Meditators among you have experienced similar phenomena, I am sure.
You see, what I was writing contradicted everything my lower mind knew. It contradicted everything I was taught from infant days. It contradicted everything in the history books, in the religious books including the Bible, in the Medical books I had read, etc.
I was raised a Catholic by my parents, went to a Catholic school, attended the local Catholic Parish Church, and did my medical internship at a Catholic Hospital. In that indoctrination, anything psychic or anything not uttered from the pulpit to do with the spirit was the ‘Work of the Devil’. I kid you not. Just recall what the Church did to Mesmer!
As you read these, see how ridiculous humans can be in regards to that which they do not understand.
So here I was experiencing these massive phenomena and the first thing I had to do was fight the Catholic Indoctrination right out of my head. Not an easy thing to do, mind you, especially when you are indoctrinated with the thought that if you abandon the faith or pursue the so-called ‘Works of the Devil’ you will go to HELL!
We can laugh at the imbecility of such utterances now, but think of the millions trapped by this punishing thought. Children especially can be traumatized maximally. Now can you see why the Catholic Faith breeds and fosters so many seriously ill mental patients, especially in the clergy?
But, as this article will show, all religions can have deleterious effects:
It was only later that I realized that what was in my lower mind was Evil’s Programming, Pollution and Indoctrination that was purposely planted there, as it is in all of us, in order to reject the Truth if ever we come across it.
Especially when I came across technical information in my writings, and things such as the reasons why things are the way they are, what healing really is, what its mechanisms are, etc., and that Religions are evil, that the ‘god’ Jehovah is Evil, etc., etc., I had such a conflict in my head, that the only way I could resolve it was to put aside all that I had been taught, write what my Higher Mind was telling me and then seeing how best I could integrate the information.
I even had to put my scientific and medical knowledge to one side as I wrote.
I dare say you have had to do the same thing, namely, put any indoctrination in your head to one side while you search for the Path to Awakening. Aspects I have written about are so different from what we think reality is that a real battle can develop in our minds. I know because many readers have written to me expressing these things.
It is only slowly that some are able to accept the Truthful aspects. That is why I place the warning on my website ahead of my list of books, so that readers can become aware of changes that could occur to them, in them, while reading my material.
Why would I have to do that if this material is nonsense?
The truth is that it is not nonsense, and the energy content of the writings does clash, sometimes severely, with the Evil Programming, Pollution and Indoctrinations in our heads.
Now, of course, having broken through the Illusion of the Virtual Reality, I sometimes look back at how I was before my Awakening, before my full connection to my Higher Self, and have a good laugh at how stupid a Cardboard Box with all its programmed idiocy, desires and hungers can really be. It is blind to the Truth, but, not knowing the Truth, it does not know it is idiotic or blind.
When awakened, such a being can never go back to being a blind imbecile, and the blind imbeciles cannot understand the Awakened one, for they cannot see or feel Truth, seeing they are still blind Cardboard Boxes. Thus, it is the unawakened fools, who call the wise ones stupid, in this malicious and very evil system,
Thus the unawakened call the wakened ones with True Knowledge and Wisdom crazy, simply because they, the unawakened ones, are blind to the Greater Reality. I am sure those of you who have awakened a little have come across this imbecilic situation as you tried, as we all have tried, to awaken family, loved ones, parents, etc., to the Ancient Wisdom as I have outlined it and to which you have awakened.
It is only because of our love and caring that we to want to share the Truth, when we awaken to it, with those we most care for, because we want them to live on with us in Eternity.
But, I must give this warning: You cannot force anyone to awaken. If they are Viable, they are Viable. Do not be concerned. If they are not viable, there is nothing any of us can do for them. The choice was theirs.
This is what I have written on my website:
‘Notice of Effects that may occur on reading or hearing my Material
There is energy in the books I have written which has various functions. The degree and frequency of the energy varies from book to book.
The Information and its Energy are basically to awaken beings to their own Truth within and prepare them for what is to occur to them, to this planet, and to the whole physical dimension.
Their mode of action opens Centres of Awareness in each individual, and if these centres harbour Evil programming, pollution and indoctrination, (which we all have on this level to varying degrees) the reactions in the individual will vary according to the degree (concentration, severity) of the programming, pollution and indoctrination.
Some people have Evil Energy in their auras, or are possessed by demonic energy partially or totally. Others are totally non-viable Evil Beings.
The energy in the information will certainly stir many to a great degree.
This can cause physical effects. But the effects are due to flushing out the Negative Energy that lay hidden within the individual, not due to the energy of the information.
Physical effects may manifest as nausea, headaches, nightmares, visions of discarnates who are stealing the reader’s energy, Succubi and Incubi who are stealing the reader’s sexual energy at night, thoughts that relatives, friends and associates are draining them of energy at school, at work, at play. This is not paranoia. As those more knowledgeable know, there are people that steal our energies as we go about our daily business. Energy Vampires exist.
The headaches can be due to blocks in the spiritual pathways. They usually subside as one cleanses sufficiently.
But, always remember to get persistent symptoms checked out. One reader, years ago, was elated that periodically he felt drowsy and euphoric, with a wavy motion in his head and at times slurred speech. He put it down to the massive amounts of energy he thought he was receiving through his Crown Centre at my weekly lectures at that time. When he told me about this, I realized immediately he was having TIAs, Transient Ischaemic Attacks, due to his high blood pressure which he ignored. Inspite of subsequent treatment he later suffered a stroke which paralysed him. He was in his 50s.
Manifestations due to the stirring and exposure of Evil Energy, and blocks within, can upset awakeners. But, they must push on. It is the Negative Energy within them that is surfacing and producing all these effects, including anger, fear and paranoia, as it were. The Positive Energy of the books is making the readers aware of their negative impost.
It can be likened to a spiritual Herxheimer Reaction that occurs in medicinal healing. If you don’t know what that means, look it up. It is a manifestation of rapid removal of toxins from the body after a healing agent has been ingested.
In the spiritual case, it is the exposure, and hopefully, the rapid removal of Negative Energy from the individual by the introduction of the energy in my books and voice.
Sometimes these reactions are so frequent, great and/or distressing to the individuals, they must stop Positive Energy input until they cleanse to clear the mess and the crises pass. It is simply a case of overload.
New readers can feel these effects and erroneously blame the content of the books for the negative effects.
It is similar to students studying in intensive courses in which they take in more facts than they satisfactorily integrate at any one time. Hence, Physical, Mental, Emotional, Intellectual and Spiritual fatigue can occur.
That is why cleansing and purification are such important daily requirements.
When one takes a rest from positive input, cleansing and purification should be intensified. Read my books for details please.
Also remember to drink lots of water, for the body is helped by drinking water when larger energy inputs occur. Hands-on-healers say they drink up to 12 litres a day to cope with the energy flux that affects them as they attempt to heal patients.
Avoidance of programming, pollution and indoctrination is mandatory if you are going to progress on your Spiritual Path.
Half measures are not good enough. Don’t be a hypocrite.
I repeat, the negative effects are due to the Negative Energy that is stirred and flushed out of the individual by the awakening and healing Positive Energy of the books.
The same goes for the energy in my voice when I give lectures, conferences, speak on Radio shows, etc. Many readers have commented on the boost of energy they acquire as they listen and on the elation from the energy of the words that they feel. It is an automatic process.
Lately I have been using increasing doses of the New Green Energy (NGE) which has resulted in even more spectacular effects.
The Negative beings feel far worse with it. It attacks negative energy more forcefully, and it cannot be manipulated as the former Divine energy could be by Evil Beings to do destructive things. I had previously revealed that this whole Evil System is being starved of Divine Energy. The system simply cannot use the NGE for its evil effects. Thus it will totally collapse.
The NGE and the Evil Energy are incompatible and the NGE destroys the Evil Energy on impact. That effect can be felt by the individual with negative energy as a temporary physical malady.
Evil Beings are exposed by the NGE and are never the same. They cannot run away fast enough from me, my words, my books, and my voice, even if before they appeared really close friends and may seemed to have been devoted to my work.
The Viables feel far better with the NGE. They experience a new, pleasant sensation, as many have written to me to say so. They feel a boost of energy, new confidence and greater love that heals them faster.
As an individual purifies, the unwanted side-effects of cleansing will be less, obviously, until finally, when the Centres of Consciousness are relatively clean, the effects will be of Joy, Elation, and True Love.
These benevolent effects are due to the Energy of the words being able to establish a pathway in the individual to his Divine Energy within. And that is basically the mechanism of awakening and true realization of God Consciousness.
Renewed pollution may cause them more distress until they cleanse properly again.
I can tell you now that failed Robots and Demons will not only reject what I write, but they will also become argumentative and abusive. Internally they have great FEAR.
The Positive Energy, especially the NGE, stirs their evil energy within, and being unable to grasp Truth, for they have none within, all they are left with is the Anger and the Fear of the thought of Justice and the elimination of Evil which means elimination of them. That is why they fear, even though externally they may express anger.
And although they may say they do not believe a word of what I have written, subconsciously they know that what I have written is correct. And as that realization which they have buried deep within their psyche slowly filters from their deep subconscious into their lower minds, it brings anger for having been reminded of this Truth, and the Fear of their fate.
By the time it reaches a conscious level, they will manifest the Terminal Madness I have often written about.  Thus, verily shall there be gnashing of teeth and (some of) the living will envy the dead.’
No one will remain alive in the Cardboard boxes.
For those who have no spiritual acumen, who are unable or unwilling to see life beyond the physical, this spells a massive disaster for them. They think it will be the complete end of their existence.
It is not, of course.
There is another step they have to undergo. That step is the assessment process that will be revealed to them.
All have been categorized, as I said previously, into Viable and non-Viable.
Non-Viables will know the moment their consciousness is out of the box what they are, if they have not already made the realization while in the physical body.
The fear in them until the moment of death will be tremendous, and they will commit any deeds they can in their attempts to remain physically alive.
From a spiritual perspective, that is utter foolishness.
Without the realization of what this all means, without the Awakening of which I write their suffering will be compounded immensely.
Fools are they, for this reminder of a Final Day for the physical has been given to all of us on this level since the time of the Celestial Error.
We have all known such a time would come.
But some chose to ignore it.
Others, such as the demons, couldn’t comprehend it, for to them there is nothing outside of the physical. They cannot comprehend this information now. And that is why they are building their underground hideouts! That is why they act so maliciously without qualms, without a thought for Justice and the need to make some sort of reparation for their Evilness.
They do not see that what they are doing is Evil. They care for nought but money, power and lusts. As I revealed previously, they see themselves as gods of the Universe. They are indeed deluded. And, as they cannot see the True Light or respond to Love, there is no place for them anywhere outside of this doomed Physical Dimension.
The demons think the end will never come.  In fact, it is just around the corner.
October 22, 2012
The Great Awakening .........Awakening to what exactly?
Part Five
In this essay, I am going to discuss the Awakening required to accept the basic reason for the terminal fragmentation we are witnessing.
In my writings, I have asserted the fact that a termination process is occurring to the Physical Dimension.
You don’t really need a list from me to confirm that assertion. Just open your eyes. Besides, I have given many examples of fragmentation in previous essays.
You will note physical and also mental fragmentation. In other words, the Terminal Madness of the Endtime that I predicted some 20 years ago has become a reality. The main reason is that the controlling mechanisms on the minds of the Cardboard Boxes are dissipating. In other words, the whole evil mechanism that has kept us physically and mentally trapped is breaking down, for the Chief Archon is no more.
We have to expand our awareness and view not just our neighbourhood, or our State, our Nation or even our Planet. We must now consider our Sun, other planets, all the galaxies, and sub-dimensions that make up the whole of the Physical.
We need to see ourselves not just as an isolated unit of consciousness living separately and distinctly in a box that withers and dies, but as droplets in a boundless sea of consciousness that extends way beyond the confines of the physical. Of course this only applies to Theomorphic beings, as I will explain.
Those individual consciousnesses created within the Physical are destined to be part of the temporary sea of impermanent consciousness and will disappear with the physical in due course unless, as I have stated previously, they have modifications made to them that will allow them to exist in the sea of eternal consciousness residing outside of the Physical.
My assertion is that the whole Universe is fragmenting and it will shortly be no more.
It is impossible to have a view of this fragmentation while one is in the dimension itself, with a minimalistic field of view. Consider for example, the idea that Antarctica is fracturing ever so slowly and you have no vision of the continent directly or indirectly from satellite photos. You would be totally clueless until that fragmentation came near you and affected you. The further away from it, the longer it would take for you to realize what is happening.
The same principle applies to fracturing of the Physical Dimension. We are in the outpost of one galaxy (the Milky Way). There are billions upon billions of galaxies. Over 90 % of them have not only fractured but they have actually disappeared entirely. To assess the degree of fracturing of the WHOLE dimension, one has to have a view from outside the dimension. That view would then allow a view of the dimension in toto.
Consider also this simple analogy: A hailstorm hits your area and your car is damaged. If you are sitting in it, you will not know the extent of the damage. Once you alight and view the car as a unit, and are able to inspect all of it, something you could not do while you were in the car, you can diagnose that say 40% of the car has been damaged. In other words you have to be outside of it to assess the damage.
The same applies to the damage (and disappearance) of the Universe. The report that 90% has been dismantled, and has disappeared must come from someone outside of the universe who can see it totally or someone who can travel in and out of this one and view it from outside!
This has serious implications that I will now explain.
This already leads to the need of other non-Physical dimensions. That other dimensions must exist beyond the life of this one, for beings from them are witnessing the fragmentation and disappearance of this one.
If the fragmentation is seen, it means this universe is not eternal but temporary.
It will mean that time of the dimension that will disappear will also finish. Thus, the Time of a dimension and within that dimension is itself a temporary illusion, and not eternal. It is a property of the dimension and exists as long as the dimension exists.
If this dimension is finishing, but another exists outside of it that is healthy, it means there is a Future Time beyond the Time of this dimension. Thus, an observer in the outer dimension, on witnessing the collapse of this one, knows he is in a Time that will be beyond this Time. In other words, he is in a dimension of a Future Time. Thus, you see, Avatars who come from that other dimension are really from the future!
This is not a simple concept to grasp. It is even more complicated by the fact that the consciousness of Avatars is really a holographic projection into a doomed time and space (our Physical Universe).
If you do not comprehend these concepts, do not be too concerned. Move on.
This knowledge must also come from a dimension that witnessed the beginning of this our Physical Dimension and is witnessing its demise. How else could we explain having the knowledge of the event called the Celestial Error?
Something/someone was conducting some sort of experiment that gave rise to an ‘Error’. That being or beings must have been in existence before the ‘Error’ and are now witnessing its correction, which means the total dissipation of the ‘Error’ and its products, and they will live long after the ‘Error’ is corrected.
Further, to have this communication between the greater, outer longer lasting and older dimension and this one means there are Pathways between dimensions which will allow rescue of some of the beings trapped within this one.
This point must surely lead you to the conclusion that when I describe the changes to the dimension as a whole, the information must come from outside the dimension. It could be no other way!
This will be very hard for some of you to accept, however it supports my assertion that the Craft I visit either resides outside of this physical dimension or else is in this dimension but originates outside of it, and that is where the facts about the total fragmentation of the universe come from.
Secondly, to know of the total fate of the dimension, of the inhabitants, and of the final result, means the future has had to be assessed by someone who is now able to give us this information.
This is going to really strain your belief system for sure. Just think about it, and if you cannot get your head round the concept, let it be for now.
Having written what I have just written, it means that survivors of the fragmentation are virtually living in the future as far as this dimension is concerned. And, it means that this physical dimension is already in the PAST! 
In other words, we are in a timeframe that has already concluded. And that is why ‘I’, coming from that future time, can be so certain of my facts that this dimension is finished.
(Of course you can take an alternate view, as many others seem to have taken, which states that I am a deluded fogey with absolutely nothing better to do than attempt to scare as many of you as much as possible. I wish it were as simple as that.)
To take that simple view for the beginning and continuance of this morass would leave far too many unanswered questions about everything we see and experience.
Most of the readers will only be able to confirm what I say when the End arrives. A few have seen the future in small snippets and know what I am writing about. But these are few and far between. Even the average clairvoyant and psychic is stuck with information sent only from the Astral and Etheric Planes where everything is supposedly rosy and hunky-dory. That is because these Planes are there to uphold the Illusion of the Virtual Reality. But they too are starting to fragment.
Closer to home, is there any fragmentation that suggests something is seriously wrong with our world and its environs? Is there enough wrong to suggest an End might occur?
As I said above, even just from my essays you can make quite a lengthy list of what is wrong with the planet.
You can describe mechanisms that are a threat to existence on the planet.
You know about the Eugenics Program and the culling of Humanity
There are stories of invading Aliens, and Alien hybrid DNA being implanted into human DNA, etc., etc. in an attempt to thwart the Endtime.
There are termination stories from the Mayans, the Toltecs, the Hopi, the I Ching, etc., etc.
Although some speculators suggest a jump into another dimension, that jump may not be for all consciousness. And it does not take too much insight to realize that jump may be a distortion of the concept of jumping into the New Dimension as I have described for those who are Viable, with total eradication of all the Physical Universe.
Those more primitive cultures such as the Hopi, Mayans, etc., would not have had the idea of something outside of this Universe as such and hence expressed only to a level they could understand.
After all, they did not appear to have the knowledge of
·         The 2 creations; the real one and a temporary evil one;
·         The Battle of Essences and the promise of rescue;
·         The Celestial Error and its tragic consequences;
·         The Process of Finalization of the War of Essences;
·         the differing classes of consciousness in human bodies;
·         the exact numbers of Viables;
They certainly knew about Evil and Demons but did not realize that there were two controlling Essences such as in the manner I have explained. 
But, we know that all cultures had been told, since time immemorial, that there would be a sorting out of beings into 2 camps: Good and Evil, with the Good going to a heavenly abode, a place of reward, with the Evil cast into perdition.
As people have become more and more spiritually ignorant, this concept has lost its significance in ‘modern thinkers’. But, guess what? It has always been a valid pronouncement. And now, all are about to find out just how valid it really was and is!
This last message of separation has survived all the denials, stupidity and cultivated ignorance of the moronic masses. Thus, that being the case, we could guess that other pieces of Gnostic Knowledge, which formed the Ancient Wisdom, survived too, only to suffer the fate that the Gnostics suffered. It was either buried away by the controlling evil Archons wherever the knowledge surfaced, or else it was purposely distorted as in the examples I have given you in previous essays, the classical one being the Catholic Church and its treatment of the Knowledge given by Mani who was none other than Jesus re-incarnated.
Some will ask why I am so certain of what I write, as for example, calling Mani the re-incarnated Jesus. 
If you resonate with these words and energy, you do not need to ask. You know.
If you don’t resonate with this energy, it matters not what answers I give. You will never accept any of them.
Look with your mind’s eye at the story of Quetzalcoatl in the history of the Toltecs, and you will know he was an Avatar fighting a potent demon Tezcatlipoca.
Truth became Legend, then Myth, and then Idiocy as we see how easily the Mesoamericans were fooled by the Conquistadors who claimed the right to murder these people, their culture and all their sacred writings. The Spaniards had the hubris of the more modern society and the idiocy of closed-minded Catholic bigots.
Similarly in the West, the story of Jesus has been turned into a noxious fairy tale, which in truth means a nightmare. All really await the rerun of the Avatar, not Jesus per se. But it has become the story of the return of a pansy, riding on a cloud with angels trumpeting His presence as they yell halleluiah. And so it goes, to moronic levels. The really sick and sad aspect is the number of people who have been fooled by this folly.
Just as Time is an illusion, so too is space. Our lower minds are overwhelmed by the size of the Universe. But really, that is because our consciousness is confined in these boxes on purpose. The lattice that allowed consciousness to travel freely and therefore reduce space to nothingness has been disrupted by Evil. Travelling on that lattice negated time and space. But, being stuck in the physical, that does not compute for us now. The lattice will be restored outside of this dimension and then there will be no space or separation between consciousnesses. We will be everywhere in an eternal moment. The level of bliss is what varies according to the class of the consciousness. I have written about this in my books and may write further about it soon.
At present, being confined in boxes, we are overawed by distances needed to be travelled in the Universe. With the Lattice, there is no distance for consciousness can travel on it instantaneously. Think of Bell’s the Law of Local causality.
Thus you see, we have been imprisoned by Evil into segments of Time (the lifespan of the box) with no memory of past segments, on purpose, and with the inability to go anywhere as we cannot travel much, making the vast distances in the Universe impossible barriers to us. Neither of these restrictions apply in the real, non-evil Dimensions.
A little news bulletin/message for you:
It is late October, on a beautiful spring day as I write this. The sun is streaming into my study. My large dogs are lolling about the lawns around the house or taking their naps in the sun.
It is extremely peaceful with not a cloud in the sky and no noise other than birds singing.
Traffic is inaudible where I reside.
As I look out across a large empty field to a row of trees some 600 meters away, I envisage a spacecraft landing on the site in due course.
That is the exact reason why I was impressed to live here.
When ‘ours’ come to begin the physical evacuation, you will know they are the ‘right ones’ for they will come directly to me.
If UFOs land and aliens alight anywhere else, and if they have not come to me first, you will know they are of the Darkness. I give you this warning very seriously for exposure of the existence of UFOs and Aliens is about to occur by Governments in a very awe-inspiring visual manner. They will be the evil controlling demonic aliens. Who else would co-operate with the demons in control on this level?
As I describe this idyllic scene, that which is about to occur seems hidden from view. It appears almost impossible that anything as traumatic as the End could occur. I am sure it is a very different scene in Palestine, Libya, Syria, Afghanistan, etc., however, with all their horror of death and destruction every minute of their lives.
And this leads me to remind you of what Babaji kept on saying over and over again in the 1990s. ‘If the massive changes don’t come soon in the sequence they have been programmed, they will all occur simultaneously and the End will occur in a flash!’
And, where does that leave all the smarties who claim nothing is going to happen because the predictions have not occurred as expected in the past?
I have explained the cycle of events that control precipitation of incidences onto this level. Of course, fools don’t understand anything that is explained to them. But you must take note of this: The longer massive changes are delayed, the more time concentrated will be their eventual occurrence.
We were promised from the moment the Error occurred, that it would be corrected. That time has arrived.
To know what that means, we need to know a little about the experiment that led to the Error, what the Error spawned and why it needs correcting.
All aboard and buckled your seatbelts. It’s a head spinner:
All existence is experimentation. Sometimes experiments go astray and they are immediately corrected.
The Error that gave rise to this Physical Universe was a little more resistant to correction than usual.
The negative, normally inert, polarity of the Divine Energy was activated as part of the experiment. Once activated, it developed an expressive consciousness that became even more actively negative and then inimical to the energy that actually allowed its expression.
Being unaware of what created it, and what the energy of the Hierarchical order was all about, this inimical consciousness declared itself, in total ignorance,  the superior and controlling Essence.  (Exodus 20:3, Isaiah 45:5)
But it was destructive, unco-operative and contrary. It manifested Evil!
Having the plans of the experiment within it, it began devising a scheme to take over all of creation. As the other beings attempted correction of it, it decided to encapsulate itself in a boundary and thus it precipitated into Matter as the Physical Universe.
As it was encapsulating this temporary and doomed Time and Space, the Theomorphs in the vicinity were warned to leave the enclosing space. Not all managed to do that. Some were trapped in this dimension (the Ancients).
Please understand that I am using words to describe interactions of Essences, and as Frederick Nietzsche said, ‘words falsify reality’.
As more and more Divine Energy was sent into the dimension, the evil Essence only got stronger. Some of that energy was used by the Evil Essence (now called the Usurper) to create consciousnesses with a mixture of Divine energy and its modified Evil energy. These were the robots I have mentioned elsewhere.
Many of the roots, having Divine energy, and some awareness, were not co-operative with the Evil Essence. Neither were the Theomorphs who failed to escape. Thus, they were rebellious and wouldn’t follow the evil schedule.
To counter them, Evil Essence created a line of beings totally out of its evil energy to subdue, control and steal energy from the robots and Theomorphs. These new beings are the members of the Demonic Creation.
Once the experimenters realized that attempts at correction by throwing more and more energy into the experiment were useless, Divine Energy was cut off from the dimension except for a trickle to keep the deserving robots and Theomorphs alive until a permanent correction could be executed.
Realizing this reduction in energy, the controlling Evil Mind devised special plans to extricate energy from those with the Divine Energy, mainly by punitive means.
Thus, the Chosen ones (demons, archons) were activated.
This was and is the state of affairs throughout the whole physical Universe.
At first, the expressions were ethereal, but as the matter became more and more gross, physical manifestations were created, such as these bodies we now use. They are results of long, long experiments to get them to this state.
The plans for creation and running the dimension that the Evil Essence stole were incomplete, and that explains why so many of its creations and systems are so imperfect!
In this area, within our awareness, the expression of the Evil Mind was called Saklas, Demiurge, Yaldabaoth, Moloch, Satan, the Devil, Rex Mundi, and finally Jehovah.
Thus now you see why Jehovah had chosen Ones that he used to abuse, steal from, and murder the others who had some aspect of Divinity within them. And Jesus identified these Archons, Demons, Sons and Daughters of Darkness accurately in John 8:44.
This explains why Jehovah is seen as a cruel and sadistic liar, a prejudiced fornicator and murderer in his own scriptures such as the Bible. 
This is the knowledge the Gnostic had which exposed the Arch demon and his ruthless destruction of Divine Ones.
The evil ones had to stop this knowledge from spreading for it would awaken those Jehovah had put into a trance (into the morphed and deleterious Illusion of the Virtual Reality). If they awoke, his tricks of exploitation would not work so well.
Too late, now people are awakening, for it is the Endtime.
Thus, you see, this dimension and all were doomed from the start.
Once it was realized the Evil Essence would not co-operate in any way, and in fact it sealed itself off from the influence of the Divine, plans were drawn up to rescue the Viables within the illicit dimension and transmute the Evil Essence and its progeny back into Primordial Energy as should have occurred immediately when the experiment went wrong.
Since then, a Battle of Essences has ensured.
The Divine Consciousness fought to keep the Viables safe until rescue could be accomplished.
In the meantime the Evil Jehovah used all his ruthless means to steal the Divine Energy of the Viables for, without it, ‘he’ and his apparatus could not continue. In the process ‘he’ destroyed many beings, having drained them totally of their energy. Many Divine beings have been lost in this way.
To keep Viables sustained, Avatars entered the dimension with vital, nourishing Divine Energy. They came in diverse circumstances. Here are a few examples in this human era, on Earth:
·         Spiritual Teachers – Krishna, Zoroaster, Buddha, Elijah, Jesus, Manichaeus, Mohammed, Aurobindo, Sai Baba (the real one), Babaji
·         Philosophers – Plato, Pythagoras, Nietzsche,
·         Warriors- King Arthur, Joan of Arc, Alexander the Great, Hitler,
·         Religious Reformers – St Theresa of Avila,
·         Pioneers of knowledge – Galileo,
·         Explorers – Christopher Columbus
·         Musicians – Haydn, Mozart, Bach, Beethoven, etc.,
·         Politicians – Abraham Lincoln, JFK,
But, at other times they came as simple folk, or even as double agents, appearing to be quite evil (Adolf Hitler).
These are only a very few examples. But it shows you that, with the distortion that occurs on this level, Truth can seem stranger than fiction. This visitation was repeated everywhere throughout the Universe in which Viables were trapped.
When you examine the lives of these beings, realize that there are 2 components:
1                     is the life of the Cardboard Box, and
2                     the manifestation of the Divine Essence within.
No physical body can escape all the traps of this dimension, so do not judge the entrapment of the physical body as you read of human things these beings did. Rather, recall the Divine role they were playing and the energy they distributed.
Ultimately, they knew within their being they were down here to do a job and lay plans for the Final Correction to the Problem of Evil.  
In most cases they were identified as Avatars and the Evil System made their lives (of the shell, box) Hell in as many ways as possible.
Also realize I am giving you are a few facts about Earth in the last 2000 years or so. The same mechanisms applied to the whole Universe over its 14-16 billion years.
Thus you see, this dimension was doomed from the beginning.
The Plan of Correction was known from the time of the manifestation of the error and its non-compliance.
The War of Essences has raged since the beginning.
With these explanations, the reason for obfuscation of Truth now becomes obvious. You have the story of the Emergence of Evil!
So now you can see that Evil is not just the absence of Good as Augustine of Hippo proposed, but an active, destructive, malicious, malignant, mendacious Force!
True Ones are prisoners in an energy extraction mechanism purposely developed for that.
The beauty, joy and happiness we experience on this level are illusions to appease the Cardboard Boxes.
Knowing this information, True Beings can have but one aim – to be rescued safely as quickly as possible.
True Beings are slowly being asphyxiated just by being here.
No new Theomorphs have been created since this dimension was sealed by Evil. The increase in numbers we see has all been due to the creation of robotic and demonic consciousnesses.
All systems in the Evil Empire are imprecise and erratic. They have been so since the inception of the Empire.
Jehovah is a poor ruler, provider and planner. Look at Nature: there is gross imbalance in every sector. Often ‘he’ has had to wipe out large sections and start again. This is the seventh time that “Humanity” has been restarted. I may give details later.
Homeostasis in this Universe is an Illusion. The Evil Mind is constantly attempting to patch things up around the dimension.
Look at the inadequacy of these Cardboard Boxes. They are forever breaking down.  And they are programmed to copulate, copulate, and copulate. Thus, you have the explanation of why the population numbers have run out of control.
As I said, the boxes are programmed to breed, breed, breed. Look at the starving populations in Africa and other places. The only consistent thing they do is copulate to bring more cardboard boxes onto this level so that they can starve with them. If those people, who are robots, cannon fodder, and demons in the main, had any sense, the first thing they would do would be to stop reproducing and attempt to solve their food problems. But they can’t. Jehovah has programmed them that way. Thus the system breaks down inexorably.
There are many other examples I could give and you could list.
The inevitable fragmentation is due to the Process for the total and final elimination of all Evil. The Process is working to an End and is working well to reach its finality soon.
Why do I say we have reached the Final Stages?
JEHOVAH, the manifestation of the Evil Essence as we know it at this time in this area of the Universe, has been HARNESSED AND TRANSMUTED INTO INERT ENEGY.
What this means is that ALL the evil apparatuses, all the Programming, Pollution and Indoctrinations that has kept us trapped in ignorance and stupidity, in the Illusion of a useless Virtual Reality, are fragmenting and will dissipate in order to liberate us.
There is no other way that Liberation could be accomplished other than purposeful, active fragmentation of the Evil System and total dismantling of every aspect of the Evil System, brick by brick, molecule by molecule, quark by quark!
There is no other explanation for what is happening.
And with Jehovah dead, what do you think will happen to his ‘Chosen People’ when the mentally erratic robots, whom the Chosen Ones traumatized mercilessly, as they do to this very day, awaken to this? Just what do you think the demented robots who have suffered so much , over so many millennia , will do as they awaken to that fact of who has brutalized them for so long?
Can you imagine now that the prophecy made by Luria of Safaad will be fulfilled?
Woe shall come to the Chosen Children of Zion. By the way, the Demons are not the Jews. Demons are 30% of the earth’s population now. Many are Jews; many are Catholic, etc., etc. They are in all classes, all races, all religions, and all nationalities.
If you are Viable, you shouldn’t fear the traumatic changes we (the cardboard boxes) must, of necessity, undergo. In fact, you should be filled with JOY that finally our liberation has come. Our suffering and exploitation are coming to an end and we are going home to live forever more in Peace, Harmony and True Love.
Those of Evil do fear, for they now realize that they will be asked to account. They knew this day would come, but foolishly attempted to deny it would come. They have only themselves to blame if they have terror. It is not your fault or mine. They have had countless chances to turn to the Light.
Members of the Demonic Creation were constructed with no knowledge of Truth, Peace, Love and Light. They are blind to the True Light and cannot respond to True Love. The concept of Life outside this Universe is meaning less to them. As they have the (physical) power over the rest of us here (while we are in Cardboard Boxes), they think they are the fragments of the ruling evil god. And, in fact, they are!
Thus, when the New Agers say they are parts of (the evil) god, they are correct.
As I have written previously, the demons are hateful, bellicose and destructive. Their role is to cause as much pain and suffering as possible in order to force others to liberate whatever Divine Energy is within them.
As they do this, they lust for power, money and sex.
Examine the activities of the Archons in charge and tell me it is not so.
Now you see the occult reasons for the Wars for Perpetual Terror. These wars are not just to steal the wealth of the conquered nations, or the acquired ability to dictate to the vanquished how low they should bow in salutation to the Demonic-Archonic-Conquerors and Masters, as the Spaniards did to the Mesoamericans.
You now see that Evil has been perpetrated throughout history.
The Demons have been told about the day of accountability, but they simply scoffed, for in their minds, they are ‘god’ and need account to no one.
That’s why they are so arrogant and cockie when conducting their murderous affairs.
The overt expression of evil by evil ones that we see more and more every day is due to the fact that the Light has removed all restraints and the evil ones are being allowed to self-destruct.
Secondly, the energy coming into this plane has been greatly restricted, in fact almost stopped, except for the New Green Energy that I have mentioned before.
The evil ones cannot use this energy. Hence, they realize they are starving and are initiating these concentrated mechanisms to enhance suffering in order to release as much energy from the trapped beings as possible.
The wars, dishonesty everywhere, exploitation and pornography are such mechanisms.
You will also note that now, without restrictions, the media and politicians are catering for the demons. All semblance of Divinity has been well and truly removed from daily life. Contrary to what the demon Carl Sagan wrote, it IS a demon-haunted world! Sagan attempted to deny this Truth, as he denied Aliens and UFOs.
One very obvious mechanism for this catering to demons is to be seen in the TV shows and movies now made available. These are demonic and are catering to the demons who think they have won. The fact is that they are being allowed to self-destruct.
A day of enormous anguish and gnashing of teeth will occur when the demons realize that they ARE accountable, that they are not ‘god’, and that they are scheduled for transmutation. Then shall we see florid Terminal Madness. The day they make that realization will bring a great possibility that, in their anger, they will blow up the planet and all of us in it.
They had no chance of becoming viable, for Jehovah built (created) them with no chance of knowing Truth, the True Love or Light.
Thus, as I have revealed previously, not one demon has turned to the Light. Whomever I call a demon is destined for transmutation.
We will all have our psychic vision restored. And we shall see who is who. That has been promised to us. We will see demons in our family members. Some are already seeing them, having awakened sufficiently to have their true psychic vision restored.
We cannot be blackmailed by their identity.
We must realize it is their ‘god’ who built them with no chance of existing in Divine dimension.
Do not waste energy on them. They are your mortal enemies, and mine, regardless of what insincere words they utter. 
They were created to destroy you, if you are a Viable. Where is there need for pity?
Remember, emotions are not noble. They are evil mechanisms to drain us of our Divine energy. That applies to positive emotions, such as Joy for physical things, and Emotional Love and Happiness, which are transient illusions to drain us, if you think about it.
The need for compassion and pity are also evil mechanisms for the same reasons. 
Realize that Evil is in every class of consciousness. Hence, as the Human Level (Class 4) fragments and self-destructs, so will Class one, the Mineral level, Class 2, the Vegetable level, Class 3, the Animal Level, Class 5, the Devic class, Class 6, the Galactic class, and Class 7, the Universal.
This explains
·         the increase in Natural Evil and the subsequent increase of natural disasters all around the Universe, not just Earth,
·         The loss of Flora and appearance of demonic GMO foodstuffs, even though they have been created by demons,
·         The disappearance of species and the madness in the animal class,
·         Human fragmentation and Terminal Madness,
·         Class 5 demons descending onto the plane and increasing evil activities,
·         Galactic madness with collisions, erratic activities in previously orderly galaxies, and engulfment of massive structures by rogue Black Holes,
·         Class 7: Universal decay. The Universe is dying. From a superior perspective it is dead!
Hence, you see, we are caught in, and are experiencing, the death throes of the Universe.
Death of the Universe and of themselves is seeping through onto the outer minds of non-Viables from the subconsciousness and that is why so many are becoming extremely depressed and suicidal with gross manifestations of Terminal Madness of the Endtime. It will get far worse.
Viables are being liberated from the trap.
It is as if the prison walls have come down, the guards are all but dead and we can race home, safe and free.
Those of the trap will perish with the trap. They have no future. They never did. They were illusions living in an illusion. And Illusions always come to an end.
For them, the Illusion was their reality. They had nothing else. They could not comprehend Truth, or Justice, Love or Light.
To Viables, the Illusion of the Virtual Reality was a filthy, murderous trick in which they were trapped, and knowing ones could not wait for their day of Liberation.
That day is here!  To be continued …………
 November 13,2012
My thanks to Tania Hamilton for bringing this to my attention.
Control + click to follow the link:
It as sent to me along with these words: Jill Bolte Taylor was a 37-year-old Harvard-trained and published brain scientist when a blood vessel exploded in her brain.  Through the eyes of a curious neuroanatomist, she watched her mind completely deteriorate whereby she could not walk, talk, read, write, or recall any of her life. Because of her understanding of how the brain works, her respect for the cells composing her human form, and an amazing mother, Jill completely recovered her mind, brain and body.  In My Stroke of Insight: A Brain Scientist's Personal Journey, Jill shares with us her recommendations for recovery and the insight she gained into the unique functions of the right and left halves of her brain.  Having lost the categorizing, organizing, describing, judging and critically analyzing skills of her left brain, along with its language centers and thus ego center, Jill’s consciousness shifted away from normal reality.  In the absence of her left brain’s neural circuitry, her consciousness shifted into present moment thinking whereby she experienced herself “at one with the universe.” 
This is a case of a poorly disguised and obvious reptilian demon using emotional pseudo-intellectual and pseudo-scientific Cultivated Ignorance to present an aspect of the Grand Illusion of the Virtual Reality created by Darkness.
Listen to what she says.
She is describing the Illusion in neural terms.
She says we are ‘One’;
That we are the Power;
That we create our own reality;
That we choose;
That we can make the Peace;
That virtually we are ‘god’!
Look at History.
What she asserts has never been so. Humans do NOT have Power; they do not create their own reality; they do not choose the ills that befall them; they can never bring peace into their lives on thislevel. All we have known throughout History consists of unrelenting, painful exploitations, suffering, misery and unending strife and wars !
Notice how she negates Evil
She is an alien walking-in pushing the New Age Agenda and Philosophy which are very evil.
Such an act attempts to fool people into thinking the way she is trying to describe.
Notice how she dismisses her brother's mental woes as some abnormal physiology of his brain, instead of recognizing demonic possession and/or damage chakras, causing those conditions?
Beware of anything this popular. It is bound to be of the Dark side.

Finally, notice how she makes sure you do NOT get a good look at her eyes and pupils ! 
DVD of Lecture
Given at
Brisbane on November 10, 2012
 Dr J Chiappalone
Now available.
Cost $20 Oz;
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November  28,2012
(The Evil Farce, the Tragedy, has Ended)
Part One
Of the fact that we live in a unique period of history is becoming obvious, even to the Lowest Common Denominator in Humanity. That is, even those who refuse to remove themselves even a little from their illusionary comfort zone are sensing that there is something seriously wrong in our lives, that things should not be the way they are, and that the future is ominous.
    To some of us with more acuity of the status quo, it seems that, without wanting to, we are perceiving a phase in three D: Depression, Dementia, and Despair.
 Add to that, talk of Degeneration, Decay, Desolation and infinite Destruction with Death of all physical things and you have a scenario of the World’s end!
 In the past, I have mentioned the advent of Terminal Madness, the physical Fragmentation of Earth, and the Evacuation of Viable beings from all classes of Consciousness. This is all in preparation for termination of Physical Existence that arose from a spiritual Error that, in turn, had led to an Evil Essence expressing itself against the Divine Order.
 The Evil Essence’s expression is this Evil creation, a doomed Virtual Reality in which some of us, not of Evil origin, are trapped. Others in this Illusion are the Sons and Daughters of that Error and they inimical to those originating outside of the Error and who are of True Love.
 In the Illusion of this Virtual Reality we are victims of what I have called Cultivated Ignorance, a purposeful presentation of Untruth to keep us as ‘Mushrooms”, kept in the Dark and fed BS. And this Cultivated Ignorance is in the forms of spurious History, Science and Religion. It exists so that we will not awaken to the True Reality which, in spite of Evil’s persistent efforts to block it, is about to crash onto the heads of all of us in the physical realm, whether we want it or not.
 In the past, I have also written a little about my role, my contact with “Aliens” outside of this dimension, my possible ontological identity and why it is “I” am so certain of what “I” say.
 All my writings in some sense are spiritual and metaphysical, although if any of you were following them from their first publications in 1985, you may be in a position to vouch for their prosaic accuracy which is becoming even more pronounced and assertive as each day passes.
 The question I want to pose today is this: Can we, using simple, lower mind logic and its flawed rationality, using a basis of observable facts, come to any sort of conclusion as to what is possibly going on in our lives, in the planet, to our Sun and to the entire Universe?
 Let us examine each step:
 1                     PROPHETIC CONVERGENCE:  
There appears to be a convergence of prophetic events to occur around this time. The one that is most precise time-wise is the Mayan prediction of the end of their Long Calender and the massive changes that are to occur, physically, mentally and spiritually.
Also consider the following:
·         The Hopi prophecies of world change;
·         The Chinese ‘I Ching’ (Book of Changes) and its predictions.
·         It is interesting to note that theorist Terrence McKenna, using fractal mathematics in the 1970s, to understand the I Ching, independently came to the conclusion that 2012 would herald the end of the World.
·         The prognostications of St Malachi and his predicted end of the Papacy with the appearance of the ‘Dreaded Judge’,
·         The Revelations of St John the Divine as found in the Judeo-Christian Bible,
·         The Hindu Kali Yuga,
·         And many others more obscure sources, such as Mother Shipton, Edgar Cayce, Nostradamus, and so on.
 All these point to massive changes in the planet, for the planet and for the people, flora and fauna.
2                     PREPARATIONS VIA PHENOMENA:
People are being prepared for massive change in such circumstances as in
·         Near Death Experiences,
·         Out-of-Body Experiences,
·         Visions and dreams,
·         Episodes of Astral Travel,
·         Episodes of intuitive inner comprehension, etc.
These people have seen and are seeing destruction, the massive physical changes to come, and the End of an Era.
 In my book “My experiences of Aliens and other realities”, I recount an episode in which my lower mind was shown physical world changes that were to come in virtually an instant in the near future. I have no doubt it referred to the fall of Earth on its axis.
From such things, we can assume that ‘Someone’, ‘Something’, ‘Somewhere’, beyond the confines of our dimensional Time and Space, is attempting to prepare all of us for inevitable change.
3                     ALIENS AND THEIR AGENDAS
As I had predicted, the sighting of UFOs, and of human interaction with aliens, have escalated to massive proportions since I announced my message of the Endtime in 1985. These interactions have been very much on purpose.
Do UFOs and Aliens really exist?
 There is massive evidence on the Internet and in the released documents of governments all over the world to conclusively prove they exist.  
This evidence is so massive, that any who deny their existence can be validly classed as IGNORANT FOOLS!
That classification is suitable for my peers also, such as the many doctors, psychologists, psychiatrists, and members of Medical Boards I have had to fight in the last 30 years. They are indeed Dishonoured Masters of the Cultivated Ignorance.
So many people have had documented encounters, with both Good and Evil Aliens, that the existence of Alien Life is now undeniable. Remember Drakes Equation.
History is replete with evidence. Consider these:
·         Caves drawing of UFOs and Aliens dating back millennia,
·         Stories from tribes such as the Dogon of Mali in Africa, and their repeated encounters with Alien visitors who gave them extraordinary scientific knowledge millennia ago. One such snippet was that they came from the region of Sirius which they said was a binary star system. This assertion of a binary system was only confirmed by astronomers in the 1970s. And yet, these primitive natives had known it for centuries. How could that be without the knowledge given to them by the aliens?
·         Sumerian texts and their extensive recounts of alien exchanges,
·         The Bible texts of giants, spacecraft, etc.
·         Medieval Artwork depicting spacecraft,
·         Ubiquitous Crop Circles,
·         Countless stories of the traumatic abduction of people,
·         Persistent animal mutilations,
·         Recounts of sightings and interactions by millions in the modern era, and
·         Existence of hybrids such as Chupacabras, etc., etc.
 There are basically 2 types of aliens, Good and Evil, telling people different things. Realize once again that I am basing this information on the recounts of those who have had ‘contact’ today on the planet and not basing the facts on my ‘a priori’ knowledge.
 Evil aliens are the ones who had been telling people not to be concerned, that they would heal the planet and turn it into a Garden of Eden once again. Of course as pollution became more and more obvious, and no amelioration occurred anywhere on the planet, some of these evil Aliens changed their tune. They began telling people that Earth would be allowed to ascend to a Higher Dimension where all would be ‘god-like’.  
As we shall see, that is hog-wash.
In the meantime, these evil Aliens, present in the Human population as Archonic figures, have been quietly and surreptitiously working to develop mechanisms for culling the population in due course. That is where the Eugenics Program fits in.
There are many types, and many species, manifesting in all sorts of disguises. Do not fall victim to useless detail. Go by the energy of the beings. It is either Good or Evil.
I do not have time to explain all these things in this short essay, and you are welcome to do your own research or go to my website for more details. 
Why do they want to cull Humanity? Obviously they think they, the Archons, and their selected workers would be better off with less useless feeders on the planet. They see most people as not only useless and unproductive but also as space-occupying lesions preventing the implementation of their own agendas.
They view anything they cannot exploit the same way.
 BTW, Culling is nothing new for the demons:
Warning: This video is very distressing, especially if you love horses.
 (Just to diverge a moment, how do we deal with such cruel, unjustifiable and emotionally draining examples of this demonic world?
 Such scenes tear the very fibres of our hearts, and the call for pity and compassion is relentless leading to depressive sorrow if we let it happen. If we allow ourselves to be drained, the Evil System wins again. All emotions, positive or negative, lead to energy loss. So how do we cope with such events? The answer is that we cope the same way we cope with tragedies that kill humans, babies, pets, and other aspects in this Illusion of Evil’s Virtual Reality that has trapped many of the Divine’s creation.
 We see this, not as a sadistic exercise to pander to the greed of those of Darkness, which it is, but as a purposeful, often repeated CRIME against the true God by the Sons and Daughters of Zion, and by unawakened fools. Such gross delinquency and often repeated crime by Evil can, in essence, be seen as an unintended process by which the consciousnesses, trapped in those unwanted carcasses, are liberated to their spiritual fate.
Thus, we can turn these horrible experiences around and say that deserving ones, Viables, have been liberated from the physical, as we shall all be in due course, and others, non-Viable, have been liberated from the absurd cycle of Physical Death and Re-incarnation to fulfil the fate that awaits them.
You should think this way even when you see war deaths, deaths from mass starvation, road kill, accidents, deaths from the many tragedies that are about to hit Earth and cause billions to physically perish. Remember, nothing of value is lost when the shell is dropped.) 
Thus, the culling will continue. The Archons, being as greedy for wealth and resources as one can imagine, cannot wait to get to the natural resources of places like Africa. In order to gain that wealth, eradication of the whole population on that continent is on the agenda.  
There are many mechanisms being developed and used to cause the culling.
i               Fluoride in water is one of the earlier mechanisms.ii             

ii             Sterilization as a consequence of oestrogenic pollution and of other pollutants of soil and water is another. A fact given little exposure is the sterilization of males in all species. Some claim men are being sterilized at 2% a decade. This clip claims a 33% drop in 20 years!
 iii             Vaccines, vaccines, vaccines:
Bill Gates and the Agenda:
 iii             Chemtrails, ubiquitous and deadly, are slowly making people sicker. They cause Morgellons disease, respiratory problems and DEMENTIA with a combination of neurochemical pollutants and their interference with Vitamin B12 metabolism in normal people.  
iv             Genetically modified foodstuffs have deleterious consequences on the Immune System of consumers. Thus, one can expect more cancer, lymphoma, leukaemia, etc., to appear. Such GMO foods can contain any number of agents to cause harm, including genetic specific poisons and sterilizing vaccines to target certain human groups.  
v              HAARP technology for selective destruction of races and species via climate change, earthquakes, tsunamis, etc. as we saw in Fukushima.
vi             Microwave technology that not only dumbs brains but also causes cancers and will soon be used to cause fatal cardiac arrhythmias in selected targets. 
The evil Aliens want this planet for themselves. They are denying the possibility of Termination of all the Physical Universe and hurriedly attempting to create a species that will survive the harsh conditions that are developing on the planet.
 There is evidence of alien DNA strands being implanted in humans even today, and this has been reported in the mainstream Media of late.
 Good Aliens: These too have made their existence obvious to many around the planet. They are the ones preparing Viables in all classes of consciousnesses to leave the Physical Dimension and continue their spiritual evolutionary cycle elsewhere.
 They are the true Sons and Daughters of God. Please note that there is no gender outside of the physical dimension and its sub-dimension.
 It is they whom I represent on this level.
 They  are Consciousnesses that existed before the Celestial Error, and will continue to exist after the Error is corrected.
 They are the true God Consciousness.
 Their role has been to awaken and prepare those who are to continue.
 They have told contactees the Truth:
 ·         Earth is finished.
·         Those judged to be Viable are being lifted out physically and/or spiritually to continue elsewhere.
·         The others, having failed to show they can live in Truth. Peace and Love, shall be no more.
 These recounts are concrete evidence that I, and many others, have found as evidence, via the similar stories of people throughout the planet.
 What is the evidence of planetary disruption as predicted by many?
 Apart from the assertion that Aliens of a superior consciousness visited the Mayans and other races, there are records of ancient races having more knowledge than we have in this present age. Some of this knowledge has to do with the movements of heavenly bodies and periodic alignment of structures.
 From their records, and from our own scientific observations we know that:
 i               There is a periodic shift in the magnetic polarity of the planet.
 ii              We know that the planet wobbles and often, due to gravitational pulling at precise times, it physically and catastrophically falls on its Axis. The extra gravity that causes the collapse can and does come from rogue heavenly bodies that invade our Solar System periodically with a precise periodicity.
 iii             Galactic Alignment that leads to such a fall is also known to occur every 25,800 years, give or take a few years. We are due for that fall of the axis NOW.
 iv             Even ignoring the shift and drift of tectonic plates that would occur in such a catastrophe, that, as I say, has occurred many times before, the simple potential energy of surface water being transformed into kinetic and flooding energy for the surface causes devastation. We have evidence that this has occurred in the past and it will occur in the future. As well as that, we have the story of a Great Flood in all cultures of long, long ago. A distorted version is given in the Bible as Noah and his supposed salvation of Humanity and all Species by the Demiurge, Jehovah, the creator of this Abomination, also known as the evil demigod of Zion.
Thus, even if you do not believe for now that the Earth is in its final death throes, History tells us that it is in for some rocking and rolling that will kill many people physically. That is unavoidable.
The suddenness and massiveness of the change will be extremely traumatic, highlighting the need to be prepared mentally and spiritually. The physical counts for nought; it is all but finished.
 v              All planets are targets for comets and meteors, rogue planets and miniature scavenging black holes. We have evidence of previous collisions on Earth, on the Moon, Mars and most other heavenly bodies. It would be foolish to think a massive celestial body that is mathematically overdue as a certainty will not strike Earth soon, as many have predicted.
 Some argue that they can foresee a future far superior to the life we lead in regards to the technology that will exist on Earth. They use this notion to extrapolate that Earth will not end.
 In actual fact, if any try to project more than 20 years into Earth’s future FROM NOW, they will see nought.
So, what are the visions they see of high technology? They can be of life in previous eras on Earth in which they existed and are now recalling from genetic memory.
 Civilizations have undergone periodic destruction on Earth. This is the Seventh Age of a developing Humanity, and the least advanced, to be sure. The Age before this one, existing not so long ago, has left signs, in fact, of its existence in the form of electric batteries in Mesopotamia, writings of flying machines (called Vimanas), missiles, nuclear weapons and wars as found in the Sanskrit Writings including the Yajurveda, the Ramayana, the Mahabharata, the Bhagavata Purana, as well as in other classical Indian literature.
 Such future visions can also be from memory of past lives in other far more advanced parts of the Universe, and not of Earth. Many people have had many lives on other planets in this Universe. Some are far, far more advanced than Earth. Many of the “Star Children” now born are such beings, re-incarnating on Earth as their planets have finished, all as part of the Endtime. They have memories of advanced technology. They have escaped but will succumb as all others will in due course.
 We have all noted that Time seems to have accelerated. Is that not so?
 It is an observation by the consciousness within us. Our clocks tick away at the same rate, and yet we sense that Time has accelerated.
 The reason is metaphysical and I will explain shortly.
 But I am using this sense of Time changing its nature to point to a possibility of INEVITABLE CHANGE for the whole dimension.
 Time and Space are Illusions, as is Matter. It is the consciousness behind these properties that is the important reality. That assertion is not just metaphysical. Many Quantum Physicists have come to that conclusion as did Max Planck some years ago in the nascent days of Quantum Physics.
 Here is a quote from him ‘I regard consciousness as fundamental. I regard matter as derivative from consciousness. We cannot get behind consciousness. Everything that we talk about, everything that we regard as existing, postulates consciousness.’ - Max Planck Quoted in The Observer (25 Jan 1931).
 I know that Time is accelerating, and that means the vibration of Matter is DECREASING!
 What this means is that the vibration of Matter will eventually come to a complete STOP! When it does so, it will decay and will not sustain physical life. It cannot, for it will be completely inert. The consciousness occupying that matter will be forced to evacuate as the matter can no longer express with the little energy at its disposal.
 This goes for human bodies, for the Earth, Our Sun, etc., etc.
 This notion I am putting forward is supported by our own Laws of Physics.
 The Second law of Thermodynamics has to do with Entropy in an enclosed system.
 As I have explained in previous essays, the Physical Dimension, having precipitated as Matter (due to a fall of vibration in the consciousness sustaining it) as per the Big Bang Theory (which is only an approximating analogy), has limited energy.
 Thus, whether we want to accept it or not, the Universe will eventually die (become lifeless) due to the Law of Entropy and the exhaustion of energy.
 Remember we are attempting to find physical lower mind evidence for the Death of the Planet and the entire Universe.
 With Time accelerating and with energy at a premium, one can make a case that the Physical end is being advanced faster than ever before.
 This assertion fits in with prophetic prognostications for this era.
 I need to add that it is not just physical energy such as oil, coal, uranium or sunlight that I am writing about, but spiritual energy that drives the consciousness within.
 Many have noted a depletion of such energy around the planet.
 This is due to a number of factors, and I will diverge for a moment to explain:
 a.             The ones who were involuntarily supplying much of the energy (trapped Theomorphs) have been evacuated as I stated in my essay “Phase of the Shells”.
 b              Energy has been purposely cut off from this Illicit Physical Universe to allow its demise.
 In order to sustain those who need sustaining before rescue out of this evil system, a new energy called the New Green Energy (NGE) has been supplied and distributed around the planet.
 (BTW, I am extremely happy to report that some of the people at my recent Brisbane lecture saw the NGE in ACTION. Its presence was unmistakable to those attuned to it. Others who were inimical to this Divine Energy were virtually made inert by it.
 This NGE exposes evil ones and their reactions to it are unmistakable. Simultaneously, those deemed Viable, even without their knowing of their spiritual status, are nurtured by It and glow with the Light of their Inner Divinity. Such effects are automatic. They cannot be feigned. They are unmistakable when they occur, and you will all witness them in due course.)
 Can we make a case to sustain my assertions that Time is accelerating, that the vibration of Matter is decreasing and that we are heading for an entropic physical death?
 Note carefully the changes that have occurred in all societies in the last 30-50 years. Life has become far more ungodly, has it not? In fact it is downright DEMONIC, with more violence, dishonesty, abuse, criminality, illicit drug use, demonic possessions, mental illness as a consequence of that, greed, lust, pornography, etc.
 These things have always been part of ‘Humanity’, but now they are in an excess we, not of an Evil essence, could not have ever imagined. Homeostatic mechanisms have vanished. The Power of Shiva and Krishna, and other Avatars, has no longer descended to minimize the effects of Evil. Rather, it has come to affirm the destruction of all Evil and all its aspects. Thus do I assert it is the Endtime.
Look at the TV shows and movies being produced. They are catering to DEMONS.
If you still watch commercial television, and movies, you should develop your psychic skills by attempting to discern which shell (cardboard box, physical body) contains a robot and which contains a demon. Sometimes one shell will contain many demons and you will see them expressing sequentially. Famous movie stars, of the present and of past ages, are included in this exercise, of course.
 Demonic behaviour is being exposed everywhere. Demons have been given free rein to self-destruct, and they are rushing headlong to their Doom for they can no longer disguise their true evil nature:
 All this is clear evidence that we are descending into demonic levels! The very fact that we are now able to see demonic consciousnesses in the human shells is the fulfilment of an Endtime prophecy. This again asserts that we are in the Endtimes! That prophecy can be stated as this: ‘Knowing who is who’; or that ‘in the Endtime, all will be exposed in their ontological nakedness’.
 As we progress, Matter will solidify more and more until it becomes inert.
 Other perhaps less measurable evidence of Demonism is in the ability of people who are awakening spiritually to see Demons and evil Reptiles (which means the same thing) in human bodies.
 This ability will manifest in you when you are ready. It cannot be forced.
 Psychic abilities are developing at a much accelerated rate, as I predicted, so that we will all recognize who is who before the physical end of the planet.
 Prepare yourself emotionally for many whom you may have considered ‘loved ones’ will turn out to be your worst enemies.
 A working knowledge of the Clock Paradox as found in the Special Relativity Theory will assist you to understand this segment.
 As consciousness vibrates faster and faster, Time travels slower and slower. In fact it is the very opposite of what is happening in this Dimension where time is accelerating and the vibration of Consciousness is reducing.
 As one goes into Higher and Higher Dimensions, relative Time is far less.
 Thus, as I have stated previously, the Dimension I visit as part of my work (I shall explain more in due course) has a vibrational rate so much higher than Earth that approximately 1.4 million days pass on Earth before one day passes in that Higher Dimension.
 Extrapolating that notion, one may approach the concept which the lower physical mind cannot really comprehend. Namely, that there is a place vibrating fast enough so that that there is NO TIME! Each locus is occupied by the consciousness so there is no separateness, no distance, no travel, no TIME!
 Thus, when people ask me “Why has it taken 14-16 billion years to correct this Error?” it shows they have no concept of the True Reality.
 In fact, as far as the Highest Realms go, the Error has been corrected in no time at all!
 At the level at which the Error occurred, the equivalent of a mere few days have passed!!
 Note that time is a perception of consciousness. Thus, as Time rushes to decay, it means the Consciousness upholding that Time is in decay. And that, among other things is what is meant, by ‘Jehovah, the Chief Archon of the Error, is dead! Its consciousness has decayed to the point of inertness with massive deleterious consequences for his evil progeny who must and will stop expressing soon.
 Is there any other evidence suggesting an Endtime?
 Yes, there is. ISOTOPIC DECAY is becoming erratic which means the rate of vibration of the consciousness sustaining those isotopes is falling.
 Secondly, the Sun’s emanations have changed. This we can see from the effects its rays are having on people. Skin cancers and melanomas are maximal while beneficial effects such as the ability to convert precursors to Vitamin D have been greatly reduced. The Sun is dying as all physical manifestations are and it is physically killing us as an inescapable consequence.
 You may think that these changes are minor and a long way off from termination of the physical. But in thinking that, you are wrong. Like the fall of the Earth on its axis, the end of physical matter can come quickly once a critical point, as in nuclear explosions, is reached.
Mechanisms of Physical destruction are in place and are unstoppable.
 All consciousness must leave the physical at some stage.
 It is the Evil System that has continuously traumatized us with the fear of physical death. The body itself has no fear of death. It knows when it is going to die for every cell has telomeres which tell it when to die.
 And yet, all who experience the process of dying, that is, escaping from the physical shell, state in unison that it is the most remarkable and rewarding experience one can have. Read for yourselves recounts of Near Death Experiences.
 It is the Evil that has us trapped which has distorted the meaning of physical death in order to keep us traumatized, drained and trapped. And the Cultivated Ignorance has us honouring and treasuring the rotten carcasses of the deceased as if they were of great worth which they are not, of course.
 As one awakens more and more to the True Reality and to the falsehood and fraudulence of this plane, one becomes increasingly nauseated by the lies and BS spewed by the Archons and their Media, by their Religious institutions, by false politicians and by what is written in History books by Archons. This is easy to explain. As one awakens more and more, the tendency is to purify spiritually more and more by doing things that reduce evil programming, pollution, and indoctrination in the shell, and in the situations that deleteriously affect the consciousness within.
 Thus, with greater purification and clarity of mind, the negative energy is felt to a greater and greater degree and it has far more deleterious effects on a purifying consciousness than on one that is still engulfed by the evil muck.
 Conversely, the more one purifies and awakens, the more is one nurtured by factors of the Numinous, including the energy I have revealed before: The New Green Energy.
 Finally, realize that as you awaken more and more as the Endtime approaches, and you see things more clearly, the unawakened and non-Viable robots and demons will remain as the stupid, spiritually blind and evil beings that they are now and have always been. You will be unable to mingle with them for long before feeling very uncomfortable and even ill. The energies are incompatible.
 They will not tolerate you, nor you them. Like will seek like. Many partnerships will dissipate because of this. It may be difficult to find a Viable being to be with where you are situated. You must persevere, even if alone. Learn to enjoy solitude and cherish the comfort of your own Light within. This stresses the need for a firm spiritual connection to your Higher Self. Work hard at developing this.
 BTW, Demons are fearful of darkness, loneliness, silence and solitude. They are forever seeking like-minded companions and noise. They fear the Inner Silence the most for within it is the howling reminder of what they are in essence.
To all the above, you need to add my presence and the significance3 of writings. Can one such as “I” really know, with ‘a priori’ knowledge, the Plan of Correction?
Finis Vitae (Fisica), sed non Amoris
 To be continued…..
Nobember 28:
 (The Evil Farce, the Tragedy, has Ended)
 Part Two
Finis Vitae (Fisica), sed non Amoris
 Please read Part One before proceeding
 There is a most ridiculous belief sponsored by the New Age fools who are desperate to deny what I assert, namely that there is to be a sorting of Viables from non-Viables with the latter scheduled for physical and spiritual termination.
 That belief is that Earth will ascend by raising its vibration, as will ‘Humans’ by an act of Will, and become a godly state with all of us becoming gods in a Higher Dimension.
 This belief is held by ones who are blind to the Truth, to True Love and to the True Light. If they were not so blind, they would see the Truth of what is going on.
 Evidence, as I presented in Part One, clears points to the very opposite of what they believe and assert.
 The vibrational rate of Consciousness is DECREASING. That is why Time is accelerating.
 That being the case, there cannot possibly be an elevation of consciousness and ascension of Earth. The “Locus”, the consciousness of Earth is gone! We are existing on a dead rock, doomed for demolition, as are all other physical structures in the Universe.
 Why do you think that:
·         The Earth’s homeostatic mechanisms are no longer sufficient to cure its ills?
·         The fauna and flora are disappearing at an unprecedented rate?
·         So many have been given the Message of Finality for the Physical?
·         “I” descended to prepare the Viables and take them Home?
 From the evidence, we know more and more are expressing a demonic consciousness which means the vibrational rate again is dropping. Are they god-like? That is a contradiction in terms, and moronic. How can demons, by the definition we use, become god?
 The degree of physical pollution, apart from this spiritual pollution, is such that the Earth has no future. How then, could it ascend to be a god-like structure? Can you see the ridiculousness of this assertion?
 All Matter is evil, as I have written in my books. Nothing of Evil can become Divine.
 These New Agers are kidding themselves as they descend into the Transmutation vats. Unfortunately they are fooling many others.
 Let me give you simple analogies. Can a rotting apple in your rubbish bin suddenly, miraculously, turn into the Taj Mahal? Of course not!
 Can a stripped car shell in a wrecker’s lot suddenly turn into a ten miles long intergalactic vehicle driven by ion engines and Dark Matter conversions? Of course not!
 This idiocy is sponsored by the same evil Archons who promised to heal the planet as long as we did nothing. In fact, they wanted to lull the sheople into idiocy as they subjected those sheople to the mechanisms of culling which I enumerated earlier.
 Besides, logically, Earth Ascension is absurd because of what and where the Earth is. Would it drag its Moon with it to that godly Higher Dimension? What about the Sun, and the other planets in our Solar System? This system is part of the Milky Way. Would all the Milky Way ascend? If that were the case, why not the entire Universe?
 Thus you see, these idiots are trying hard to believe that chalk will turn into cheese, and that Evil Matter will turn into Material Divine.
 The very opposite is true. Matter is to be totally eradicated, transmuted back into inert energy. And, from what I have presented, that is exactly what is occurring if the evidence is examined in an unbiased way.
 If this is the End, we should be able to see fatal fragmentation in the 3 main pillars supporting the Virtual Reality, namely History, Religion and Science, and also in their handmaiden, the Media, which up to now has been allowed numerous gross mechanisms for programming the lemmings (robots, unaware human, mushrooms, sheople) to do the bidding of the Evil Masters of this Universe.
 We have had a pronounced awakening of sorts in the lowest ranks of ‘Humanity’, and now the talk is of Illuminati, Archons, Reptiles, Aliens, etc., controlling people and nations. The Zionist control of banking communications, the Media, security, etc., has been exposed admirably so that those who want to see what is going on can do so with ease.
I stated the chief Honcho, Jehovah, is dead. Frederick Nietzsche was aware of this situation and said so, even if his words were not as clearly defined as I state them here.
‘Jehovah’ was the controlling influence on the Illusion. Now that it is neutralized, it cannot supervise the Illusion or its minions. Nor can it provide them with instruction and energy. Therefore, one would expect that all the mechanisms of the Illusion would fracture fatally. And that is exactly what is happening.  
The exposure of the evil doings by the media moguls, especially Rupert Murdock and his Empire, has weakened the programming capabilities and the deleterious influences that the all-controlling Media has had on the awakening mushrooms to date. Everywhere the lowest common denominators seem to be awakening and rebelling against the mental constraints forced upon them by the Ruling Elite via the many special branches of the Media with their unending lies, obfuscation and propaganda.
The Media has lost its power to fool the masses with its mendaciousness. Thus, in the recent murderous response by Israel to the pitiful cries for help by the suffocating Palestinians, people everywhere are now siding with the Palestinians inspite of the Media, ALL OVER THE WORLD, pushing to make Israel the victim.
 Let us not forget that the Zionists stole that land, citing a directive by the chief Demon, Jehovah, then drove virtually the whole population into exile, killed millions who resisted, prevented legal return, destroyed the indigenes’ abodes and farms with virtually no excuses,  cut them off from the world, reduced their abilities to gain food, clean water, medicines, etc., etc. Viables in the Jewish race are disgusted with their nation’s evil, open brutality as are many Zionist religious figures who do not condone property theft, violence and murder.  
 Who would not complain under those circumstances? Israel has done all this with the blessing of the USA as we all know. All bullets, missiles, illegal phosphorous bombs and other weapons fired by Israel against the trapped population in Palestine, which it purposely targets against the Principles of all war conventions, are paid by the American Taxpayer.
 They are shooting fish in a barrel. It is planned Genocide that began the moment Lord Balfour put pen to paper in 1917, and justified by the mythological death of 6 million Jews in WW2, something that never happened! But people are waking up to this skulduggery, and Luria’s prophecy that the whole world will rise against such Tyranny and destroy Israel and most of the Jews will be fulfilled. It has been the Media that has sustained the lies and the Myth of the Holocaust and the justification of invading Palestine for this long. But, the lies will work no more!
 Once again I need to remind you that not all Jews are Zionists and that not all Zionists are in the Hebrew race. When that nation is destroyed, as many other nations will be, we must recall the Higher Mind Mechanism with which we will cope: We will remember that the Viables are being liberated to go Home and the Demons and other non-Viables are being sent to the Transmutation Vats.
 Now people all over the world are seeing the EVIL involved, inspite of the Media attempting, as usual, to portray Israel as the poor, weak, defenceless  democracy in the midst of an unending sea of savages that must be eradicated!
 That born of Lies, sustained by the pilfered energy and blood of innocent ones who are senselessly slaughtered, cannot survive exposure to the True Light.
This axiom goes for all aspects of Evil, be it Israel, the USA, this whole world, the whole Universe, in fact, and the Illusion within the Virtual Reality created by the Liar and Murderer, Jehovah. (John 8:44),
 The Media has failed because of the inevitable fragmentation which is part of the dying process for this Whole Universe, this evil Virtual Reality.
 History too is being seen as the fraud it is in the main. Let us take a few examples: The Internet abounds with the real reasons for wars, such as WW1, WW2, The Spanish-American war of 1898, Vietnam, the attack on Iraq, the attack on Afghanistan, the real reason for 9/11, etc., etc.   
 Remember, History is always rewritten by the victors and up until now, the victors have always been Evil!
 Start here and follow the trail:
 Those who are awakening can see the hypocrisy of the leaders (who are always the Archons, Demons) who pursue their passion for murder and theft.
The Jeff Rense site is replete with wonderful articles and videos about the fraudulence of History. Read on and awaken fully!
 Anyone that denies the existence of Evil should per force read my book ‘Death of an evil God’. In it I cite in detail the despicable evil committed by the pseudo-Christian churches in the name of their ‘god’ which is really the Ghoul.
 Religions are evil mechanisms for control of the masses and for obstruction to the Truth. All religions are run by Evil Archons, and all have their headquarters in Hell. No exceptions! They are not paths to God. They are obstructions to the Path to Enlightenment.
 Religions have been losing members for a long time now. They only ones making progress by measuring the numbers that attend are those who have unashamedly turned themselves into social clubs, with music and singing and dancing, and allowing social interaction for those looking for sex and partners. I have written about this topic previously.
 But now I want to draw your attention to a fatal blow to the Catholic Church, the most evil of all the Churches, that comes in the form of a Royal Commission in Australia to investigate the long-standing and hidden practice of molestation, abuse and rape of young children under the charge of priests, ‘Christian Brothers’ and nuns.
This is world-wide phenomenon of which I am sure you are aware.
 It is a mechanism by which demons, dressed as the clergy, gain energy through the sexual exploitation of minors.
 The Church fought hard to conceal these crimes and to prevent this open inquiry. Why would it do that if it stood for Love, Truth and Honesty? The fact of the matter is that it does NOT stand for that. It stands for Hypocrisy, pilfery, rape and theft as History so abundantly exposes.
 Although it may appear as just another inquiry into the lecherous abuse of children by sex starved clergy, the significance is far greater than that. In fact, in spiritual terms, this exposure of the Church’s evil is a fatal blow to it. Thus, this pillar of the Illusion, the Virtual Reality, this mechanism of containment of the sheople, has been weakened enough to allow eventual collapse of all religions and the whole Illusion.
The Laws of Science are nothing more than suppositions. The top scientific mind of our era, Stephen Hawking, has stated this many times. In fact, we know they are only a working approximation of what we think we see on this level because of the lack of real answers and the innumerable incidents of phenomena that do not follow the Laws we live by.
Thus, there is no explanation under the Laws of Science for the erratic behaviour of sub-atomic particles that vanish into other dimensions and return before our very eyes.
 There is no explanation for the phenomena dealing with the behaviour of UFOs as witnessed frequently by observers. Our Laws do not apply to how they appear and disappear, how they fly, change course, ignore gravity, ionize space, etc.
With the Laws we have formulated in our present Science, we cannot explain such things as
·         Solids passing through solids as has been observed in cases of Alien abductions,
·         The existence of superimposed dimensions as seen by many on Route 66 and other locations, 
·         Artificial intelligence far superior to humans in robotic structures such as the Alien Greys many have seen,
·         Consciousness in Crystals, rocks, rivers, water, automobiles, houses, etc.
These things are beyond explanation by our restrictive science, mainly because the Science we revere is fraudulent!
 How can a fraud, any fraud, lead to Truth? It is impossible.
 But the fraudulence of Science does not rest on what it does not know and what it cannot explain. It very much rests on its evil mechanisms of Denial and Obfuscation.
 But those mechanisms have received fatal blows, too, by experimentation that has spontaneously occurred in the last 50 years or so.
 In hypocritical collaboration with ruling Archons in Government, Science denied the existence of UFOs. It has denied the existence of a spiritual component in our existence.
 Why do you think psychiatric treatment is in such a mess and so ineffective? Suicide is becoming a major cause of death and its numbers are rising very rapidly. Medical scientists have fraudulently attempted to place the cause of all mental illness on physical and/or genetic factors. 
 Rearranging the deckchairs on the Titanic:
 And yet, the very scientists who denied reality so that the Evil Illusion could be upheld knew the real situation. It is just that they did not want it exposed. In this way the sheople could be kept in the Dark, and would be easily manipulated.
 Sooner or later, the awakener comes to the realization that the Media, History, religion and Science are is all about control of the masses and relentless exploitation of their energies on which the Archons feed.
 To give you one brief example, Carl Sagan went to great lengths to deny spirituality, the existence of UFOs, demons, etc., when he very well knew about contact with aliens by the US government and when he very well knew his own ontological nature. He was a demonic Archon!
 Recent advances in Thanatology, in recounts of Near Death experiences by eminent and open-minded clinicians and scientists, experimentation with Astral Travel and Out-of-body-experiences at University levels have destroyed the ignorance Science attempted to impose upon us about Life after Death.
 There are many examples on the Internet. Here is one:
 The experiences are not all happy. This one, in fact, reinforces the Evil Illusion:
 Follow the trail. The book ‘To Hell and Back’ by Dr M. Rawlings is a good read.
Warning: As I have stated previously, you need to realize that the states described by the experiencers are still within the Virtual Reality.  
The fact that my consciousness, the “I” in me, the ‘I am’ is able to travel to inter-dimensional loci strikes a fatal blow on Scientific idiocy.
There are many more examples one can cite to show Science is a fraud. Read up on them. Space is limited in this short essay.
 And so, again we come to the question of credibility.
 What makes me so certain of what I say and write?
 Is it really possible that I have been out of this dimension and back again?
 Could the directive given to this shell, this cardboard box, this physical body, to co-operate with a Higher Consciousness and to announce the End be real?
 Could the people of the planet be really prepared for the eventualities? What assistance could be given to those to be rescued? Would any listen? The reception I got back in 1985 when I tried to discuss this material and give the Message was hatefully abusive on me. Well, what could one expect from ignorant sods?
 As time progressed, I stated the number to continue. How could I possible know the number of Viables and non-Viables?
 By what Power do I declare that there exists an immutable Plan of Correction of this Error and for the total transmutation of Evil and all its progeny?
Who am I to declare that ‘Jehovah’ is dead? How do I know that? How can I declare this is an Evil Empire? By what authority do I label some as Beings of Light and others as Demons?
Why did I know about the New Green Energy when no one else did?
 These questions are not that important. And yet they traumatize the fools.
The confirmation of these assertions is either within you or it is not. It is as simple as that.
 Those who resonate with the energy of my information simply accept what I reveal, for they have, within them, the knowledge to understand and accept what I say.
 That knowledge is called the NOUS by Gnostics. It is contained in the Blueprint indelibly inserted by the true God at the creation of the Divine Units of Consciousness, seven of which co-operate to form a Human consciousness.
The questions are not important. What is important is to know that we are following a meticulously executed Plan for the Correction of this Celestial Error and for the destruction of all the Virtual Reality it spawned. It will culminate in the Transmutation of all Evil and the Liberation of Viables from this energy-sucking, destructive Nightmare..
 As usual, on matters of such grave importance and consequences, we come to the question of credibility.
What is to be believed? Can what I write be reality or is it aberrant Science Fiction at best?
 The Queensland Medical Board, that bastion of spiritual and philosophical Idiocy, served by, and catering to, Masters of Cultivated Ignorance, as will be seen in due course, described my work in no uncertain terms as late as 2010.
 Via its chosen, so-called learned representatives, doctors and psychiatrists no less, the Board published in print, the opinion that my work is of one who is OUTRAGEOUS, IRRATIONAL AND DELUDED.
 Highly specialized medical personnel representing the Board, after a cursory and very inadequate glance at some of my work, used all their diagnostic powers of profound unawareness and ignorance to condemn what some believe to be the most insightful and explicit exposition of Truth ever given to this Planet. Indeed, fools do judge in ignorance with disastrous consequences…… for them!
 What I have disseminated is not learned knowledge. It is ‘a priori’ knowledge known by the Consciousness using this cardboard box. It has nothing to do with the cardboard box. The shell merely provides the voice to speak the words and the hands to write down the information.
 No physical mind could possibly know of the structure of Creation, of the Celestial Error, of the Total Plan of Correction of Evil, of the creation, formation and evolution of Consciousness in the Classes as I have described.
 No physical mind can or could know about the numbers to spiritually survive and the numbers to be transmuted, about the placement of Viables, where they are to be placed, and the mechanisms of altering potential survivors so that they are converted to Viables with special mechanisms.
 No lower mind could have the knowledge of the Demonic World, of the Plans of the Archons, of their creation, of their modus operandi, of their fate and ultimate destruction.
 Further, how could a lower mind know of the following?
·         The cessation of energy entering this dimension,
·         The Creation of the New Green Energy,
·         The Structure of Intermediate villages to house Viables temporarily, and
·         The identity of every individual unit of consciousness in all Classes of Consciousness in existence?
 The information I release resonates with Viables once they are able to bypass the EVIL Programming, Pollution and Indoctrination blocking their lower minds. It is familiar to them for it has been instilled into the ‘blueprint’ within them.
 For evil ones, who are obviously, by definition, non-Viables, this Pristine Knowledge is unfathomable. They can never understand it. It means their demise. They cannot understand it for they are blind to Truth, Light and True Love. But, in the End, they will know it is the Truth. At that point, there can be no measure of their despair.
BTW, I highlighted the Queensland Medical Board because it is on record, and I have it in writing, that it described me, and my work, using the words I just used. You must realize that in spiritual terms, and they ultimately are the only terms worth considering, ALL institutions in this Virtual Reality, run by Archons in ALL cases, are bastions of idiocy catering to Cultivated Ignorance in their attempts to obfuscate Truth and keep us as lemmings and mushroom, in Darkness, and fed BS, as I have explained previously.
 Any who attempted to expose the Truth, including the real Jesus (not the baloney Jesus of mythology as created by the pseudo-Christian Institutions) and all the Gnostics throughout history were mercilessly hunted down and slaughtered for their attempts to expose the Evil of this plane. But, you should know those stories well by now. Such institutions include, of course, the Scientific Communities in part, and the established, Institutionalized Religions in toto.
 Again we need to ask: Who are the Archons? They are the evil Sons and Daughters of the Evil Essence, which we, in latter times, call ‘Jehovah’. They are the progeny of the Demonic Creation arising from the Error, as distinct from the Robotic Creation. You will need to read my books for further details.
 Jesus exposed their presence in John 8:44, and for this utterance, among other things, He was crucified. He was a Gnostic and belonged to the Gnostic Essenes. This fact reveals that Gnostics were not early Christian heretics at all as the pseudo-Christian Churches mendaciously contend.
Gnostics existed long before the establishment of the vile pseudo-Christian brain-washing programs. For example, Plato was a Gnostic and he exposed somewhat the Ancient Gnostic Wisdom. Zoroaster was a Gnostic, as was Buddha. Do you really know what Buddha taught? Of course you don’t if you go by the books written about Him and his Teachings. Not a word was written down until 500 years after his death. Can you imagine the distortion that occurred? His followers had turned the Pleroma and Nirvana, into an unstructured nothingness in essence. Idiots!
 The Pleroma is the Gnostic concept of the spiritual world, representing the fullness of the (Ultimate, Supreme) Divine Being and the eons (Avatars and all lower Classes of Consciousness) emanating therefrom.
Almost as a reflex, when Truth is presented onto this level, the Archons seize it as plagiarizers, and then distort it into nonsense. My work has suffered the same fate and you will see many examples throughout the Internet of such evil corruption. The demons trap the unwary with the lies, their obfuscation, and their so-called facts of their Cultivated Ignorance. That is their role.
Also, be mindful of the fact that not all who yell ‘Gnostic’ or call themselves Gnostic know what they are talking about. Beware.  If they do not know of the Keys of the War of Essences as I have revealed them to you, and know of the Plan of Correction of the Celestial Error, know that they are frauds. Ignore them. Entertain them at your peril.
 Here is an exercise by idiots, Masters of the Cultivated Ignorance, to interpret Gnostic knowledge in the Nag Hammadi Library. What results is confusing, convoluted, useless BS:
 In the video is mentioned a John Lash, who has done more to destroy the Doctrine of Gnosticism with his ignorance than anyone else I know.
 As I stated previously, Archons are characterised by their 3 lusts; for Power, Money and Sex. As well as that, they are hypocrites. They are extremely dishonest, murderous and idiotic. You can see that this is a very flammable combination of evil assets to have.
 Do you need an example of how vicious and evil they are? Recall the bombing of Bagdad not so long ago in the opening night of their war against Iraq. The people of Iraq were on their knees begging to be spared the horror of war and, according to members of the CIA, willing to do anything to appease the American Archons.
 And yet, the blood-lusting demons could not contain their true, murderous nature. The city was bombed mercilessly, killing over 100,000 people.
 This article says that up to one million civilians perished along the way.
 What was the excuse given by the bombing archons for this unjustifiable carnage? They said they wanted to remove Saddam from power! Where was the logic in that? There was no logic. They love to kill and cause suffering, for Archons live on the energy released by their suffering victims.
 Relatively few voices were raised in protest within the USA against this massive crime against Humanity. Most were happy to share the National Hubris arising from such criminal and very evil power demonstrated by these demons from Hell who knew, without any doubt, Iraq had no weapons of mass destruction.
 Why am I revisiting this era and war?
 I want to remind you of the actions of Demons, of Terminal Madness, of the mechanism of instant Karma, and the reason why the US will be hit by the rebounding Evil it inflicted on others. Americans should not question the extremely bad ‘karma’ they have brought upon themselves by supporting these Demons. The suffering they will undergo soon shall be great, and they have no one else to blame. The economic destabilization they have recently experienced is minor in comparison to what is to come.
 We are all responsible for our actions. Indeed, we all reap what we sow. In due course, China’s superior and still very evil Archons will inflict great suffering on the people of the USA which it, in turn, had imposed on others. That is the way of Evil.
 This is another reason for the perennial War FOR Terror established by the American Archons that we see now. Spiritual Energy, as I have said often in the past, is running out for the reasons I have stated before. It has been cut off from the Universe, and the major portion of Theomorphs with the energy the Archons crave were removed in 1999. Again I refer you to my essay called the Phase of the Shells.
Archons never think out the consequences of their actions and they lie about their intentions. The Archons, evil sons and daughters of Jehovah, are, without exception, idiots. And they inspire idiocy with their Cultivated Ignorance in those they program, control and influence. As we see throughout History, they take punitive measures, of which there are many examples, against those who do not succumb to their idiocy.
 Here are a few examples of that idiocy:
           ·         As scientists in Oz they poisoned rabbits with disastrous consequences by using a biological           poison called the myxoma virus. There we go again with ‘culling’. Archons love to play the (evil) god.
 ·         Archons used fluoride to cause dementia with the excuse it is good for teeth; A Harvard study proved now that children in areas where fluoride has been placed in their water have lower IQs.
·         They used spent uranium to cause indiscriminate cancers in innocent populations far away from their targets. Do they care? Not in any way we can discern. Remember, they were created as liars and murderers, just like their father Jehovah, from the very beginning.
·         They are using Chemtrails to cause dementia and severe respiratory diseases as well as Morgellons. Their excuse is to save the planet. But militarily the particles distributed in Chemtrails allow them to reflect ELF waves and target countries they want to destroy as well as causing earthquakes and tsunamis.
Their prime aim was to affect the brains and minds of people so they would become more compliant automatons, and thus far more easily controllable, as they go about culling numbers from 7 billion plus, down to less than one billion. The Chemtrails are doing just that. People are becoming far dumber and the rate of developing DEMENTIA is accelerating at an almost incredible speed.
·         Archons caused the experimental destruction of Maldec, the planet that forms the asteroid belt. I realize that you will have to take my word for that occurrence.
·         They experimented on Mars and ignited its atmosphere. The Archons who developed the Atomic bomb last century had memory of doing just that and were anxious the atmosphere on Earth could ignite with the new bomb.
·         They Experimented with crystals and solar radiation and destroyed Atlantis.
·         Now we have their HAARP technology to cause such ‘accidents’ as Fukushima, their GMO products and vaccines, ELF and microwaves to poison and dumb down billions,
The list can be expanded ad nauseum.
Archons meticulously cultivate ignorance and eradicate those who would express Truth. Universities in the main are brainwashing institutions as are Religions ones. All aspects of Science are such, allowing no room for free thinking. If one does not regurgitate what is taught, one fails. If one does not mouth the lies and distortions of governments, one loses one’s job in the government, or in military, in politics, etc.
We have seen many, many examples of vile manipulation by Archons Why do so many in official positions fail to speak out and condemn the murderous acts by rogue nations including  Israel against the Palestinians? They are threatened not to speak up. Why are so many still afraid to speak up about the pseudo-anarchistic but murderous barbarism of the USA government-sponsored 9/11?
There will be increasing numbers of wars, tragedies, crimes, calamities and natural disasters that will severely test us, tugging at our hearts as we feel compassion and sorrow for the victims. These events will drain us terribly if we let them, especially when we see grossly unfair activity, massive deaths of infants, children, animals, etc. Even road kill, which is very, very common in Australia and many other lands, can be disturbing. I wrote in Part One the way to cope with these events
How are we to handle the calamities ahead?
 Mentally prepare.  We are being allowed to see the Face of evil so that we will come to the conclusion life as we know it cannot continue in this way. By the end of it all we will scream for a stop to the vile, evil madness!
 *         You MUST see these episodes as Evil expressing its unjust, violent and murderous ways. Idiotic New Agers will no longer be able to deny the existence of Evil.
·         Remember that Evil has been allowed to act without restraint in this Endtime period in order to self-destruct.
·         View the deaths in this way:
i               If they are of non-Viables, then think of the physical deaths as their passage towards the Transmutation vats.
ii              If they are Viable humans, animals, units of Vegetation, think of them receiving their tickets Home. They will go to IINTERMEDIATORY VILLAGES, that I have mentioned in the past, until all are gathered to proceed to the New Dimension.
iii             Send all of them love and affection, for you cannot know who is Viable or not, but do not be blackmailed into Pity, Compassion or Sorrow. That is what the Evil System wants. That is how it drains energy from beings that have the Divine Energy it craves. 
(BTW, my ex-wife Amitakh and her husband Steffan, a convicted felon, are two very evil reptilians who have also written about such villages. Realize that they have plagiarized everything they write from me. In most cases they have distorted my material to trap unaware ones. And for Goodness sake, if they have trapped you, do NOT give them any money. Make every effort to escape their influence.
I can now reveal they are special evil agents sent down with the express, personal purpose of attempting to stop my work. That explains the vile essay they have plastered all over the Internet called ‘PROMENADE 10’.
They have failed miserably in their attempts to stop me. The Transmutation vats await them along with the fools they had conned to go along with them and attack me. They will all taste Justice. Do not make the mistake of thinking this is personal in any way. They are of no more personal interest to me than any other vile demon in this Illusion. The description given by Jesus as reported in John 8:44 suits them well, as it does all demons.)
Bear this description in your mind at all times for the percentage of demons in human bodies is increasing exponentially and alarmingly and you will meet more and more of them as time progresses. Failing to recognize them can have deleterious consequences for you and those you love. 
Judge everything via the energy of the contents, yours, mine and theirs. In fact, judge any and everybody’s work in that energetic way. Doing that, you will not be misled and trapped in Evil’s Falsehood.
 This next assertion I make will be seen to be, in due course, axiomatic and immutable: All who are inimical to my energy, such as the above pair I have just named, are spiritually doomed. Reactions to my energy have nothing to do with my shell’s likes or dislikes, needs or wants. People, and in fact, all consciousnesses in all the Classes of Consciousness, react to my energy in accordance to their ontological identity.
It is an automatic process. There can be no errors whatsoever. I know, because I know, that some on this level have already come to this understanding.
Archons have the notion that they are gods. In fact, they are splinters of the evil demigod. They have no awareness of Righteousness. They cannot recognize Truth, or True Light, or True Love. They are never contrite. Thoughts of Repentance to them are meaningless. Such beings cannot receive Mercy. They will be subjected to Divine Justice.
 To summarize, let us re-iterate some facts:
 1                     Many are now sensing an Endtime scenario.
 2                     What is about to happen is beyond the control of ‘Humans’.
3                     ‘Humanity’ has never been in control of its destiny.
4                     Individuals do not create their own reality. Most create their own illusion.
5                     The majority of ‘Humans’ are robotic consciousnesses. A percentage of these have been deemed Viable.
6                     A few thousand are Theomorphs assisting me in the Rescue Process. The majority of Theomorphs had been spiritually evacuated in November 1999.
7                     30% of ‘Humans’ are Demonic consciousnesses some of whom are
Archonic. All of them, and the robotic consciousnesses judged to be non-Viable, will be transmuted in due course.
8                     There are over 10 classes of consciousnesses wearing Human bodies.
9                     Earth is NOT unique in any special way, neither is ‘Humanity’.
10                 Prophecy of an Endtime scenario is converging from many sources. Could all those sources from such diverse paths and times have been in a conspirational collusion to cause this?
11                 Can Earth’s End (and that of the whole Universe) be a self-fulfilling wish? How could it be if very few want such a scenario?
12                 Many have noted their psychic abilities have expanded and they are seeing reptiles and Demons in human bodies. These are spontaneous events. No one can be forced into such a phase of the true Reality.
13                 UFO sightings are ubiquitous and increasing exponentially as I said they would. Is that a case of being outrageous, irrational and deluded liked the Queensland Medical Board said it was?
14                 Pollution of air, soil and water is so obvious, only fools would deny it.
15                 Homeostatic mechanisms for Earth have failed. It is dead!
16                 Sterilization of males is a scientific fact.
17                 HAARP, GMO foodstuffs, injurious vaccines, Chemtrails and Morgellons are a reality.
18                 The Eugenics Program to cull Humanity is real.
19                 The notion that Time is accelerating, a concept totally contrary to the logic of our lower (monkey) minds is ubiquitous. How could we all be fooled by such a strange perception?
20                 The prediction of the certainty of a devastating meteor strike on earth is a scientific, astronomical and mathematical one, not an astrological one.
21                 Magnetic polarity is shifting now.
22                 The Earth will fall on its axis soon, with disastrous consequences for the physical and for those unprepared.
23                 Near Death Experiences have been validated and experienced by some of the most brilliant minds on the planet. These aver to:
i                       The existence of life after death,
ii                      Duality of existence with the shell (physical body, cardboard box) and the consciousness being two separate and distinct items, one very temporary, the other perhaps in some cases eternal.
iii                     The prophetic announcements to the experiences of NDE that an Endtime scenario is upon us;
iv                     The existence of other dimensions outside of the Physical Dimension
v                      Confirmation by experiencers that this physical dimension is the less preferred place to be in.
 24          The Prophecies of St Malachi have been extremely accurate in retrospect and there is no reason to suspect that his remaining prophecy about the Endtime and (metaphorical) appearance of the “Dreaded Judge” is not real. Research what is written about these utterings, and bear in mind that the last prophecy is an interpolation, thus making this present pope, a demon if ever you are going to recognize one, is the last pope.
The fact that someone such as St Malachi can be so accurate, as many others have also been, with their forecasts, avers to the fact that another dimension that contains both the past and future of this one exists. This makes a mockery, of course, of our scientific attitudes and physical mind thinking of time and space and living in the “NOW”.
25           I have asserted that there exists a special energy which I have called the New Green Energy that will nurture only certain ones I have labelled Viable and expose demonic ones as nothing else can, instantly on contact. Many have experience this.
26           My essay “Terminal Madness of the Endtime” and my other writings have been nothing less than blueprints of what was, and is, going to develop. Their accuracy is well established and confirmed by those who have taken the time to read my words.
Considering all these points, what then are the odds that I will be accurate also about:
i               My exposure of Evil,
ii              My description of my Plan of Correction of the Error,
iii             My assertion that Jehovah is dead, 
iv             My description of the mechanisms and Timing of the End?
v              My identity,
vi             My consciousness’ origin from, and my visitation of, another dimension?
 So, to conclude, let’s turn our attention to these Latin words. What do they mean?
Finis Vitae (Fisica), sed non Amoris
Literally, it means ‘The End of Physical Life, but not of (True) Love.
In other words, the Physical (Universe) has all but ended. But those of True Love (Viables, Divine Theomorphs) will live forever!
DECEMBER 9, 2012

December 29, 2012
Many prosaic and esoteric battles have taken my time of late.
We are all feeling the fragmentation of this realm in various ways.
Some of the effects are tiredness, illness, inability to cope with mundane life, and even depression.
Stay strong. Connect to your Higher Intellect, for nothing makes sense on this level any more, as you all well know.

All things on this level will get worse, and we WILL be affected in various ways.
Just remember what is REALLY going on.
Focus on the future at all times.

I will resume regular essays soon.
 JANUARY 1, 2013
The Year of the Manifestation of Righteousness
In the midst of Demonic Self-Destruction
Welcome again.
This is a brief essay in point form to review topics, refresh your memory and introduce new concepts that I will write about later as the year progresses.
1              The classification of Consciousness in all levels of Consciousness, into Viable and on-viable, has concluded.
The separation from the non-Viable can now begin in earnest.
2              I have told you previously that this is the present make-up of the world’s human population:
·         9% Viable consciousness from the Robotic Population which make up 69%
·         31% are Demons. Not one of these is viable.
·         A few thousand Theomorphs who are assisting the last phases of the Rescue.
You will note the percentage of demons has increased and it will continue to do so as we progress to the Endpoint. This is mainly due to demonic possession of the bodies of non-viables who engage in activities, particularly drug taking, that facilitate possession. You will have no doubt noted that there is a rapid movement for the expanded use of such things as Marijuana.
3              It is now, more than ever, a Demonic World, and I shall give you examples as the year proceeds.
4              Destructive changes are afoot, and they will affect the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects.
5              I have previously stated ‘Jehovah’ is dead. Part of that ‘being’ manifested as the Monetary Being from the beginning of the Error. I know this is difficult for non-metaphysicians to accept, but let’s proceed. 
If you are new to my writings, I suggest you read from Page One of my Website to this point, and if you can spare a dollar or two, read my books.
I will not be answering emails that ask for medical advice, personal advice of any other type, specific metaphysical and spiritual answers, etc. The answers are somewhere in my site, my books, my poems, etc. Find them.
So, what else does 2013 have in store?
6         We shall see the complete control of the Virtual Reality by Demons. This will occur rapidly all over the globe.
7         Demons live via death, destruction, deceit, dishonesty and desecration.
8         They will begin to manifest a Path of Self-destruction.
9         This will cause pain, suffering and misery to all!
10     Their actions will cause fragmentation in all aspects and all levels of existence – Mineral, Vegetable, Animal, Human, Devic, etc.
11     You can extrapolate from the last sentence what is going to happen. There will be instability in all those classes of Consciousness with disastrous consequences.
12     All this will be allowed to happen to end this absurdity, this Error, this Abomination.
13     Fiscal Systems will collapse because the Fiscal Being has been dead for some time. Short-term measures will all fail.
14     For those who do not understand, it will mean Despair, Anxiety, Depression and untold suffering.
15     Lack of energy will result in tiredness, inability to cope, rage, more conflict and wars.
16     The Media is making things worse by presenting a false scenario to fool people further. Alternate magazines are guilty of this also and I shall give examples as we proceed during the year.
17     Those a little more awakened will become impatient for the End. They will become more and more sensitive to the negative essence flooding the plane and will feel unwell from that. It may manifest as nausea, unwillingness to mix with those of Darkness, and deleterious effects from perceiving thoughts of disillusion, desolation and despair from the Negativity Pool surrounding the earth.
18     Minds will become darker, and as the thought of the End crystallizers in non-viable beings, rage, savagery, homicide and suicides, will increase exponentially.
19     Psychic abilities will continue to develop so we shall see who is who. But what is seen will not be always welcome or pretty. Brace yourselves, Many shocks are in store.
20     Eventually, even the fooled non-viables will see they have been fed BS with the writings about their becoming ‘gods’, about the Ascension of Earth, joining the Galactic Federation, Earth being a benign classroom, etc., etc. I have covered these points previously. The difference now is that they will awaken to the Cultivated Ignorance and the fact that they have been fooled and been taken as fools. Anger and violence shall be their response.
21     All will see the Demonic (Evil) plots far more easily. This fact is becoming obvious daily. You really have to wonder just who the Demons think they are fooling. They are fooling themselves of course. But, that is the Way of Evil.
22     More falsity about UFOs, Governments, Religions, Science, Humanity, Evolution, etc., will enter the plane but people will NOT be fooled.
23     Viables will be frustrated because they cannot understand why the unawakened failures cannot see the more complete picture as they do. I have told you often the Demons and failures cannot see the Light or Truth or respond to Real Love. Forget them. They are Wraiths awaiting disintegration.
24     This is going to be a time of massive crisis. Like frogs in a drying pond, 2 basic ‘animalistic’ energies/instincts will come to the fore:
a.     The instinct for INDIVIDUAL survival – thus people will become selfish in the extreme to survive the odds – which they cannot, of course. But, you can see the looting, violence, wars of conquest and stealing of resources, etc. To this end, the elite have built themselves tombs, have they not? Trillions have been stolen from the citizenry to build underground complexes in which the thieving elite can drown like failed rats.
b.     The instinct to reproduce and save the species - hence sex energy in abundance will flood the plane. Lower centres will be agitated, attacked and often abused. Protect well. Share love not sex. Realize that is why you feel these instincts.
25     Humanity will divide into 2 different mental worlds: that of the Viables and that of the non-Viables.
26     While we are still in the physical, it will be impossible to avoid suffering, so be prepared. Help others, but realize many are not Viable and will separate away from you, emotionally, mentally and spiritually if not actually physically.
27     Timing of the End is not important, but it is sooner than most think.
28     The concentration of the New Green Energy will fluctuate as some of you may have already noticed.
29     A New Energy has been released
30     Realize that what is occurring is a massive operation involving the entire Physical Universe, not just Earth. That is one of the points I will highlight when I discuss some of the essays being published in magazines that push the BS of Cultivated Ignorance (CI).
31     What is occurring here on Earth is occurring in all the celestial bodies in the Universe.
32     People will be force to awaken to the existence of Evil. It is being minimized in the media and alternate literature. Twenty plus years ago, New Agers and the like denied it even existed.
33     Everyone, yes, everyone, will, per force, come to the realization that this existence must come to an end. As I will show, alternate magazines are giving all the BS of continuation in a different form. For now, they just can’t believe or accept what I assert. It does nto matter in the slightest. What is to happen will happen.
34     The Process of Fragmentation and Finalization to the Problem of Evil cannot be stopped. It is way beyond the understanding of humans and/or their control.
35     If you are one of the Workers, realize that the Higher Consciousness often leaves to go elsewhere. Details are not important. But during its absence, the body can feel abandoned. It can feel despair, become fretful, depressed, think it is abandoned, that it has failed, etc., etc. It picks up the evil thoughts and despair of the doomed more easily. The best way to deal with this is to realize what is happening and shut down! Do mundane chores and don’t think too much.
36     That highlights the importance of Protection, Cleansing and Connecting to the Higher Centres. Read inspiring material. Listen to Beethoven, Mozart, Chopin, etc., or meditation music such as that of Kitaro. I found his earlier works were delightful. 
37     Spend more time with your pets. They will be undergoing exactly the same stresses as you in this End time.
38     Focus on what it is that is happening. Dispel all Doubt and Confusion.
39     Learn to discern the energy of everyone you meet, regardless of whether you have known them before or not. It is either harmonious with yours or it is not. If it is not, whomever you have met, assuming you are of Light, is not your friend. Beware.
40     Finally, remember each morning to SURRENDER yourself to the Will of the Highest Good. And as you do so, realize you cannot ‘carry’ anyone into the Light.
Why did I repeat all these points most of which I have made before? It is to remind you of them and to make note of the fact that you will find them nowhere else.
To end this short essay, I would like to reproduce a poem by my friend and very close associate Jerry Attrick. Some of you may remember him. As senior moments make their presence felt more frequently, the Jerry Attrick has become a bigger part of the scene. This poem is from my book ‘Morning Glory, Afternoon Reflections, Vol. 1’.
If you don’t understand Jerry, get into the habit of having more frequent and longer-lasting Senior Moments. They will do you good! Just joking!
And, just BTW, you will recall that I said Dementia would become endemic? The evidence is indisputable.
A love poem by Jerry Attrick.
Pretty log
(Pssss, It’s ‘Prologue’, Jerry)
Ahrrr… thanks.
I want to tell you how to inter-pirate my poem so
you will get the fullest with it.
The scenes of the poem are set in your mind.
I begin with a ewefarm ….your familistic …your pharmacist ….
a youfarmistic celebration of the trials and joys of Physical
Immorality, err Immortality, but then, as in Thespian Tradition,
- this is a liberal society after all - I falls victim to the far-reaching
tentacles of Love – thank Goodness.
(I Reach the music by Page Nine
Err …. I mean, I read the music by Paganini.)
Here goes, like ……
“I donna wanna dye.
I wanna live forever,
Long, and hard,
So I can be ever fresh,
And sprout wings when
The GM foods mutate
My jeans with no fly.
I wanna keep on livin’
And enjoy life like in the movies,
‘Xcept I don’t want their sinnin’.
I wanna paint the town red,
Not lie like a dorky invalid in bed.
I wanna live till me kidder-knees give out
And I gets me own dialysis machine
With all them tubes that go in and out.
And sans teeth or hair,
I’ll emulate a gummy bear.
And I’ll come to grips
With walking when I have no hips,
‘Cause I’ll buy one of them
Darn-fangled machines
That move you around
And even let you fly.
And then I’ll wiz about
As like a young kid I’ll shout.
You see? I don’t wanna dye.
And that ain’t no lie.
But, if I’m so old that there is no air,
Why, I’ll wear a mask
With tubes to a cylinder
That I see people use even though
They can’t get out of a chair,
And their brains, un-oxygenated,
Have the IQ of that chair.
And, if I’m so old my bowels don’t work,
I won’t care, I’ll be no jerk,
I’ll let pretty nurses enematize me
For a fee that’s fair.
And, if my sight should fail,
I’ll watch TV in Braille.
I know Wally-mart has such sets
Periodically on sale.
And, if my legs don’t work either
Along with the failed vision,
At the very worst,
I’ll hang on to your coat tails.
What? What’s that you say?
You will have long said goodbye?
You mean I’ll be without you?
I’ll be lonely and on my own?
Well, in that case, dearest,
I’ve changed me mind.
The World without you
Would not to me be very kind.
I’ve changed me mind.
With you off this World I’d want to fly.
If you go, I go too.
Yes, yes, tell them greedy medics
That when I collapse
I want no part of their heroics.
When it’s my time,
I too want to die.
Yes, dearest, when it’s time,
Nowhere else but with you
I’d want to be.
Without you? No Joy!
I’d be most unhappy.
Don’t you know?
I’d cut my stay in Heaven short
If you, dearest, were not there,
For it’s only your presence
That makes my life fair.
I want to be with you in the sky.
And that ain’t no lie.”
January 2, 2013
‘I want to be Number One’.
In coming days, more than ever, we are going to witness the Ego and Pride of the strong against the weak as the Pathways of Self-destruction evolve for the evil ones. There will be no manifestation of Wisdom, Understanding, Fairness or True Love. The most despicable acts that Evil can commit will be witnessed.
     As you well know, under the Flag of Nationalism, many nations and peoples have been destroyed even in our own lifetimes by the stronger ones. History is but a recount of abuse, hate, plunder and murder.
     Each invention is virtually high jacked to see if it can be used to kill more people, animals and the vegetable kingdom faster, surer and more remotely.
     Thus, I write these few words to warn about Ego and Pride and prepare you for the task of attaining Wisdom and Understanding. These words will also assist you to decipher who is who for many evil ones will keep their masks on for as long as possible to fool unaware ones.
     The sin of Pride was the first sin. And it is the most destructive, for from it flow all the other flaws and weaknesses which separate one from the Divine: - Ego, Selfishness, Self-aggrandizement, etc.
     And of course Ego leads to a multitude of evil spawned TRAPS.
     The KEYS TO SUCCESS are to put the Divine first, to surrender totally to its will, to obey without question and to love unconditionally.

 SURRENDER, SURRENDER, SURRENDER, totally and forever.!!!
With surrender, all else for the success of one's spiritual venture follows. With surrender to the Divine come Love, Protection, Power, Wisdom, Harmony, Peace, and eventual Glory.
Without such surrender come all the problems which eventually lead to failure.
     If one puts one's interests before the Divine, plans for spiritual advancement and projects cannot come to fruition. Things go wrong because the Divine simply is not allowed to take control.
     How can the Divine execute Its plans for the individual if It is not allowed to guide it unerringly? It cannot. Hence, the unguided individual flounders in a sea of uncontrolled negativity. And that is because it has removed the reins from the Divine and taken them over him or herself.
     No one can succeed on the spiritual path in this way.  You are reading this website, I hope, because you want to be maximally successful in your spiritual journey and of maximal benefit to fellow travelers.
     Once things start to go wrong in one’s life, often  it means the Divine is not in control. It means the individual has removed him or herself from Divine control. No one but the individual is responsible for its actions and the acceptance of the programming, pollution and indoctrinations that lead to those actions...
     And of course when the individual puts itself first in this way, aggrandizing the ego, it will never admit that this is so.
     Putting oneself before the Divine is the sin of the Demiurgos, the Demigod, the Evil Principle, Jehovah, Saklas the fool, the Moloch, for they are all its names by which it is known..
      ‘There is none greater than I. I am God above all’ yelled Yaldabaoth within the Error.
And the Divine Mother replied: ‘You are a fool, Yaldabaoth! And you have offended all the beings (gods) around you and above you."'
Thus did the Celestial WAR begin.

No one can spiritually survive, let alone advance, by putting oneself before the Divine. After all, the spiritual path and the quests contained within it are all about fulfilling roles on behalf of the Divine.
They are NOT about exploiting the situations which present themselves for one's personal gain and for one's personal satisfaction and glory. That is what the Evil Archons and their Minions are going to do as they race headlong into self-destruction now.

If these sentiments of ego and pride are hidden within any being who claims to be on the Divine Path, they will eventually surface and make that being's presence on the path of Light intolerable.
That being will feel uncomfortable in the Light and in the company of beings of Light, for their energies would clash.
The Divine Being of Purity cannot be mocked.

There is no room for insincerity. He will not allow exploitation or progress at his expense. There can only be one Number One. And that is the Divine Consciousness.

One's only wish should be to serve.

One's ultimate action should be one of total surrender.

Only with these can one be happy in the misery that will develop.

Without the wish to serve unconditionally and without total surrender there can be no progress, there can be no success. It will be a sign of Viability regardless of what words the body expresses. Lip service and pretense are valueless for the Divine can see within the hearts of all.
     One will gain all there is worthy to be gained by putting the Divine first in one's life.
It is important to surrender to the Divine Will now otherwise the body and its lower Monkey Mind could try to resist the inevitable changes that are to occur, out of fear, misunderstanding, emotional blackmail and Evil’s threats.
      None of us want the Evil that is going to now manifest.
But as I have explained many times before, it is a necessary step to the ultimate total eradication of all Evil. It is a spiritual surgery that MUST be done, even though we will feel the pain of it.
One loses all that is of value by putting oneself before the Divine, for the Divine Energy then is no longer part of that individual.
        Ego and Divine energy are incompatible. They cannot exist in the same individual. It is one or the other. Every individual must choose. One cannot surrender totally and still retain the Ego. Surrender destroys Ego.
       Conversely, retaining the Ego at all costs makes Surrender impossible.
One cannot love truly, unconditionally, and still retain the Ego, for the True Divine Love, destroys the Ego.
       One with Ego cannot be a Divine warrior. That will be another way by which you will be able to discern who is who in this Endtime.
One with Ego cannot totally surrender to serve the Divine unconditionally.
      One with Ego cannot become Divine. One with Ego cannot be sincere when the daily prayer is said, for Ego is incapable of bowing before another sincerely, or offering up its will totally to anyone.

Daily Prayer
‘O Divine Being Of Purity
I bow before You on this day
And offer to You not only my will,
But my complete beingness!
Grant to me that which I need
To become Your perfect instrument’


If you can recite this prayer daily, you will be closer than ever to the Divine Energy. And is that not what we all want? Is that not the reason for all the searching we do for Truth and Love on this level?
No Ego would subject itself thus, because it is full of pride.
         And yet it is so easy to destroy this evil, destructive trait called Ego by simply surrendering totally to the Supreme Divine Consciousness.
         Put the Divine first. It should always be Number One. Without the Divine you are nothing.

Without the Divine you cannot spiritually survive. Without the Divine, nothing that is worthy works. Without the Divine, you enter a phase leading to eventual self-destruction.

Ego is a tyrant. It rules by evil. It is a cruel master when given the chance. No man can serve two masters. Either the Divine is served, or the Ego. It cannot be both. One must choose.

Once the choice is made to serve the Divine Being of Purity then total surrender should come next.
Once total surrender has been achieved the path is smooth and trouble-free for the Divine is in control. Nothing can disturb one's harmony for all is the work of the Divine.

If the Ego is selected before the Divine, then one cannot be considered to be on the spiritual path serving the Divine Being of Purity.
        One cannot surrender under these circumstances. One cannot serve with Ego, and with time this becomes obvious.

What does it mean to surrender to the Divine Will?
It means expressing the Essences of the Divine and living by its One Rule, known as the Akkadian Golden Rule: Do unto others as you would have done to you.
Live like that in the fragmenting Endtime and you will be at peace.
Read about the Divine Essences in my books and writings.
Evil lives by the opposite mode to the Golden Rule: Do unto others before they can do anything to you, even express Love.
So now we are going to see the Evil Mode in action as the Demons follow their Path of Self-destruction.
They have always done this, of course, with their false flag operations and pre-emptive strikes, with any false excuses to murder, rape, plunder and destroy. .
But now we are going to see their hypocrisy at its maximum.
Understanding what is going on IN REAL TERMS, not in the BS terms of the Cultivated Ignorance, will give you Wisdom. Seek Wisdom.
Wisdom is not Fear of the Lord as the Evil System would want you to believe, as is often quoted in the Bible.
Wisdom is Love of Truth and Understanding. True Wisdom comes from True Knowledge and True Love. Wisdom comes from loving the Divine, not from fearing a Ghoul like Jehovah as Proverbs 9:10 says: ‘The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom’, .
Evil’s Wisdom comes from Fear and Ignorance. It would have it no other way.
That is why all venues, outside of Jeff Rense at as you may have noted, have resisted my words and message.  A few sites have reprinted some of my words. But in the main, I have been ignored completely. That should tell you something, surely?
Evil wants Ignorance, not this Gnostic Knowledge, the Ancient Wisdom, that I am sharing with you. Evil wants fools to remain fools and the unawakened Viables to remain asleep so that they can be exploited maximally.
Evil wants its Ignorance and Hate to continue forever. But they will not do so. The Evil Error is all but corrected.
Thus, seek the True Wisdom within you. Use all the tools at your disposal.
That is what these words are, tools to awaken your own Truth within.
Gain your Wisdom that is within you and it will give you Peace of Mind in this Time of Terror, as well as illuminate maximally your well-earned Path to Eternity.
You will have no doubt noted that these words have nothing to do with Religions or Dogmas. They are about the Power within you, and your inner Love and Wisdom, if you are Viable being of Light.
That small percentage of robots which were not Theomorphic but have been declared Viable will have this Power, Wisdom and Love, and other essences added to them. That is what I meant in the past when I said those robots deemed Viable would have modifications made to them to be able to live in the Light and be of Light.
January 3, 2013
From my book ‘Thoughts of a Gnostic, Vol. 5’.

There are many realisations to make in the process of awakening to the Truth and in self-healing.
1              The mind tends to exaggerate the importance of what has happened to us. Realise  there   are many worse off than you.

2      Although our experiences are intensely personal, they are not unique and others have had very similar experiences.

3      Banish self-pity, for the system targets all True Beings (Viables), not just you.

4      All evil beings are hypocrites and deceivers. They will never change. They will always abuse any trust placed in them. Alas, it is just a matter of time and the availability of opportunity.

5      On this level, while you are unawakened, if one type of trap does not get you, some other type will.

6      No trap is inescapable. If you have the willpower and commitment you can escape any exploitative situation and move on for the advancement of your Higher Good.
If we had been given a placard with these points at birth to carry around with us we would have fallen into the traps prepared by Evil less easily. Is that not so? But the system goes out of its way to deceive us. It is by deception and exploitation of the trapped True Beings that it survives. Hence, it is hardly going to warn us, is it?

But now that we know what is going on, we can resolve the stirred emotions within us.
As I said earlier, the number and type of traps are as numerous as the individuals concerned, but roughly they can be placed in categories. Many will have been affected by at least one of these mechanisms:

1      ROMANTICISM, with its false love, sex, lust:
Just because you were driven by your hormones, ruled by your gonads, programmed by others to act, and handed a piece of paper, called the Marriage Certificate, does not prevent you falling into the traps of a partnering demon. S/he will lie and cheat. That is what they are created for. Hence, if s/he was unfaithful, took all your money, used offspring to emotionally blackmail and exploit you all the more, you can now understand the scenario. Just say: "Thank God I am out of that predicament and  I am no longer exploited so mercilessly by such a trap!”

Rejoice and restart your journey. But do not go looking for the same trap with a similar demon, of a different name, in a different location. Do not hate the gender which inflicted the damage on you and fall into the arms of a demon of your gender.

You now know the vows demons take are meaningless. In the cases when True Beings are trapped, more likely than not the witnesses and celebrants are demons who are delighted internally, without necessarily knowing why on the outer mind, the involved True Being is trapped. So now, why worry about it?

The marriage certificate given does not make one an owner of the other party, as if s/he is a chattel. You are free to move out as your true spiritual needs demand.

With Gnostic Knowledge you know you have to control your urges and not act upon simple stimuli. Examine the motives of those who want to be close to you. If you don't, you are a fool, and will again fall into the same traps from which you may have recently escaped. The system is there to ensnare people the way many True Beings have been ensnared. You, as a True Being, are just a statistic. For the system, you are no more than a good fish catch!

The partner who deceived you would have done the same to any other partner it hooked without knowing the ontology of the partner. Your case is not unique; you are an expendable statistic for exploitation by the system. That is how the system works. Celebrate your awakening and escape.
It is only your lower evil-created ego that hurts you by telling you tauntingly you deserved better in this evil system. Of course you deserved better, but not in the trap you found yourself. You cannot expect anything good from Evil.

There is no "better" in this evil environment for True Beings. Demons do not love. They lust and exploit. Learn from your past and move on. Condemn the system, and the demons in it, and ask for liberation from them, but do not become filled with hate and anger. Rejoice instead that you have escaped whatever traps you were in, if you have escaped, and seen through the evil machinations. Resolve henceforth to be ever on guard.
If you end up being alone, just realise that a willing celibacy, not merely a suppression of sexual drive, will certainly be healthier than the pursuit of an active sexual path where demons lurk.

2      Personal tragedies:

These include injury and loss, imprisonment, drug addiction, life of crime, involvement in pornography, religious entrapment. They are just more of the same traps laid for True Beings in this hell.

3      Business:
Success in business usually means many more traps opening up to swallow a True Being. They are a lot harder to resist. You know the story about the rich man finding it harder to enter heaven than for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle! Failure in business can be equally devastating and even more dramatic as many, in their ignorance, even take their own lives! Many are cheated and develop an evil mentality with available evil programming, pollution and indoctrination.

4      Denied opportunities:
It appears just from observation that a True Being has to be 10 times better than the demons and robots just to be treated equally in this hell. This includes sport, business, career ventures, etc.

5      Programmed misery:
Many True Beings are programmed by the evil system with gross bodily incompetence, with an extreme sense of insecurity, with unworthiness, loneliness, etc. Without some measure of Gnostic awakening, it is almost impossible for them thus affected to rebel at the implanted thoughts which denigrate and see through the evil destructive mechanisms which have been imposed on them.

6      Cultural and philosophical brainwashing:
Any involvement with religion, the New Age Movement, with the greenies, with the various save-the planet-brigades, can so influence a True Being adversely that the chance of spiritual awakening is dangerously minimised.
         Being disarmed not to recognise evil or not to believe in it, to accept all as benign and children of god, when most are demons and robots, can cause severe damage to individuals as they are drained and depleted of their Divine energy. Warriors can be turned into spiritual pacifists who then run the risk of being spiritually assassinated.
          Add to this the hubris of nationality, the colour of one's skin, the size of the bank balance, the peerage of one's birth, etc., and you can quickly see that a True Being can be so programmed and imposed with labels from birth that his/her chances of wakening to any sort of Reality are greatly minimised!
Having recognised the many demons around you, and in your life, even in your intimate circle, in your family, work environment, etc., make use of what you have observed about their traits so that you can expose other demons more readily. Learn how best to avoid them, and prevent further unjust exploitation of yourself and others.
Capitalism is the most evil of the systems devised for this plane and that is why it has survived the longest. It is based on greed and unrelenting exploitation. When examined closely, it can be seen that it cannot survive without a hierarchy of wealth which is its exploitative mechanism. The wealthy exploit the poor, internationally, nationally, locally and even within families in order for this evil system to work.
The death of Capitalism that we see today is of extreme significance.
Who’s Who?
 Here is a tip for you. Whenever you want to know the ontology of a being, call it up when you are in your alpha state and ask for it to reveal itself to you in its TRUE nature.
Of course the cleaner your centres are and the more advanced you are, the greater you degree of success.
Always go by the energy of beings and not their appearance.
Realize also a Viable can be covered in filthy energy for whatever reason and you will react adversely to it until it dispels that pollution.
January 4, 2013
From my book: A Collection of My Verses and Poems based on Gnostic Thoughts,
Volume 6
Poem 284
Which of us suffers not in this
blasphemous, noxious hell
where none can dare claim
they live, always in honesty, well?
Is not suffering and its pain and misery
ubiquitous in this world of ceaseless
exploitation and stark absurdity?

If by nothing else, the "creator" of this mess,
as I see it, would be condemned justly
for his need to impose such suffering
on lower beings, such as us, needlessly.
What of worth could a magnanimous mind
truly gain from the plight of misery
imposed on us all so unjustly?

If one claims it is to test
the worth of the progeny,
why then should the creator, claiming
to be perfect, create us with
the question of suitability
needing to be tested, as is told to us
by fawning sacerdotes spuriously?

Has such a creator no real confidence
in his own constructions that he has
to impose burdens by which we creatures
suffer and are then crushed inexorably?
And of those who claim that our miserable
lot is the fault of the First Man and Woman
who disobeyed, I would need to ask: "Why would a
loving father punish ensuing innocent,
loving generations so maliciously?
Is not a True Father protective, loving,
nurturing, compassionate, acting in
the best interest of his cherished children
always, with patience, wisely?"

That would be the case of the Father of Goodness.
But such a One, of Kindness and Goodness,
is not the creator of this foul mess!

Suffering is a malicious imposition by the
Evil Mind of Darkness which exploits us
surreptitiously, by nefarious schemes
spun fiendishly in its odious night.
It is meant to hurt us, and abuse us,
and make us lose Hope, so that in
desperation we will give in to the almost
insurmountable onslaughts of this travesty.

By suffering, we are supposed to bow
in defeat to the unjust might of Evil
and pay homage to the Depravity.
By these mechanisms of suffering
we are slaughtered continuously,
tragically, in the horror of malignity.

No! no! Such suffering in life should
never have been, and in future it shall
never, ever again, like this, be.

Awaken to this fact now, that our suffering
is an unmistakable manifestation of the
Evilness which was spawned by a
Celestial Error, a correctable calamity.

And although, until the full Correction,
suffering will be our lot tragically,
we must detach and live beyond its pain,
its emotional exploitation and its misery.
We must see suffering for what it is,
condemn the Evil mind unreservedly,
and live above it all, lovingly.

That is the only way to maintain
our valued sanity.
Ever thankful for such Gnostic
insights should we be.
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January 8, 2013
Chapter 8
"The whole religious complexion of the modern (western) world is due to the absence from Jerusalem (and the Vatican) of a lunatic asylum."   Henry H Ellis (1859-1939)
It is generally taken for granted that the Bible (really there are many bibles for there are many versions) is the basis of Christian doctrine in Western Society. And, just like society which is evil and corrupt, the Bible is a compilation which also contains evil distortion and corruption. Just read the war-mongering and bloodthirsty passages of the Old Testament if you do not believe that this is so! For example, Jehovah is said to have killed 50,070 as well as Uzzah for looking into the Ark of the Covenant. Who can take the God of the Bible seriously? He/it is a revengeful, blood-thirsty warmonger, always wanting blood sacrifices, and urging his people to wage merciless war. Even today's transparent Palestinian genocide is a direct result of the Old Testament's influence on modern Israelis.
The various versions of the Bible have layers and layers of additions and corrections and they have been perverted throughout the ages in order to serve the function of the master of this plane, the evil demigod. The Jews have rewritten their version to present themselves in the most favourable light inspite of the facts, and the Catholic Church rewrote its version to give it the power and authority which it did not really have or deserve. Throughout the more ancient texts the word "God" has been substituted for "Goddess", the Divine Mother. And the extant codices which differ from one another and from the King James version of the 17th century are there for all to examine.
There are many examples of plagiarism and perversion throughout the Bible, in the formation of Christian doctrines and in the establishment of an hierarchial institution. Those interested should seek other literature that is now available, by many other authors, to find more examples than the ones I gave in the last chapter and the ones below.
-- An Egyptian Hymn to Isis has been copied directly into the Bible as Psalm 89.14.
-- The Isis cult was absorbed by the 4th century into the Madonna cult of the so-called Christians, and, in fact, all the pictures of the Madonna and child are pictures of Isis and Her Son, Horus. Many of the sayings and parables have been lifted from elsewhere.
-- The Lord's Prayer is a collection of sayings from the Talmud and many other prayers are derivations from earlier Egyptian prayers to Osiris. The Talmud itself was of Babylonian origin.
-- From the cult of Osiris comes the 23rd Psalm: " The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not Want..."
-- The Sermon on the Mount had no original material and this revelation may shock some people. It was made up of fragments from Psalms, Ecclesiastes, Isaiah, The Secrets of Enoch and the Shemone Esreh. This Sermon was unknown to the oldest Gospel, the apocryphal Gospel of Mark.
-- As I have already stated, the Wisdom of Jesus (Sophia of Jesus) after the Resurrection, is a direct copy of the speech of Eugnostos the Blessed which was written centuries before.
-- Even the Golden Rule as contained in Leviticus, 19-18 comes from an Akkadian maxim. It is a proverb of Maat, the Mother of Justice in the Egyptian Middle Kingdom, and in Greek doctrine, it is the law of the Goddess, Dike.
Immediately when one confronts the Christian Church with evidence of interpolation, perversion, corruption and plagiarism, the same old rhetoric is used like the one the Catholic Church used when one of its dogmas, the Trinity, was questioned: "How, if these verses were an interpolation, could the Holy Spirit who guides and directs the Church, have allowed Her to regard this lofty affirmation of the Trinity as authentic, and permitted its insertion in the official edition of the Sacred Books?" Well, from the information I have revealed in these volumes, you will know that it was not the Holy Spirit, or the Divine Mother or Her Grace (Shakti) guiding the Church. In fact, it was the evil essence of the demiurge who not only allowed these interpolations and corruptions, but actually augmented them, in order to deceive the True Beings trapped on this plane.
And, just by the way, if you think this sort of tautological ecclesiastical thinking was something to do with long, long ago, reconsider. As late as 1897 the Congregation of the Index with the approval of Pope Leo X111 forbad any further research into the origin of the text dealing with the Trinity. The Church forbad not only research but also reading of the Bible by laymen. From earliest times and throughout the Middle Ages possession of a Bible written in the vernacular was a crime, punished by burning at the stake! To stop people thinking for themselves the church went further. As literacy grew, and minds were being enlightened out of the cloistered darkness, the Catholic Church forbad its clergy from reading newspapers and periodicals in 1854. It condemned socialism, rational thought, civil liberties, freedom of speech and of the press and condemned other religions.
Of course, during the period of the Reformation, which is generally taken to have begun with Martin Luther's objection to the excesses of the Church, (and mind you he called the Vatican the seat of the Antichrist) there was more Bible reading, because the Bible was then more available and, of course, far more scepticism of its authenticity was created. This was especially so as Luther compared the Greek and Latin gospels and found, like others before him and others since, many manipulated and purposeful mistranslations which gave the church spurious scriptural authority. It is a fact that many researchers and scholars throughout the ages have concluded that the Bible is a garbled jumble of borrowed texts and perverted Epistles and Gospels which did not represent the Truth.
a. Richard Simon in his 17th century "Critical History of the Old Testament" came to this conclusion and in particular, to the conclusion that Moses did not write the Pentateuch.
b. Doctor Alex Geddes in the 18th century came to the same conclusion.
c. The Lux Mundi of 1889 admitted that the Bible is a confused mass of myths, legend and garbled history often contradicting provable facts.
Many other authors now consider that the Gospels cannot be taken as literal Truth but only as romantic symbolism. But even allowing for this latitude, it has often been stated that many orthodox theologians have no idea of the meaning of the myths in the Bible because they do not study the myths and legends of other cultures. They simply condemn them. The church destroyed not only the books and libraries which contained them, but also the people themselves.
From a sociological perspective, it must be stated that THE BIBLE IS NOT UNIQUE. It is a compilation of many myths coming from many parts of the world. All the cultures of the world share the same fables of creation, of the flood, of a magic garden, of the Tree of Life, of its primal couple, of the wise serpent, of the Heaven-piercing Tower (of Babel), of divided waters, of a chosen race, of virgin mothers, of saviours, etc. Scholarly research has shown that both texts of the Bible are quite recent and relatively corrupt derivations from the world-wide cycle of Gnostic Truism which has been labelled Archetypal Myths.. We see in the Bible the adoption of distorted myths attached to every saviour God of all cultures. Examples follow:
Adonis was born in a sacred cave in Bethlehem, of a consecrated Temple maiden, like Mary. Like Jesus and Attis he was sacrificed at the (Northern) Spring Equinox, (the 21st of March) eaten in the form of bread and rose again from the dead on the third day as He was part of a Ritual Resurrection. Attis and Jesus were also said to be born from a virgin birth as were many others. Attis was associated by the Gnostics, and others, with the Christ spirit as were many others. The Church later made the exclusive association of Jesus and the Christ energy to suit its evil purpose. The Church did not choose the dates for the Crucifixion of Jesus and His Resurrection (the Easter dates) until the 7th century. This shows how fraudulent its claims of authenticity really are. Even Palm Sunday was copied from the Procession of Palms which glorified the sacred Kings in Ancient Babylon.
The culture of Attis strongly influenced early Christians. But the story and symbolism have been reduced to virtually useless myth: He was the Son of the virginal Goddess Nana (another aspect of the Great Goddess, the Divine Celestial Mother) who conceived Him by eating an almond. He was slain in order to bring salvation to mankind. His body was eaten by worshippers in the form of bread and he resurrected as the most high God. This Passion of Attis was celebrated at the Spring Equinox and His birth was on the 25th of December, the time of the Winter Solstice. So you see, Christianity claimed the same dates for the conception and birth of Jesus. When quarrels ensued between the plagiarizers and those who knew the significance of the myths and the plagiarism that the Christian Church was engaged in, the Christians declared that: "The devil had established pagan mysteries in imitation of Christianity before there was a Christianity." This was actually quite ridiculous.
Attis cult members eventually lost the battle, as did the followers of Adonis, Mithra, Apollo, Orpheus, Tammuz, Osiris, Hermes and others who were all inter-related aspects of the Christ essence. The so-called Christian Church took over. The 25th of March was made the day of the Enunciation by the Church and of course, the 25th of December was made Christmas Day. But these dates were not accepted by the Church until 656 AD The day of Attis's death was known as Black Friday or the Day of Blood, for then the God Attis died and was buried. He then descended into the Underworld and on the third day He rose again from the dead. And this was Sunday, the Day of Joy. Familiar? Of course it is, for you see, the Rites of Easter have arisen from the mysteries of Attis.
Like the risen Christ, Attis arose when the sun made the day longer than the night for the first time in the new cycle. Attis in the myth, is the God of Vegetation and came from the Phrygian region of central Turkey. He was known as the Son of Zeus, the leader of the Pantheon and this myth has been traced to the 12th century BC
The day of Attis' death was also the day of His cyclic reconception. Symbolically, Attis represented a rejuvenation of spirit, but this became corrupted into a rejuvenation of earth and a cyclic salvation of crops, important to those people who depended on the production of crops.
Zeus was of the Godforce essence and was the Father (essence) of Orpheus, Apollo, Dionysus (Adonis) Hermes, Osiris, Isis, Horus, Moses and Jesus, as well as Mithra, Tammuz and Attis. Adonis (Dionysus) was equivalent to Tammuz. Hence, what we truly have is the same energy with different names. These are all representatives of the Christ energy.
Of course knowledge of these connections had been destroyed by the vandalism of the Catholic Church. However, little traces remain. In the Siena cathedral Hermes Trismegistos is revered as the contemporary (and brother in essence) of Moses. Horus is represented there also. "What, in a Catholic cathedral?" What did the ancients know that has been kept from us? Did they know that Moses was the incarnation of Horus? Yes they did! They knew it was the same essence, just as they knew that all those I have named above were "brothers in Christ" and of the same essence.
They knew that Hermes was the Light of the World as was Dionysus, Mithra, Jesus, and Apollo (who became canonized as St. Benedict under his title of Benedictus) and all the others, and they knew that Zeus was their Father. When this is realized the patterns of the Archetypal myths all begin to make sense do they not?
Zeus was the Divine father of Dionysus, who in turn was the Divine father of Orpheus. Zeus was none other than an aspect of the "Masculine" energy of the Godforce. Do you see how this early knowledge of inter-connected Divine Beings was perverted into myths which still had some basis in spiritual terms and were further distorted and applied directly to the sacrifice of Jesus and His Resurrection?
Titles and Honours too were plagiarized with great abandon: Osiris was described as the Good Shepherd. Mithra was described as the Light of the World. Dionysus was described as the King of Kings, and God of Gods. Vishnu and Mithra were both the Son of Man and the Messianic energy. These were all described as Saviours of the World. These labels are quite familiar, for the Church plagiarized them and misused them to describe Jesus ONLY.
Plagiarism knew no bounds. The miracles supposedly performed by Jesus also have many precedences.
-- The Dionysian Rite practised at Sidon in Alexandria gives us wine from water - the very miracle Jesus performed at Cana.
-- The priestesses at Nineveh cured the blind by applying their spittle to the eyes.
-- The Goddess Demeter, a form of the Great Mother, multiplied loaves and fishes, healed the sick, raised the dead and performed exorcisms.
-- In the Magic Papyri, anointed ones (Christs) walk on water.
But of course when these things were pointed out to the oppressing, plagiarizing, so-called Christians who controlled the church, they insisted that the older deities and their miracles were invented by the devil beforehand in order to belittle their forthcoming doctrines of faith. This of course was not so. By the time the so-called Christians (but really evil minions) took control, there were many sources which conflicted with what the church wanted to teach. And so it was, as I have mentioned elsewhere, that, by the year 450 AD, some 200 different Gospels revered by the Church of the Diocese of Bishop Theodore of Cyrrhus were destroyed except for the four Canonical ones. What was the church to do? In order to hide its own criminality, it had to destroy the evidence. And that is exactly what it did. Wanton destruction of nearly all the ancient texts which could reveal its borrowings and plagiarism occurred.
There were many versions of the Gospels. In fact, one of them stated that Jesus was not crucified but that Simon of Cyrene actually took His place. I have dealt with the Resurrection at length below. However, it is interesting to see that Jesus directed those who saw Him after His resurrection to touch Him not. Now if He was PHYSICALLY resurrected, there would be no reason for him to say this. It was all a false interpolation. If He was an ETHEREAL being, He would ask beings not to touch Him for it would reveal the nature of the ethereal body. This revelation of being ethereal would then blow away forever the myth of the physical body's resurrection.
The Gnostics vehemently claimed that there was no Resurrection of the flesh and the Church of course had to go directly against them and silence them. Gnostics called the literal view of the Resurrection the "Faith of fools".
Nothing in the myth created around Jesus occurred by accident. The evil force driving these so-called Christian minions made sure that every detail of a formal sacrificial tradition (which they labelled as pagan later) was included in the myth. There is also ample evidence that borrowings from the life story of Buddha also occurred. The oldest Gospels contradict one another and we know from research that the various codices still in existence are different from one another. It is interesting to note that the Epistles of Paul were collected by the Gnostic teacher, Marcion, who was later excommunicated as a heretic for denying that the scriptures were mystical allegories. He knew they were forged concoctions.
At the time of the created myth of Jesus, Tammuz (Thomas), also called the Only Begotten Son, was a Christos or sacred King, who was sacrificed annually in symbolism in the Temple at Jerusalem. He was dedicated to the Goddess, Ishtar or Mari, the Queen of Heaven and He was the Hebrew version of Dionysus (Adonis). Tammuz was equivalent to Osiris and to the Sumerian Saviour God, Damu. Each year on the Day of Atonement, He was sacrificed in the form of a Lamb. Hence, all these, like Jesus, were the manifestations of the same energy. But the Church sought exclusivity. So you see that the myth that was eventually formulated around Jesus was one which was fairly widespread at the time. I mention these facts, not to detract from the Divinity of Jesus, but to demonstrate the destructive exclusivity the so-called Christian church sought to give itself in order to trap the True Beings and gain power and wealth. And in these things, history tells us it succeeded for almost 2000 years.
Dionysus, otherwise known as Bacchus, Adonis and Pan, was not only known as the Wine God (as a corruption) but also as The Liberator. This is a Gnostic term found only in Gnostic Eschatological Doctrines. He was the son of Zeus whom I have identified as the "Father" energy. Hence, he was the son who would rescue the Mother. This being was quite significant before the Church destroyed the writings relating to, and the memory of, the implication of this being. Dionysus was of such importance that He was represented, in fact, on one side of a coin the other side of which portrayed Jehovah, an aspect of the evil demiurge which took over the whole show. It was Jehovah who eventually displaced Dionysus as God in the culture which grew around Jerusalem. And the Hebrews became Jehovah's chosen race. But we can conclude that at least some people at some stage felt that Dionysus and the others were celestial Beings. The Saviour myth was also applied to Dionysus and He too was eaten after sacrifice in the form of bread and wine which represented His flesh and blood. And this was the classical Dionysus Sacrament at Eleusis. This makes a mockery of the Last Supper myth does it not?
Dionysus is said to have later reincarnated as Orpheus. He was known also as the King of Kings, the God Begotten, the Virgin-born and the Anointed one, the Christos. At Eleusis, Dionysus was represented as the Holy Child in a manger.
Apart from these various Saviours, the VIRGIN BIRTH was also attributed to Zoroaster, Sargon, Persius, Jason, Miletus, Minos, Asclepias, Zeus and Plato.
The Moses myth is really a compilation of 3 antecedent ones as well as other stories:
a. From India there was the Hindu myth when Kali gave birth to the Sun God and placed him in a basket of rushes on the Ganges.
b. The same myth was reproduced for Sargon, the King of Akkad, in the 3rd millennium BC King SARGON, a son of a virgin bride of God, was set afloat on the river and rescued by the Divine midwife. He then spent a period of exile in the wilderness where he was tempted by evil spirits and later was elevated to the throne. The fatherless hero born of waters was a universal image of the Saviour king and has been repeated in the myths of Persius, Horus, Jason, Oedipus, Joshua and Jesus.
c. An Egyptian model existed: The miracles attributed to Moses have been derived from Egyptian myths for there is an Egyptian model for the myth of Moses in Heracles of Canopus.
d. Other stories added to the myth include:
*  The Parting of the Waters, as attributed to both Kali crossing the Ganges and Isis.
*  Mother Rhea striking water from a rock.
*  She had also given Law tablets on a Holy mountain.
The story of the TEN COMMANDMENTS which were supposedly given to Moses on the Mount was copied from
i  The story of the Canaanite god Baal-Berith, the "God of the Covenant".
ii  The Commandments of the Buddhist Decalogue.
iii   The life of Zoroaster who had also received the Law from Ahura Mazda from the mountain top, and
iv  King Hammurabi who received the Laws from the Babylonian God from a mountain top also.
The basis of the myths concerning Moses also included the expulsion of Jews from Egypt during an outbreak of pestilence. Other sources (Choeremen, Manetho, Lysimachus, Tacitus) say that the oracles blamed the infection on foreign workers who were called the Children of Israel and the offenders were evicted from Egypt and sent into the desert. This is very different from what has been written in the extant Old Testament which claims the Jews were liberated by Jehovah's intervention. The Jews claim they are the Chosen race of God. The True Jews, and not all born into the Jewish race are True Jews, in fact, were the chosen race of the demigod Jehovah (JHWH, Yaldabaoth). According to the Roman historian Tacitus, the Jews were "a race detested by the gods." I will discuss why this was so in a later chapter. Tacitus, who has given us much insight into non-Christian history, also claims that everything before the Exodus was from non-Jewish sources.
Many stories of the Old Testament were changed. For example, the story that the firstborn of Egypt were killed by Yahweh who spared the Jewish firstborn, for the Jews had redeemed their sons with the blood of the lamb, was a fabrication and the Passover myth was an Egyptian custom which had originated in China. Hence, like the Christian Church which rewrote the New Testament, the Jews rewrote the Old Testament to create a mythical, self-aggrandizing history for their nation out of customs, sayings and legends borrowed from others.
True Beings should never, never forget that religious doctrine is created by men, using the evil essence. And, as Lactantius, a Father of the church in those formative years admitted, "All religions are based on fear and they resist True knowledge and aspirations."
Pope Leo the Great endorsed the death penalty for erroneous beliefs in order to defend what the evil beings were doing. There is no doubt that the myths the church created did oppress the people. The ones around Jehovah were both irrational and vindictive for they punished the whole race for an alleged "Original Sin" and metered out punishment in Hell which lasted forever in merciless agony. The Church ruled with an iron fist and not only did it prevent the people reading the Bible and endorsed the death penalty for erroneous beliefs, but it also insisted, as it did again during the Reformation, that it was the sole interpreter of the scriptures. And of course this oppression, its overt evilness and the exposure of its manipulation of texts, and its profiteering by selling indulgences, eventually led to revolution and the Reformation.
Much of the Old Testament was distorted and plagiarized also. It is generally conceded that the Pentateuch, supposedly written by Moses, was re-written by the priest, Ezra, much, much later.
The early Christians saw Mithra, the Persian Saviour, as a rival who was more successful than the myth that they created. Those so-called Christians copied the Mithra religion in great detail. Mithra too was born on December 25th of a virgin. His birth was witnessed by shepherds and by Magi who brought gifts to his sacred birth cave. He performed miracles and raised the dead, healed the sick, made the blind see and the lame walk. He cast out devils and, as Son of the Petra Genetrix, He carried the Keys of the Kingdom of Heaven. He ascended to Heaven at the Spring Equinox (Easter), but before His ascension, He celebrated a Last Supper with His 12 Disciples, the 12 Signs of the Zodiac. In memory of this, his worshippers partook of a sacramental meal of bread marked with a Cross. (Holy Communion). This was one of the seven sacraments and was the model for the Christian sacrament called the Mizd (Missa, Mass).
The Mithraic doctrines also had the story of the Great Flood, a story based on the Hindu flood version of Manu. Hence, it is obvious the story of the flood went from the Hindu states to Persia to Babylon and into the Old Testament and each version contained within it the story of the end of the world which would be by fire, and the story of the battle of the forces of Good and Evil.
It is from the Mithra religion that labels such as the "Saviour of the World", and "Soldiers for Christ" were obtained, for Mithra was the Supreme Patron of the Roman armies. From it, we celebrate Sunday and from it arises the claim that the Saviour's death was marked by an Eclipse. Mithraism had seven Sacraments and a pope, for the Mithraic High Priest was called the Pater Patrum.
Mithraism and Manichaean Christianity (Persian Gnosticism) had much in common. They contained the same Gnostic truths. In the Mithraic Festival of the Epiphany, the Magi come to the child Saviour with gifts. This was adopted by the Christian Church in 1813, as the Festival of the Epiphany, eighteen centuries after the birth of Jesus.
The Christian Sign of the Cross was taken from the knowledge of Hermes, who was called the Logos by the Neoplatonists. Hermes was the "God within". Until the Middle Ages, Hermes Trismegistos was acknowledged as the one who gave knowledge to Moses, hence his presence in the Siena cathedral. Hermetic lore described the Arabic numbers and Alchemy. It is felt that in 1460, the occurrence of the Corpus Hermeticum being given to Cosimo de Medici began the renewed epistemological movement which became known as the Renaissance. The writings of Hermes were of Gnostic Truth.
Osiris, the consort of Isis, was also known as a Son of God, a Light God and the Lord of Death. He was the Lord of Lords, King of Kings and God of Gods. He was the Resurrection and the Life; the Good Shepherd. He was the God/man who suffered and died, rose again and reigned eternally in Heaven. His coming was also announced by Three Wise Men and they are represented by the three stars on Orion's belt which point to Sirius. Sirius is taken to be the Messiah and is a symbol of Hermes. Osiris was also a devoured Host and Communion was taken by eating cakes of wheat, the plant of Truth which bestowed a total life to the partaker. From the cult of Osiris comes the 23rd Psalm -"The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want... etc."
The Christian Cross comes from his Ankh and the Bishop's Crozier comes from the Osirian Shepherd Crook. The Rosary was also copied from Egypt.
What one can conclude is that the same symbolism was used in the stories of each of these "Myths" which represent the same Celestial Being, be it by a different name in each era or area.
Dionysus, Orpheus, Apollo, Hermes, Horus and Moses are the same energy (from Zeus). Note that from Osiris (through Isis) Horus was born. Hence, Horus was also Osiris the Lord, the Life. And being the same essence as Hermes, Horus was another aspect of the Hermetic Messiah. Moses was the incarnation of Horus, and Elijah was the reincarnation of Hermes. The beings existed, it is just that the myths around them were fabrications for the most part.
Who accompanied Jesus at the Transfiguration, a symbolic representation of the Father/Mother/Son Trinity? Moses did, and he who was the same essence as Horus, who was of the essence of Osiris, who was also the essence of Tammuz, who was also the essence of Dionysus (Adonis) who was from Zeus, the "Father energy", the Masculine Aspect of the Godhead. And Elijah did, for He was of the essence of Hermes, who was also of the essence of Isis. And Isis was the Feminine Aspect of the Godhead. She was the "Mother energy". Jesus represented the "Son Energy." This Trinity theme is very much a Gnostic one, as I explained in the discussion on the Celestial Error. It was distorted into the Father/Son/Holy Ghost Trinity by the so-called Christians to exclude the Divine Mother. More about this exclusion later.
Who is Shiva, the Hindu destroyer/rebuilder, in ontological terms in these myths? Osiris was taken as one of the forms of Shiva in neolithic Egypt. Shiva, who is said to reincarnate as needed in the foothills of the Himalayas, or elsewhere if necessary, was none other than the Babaji (Holy Father) whom Jesus went to see in India. So Jesus went to see the energy of Osiris (the consort of Isis, who was the Divine Mother energy).
And Osiris was of the energy of Zeus, the Divine Father energy. Babaji later reincarnated as King Arthur who was known in Celtic Mythology as the Messiah, the Liberator, the CELTIC ZEUS. So you see, from an ontological view, when the Essence is recognized, it all makes sense. And Gnostics of those areas recognized the Essence of the Beings, just as they do today. That is why the same titles were given to them. If this was not so, why would groups as diverse as the Celts, Egyptians and Hindu, and others, bother to share the same symbolic concepts and attribute the same honours to their deities?
Osiris was also connected with Hermes who was taken as a contemporary of Moses. Moses has connections with Jesus as witnessed in the Transfiguration account and Jesus has connections with Shiva as a result of his Himalayan visitation. Lord Shiva (Babaji) was, and is, in ontological terms, Osiris, Horus, Moses, ZEUS. As Moses he accompanied Jesus in his Transfiguration, for he was the "Father" in essence. So ontologically these energies are connected. It was the Church which distorted things and extracted Jesus out of the Divine Hierarchy and made Him unique, a one and only, for selfish reasons, and this of course was quite wrong.
The Church points at the Mithraic cults and the Osiris religions and others and says they are pagan for they are represented by a variety of beasts. That is due to a misunderstanding of what the beasts represent. Human sacrifice was stopped very early on by most peoples, except by the Jews who were the last to do so, and it was replaced by animal sacrifice. Symbolically, these Saviours like Mithra and Osiris were made to reincarnate into a variety of beasts. Hence, the Apis Bull was said to have died to atone for the sins of Egypt (again a distortion under Jehovah's rule) and so on. It was a symbolism very much like many symbolisms that the Church has retained but given its own exclusive significance. Unfortunately, many have been fooled by the gross deceit.
It is not unreasonable to suggest that the evil hierarchy of the developing new Christian movement many hundreds of years after the life of Jesus, and against His will, actually created a Myth around Him by using all the facets of previous religions that were available and then set about destroying as much of the evidence as possible about these religions, in particular the Orphic, the Mithraic and the Dionysian doctrines. Others are coming to this conclusion. And, in a nutshell, Christian doctrine and religious doctrines are all about temporal wealth and power, and metaphysical destruction of Divine Beings.
So there were two elements that gave rise to the doctrines that we have today. One was the rebellion of Jehovah, in the non-material realms, to take over a particular dimension. This evil demigod rebelled against the Divine Hierarchy and declared itself the one and only God.
Secondly, in the last 2000 years in Western civilization, the evil hierarchy of the Christian movement took over the religious doctrines of other institutions and declared them its own with exclusive authority and power to do as it wished. The new movement had already been taken over and perverted by evil. The so-called Christianity that evolved was not a representation of Jesus' teachings at all. It was, and is (for it still exists, albeit in a moribund condition) simply the new thrust for the evil demiurge's work.
This is the exact same mechanism which had perverted Manichaeism, Zoroaster's teachings, Buddhism, and Islam, and so on. It is not unique. However I will focus on it as a matter of convenience.
Like all the other religions, Buddhism, as it exists now, is a gross distortion of the Gautama's original message. How many will accept that Jesus was the same Being (or Avatar, or Divine Consciousness, or Energy) as Buddha? The same being has played the roles of these avatars. Hence, even as Manichaeus called Jesus his Celestial Twin, he was, in reality, referring to his Higher Being!
Modern Buddhism has no answers at all to the genuine searcher because of evil distortions. There are many sects within Buddhism, however there are basically 4 major ones. Those who embrace Buddhism totally and accept all that occurs on this plane unconditionally, for they erroneously think it is all a plan of the Divine, are submitting themselves to the full control of the Evil demiurge and his evil, exploitative system.
Many will disagree with this information and point to the harmony and tranquillity many find in religions. Well, let me explain. If any True Being is in complete harmony with this plane and dimension, and the evil systems, including its religious institutions, it means that such a being has postponed, or worse still, totally lost the struggle against evil. Some of these beings may be simply fooled and trapped and still have a chance to awaken. Of course the lives of those who succumb to evil appear to improve as they become trapped in any of evil's systems, and such systems include the totally perverted teachings of the religions including Islam, Judaism and Hinduism as well as Christianity and the minor ones, sects, and others which have been taken over by evil archons.
And as trapped beings comply with the evil dictator's realm, they are more totally programmed and are further subjected to the illusional harmony of Maya. Such trapped beings often receive that which they ask of the system, things such as popularity and status, more wealth, fame, health, outer mind contentment, etc., so that they convince themselves that they are on the right path. Of course they do not realize that they are being deluded and exploited by these traps.
A spiritually damaging harmony will be experienced by True Beings when they live subserviently in the evil system. And not only do the True beings become oppressed, but they also become trapped, exploited and neutralized so that they cannot express their true nature. In time such trapped True Beings will regress! That is, they will be spiritually assassinated even while they incorrectly think they are in harmony with the "right Force". The illusion into which such trapped and fooled True Beings allow themselves to fall, destroys their true perception and vision. Their True Divine Essences become nullified. Such Divine True Beings are for all intents and purposes functional robots of the evil system. And the evil system does what it likes with them, including using them to trap and exploit others.
Many may think they have avoided some of the pit-falls of this plane by being very religious, but it can still be, and usually is, that they are trapped in a greater fraudulent illusion. Even within religious vocations many have grave doubts, as many others have had in the past, and they receive very strong stimuli to awaken to the Truth. Their inner conflict, if left unresolved, can be devastating and can cause great mental anguish and mental disease. But now in the Final Generation of the Planet, the Inner Being will, by force, make Itself heard in all True Beings! Everyone will be forced to awaken to the illusion in order to allow the corrective process to take place.
Where does all this lead us? What is the significance of all these avatars and Sons of God and Liberators, etc., etc.? Well, if we try and rationalize them, there is very little sense to be made of it all. They are simply characters in a mythological landscape that obviously stretches over the centuries from the dawn of time, long before writing was even used, in this last epoch of the human era. Hence, in themselves as historical figures they cannot be more than caricatures of fables and myths. It is only when one ascribes to them a mystical significance that they can be accepted as any more than this. It is only when one acknowledges them as representing some Divine force which is working for rectification of this mess, as promised for this earth in this generation, that they can be taken in a context of some significance to our lives. If we cannot make this acknowledgement then they remain as entertaining mythological figures. To make this acknowledgement one needs to use the Inner Mind, the one beyond rationality, beyond history and beyond the evil programming, pollution and indoctrination. This can only be done by those with an Inner Mind obviously. And the ones with such a mind are only the True Beings.
Regardless of what labels we give these beings, their significance to us can only be their ability to contain the energy for eventual rectification of this mess. If we cannot accept their relationship to this rectification and their destruction of Jehovah and his evil system and all evil, then the whole exercise of trying to find out who they are or represent is pointless. The periodicity of this corrective process is relevant only to us stuck in this time-warp, as I discussed in Volume Two. The fact that it has taken so long to rectify this mess avers to the extent of the problem and the perseverance of these Rescuers.
Some may want to point to the fact that these Avatars all seem to be ancient historical figures who have had time to be matured into godlike figures by embellishing storytellers. But that is not so. For the same energy as these ancient Avatars has incarnated in each generation, knowingly and unknowingly, to assist the trapped True Beings and continue the push for rectification. It comes as groups of beings. I will identify one such group: Haydn, Bach, Mozart and Beethoven, and others of their era, represented that energy. And those who are familiar with the history of Babaji, the guru's guru, so-called, will know He has reincarnated three times in this century alone, and still pays periodic visits as a short-term stand-in.
If you enjoyed that, remember a complete book exists from whence the chapter came.
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More Good News:
We were finally able to upload the November 10 lecture that I gave in Brisbane onto You Tube:
January 25, 2013
Whence the American Dream?
When scanning daily newspapers via the Internet each morning one has to wade through the filth set out to feed the demons, and the trivia to keep the robotic minds occupied and programmed, in order to connect the dots on developing trends or find an ounce of truth in the midst of the baloney and polluting propaganda. 
Occasionally something like the following article appears that is of extreme significance. It is a news report worth reading
It is the most overt expression of Archonic intention that one could read since WW2.
And what are we to make of this article?
Is the intention of conquest and post war occupation not clear enough for you? Is America in the generation in which it will pay for the Zionist-inspired opium abuse of many generations of Chinese which destroyed millions of lives, and for its other sins?
We had continual reports, of course, of the intention of wars against Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, and many, many other nations and communities, etc., and the murderous sanctions for those who would not comply with the wishes of the Evil Masters of the Planet.
But, until the first article above, we have never had such a clear expression of what lies ahead between different classes of Archons.
If you need reminding that Archons are bellicose, just revise this (incomplete) list of wars in which the USA involved itself and ask of yourself: Can warmongers really be children of God?:
Now with our knowledge of false flag operations to initiate wars and bring supposed peace by inducing Terror and Retaliation, we know how the Archons live and cause others, even their own, to die, for they feed on the detritus of the dead!
As I have said many times, the evil rulers are programmed to self-destruct in this Endtime Period, bringing the planet to its long-expected demise, and this article tells us so explicitly.
Some of you may recall that in the 1990s I wrote repeatedly, and said repeated on the Jeff Rense Show, that a stage was being set for the Archons to fight each other, but this time to their true death.
Those of you with access to Jeff’s Archives should listen to those shows.
In them, I said the Reptilian Masters who had governed the USA for a long, long time were about to shift to China for a number of reasons and, by doing so, they would allow another group of reptiles, called the Vulturite Reptilians to take the reins of the abandoned USA.
Remember that all Reptilians are Evil. There are other groups of reptilians overshadowing the cardboard boxes on the planet, but these I mentioned above are the predominant two groups.
These two groups of Reptilians, controlling China and the USA respectively, are bitter natural enemies, more so than more sedate reptiles, and they are forever fighting. However, even though the Vulturite Reptilians are far more ruthless and deceitful, they have NEVER won a war against the group that abandoned the USA and went to China.
I said this in the shows and former articles, and I also said that China would become the dominant power on the planet in a few short decades.
That has already happened. The forecast has been fulfilled.
Their imminent conflict will engulf the whole globe. No one can or will remain neutral. Note Colonel Liu’s advice to Australia to butt out! That was rhetoric, of course. China sees Australia as one big lucrative patch on their future landscape. To them, it is but one big source of coal, iron ore and uranium mines. So, what do you really think it wants to do with Australia really?
How did I know that this conflict would arise? How do I know anything?
At any rate, you will agree that China has made an almost unbelievable improvement in its status and role on the planet, economically, politically and militarily.
Some ten years ago, you may recall, a Chinese official had said that a major war between China and the USA (implying the WEST) was/is INEVITABLE.
I also said in the shows and essays that, seeing the Reptiles who are now so successful in China have never been defeated in a war with the Vulturites who rule the USA, the USA will lose this war too. And they WILL lose it. But in the end, all of Evil will lose.
Realize that these Reptiles are consciousnesses beyond the ‘human’ class 4 plane. They can, of course, incarnate into a body, overshadow it, or even possess it (demonic possession). Some of you, again as I predicted, are regaining your psychic vision and seeing these reptilian consciousnesses in human ‘cardboard boxes’.
Why did the Reptiles who controlled the USA move to China?
It was a matter of expediency. They realized the trapped robots in the USA were beginning to awaken and would be harder to control. We have now seen that this is so. More and more stringent measures are being implemented to contain the awakening sheople. See the url below.
Conversely, in China, at that time, they had over one billion robots ready to be used as unquestioning workers and cannon fodder. They were not only asleep but ready to work hard to achieve material gain and National Prestige. And, of course, their progress would enrich and aggrandize their Reptilian Masters, as, in fact, has been the case.
In contrast to the meteoric rise of China that I predicted, the USA began a slide into cruelty, ruthlessness and decay which we have witnessed since the commencement of George W Bush’s Presidency.
That decline will continue inexorably. More pain, suffering and sorrow will be felt by those trapped in the USA as time proceeds, brought on by the actions of the vicious Reptiles that control them and the consequences of their foolish actions against the Superior Reptiles who now control China.
Tell me it is not so? Tell me you are enjoying the Land of the Free and the Brave as was promised to you in your childhood!
 Just look at this item:
Examine the newspaper article quoting Colonel Liu and you will clearly see the intention by China to destroy the USA and its allies. In it, Colonel Liu is warning Australia not to support the USA. But really no one is fooled. The intentions are clear.
 Such rabid talk is of unmistakable significance.
 What is also very clear from the article is that the USA seems to have grossly underestimated China’s power and this will be a fatal mistake.
This rhetorical and yet aggressive and confronting article follows another that is surely not more than a week old in which a USA spokesman assured the West that it, the USA, has the MORAL right to a NUCLEAR PRE-EMPTIVE STRIKE AGAINST CHINA. It was in the context of the dispute by Japan and China about regional islands with the USA claiming it is supporting Japan. 
In these days of satellites that can read newspaper print on the ground and of self-guided intercontinental nuclear missiles, what advantage can a Pre-emptive strike offer? 2-3 minutes? More like 0.25 seconds which is the average reaction time of a female operator to press the retaliatory button! Why a female? They have faster reflexes. Think about that Pre-emptive Strike and its fallacious advantage.
 Re-read the article and more revelations will come to you.
 The reason I drew attention to it is that it follows the precise pattern I had predicted long ago.
 These Demonic Reptilian consciousnesses are purposely programmed to fight each other and self-destruct.
 They WILL destroy most of the physical world around us and the cardboard boxes that count as Humanity.
 Their EGOs rage. Ego is an evil creation.
 Timing is not of great importance if you have understood my writings.
I recall a Chinese General saying less than 10 years ago that a confrontation of China with the USA is inevitable within 10 years. That 10 year period is almost up.
 Be fearless! We all need to leave these cardboard boxes and Viables are to return Home.
 The rest, failures, are as Wraiths awaiting spiritual dissolution upon their physical extinction.
 In a previous essay, I mentioned a New Divine Energy had been released onto the plane.
Its function is very different from that of the nurturing New Green Energy that is sustaining the Viables through this horror phase of existence. The 5000 helpers around the planet are acting as dispensing stations for the NGE, distributing it to the 650 million or so Viables that are to be rescued.
The very latest energy of which I speak is to be anchored onto this level and directed by one individual, the Last Avatar, to act as a detonator in the Hot Spots around the planet in order to bring them to their fulminating End. A splinter of the Consciousness of the Last Avatar and Its energy are on every structure of this Universe, doing the same job.
 Those of you who like analogies should recall the story of Shiva and consider that He has descended into this doomed dimension for the last time in his Rudric form to allow the Agni aspect to consume all Evil and all its progeny with fire!
 Remember, all these concepts, such as Shiva, Rudra, Agni, etc., have been recalled by aspects of Humanity from eras past, long before this one, and the so-called myths that recount their lives originated from the Truth of a Greater Reality.  Like all knowledge, eventual corruption on this level has reduced them simply to the mythical fables of certain religions.
 But, no matter how convoluted, entangled and distorted all Myths become, once they are unraveled, they all reveal a kernel of Truth.
Could all this be true?
 You tell me.
 Look long and hard at your life, and the planet.
 What do your eyes see?
 What does your Higher Mind tell you?
 As the planet implodes, realize that the presence of this second New Divine Energy that will bring matters to a close demonstrates that the True Divine Consciousness has really always been in control.
 In order to prepare yourself further, please read my essay ‘Terminal Madness of the Endtime’ which I wrote and published in 1998, if you have not already done so.
Here is an expanded version of the essay, the original of which you can find on my website. In both versions I give the prophecy of future animosity between China and the USA and its consequences.
 Terminal Madness of The Endtime
An Examination Of The Status Quo
 Explaining Terminal Madness of The Endtime

Originally Published Jan 7, 2001
 Reprinted on the site on March 5, 2010

It never ceases to amaze me how willingly and deceitfully the Counterfeit Consciousnesses attempt to fool themselves.
As you are well aware, many, many articles which are proudly presented on the web, by the Sons and Daughters of Darkness, are presented with false joy, proclaiming also, with the Arrogance of Ignorance, that all is well, that the Earth is merely reacting to minor human abuse of it and that really all human consciousness is about to ascend into godly levels, for the planet is undergoing a vital, necessary and timely spiritual initiation. In this quantum leap into a rewarding nirvana are included all the most evil demons and derelicts of Hell which are becoming more and more obvious to those with even the slightest true spiritual acumen.
 Some of the false writings, of course, vary in the degree of assertiveness about the supposed soon-to-be-made jump, and give leeway to freewill in order to account for the most evil whom they consider perhaps unprepared to enter heaven with the rest of the wonderful and evolving members of humanity.
 You know from what I, as a representative of the Team which is assisting the Correction on this level, have written and declared, that the above scenario is all bunkum. Nonetheless, there are many versions of this "rapture" process - a distortion of the true process of Evacuation of Consciousness!
 A description of the status quo follows. Before I start the description however, you should be aware of the fact that Humanity is not an ontologically homogeneous entity, as those of Darkness would want you to believe. Certainly the physical shells share a common genetic basis, but the consciousnesses which inhabit those shells are of 3 distinct groups. They are either of a theomorphic origin, or products of the Counterfeit creation and classified as either robots or demons. I have explained these metaphysical facts in detail in various books, and mention them here briefly in order for readers who are not familiar with the details to understand the concepts in this essay more clearly.
The vast majority of Theomorphs (consciousnesses created by the True God Creator) who were trapped in this Counterfeit creation, and bound to this Earth and its astral or etheric planes, have been liberated. They have been rescued, salvaged if you will, and are in a safe, evil-free dimension, in temporary intermediatory villages, awaiting entry into a New Dimension outside of this Evil and doomed Counterfeit Creation altogether. As I explained many times previously in other writings, the evacuation has been one of the consciousness, not of the physical bodies some of which died for various reasons. Other bodies still exist on this plane driven by the basic temporary biological consciousness of the body. Still others have been possessed by other consciousnesses, usually non-viable ones, descending from the astral planes, or ascending from the lower planes. There is a very practical point to knowing this point. You may know of someone who, for no apparent reason, has changed personality completely. It may be an entirely different consciousness occupying the vacated shell!
 There are still a number of Theomorphs on the planet - warriors, and civilians who are assisting them, who are performing functions which are relevant to the energy patterns which are affecting the process by which this Celestial Error is being brought to a permanent Correction.
 There are many counterfeit beings - beings created by the Usurper, the false god, the Evil Mind of the Celestial Error, who have been assessed as being spiritually viable in the context of the Corrective Process. They are being helped by the theomorphic warriors and their assistants, in ways which we on this level do not necessarily need to understand. All we need to know is that these ‘counterfeit Viables’ are also being evacuated. They come from the robotic class of beings created in this artificial creation. As you will know from what I have written previously, there is also a DEMONIC class of consciousness created by the Evil Mind of this Celestial Error. No demon consciousness has turned to the Light.
 Not all the consciousnesses I am referring to are just in the Human Class of Consciousness. All classes have robotic and demonic consciousnesses. And all classes have theomorphic warriors and civilian consciousnesses in their midst. This may be difficult for the lower physical mind to understand, but the fact that one cannot understand the concept fully does not mean it is not true. Hence, the mineral, vegetable, animal, human, the fifth (spiritual, devic, angelic) class, the galactic class and the universal class are all undergoing this selective evacuation and fragmentation and correction.
 As this evacuation of ‘Viables’ occurs, they take their energy and Light with them. Hence, there is less and less in the classes remaining. What this means in pragmatic terms is that the percentage of failed, doomed beings of Darkness in all classes is increasing.
  This is obvious from the behaviour of beings we see around the globe. There is not just fragmentation of human minds, but also an inexorable breakdown of all aspects of the mineral, climatic, biological, counterfeit spiritual and celestial infrastructure of this Counterfeit and impermanent creation, which in true terms, is a Virtual Reality.
 In a previous essay which I called "Terminal Madness of the Endtime", the reading of which may assist you to assimilate this information faster, I wrote about the Physical, Mental and Spiritual perspectives of the decay of this Earth, and after addressing the groups of objectors to my writings, I asserted that there was no other explanation to what is going on in this Earth outside of the explanation I am providing. This assertion stands. In fact, with each passing day, it is more and more clear for those with any degree of spiritual awareness.
*              The Greenhouse Effect: The deleterious effects of Global Warming which have now been even more vigorously confirmed than when I wrote that first essay, and of pollution, as well as ozone depletion, have increased exponentially.
 *              Physical Disease: The looming dangers of diseases, old and new, have increased. These are affecting, not just humans, but animals and vegetation as well.
*              Mad Cow Disease is spreading beyond borders in a manner which frightens those who fear physical death the most. Guesstimates of the number of possible victims always increase the numbers.
*              The AIDS Syndrome, as I predicted, is continuing with its unstoppable march. Again I assert that no AIDS virus exists. The generally accepted scientific explanation of this doomsday disease is a hoax almost equalling Jehovah’s ridiculous and egotistical and very evil assertion that he was/is the One and Only God! Not only is there no virus to cause the disease, but the demonic exploiters are making a fortune selling dangerous drugs to the people kept in ignorance, people who are victims of this terminal syndrome.
I have stated previously that the causative agent is a prion which has a deactivated dark matter component attached. This component cannot be identified at present with the gross technological tools at humanity’s disposal. It is activated by pathological levels of cellular oxidation caused by such things as severe stress, persistent subclinical allergies (just as one can suffer from Genetically Modified foods), by excessive radiation, chronic malnutrition, chronic diseases such as TB, Malaria, worm infestation, etc. This month's United Nation Conference to establish a more rigorous policy to treat AIDS worldwide is but window dressing as you will see, employing empty words in another act in this Virtual reality, another act on this stage of dishonest, ignorant and evil fools.
 *              Chemtrails, which even the most inert minds are now sighting, are as sinister as the most paranoid of persons suspect. These effusions are being used to distribute a number of agents which are intended to alter the physical well-being and the GENETIC code of humans on a mass scale. As well as various prions, the chemtrails contain other agents which are attaching onto the genes of people and will cause various mutations when they are triggered by mechanisms set up by those who have authorised the chemtrail saturation of humanity. Biological components found in the assays of chemtrails aver to the fact that such may well be the case. I realise this is beyond the scope of most people to understand and/or accept.
However, the scenario is a reality. Fuller understanding can only come with a degree of cognisance of the fact that there are other consciousnesses, apart from human ones, who are attempting to redefine existence on this plane, and are working against those assisting with the Corrective Process I have mentioned.
 *              GM Foods: The apparently commercially sound practice of using Genetically Modified foods in all aspects of the food chain is nothing more than a clandestine and very purposeful attempt by the Archons to invade the genetic pools of vegetation, animals and humans in order to manipulate them at will in due course. The other effects of such foodstuffs, such as allergy, cellular stress, etc., which may activate disease causing prions in those not protected by certain vaccinations given by the aliens (usually at the time of forceful abductions) are in essence a bonus to these experimenting, meddling evil aliens.
 *              Alien Agendas. More and more people are becoming aware of aliens among us and around us. Inspite of the best efforts by sceptics, who are really programmed bigots attempting to keep the plane in perennial ignorance, people are awakening to the reality of UFOs, Aliens, alien abductions, beings of, and doorways to, other dimensions, etc., etc. I predict that the amount of physical evidence which will confirm these other aspects of a Greater Reality will explode and leave no one in any doubt of what is going on.
 On previous occasions I have also written and spoken about three realities impinging on our lives.
 This consists of the fraudulent Triad of History, Science, and Religion defining what we are, how we live and what is going on. These are False Facades of a Failing Virtual Reality as more and more people are suspecting. They are part of the illusion of the Plane, using lies to keep us trapped in Ignorance and proclaiming that Humanity is in control of the Earth and its own destiny. But, in reality, they are failing miserably to maintain us in the cage of Stupidity of this false reality.
 Thus, more and more are questioning the History that is presented as truth. That is why Science is at an apparent loss to integrate the reality of UFOs. Aliens, Evacuation of Consciousness, Terminal Madness, etc. And that is why awakening people are leaving Religions in droves, realising no valid answers are there to be gained. Of course, the more fully programmed robots and demons are fighting for their sanity by sticking to the fragmenting scenario of this History, Science and Religion as best they can. Others have seen the fraudulence, but being unable to integrate the reality of Spiritual Accountability and Judgement, are wallowing in the shadows of madness as they seek escapisms from that which cannot be avoided.
 For details of why I have written this about History, Science and Religions which have corrupted Seeds of Truth in order to enslave bodies and minds, I refer you to my website and books.
 This is also a pseudo reality but its awareness allows an awakening to the control of Earth and its inhabitants by occult Brethren of Darkness. There are Alien Civilizations in and around Earth whose agendas have been part of human affairs for far longer than most imagine. These are evil aliens who colonized this planet, as they have many others, and, in fact, set up the physical aspect of Humanity as an ongoing experimentation, using stolen plans acquired illegally from the True Creation. In the process of usurping this area they entrapped the Theomorphs who were already here in differing forms.
 This aspect of reality is complicated. There have been many, many alien civilizations which have not only visited Earth, but also have been interactive with other aliens here, with the biological experiments set up by other aliens, and with whom they have often waged war. Most of these aliens have energetically exploited Humanity in various ways, especially the entrapped Theomorphs, while remaining well hidden from view, as would keepers in a well-stocked zoo. This reality too is undergoing fragmentation, for all levels of the Counterfeit Virtual Reality are doomed to finish.
 These are the aliens who have provided technology, some apparently benign, but most of it certainly destructive, who have now impregnated their biological experiments with agents such as prions, which have caused Mad Cow Disease, AIDS, etc. These are the ones who have cloned many humans, who have become evil human walk-ins, who control the world in various ways. They are experimenting with hybrids such as chupacabras which they hope will survive the changing Earth conditions so that their own consciousnesses will be catered for.
 They are the Archons. They are a more advanced class of Sons and Daughters of Darkness. They are being seen more and more as the Virtual Reality fractures and people are acquiring true inner vision, psychic visions, as I said they would as the Endtime approaches.
 There are many groups of these aliens, but 6 major ones have shared the "wealth" of this planet of late. The Reptilians, who until recently controlled the world through the US government, are the most powerful of these evil alien clans. They have now shifted their consciousness to China. They are preparing to conduct open warfare with their most threatening foe, the Vulturites, who have been able to gain control of a very much-weakened USA since the Reptilians moved on. These points are of relevance in understanding why World War 3 will begin and why the USA and China are such bitter enemies.
 Regardless of what many may want to believe to the contrary, a True God Consciousness does exist. Via Beings called the Elohim in ancient texts (true Divine Consciousness, as I use the word), this Consciousness is the one which has been balancing this evil plane with its Light while its Theomorphic offspring were evacuated bit by bit over a long, long time. We have now come to the end of this Process of Evacuation. This is the Consciousness which has accessed each consciousness, whether Theomorphic or Counterfeit, and judged it for spiritual worthiness. In other words, the Final Judgment of all "souls" has already occurred.
 The Corrective Process involves the Liberation of True Beings and all others deemed viable from Darkness. As a consequence, the structures holding such beings in Darkness will collapse. This is why this world, and the entire Physical Universe, is collapsing. The non-viable aspects will simply disintegrate for they can no longer gain energy, as they did from the Theomorphs, to sustain themselves. You see, the Counterfeit Creation has been a parasite on the True Creation. Now, unable to feed itself, it is starving to death.
  The consciousnesses deemed non-viable will be made inert by a Process of Transmutation. This process itself however is not inert. Those undergoing it will relive the horror they have caused others. In the course of True Justice, each will get exactly what it deserves, as all have been given countless chances to step out of the Darkness into the Light. All who are now non-viable have chosen in various ways to remain in the Darkness, for it suited them. They gained too much from the suffering of others with the Evil they committed and convinced themselves that their nefarious feasts were never-ending, inspite of the countless warnings of a Final Judgment, of Accountability, given by Beings such as Rama, Krishna, Moses, Buddha, Zoroaster, Jesus, Manichaeus, Mohammed, etc., etc.
These evil, renegade aliens who infected this Earth after escaping from various celestial wars are being rounded up for transmutation also. No one can escape the process.
 An awareness of this very complicated matter, even to a moderate degree, allows some sort of understanding of the Fragmentation Process to which this Earth and all its people, all its processes and its inhabitants, even the non-human, are being subjected.
 The instability of Climate, Tectonic plates, microbial life, vegetation, animal and human minds is due to the shortage of spiritual energy being suffered by the plane as the Light recedes. This Earth is plunging headlong into an Abyss of Darkness from which it cannot be retrieved. However, be not concerned for nothing of value is being lost.
 Madness is everywhere, is it not? Alas, it is a modern day truism that Fear and Anxiety, often for no apparently rational reasons, are masters of the non-viable human psyche.
 This being the case, you can extrapolate exactly what is to occur. With minds steeped in Darkness and with the ratio of demons increasing, there shall be an ever-increasing demonic madness which will engulf the plane. Already we are seeing this.
 *              The Madness of Climate is obvious to all.
 *              Vegetation, with ubiquitous, poisonous and strangling superweeds, with failure of crops, with encroaching Genetically Modified seeds, with allergenic components, with loss of rain forests, with release of toxins more and more, with fast disappearing species, is reflecting biological decay and madness.
 *              Animal behaviour is becoming more unpredictable.
 *              Human minds are fragmenting, imploding, decaying.
 *              The unnecessary culling of animals in danger of minor illness, as occurred in Britain recently involving Foot and Mouth Disease, reflects human madness. The so-called commercial and health excuses given by those who claim they are in control only highlight the stupidity which accompanies the madness. Of significance is the way they treat the animals as objects to be exploited at will, paying no attention to the suffering and misery to the animals and to many of their owners which they unnecessarily cause. Oh, my, what a wonderful world!
Expect more such inappropriate decisions by the Archons as their minds decay.
 *              However, the increased ferocity of animals, their unpredictable behaviour, the imbalance of certain numbers while other species become extinct all demonstrate the system, as well as the animals, are going mad for they, and the system, are subjected to the same Process of Fragmentation as are all physical manifestations.
 *              A return to dangerous hybridization experiments and cloning, as was done in ages past, before this epoch of history (which is the last of 7 on this Earth) is paving the path to horror, terror and further illness, disease and instability both for animals and humans. If time permits, hybrids with mixed animal and human genes will be "created" by mad scientists, not just for body parts, milk, vaccines, etc., but also for sexual gratification of demons, again as was done in ages past. Bestiality, much on the rise as demonic consciousnesses express more and more in human shells, is a pointer to this.
 *              If for no other reason, aspects of Humanity can be condemned totally for their exploitation, abuse and murder, in a metaphysical sense, of beings in other classes of consciousness which have been forced to share this Earth. More and more are awakening to the horrendous suffering and misery to which the animals of the world have been subjected. The abuse is even more ghastly when it is realized that many human consciousnesses are forced to regress from human into animal bodies in the ridiculous and evil cycle of Reincarnation and its law of Unjust Karma. Those who quote distorted and spurious texts of ancient manuscripts, including the Judeo-Christian Bible, as self-defense for their demonically carnivorous ways are doomed to perish in the Darkness of such fraudulence.
 *              Violence, anarchy, ruthlessness, selfishness and ungodliness are increasing daily.
 *              Pornography is rampant, increasing at an alarming rate. As mentioned, even animals are not safe from demonic sexual predators.
 *              Greed and exploitation by those in control of the concrete jungle are increasing as masses are herded like cows into ever-tighter physical and mental compartments.
 *              Fragmentation is affecting programming methods previously used successfully by the Archons to control people. Thus, forms of the Media, Religions, History, are no longer as effective in manipulating minds which are escaping the indoctrination of former times. The exposures on the World Wide Web, which the archons are desperate to control, to censor, have played a large part in freeing minds. But, in order to regain lost ground, even more surreptitiously evil mind control processes are attempting to dangerously reprogram the minds of the common denominators, the sheople, the goyim, so that they can be pacified, lulled back into the illusion of the Virtual Reality, and then further exploited and turned into tax-paying pawns who, when given the signal, will march into a war from which they gain naught.
I cite the destruction of Iraq and the former Yugoslavia as recent examples.
 *              Paranoia is mounting, and, in a form of escapism, some are attempting to fragment countries and governments while others seek friends to form blocs in which to feel safer and with which to attack others in due course.
 *              Fragmentation is affecting all levels of society. Not just nations, but states, communities, institutions, families and couples are showing the mental decay, the result of which is dissipation, for many minds now are subjected to internal stresses giving doubt, confusion, anxiety, fear and suicidal depression in increasing numbers. It is a paradox, because in this age, with material abundance, stability should be the result. But it is not, for the very reasons I am giving.
 *              Beware! No unprotected mind is safe, for the ever-present twins, Anxiety and Fear, are bubbling up to affect the outer minds of individuals from their deep subconscious where the truth of what is going on is being told to each consciousness unerringly.
*              Fear from financial and emotional insecurity is also threatening minds as never before. And as financial instability affects most of the world, fear, insecurity, anger and paranoia inflame self-pitying minds whose belligerence is easily inflamed by demagogues and poor politicians alike. Have we not, on countless times, seen war being used as a means to restart economies regardless of the real consequences of such a war? Times are ripening for such abuse of power by those who think they can afford to exercise it.
 Alas, there appears to be no end to the depravity and evilness of the Counterfeit Creation.
 *              In a futile attempt to blot out the reality of Judgement, of Failure and of Finality, and with a deficiency of energy with which to uphold the Virtual Reality, vulnerable outer minds are becoming trapped by their inherent fears. Some express this as anger, others as anxiety, still others succumb to the gloom and doom of their own failure and seek a means of physical escape.
 *              Suicides are increasing at exponential rates for that reason.
 *              Still others grasp at straws, and seek longevity by absurd means. Some are already eating foetuses in order to gain the stem cells found there in an attempt to prolong their lives. Soon, as demons will have it, babes will be eaten publically and unashamedly, as I predicted will occur.
 *              Others, as I said, are attempting commercial and illegal cloning and the manufacture of body parts in animals. This hybridization is not new. It was done in the time of Atlantis and on Mars not long ago.
 *              The Madness of Nations is seen in the preparation for Nuclear War everywhere, in the firm willingness to commit to battle no matter the consequences. This is the War I have predicted, a war no one can win.
 *              Hatred and the lust for Vengeance grow with the madness as the lowest common denominators of populations urge their leaders boldly and openly to conduct war on their enemies, not realizing they are clammering for their own annihilation as well. Such is the nature of Terminal Madness.
 *              The Search for the Ethnic Bullets to obliterate other competitive races, is just another form of nihilistic madness.
I am certain that each reader can make an expansive list of other incidents which highlight the destructive, aberrant, demonic behaviour of members of this Human Race.
 The atavistic tendency which will see the darkness of demonic souls expressed more and more freely and violently on this plane is not so much a regression due solely to external factors. Rather, it is the unbridled release of the nature of the Counterfeit souls (consciousnesses) who have always yearned for the opportunity to express this, their true behaviour.
 Now, with diminishing Light on the globe, and with mind energy (prana) at starvation levels for the failures, their rampage in search of energy is occasion for them to express their vile demonic nature fully. Those who are not of the demonic clan, but are failed robots nonetheless, will be programmed by the pervading Darkness of demonic minds and will be swept headlong into the horrors of the fulminating, destructive Endtime. Quick glances at Rwanda, Indonesia, Kosovo, etc., give previews of what is to come on a grand scale.
As this process engulfs the globe, all will see who and what these failures are. And each will recognize the need for Correction and the reason why such beings are failures and can have no part in any process outside of the influence of Evil.
 The Evil basis of Humanity, and of the Aliens who created this absurdity, under the direction of the Evil Mind of the Celestial Error, which itself is undergoing transmutation, will be exposed as never before.
 Although what I have written here may appear to some as extreme, let those who want to see the Truth of what is going on identify clearly the signs of the emerging reality.
 Apart from the exceptions I mentioned, all who have yearned for Justice and Peace have been evacuated. They were the ones who prayed for this Hell to end. For them it has ended, in the best way possible. They are out of it and in a place of Joy and True Freedom. For them there is no longer the battle against injustice, nor the constant pain, suffering, exploitation and misery of this hellish and vile Counterfeit Creation.
 Those who luxuriated in the iniquities of this abomination now have to go through the process of their own Madness, having created it by their constant denial of the need for Justice and Accountability.
 I write these words not to frighten anybody but to accelerate the understanding of those who wish to know what is going on, and to advise those who are to succumb to the fires of their own Hell, that it was they who fanned the flames with their own iniquities. These were the fools who could not wait to ridicule what I had to say. They can blame no one but themselves for what they suffer. Truly each will get exactly what it deserves, no more and no less.
If readers genuinely wish to know more about this information, I ask that they listen to the various interviews I have given to Jeff Rense which may be heard in his program archives, read the newsletters, articles, essays, etc., on my website ( and, if need be, read some of my books and listen to lectures I have given over the years.
A recent lecture is on You Tube:
Are you feeling a little traumatized by this information?
Worse is to come. Prepare properly. Emotional turmoil is unavoidable, so you have to train yourself to be unaffected. What did the Buddha say?
 Here is one example of what is in store: I have already revealed that over 30% of consciousnesses in human bodies are of a demonic essence. That means literally that in an extended family of, say, 9, three will be demons. And you will realize that, and see them, before the end. If you are a Viable, realize that they are your mortal enemies in essence, regardless of their familial associations.
 But, on the other hand, consider this: If you received news of the end forever of all pain, suffering, misery, illness, death, poverty, unrequited love, boredom, anxiety, fears and depression, how would you feel?
 If you were promised a world with no taxes and no bullies, no hypocrites, no cheats, no liars and no murderers, no more war, no more episodes of personal failure in anything you attempt, would you not be ecstatic?
Would you not be impatient for such a world?
 Well, the process we are undergoing on this level at this very moment is to make that promise real.
 Smile, for if you truly are one of Peace, Truth and Love, this is the most joyous news you could ever possibly receive.
 OK, so you have to ‘drop the shell’, leave the cardboard box, physically die. So what? You have done that thousands of times and are still in existence. This last time is no more traumatic. In fact, it should be joyous if you make the full realization that you will be physically dying for the very last time.
 Read any accounts of those who have had Near Death Experiences. Not one wants to voluntarily come back into the physical, even though they only experience the Astral World, which is still part of the Virtual Reality.
 Can you imagine how much better the True Reality is? It is so wonderful that it really is beyond our imagination and comprehension
 Awaken fully and prepare for take-off.
 I repeat, this is the best news you will ever hear!
 Feb 2, 2013
Of Nous, Inner Knowledge and realizations,
When True Knowing seems Illogical to the Agnostics.
Familiarity with my previous writings based on True Gnostic Knowledge will assist readers in understanding better the concepts I present here.
If one does not see Evil, the Evilness around us, its Virtual Reality which has created for us a bubble of destructive Illusion, and the fact that this level is ruled by Class 5 Demons, that are the result of a spurious, illicit and very temporary Creation, which is about to be dissolves, then one is not just blind but doomed!
That this is a Demonic world will become as clear as can be in the next 20 years or so, the end of which will terminate in the TOTAL eradication of the Physical and all those who have judged as being spiritually non-Viable.
One has attained the true vision when one sees oneself as an eternal spirit using a disposable, physical shell. Unless the Evil is seen, the chances of escaping from it are minimal.
Unless one realises one is being lied to by all so-called authorities whose role is to maintain the fraudulence, one will not seek the Truth.
Unless one sees Evil’s Programming, Pollution and Indoctrination which suppress the True Spirit, one will not take steps to cleanse, protect and fight against the destructive mechanisms involved.
Unless one sees the causes of our pain and suffering and misery, no action can or will be taken, by the individual, to expose the mechanisms which cause them.
Unless one recognises the futility of lauding this Evil System in which so many lose hope and perish in the gloom of the false light, then one will not seek the Greater Reality.
Unless one recognises the trauma suffered by the spirit, even if the body is appeased by the morphic somnambulism of this Hell, the danger will not be realised and one will not fight to survive.
Unless one ignites the Spark of Light within, sufficiently to burn a hole through the layers of obfuscating programming in the outer mind, and is alerted to the deceit, the chances of true, internal, spiritual awakening are minimal.
Pray daily that you will see not what your physical senses seek, but what is truly there, no matter how traumatising to your physical that may be. That is your only chance to survive this spiritual holocaust of evil Jehovah's creation.
Outer mind knowledge does not make one complete as a person or as a learned mind. Nowhere in external knowledge - except for banned Gnostic texts, which are ridiculed so much by the demons parading as priests, rabbis and professors who should, and do, know better - are you going to learn that this system is evil and utterly condemned! Beware Cultivated Ignorance increasing displayed by the Evil Morons in this, the Endtime.
Only connection to the Inner Nous, the Inner Knowledge and the Higher Intellect can provide what is needed for completeness. Only with the Gnostic Nous can you attain the Keys for Liberation. And only those with the Nous can seek such Liberation. The others are part of the scenery of crassness, the demons and deceitful robots of the Deception and its Illusion who must, perforce, perish with the mists of the decaying Virtual Reality when its time has come.
Don't risk your spiritual future on the answers you gain by asking the evil louts, or the programmed counterfeit fools. They are there specifically to obstruct your spiritual view and make you remain lost in this Den of Iniquity.
You are asking for trouble if you define your Reality by consensus opinion. No better example exists than the masses telling Columbus the Earth is flat!
Until you are able to truly discern, with a great degree of accuracy, who your true friends in Light are, look not outwardly for answers, but inwardly, to your Higher Mind, to your Nous, to your Spark of Divinity within your being.
That Nous is all you need. That Spark is you in real spiritual terms, waiting to lift all of your consciousness out of the mire of murderous malignity into the Realm of the Rightful Reality's Radiance.
Oh, look how pretty you are to the physical eye. My, oh, my, such expensive clothes, and such fine jewellery. And I bet that perfume and all that make-up cost a pretty penny too.
Ok, ok, the wrapping is nice, and to the eye pleasing, in a limited way. But what is your body worth? About 73 cents in chemical terms? No matter how great it looks today, its appeal will fade as you age. Time and Gravity will reduce you to a stooping pile, inexorably, as the perfumed smell dissipates into the tiredness of senility. Your mind so crisp and sharp, and the glint in your eye so alluring and menacing, as it seeks fecund fulfillment, will both pass into the confusion and inactivity of an old age possessed of ills and resignation. Not all are gifted with gerontophilia and you too will suffer the timed, programmed rejection by youth which thrives on such imbecility.
The priceless pearl which you possess, if of timelessness you truly are, is that which resides in the fleshy wrapping inside the bought material wrappings. It is not part of them, only hidden there, held prisoner by the mockery of a fraudulent, flawed, physical personality.
The pearl, the pearl, it is that longs, from these wrappers, to be free. Oh, what price freedom from the decay and ensuing misery, from the entrapping physical fecundity, from the inexorably withering malady of a flawed system and its flawed existence in a Time temporary?
Oh, that the mind from such traps could once and for all be free. Such a thought is the very start to that road to True Liberty.
The very first book I wrote (in this lifetime) was called ‘Revelation of the Truth’. I published it in 1985 and then revised and expanded it into the 3 book series called ‘Making Sense of the Madness’
Below I reprint paragraphs from Part Two, Chapter 13, of the first book of that series, named ‘What’s Going On’. The Chapter is called Original Earth and Evil Changes.
In that very first book, you will see mentioned, among many other things, the formation of Oxygen and the prophecy of a coming New Energy, which I later called, when I ‘met’ it, the New Green Energy.
I first met ‘It’ when it simply came into my supra-mental field of vision and ‘It’ was present whether my eyelids were open or shut. But, that’s a story for another day.
I had no proof of those things I mentioned in my books then, and I recall I was taken to task, even in a court case, for supposedly writing nonsense, for being ‘illogical’ to those who thought they knew better, but who in reality were far more ignorant. This was especially so when writing about the development/creation of Oxygen to accommodate aerobic beings in the progress of this planet’s abundant anaerobic and later, aerobic life.
Proof of the development of Oxygen, after other advances, and of the biological evolvement of conditions for the existence of aerobic beings using oxygen is now available. Here is a recent article to prove what I wrote in 1985 was accurate:
In that very first book, I also wrote about the existence of a MATTER that made up the major portion of the Universe’s structure. I was told by the ‘Higher Me’, as I wrote about it, that this substance had not yet been properly discovered or identified. Its scientific discovery was not to make it into ‘popular culture’ for at least another 10 years even though some astronomers were aware of anomalies as I have mentioned previously.
But, this body, the little ‘i’ had studied Medicine. It knew nothing about Astronomy other than what was in School books and Basic University Physics. I certainly knew nothing about such things as the development of Oxygen in Prehistoric Times and of Dark Matter. In fact, not being fully ‘awakened’, my lower mind struggled with these and many other concepts that were given to me by my Higher Self to write down in those early days. I admit that some of the concepts were far too abstract for me to describe with the logic of the lower mind, and to write them down into words so others could understand them. As a consequence, I could barely contain them in my mind and I had to let them go.
Those experiences were similar to, but far more intense, than the communication one can have with numbers and abstract figures in the astral planes or when in an alpha state, as occurs in meditation, in abstract thinking, and in certain parts of one’s sleep cycle.
They make perfect sense to the Higher Mind and feed the required information into the fascinated lower being. But once out of that state, once the streaming of the numerals and symbols stops, the lower mind cannot comprehend what the heck those numbers and abstract figures mean and what it was that was going on.
Needless to say however, the needed and/or asked for information, knowledge, and instructions were locked into the Higher Mind and would be translated usually, in due course, as needed, into thoughts that the lower mind could later grasp.
Long after I wrote my books, 26 years later, in fact, I read Professor George Ritchie’s book of his Near Death Experience in which he explains that he saw this process of knowledge transfer from the higher planes to the minds of beings in the lower earthly plane.
This is the mechanism for the solutions of problems too, when abstract data may be given in a higher state of awareness or altered state of consciousness which later translates to ‘logic’ in the outer mind.
Consider this abstract, all of which leads to another story involving, as some have called it, Chemical ‘serendipity’. The tale is told of one Friedrich August Kekulé, a German chemist, who had all this evidence about benzene at hand, but couldn’t figure out a structure by which to explain it all. One evening, while riding the bus home, he fell to daydreaming, and his mind was filled with visions of carbon atoms dancing around. Whether today this would qualify him as a genius or a candidate for an institution is unclear, but that he was able to get from there to the structure of benzene, and indeed organic chemistry in general, in his time, made his career.
Thomas Edison was another who admitted obtaining data in dream-like states:
Ignorant, closed-minded fools and skeptics who remain in that state at all costs, see this brilliance of some, and the ability to communicate with Higher Levels of existence, as some sort of an aberrance. That is why they, the skeptics, remain closed-minded idiots to this day. In my work, I have met some of the most qualified Medical Specialists who are simpletons when it comes to True Knowledge. One is ashamed to be associated with them, such is the level of their ignorance about matters that really count in life.
Those with Nous just know there is something more than this absurdity called physical life. They know there is continuation of consciousness. They just know it is so. They do not want or need proof.
They know that a Day of Rectification will come and that those of Evil will bear the cost of their Iniquities.
They know there is a place of Peace and Love and that this world is not it!
They simply know Evil exists for they have often felt its wrath and the abuse from demons. They also know deep in their psyche, their Nous, that those spawns of Evil, these demons, really exist, no matter how much and how often ‘Science’ denies their existence.
As time passed, I learned to distinguish the various sources that fed information to the lower minds on this level.. There are many traps for the unwary. There are many Dark Beings that attempt to interfere with our auras and lower minds even while we are connected to our Higher Minds and they attempt to interfere and feed us spurious information.
One becomes better at gaining insights and a more proper connection to our Highest Source, with time, and with the lessening of pollution, with good protection and with thorough cleansing of all the Centres of Consciousness.
That is why I stress the non-use of intoxicants of any type. They allow indiscriminate entry of beings, often unknown, into your Centres. You may think some of the effects are beneficial to you, but how do you know you are not being fooled by an evil consciousness pretending to be good and saying it wants to help you when, in fact, it is leading you astray and draining you of your valuable energy?
Stay off those hallucinogens. That is the best advice I can give. There is no such thing as a ‘little bit of damage’.
Of late, some have wanted to justify their use of Marijuana and stress its ‘benign’ nature and harmlessness. I had previously said it caused brain damage. Those of you who want to defend its use should think again in light of what you will read here:
BTW I have covered these topics at length in my books. But I would like to repeat the following:
Do NOT act on any directive you receive, regardless of its claimed source, which, if enacted, may disadvantage or harm you or anyone else in any way, whether it be physically, mentally, intellectually, morally or spiritually.
If you receive apparently benign messages, there is no harm in ignoring them until you feel certain they are ‘benign’.
Genuine Divine, Higher Spiritual Beings are not interested in mundaneness. Don’t be like New Age prudes and ignoramuses who will tell you that St Germaine or Archangel Gabriel told them what dress to buy or what colour shoes to wear, on such and such a day, what job to take, and so on.
The point I want to make here is that the information I wrote accurately, long ago, concerning Oxygen and Dark Matter was truthful even though, at that time, even my physical lower mind had doubts and even though physical proof did not, as far as I knew, existed. It does now.
That should give you confidence to use the knowledge I write about in order to expand your own mind and psychic abilities and follow the leads. In my opinion, at least, I believe they are valid and true. But, you are the judge for what you want to believe. You know my Motto well.
This raises the question of what is logical and what is illogical. The more ignorant a mind, the more illogical esoteric explanations will be for it.
Of course really stupid minds find even the most logical and plausible explanations to be ‘illogical’.
Here I am discussing the disclosure of truths as I was given, about Oxygen and about Dark Matter, before the proof was available to lower and lesser minds.
Who then is to say that many other things which ignorant minds find illogical are not, in actual fact, of a Greater Reality of which they cannot conceive?
Of course we have to be careful in this Virtual Reality for the Arch Demons send along fools to distribute idiocy in order to mislead those trying to truly awaken. An example is the ridiculous hullabaloo that some made regarding the end of the Mayan Long Count Calendar.
Here is the extract from my book:
‘Changes to the Physical
As stated earlier, etheric and astral worlds were built to contain the spiritual beings between physical lives. To live in these worlds the spiritual body was clothed with etheric and astral bodies. The Etheric Body is an electromagnetic envelope which contains the other bodies. It is attached to the physical by a silver cord (often seen clairvoyantly). It also has physical characteristics such as weight and dimensions, and is subjected to local conditions which can interact with an electromagnetic field. Its effects are photographed by Kirlian photography and it is injured by sound, ultraviolet and radioactive radiation.
Within this etheric body exists another electromagnetic envelope, the Emotional Body which is another Evil-created structure imposed on beings. It is activated by special Rings of evil influence that reside in the evil environment. When excited, it causes drainage of energy from the spiritual body in which are 49 concentric circles of energy around the nucleus of the Permanent Atom. As the energy in these falls, the awareness falls, as discussed elsewhere. Changes in energy and awareness cause etheric body changes and this allows variations in the Aura which many psychics can read.
The physical body which we have now, designed by the evil demigod, has evolved through various stages. Planned decay and disease and death were included, for death removed the consciousness from the body and helped erase the memory. As the awareness was lost, the fear of death gave more emotional energy, and the suffering and emotional upheaval to family, victims, relatives and friends due to tragedies, further increased fear and gave the evil demigod more energy.
In the New Dimension decay will not occur. The new bodies will be permanent. Agents of disease, decay and putrefaction such as fungi, bacteria and viruses (which are the evil demigod’s creations) will disappear. Harmful radiation will disappear as the elements will be stable.
Death or displacement of consciousness occurs at all the physical levels. Hence, in the mineral level even elemental decay changes the physical properties of that element. Vegetation dies and experiences continuous change also as in shedding of leaves, flowers, etc. Animals and humans die. None of these things were supposed to happen. Plants once created were to last. No part of creation was supposed to eat any other. Nutrition was totally by sunlight and prana, but evil tampering caused disastrous changes.
The bodies evolved by the evil demigod depend on Earth’s environment. Some are aerobic. Oxygen was not a component of the original plan. With decay and death of the bodies and the use of some as food in the food chain, a regenerative system was planned. Reproduction by sexual and asexual means evolved. The reproductive cycle was linked to the emotions and great use was made of it by the evil demigod to trap and exploit. The bodies in the New Dimension will not have respiratory, alimentary or sexual systems.
All the energy in this Universe is contaminated spiritually. New Energy will be introduced and all the contaminated energy will be destroyed. Those who are creations of the Evil Energy will be transmuted. Hence, Evil Energy will disappear forever.’ End of extract.
More about the Chemtrails.
In the mid-1990s I made a forecast on one of the Jeff Rense Shows that the Archons would be spraying the skies with chemicals. I stated clearly the Prime Objective of these Chemtrails and their poisonous contents were to dumb down people by interfering with brain function.
Many scoffed at such an idea at the time and said, if that were the case, they would be spraying the whole world. At that stage they were only spraying the USA’s skies.
Guess what? They are now spraying everywhere in the world! And they are now spraying at night too, so that there will be fewer witnesses. But, it’s too late. It seems too many saw them during the day and objected to them.
That forecast was accurate. The primary purpose, which they are achieving, is to reduce brain function in humans and animals. Why do they want to do that? The answer: So that people will become bigger morons than they are now and will be more easily controlled, on the way to culling the numbers by various means.
It is going to be difficult for the masses to accept the fact that humans are NOT in control of Human Destiny. They may think they are, but they definitely are not.
Superior, Reptilian, malevolent consciousnesses are in all positions of power. They are called the Archons. And they dictate every aspect of the lives of ‘the cardboard boxes’. Due to camouflage by the Archons, the stupid sheople, so utterly programmed by all the pollutants and indoctrinations cannot see past their noses to realize this is so. The classical example is the BS fed by the Media to them via newspapers, magazines, TV, videos, movies, etc. A minority is finally awakening to this evil programming.
Indeed, a few are slowly connecting the dots. So they are finally seeing the malevolence required by overriding very evil, consciousness in the manifestation of 911, the recent Wars, The Jewish Holocaust Myth, etc.
I had previously highlighted the Chemtrails’ contents interfering with Vitamin B12 in the body. The reduction of this vitamin causes, among other things, progressive Dementia. We are beginning to see Dementia in adolescents and young adults, something never before seen.
There are secondary effects of Chemtrails, as in weather control with HAARP’s EM wave reflections etc. Australians who know about HAARP are becoming more and more suspicious of foul play as they suffer this most unusual weather on the Continent that we are experiencing. But the prime function for Chemtrails was, and has been, and remains, the dumbing down of human minds.
Realize that awakening to the Truth and regaining true spiritual vision can have adverse effects on the lower mind and the physical body in the sense that a battle will ensue between the evil-programmed lower mind and the Higher Mind as to what one should or should not believe.
I have attempted to warn you of this when you start to see auras, and the ontology of beings, who is who, etc. Not all beings you are or were attached to emotionally may turn out to be of the ontology you would wish. You have to deal with it. It is going to be tough going. The partner you sleep with may very well be a demon who has been slowly spiritually destroying you all these years, by draining your vital, spiritual Divine energy, even while you thought you were emotionally in love with “it”.
You will have to deal with that situation when you wake up to the fact that it is a demon you are having sex with. Sex is the most efficient way of draining your energy and/or polluting you with Evil Energy.
Now do you understand why the Gnostic Doctrine advocates Celibacy?
Also, realize that some of you are warriors, not spectators. You may be directed into battles in this War of Essence, which is very near the end but has not yet been finalized, in order to accomplish some mission or other. You do not usually get to know the details of what it is you are doing.
You may seem to be allowed to fall into a trap and a battle explodes around you. Fight on. You do not know the details. It may be you were led into that trap by the side of Good to expose further Evil. I could give you numerous examples even in public political life, but I am sure you have many of your own.
If you are a “Light”, you are down here to fight a War, not to have a quiet or ‘good time’ as defined by the failures. You are here to fight Evil, in whatever way best suits whoever is guiding you, until you are lifted out. And, remember, the greater the warrior you are, the bigger the load you may need to carry.
Linda Lindauer’s story is an excellent example of what I mean
There are many others. Follow the leads, but realize that as you try to swim through the murky waters, hungry sharks abound:
As you probably know, I purposely uploaded my November lecture, given in Brisbane, on You Tube.
My words are having 2 very distinct effects on viewers.
Those with the true Inner Nous are awakened, nurtured and delighted. It’s not simply a matter of the words and the information given. Viables are nourished by the realization that the information resonates within their being and they are joyous with the effects of the NGE upon them.
Here is a typical positive comment: ‘The YouTube views on your video are increasing exponentially. I promise, doctor, that you have an amazing effect on some of our lives……………..there is no way some of us would've made it this far if it was not for you or your work. Thank you Doctor! Within the year you will cause much attention on You Tube - GOOD! I cannot wait! We will be standing behind you! I am sure people have been anticipating on meeting and showing their appreciation over these years, and thus this may be the closest thing for interacting, besides e-mail’.
There are many negative comments, of course. What would you expect with 91% of the population being failures, non-Viables, with no Inner Nous?
As you will note, failures react savagely to what I have to say, and express themselves with abuse and anger. But believe me when I say that the predominant effect on and in them is FEAR.
My intention is to awaken and enlighten. This should dispel all fear. So where does their fear come from? It comes from their dark souls and the realization of what they are. The New Green Energy distributed in and by the lecture simply acts on them to highlight that which they have kept hidden, or so they thought, for so long, from the Light. Namely, that they are guilty of treason against the Light. And, as Jesus said, they are liars, hypocrites and murders of men and the Truth.
The lecture is merely one means used to deliver the New Green Energy onto this plane.
Thus, I hope you appreciate the fact that the NGE is nurturing and sustaining the Viables while exposing the non-Viables, simultaneously. *
Finally, realize that those without Nous cannot comprehend a World beyond Evil. They live in the Virtual Reality and for the Virtual Reality. They are shattered by the thought that it could be possible that all this sham of an existence is being dissolved to allow the Pure Light to express in all the lives of those who are Viable.
They without Nous cannot see anything wrong with the World. They are oblivious to the pain, suffering and misery of others. They feed on the energy of those they exploit and do not wish that to end. Take this article for example. The explanation by psychologists is complete BS.
Psychologists uncover what's behind the urge to crush cute things to oblivion

The destructive reaction is from demonic entities remembering how they get their energy - by making others suffer !!!!
These of evil are the ones who do not know what ‘True Knowledge’ means. They cannot see why they should care for others. They are programmed by National Hubris to kill anyone their leaders tell them to kill.
They do not see anything wrong with killing animals for sport, nor in breeding them, fattening them and then selling them for profit so they can be slaughtered to fatten other ignoramuses.
They are the ones who follow no creed, or if they do belong to some religion, do so as a social obligation, giving little or no thought about what they have to regurgitate as its teachings. For them, as long as they are told they will die and go to heaven because they are members of that religion is enough.
These are the ones who readily accept that Earth is a classroom where we learn lessons like what it is like to rape and kill, steal and lie, cheat and abuse, exploit as many as we can and feel no guilt.
For them, there is no accountability, no personal judgment, no Evil, no Hell or Transmutation.
How wrong they are.
And yet, in this day and age, we have psychics who tell them all is wonderful after death no matter what you have done, no matter what class of demon you are, no matter how many you have hurt.
I will have more to say about this when I discuss Near Death experiences and what some relate from their journey.
In the meantime, watch this short video as an exercise, and attempt to discern the auras of the two psychics. I will discuss this topic later also.
As I said above, I shall also discuss, in a future post, the fact that some Near Death Experiences are part of Evil’s Illusion within its Virtual Reality.
Queensland Australia has suffered once-in-a-century flooding for 4 years out of the last 5 according to some reports.
More than one reader has asked this: ‘Are the demons playing with their HAARP?’
And, if they are, why are they picking on a friend? As you know, Australia does not need to be asked by the USA to jump. All it wants to know is ‘how high?’
Perhaps they are just practicing for the BIG events to come?
Finally, a news report which, if it is genuine, fulfills my prophecy of cannibalism returning in Humanity:
Even if it is NOT genuine, it will not be long before we see cannibalism on a grand scale on this nightmare of a planet.
 February 15, 2013
Predicting the End Day is fraught with danger as you well know.
But often in earlier days did I venture to have a go.
In one show I said 2035 was the outer limit then,
But added sooner not later could be when.
Then I thought with rapid changes, 2025 would see the End here,
Only to change it to 2023 when of greater wars I did hear.
Long ago I wrote a poem, number 129, in which Merlin
Said nothing of Humanity or Earth was to be seen after 2022.
Revised then again had I the date due,
To 2019, a week before this last pope said he'd bid us adieu.
And I did this without an Earthly clue.
I know this figure will send into turmoil most of Humanity

But it shall be welcomed by those of Light True.

 February 17, 2013
 Let’s begin with a clip of Demons at work:
Notice 2 things:
1                     The disappearance of species. This has been found to be cyclical:
Cycles of Destruction: We have scientific, physical evidence that there are cycles of physical destruction in which ALL living things (of Class 3 = Animals) and Class 4 = Humans) disappear.
I will write more about this in subsequent posts.
      2              The clip ends with the usual call for False Hope for “Humanity’. The idiots must be kept  forever hoping this hell will not end.
              And in the following movie, Hollywood is preparing the Sheople with more scary tactics:
What is the point? It is a good system for harvesting emotional energy from the idiots, as it has always been.  
 March 11, 2012
Part One
The Introduction
Before I begin, I need to remind you that I am writing these books and essays as a Doctor of Metaphysical Science and as a Gnostic Theologian, not as a Medical doctor. Many of the High Priests of Cultivate Ignorance have no idea of how to begin to understand what I write. To them I suggest that they view these writings as Science Fiction and leave me and others who want to find the true meanings of these words alone.
 There are many others in the general public too who are programmed fools and understand nothing of what I write. I remind them that no one is holding a gun to their heads to make them accept the things I write that they do not understand. As always, my motto ‘Take it or leave it’ applies.
 Many ask about the accuracy of the figure that I posted for the End. If they bothered to read my books they would not have to ask. Up to this generation, the ‘End of the World’ phrase has been a code, as I have explained previously. Below I include relevant material I have published previously. Dates and figures are given as codes also, and as Propaganda, to fool the enemy. Virtually no date about anything that has ever been released on this level has been accurate, on purpose. I have explained that Prophecy is a legitimate tool of Warfare.
 And, remember that false information abounds. In recent times we have had such things as:
 ·         Nancy Lieder, a Zeta Reticuli contactee who claims she ate her dogs to stop them suffering in the End. She said Planet X (Nibiru) was to come in 2003. Only stupid, spiritually blind idiots still believe in Nibiru coming soon. 
Note how easily accommodating contactees can be fooled and how liberally aliens lie.
And then, on this subject, we have Sitchin:
With Sitchin we see perhaps incidental misinterpretation and misunderstandings start a whole culture of erroneous fanaticism.
·         The End with the Long Count Mayan Calendar finishing in December, 2012.
·         St Malachi and his cryptic prophecies. More about him below:
Here is more detail of Malachi’s Endtime Prophecy:
St Malachi’s prophecies about the Popes may be forgeries, filled retrospectively. In fact, some claim this present Pope is the last and that the entry about Peter of Rome may be an interpolation.
Even if this present pope,
or the next one, called Peter of Rome,
are the last, it may indicate the end of Rome, or the end of the Catholic Church as we know it. It may not be the end of the world at all.
But, hey, there is money to be made out of the dorks.
From Wikipedia:  A viral marketing campaign for Sony Pictures' 2009 film 2012, directed by Roland Emmerich, which depicts the end of the world in that year, featured a supposed warning from the "Institute for Human Continuity" that listed the arrival of Planet X as one of its doomsday scenarios.[67] Mike Brown attributes a spike in concerned emails and phone calls he has received from the public to this site.[43]
Lars von Trier's 2011 film Melancholia features a plot in which a planet emerges from behind the Sun onto a collision course with Earth.[68] Announcing his company's purchase of the film, the head of Magnolia Pictures said in a press release, "As the 2012 apocalypse is upon us, it is time to prepare for a cinematic last supper."[69]  Follow the links for more idiocy if you have the time.
         Many over the centuries were given the ‘End of World’ code. But nothing ever happened, did it? Of course nothing happened; otherwise we would not be here.
·         Buddha spoke of the End of the World, all be it, in riddles, as far as we can make out, for nothing in writing exists from him.
·         Zoroaster declared the End of the world.
 As you will see there is a lot of baloney in these distorted writings. But one thing is persistently clear: That the end would come after 3000 years from Zoroaster’s death. That time is about now, assuming he died around 1000 BC. But even about that date there is doubt.

·         Manichaeus considered he continued the work of Zoroaster and Jesus which included a discussion of the End of the World at some stage.
·         Jesus is supposed to have said the “End’ would occur in His generation. Most of Matthew 24 is taken up with this conundrum.
·         Mohammed and the Koran are in accord:
I remind you that I had written previously that most of Mohammed’s writings that formed the Koran were distorted after Mohammed’s death.
 All we can say about the about texts is that they were corrupted for sure.
 But, there is a thread that is constant. And having explained to you that this is the same being both as a Class 4 Consciousness and as a Superior Consciousness, or Essence, or Avatar, that incarnated again and again using a disposable body every time, there must be something plausible to the Message of Finality.
 And so it is that I received this Message, even if initially I was most reluctant to co-operate with the process:
 I think it is worth examining how, when and why I received this Message of Finality and also examine if there are any factors that might indicate this is the final time for distribution of this Endtime Message. I will attempt to make it as entertaining as possible, for one’s drudgery running a gauntlet along an obstructive and punitive evil path towards Spiritual Awakening is usually not just boring to others, but far from pretty.
 By the way, I had published sections of this elsewhere: 
 In the late 1970s and early 1980s, even while I was practicing fulltime Medicine in Melbourne Australia, I experienced a set of extraordinary circumstances which allowed me to contact what I now term the Supra-Mental Consciousness.
I had been vigorously questioning the state of the world, and I found that answers provided for the various problems causing the ubiquitous pain, suffering and misery that confronted us daily, and appeared to be increasing exponentially, were obviously incomplete, inaccurate or absurd. Various esoteric conundrums one met on searching ever so slightly below the surface of daily living seemed to be simply ignored. Worse still, those who delved even a little into the mysteries of life were barely tolerated it seems, and were often quickly dismissed as fools. But, that made me all the more determined to find answers.
Even in Medicine, the paucity of correct answers concerning life, disease, suffering, mental illness, etc., left me wanting to find answers away from the well-worn incongruous paths of my predecessors.
With some trepidation I ventured into the shadowy world of the Paranormal sustained as it was by its handmaiden Para-Psychology.
Being a University trained person, I naturally turned to the Universities for Enlightenment. My search for answers appeared futile as I received negative responses from all the Universities in Melbourne that I investigated. At the very last one, Latrobe University, I was almost desperate to find a path with answers. Finally a breakthrough occurred. The person I was questioning for courses to study in which I was most interested said there was a Professor who held private classes in Parapsychology.
It was thus that I was fortunate enough to meet a most remarkable man called Professor Moshe Kroy. Moshe was indeed enigmatic to those who did not know him. But, in reality, he was a highly intelligent academic devoted to Truth and Wisdom. He was a non-Zionist Jew who had been expelled from Israel for protesting the atrocities committed by that State in the name of Zionism. As I was to learn, his heroes were Jesus Christ and Sai Baba.
Moshe died some years ago shortly after courageously returning to Israel. He had been threatened with assassination if he ever went back there. Mossad is nothing if not maleficently efficient. But, there are other factors in his death which need exploring at some later stage.
Until his death, he was a wonderful friend and helped introduce my work to his students and many people he knew in the USA. I was indeed fortunate to have him share the path with me for a short while on a Journey that seemed most difficult. There was simply no one else I could discuss esoteric problems with at the time.
I now know I was led and perfectly guided, by developing circumstances, onto a path and to a point at which I solely could make contact with the Supramental Plane. You may well accept the fact that when contact was made I was incredulous. For a long time, I was extremely skeptical of everything I was told by those Superior Beings of a Higher Order, and in the early days, much to their chagrin, I rejected most of the information. I was just too skeptical. I knew they were benign and I trusted them totally, but at that stage, for my mind, the material was too far removed from what I, and everyone else on Earth, I guess, had accepted as Reality.
Slowly was I dragged by them with many a long discussion to points of acceptance. But I argued and argued, on almost every point. When they revealed what my role entailed, once I accepted to be part of the team, I resigned on the spot. I could not accept anything that far outside of the ordinary. But they persisted and on reconsideration, I rejoined them on this quest. On this level, I was to be the spokesperson for a very large Team that was conducting the Correction of the Celestial Error. Their energy was present on every particle of this Fraudulence. Why was I chosen? I will answer that in Part Two.
Eventually, when they told me in detail what their contact with me and the work I was to do was about, I began thinking more seriously, and slowly realizations began to form in my head as I awoke to who I truly was in my Higher Self. Glimpses of the Greater Reality began appearing in the lower mind of this body and I soon became immersed in the Supramental Consciousness of which Shri Aurobindo had written so much about in the last century. I read many of Aurobindo’s books and their familiarity to my mind was uncanny. But, the penny did not drop for a long time.
The Superior Beings I was communicating with told me straight out, ‘Your work has to do with the Endtime!’ And reflexively, I said ‘But many have predicted the End of the World in all eras, even Jesus Christ, and nothing has ever happened!’
And they said, ‘Ah, but much has happened, as we will explain to you. And you must agree that eventually one who says the World will finish will eventually be right. Why cannot it be you?’
I discussed this point with Moshe. He was of the same opinion as I was initially. In fact, his response was exactly like mine: ‘Many have predicted the End of the World in all eras, even Jesus Christ, and nothing has ever happened.’
We reached an impasse.
So, ‘They’ being far wiser then I, arranged a meeting for me. I was to attend a Mother craft, a massive spacecraft outside of this dimension, at which I would be given full details of the work and what was going to happen to this Earth and dimension.
This invitation was exhilarating. There was no sense of hesitation or fear in me. Finally, here was what I wanted most in the world.
i               The proof for the continuation of consciousness outside of the body. In other words, personal irrefutable proof of the existence of LIFE AFTER the DEATH of the Cardboard Box, for that is what I called the physical body;
ii              The ultimate proof for the existence of so-called Aliens,
iii             The existence of other levels and dimensions, and
iv             The proof of existence of an exact, prescribed Plan to get the deserving people of this planet out of the hellhole they were in.
I couldn't wait.
And so it was that on the evening of Sunday, April 14, 1985, I attended the Special Conference on the Mother craft, as I have described in detail in my book "My Experiences of Aliens, and Other Realities."
From then on, I was given information about how events would unfold. I was given details, some of which I published. Admittedly some of the timing seemed to be off. But they told me not to worry about that as sometimes they gave false data to fool the Evil Opposition. Indeed, prophecy was used, and is used, as a valid tool in the War of Essences of Good against Evil. I had to bear the idiotic attacks of the morons whenever it appeared I got specific events or timing wrong.
Those who have, in fact, followed the trends I published from the 1980s can see how accurate these writings have been.
Below I have attached the essay I published in my books called 'Making Sense of the Madness' that explains the use of the phrase "The End of the World" as a code for others in their eras.
I clairvoyantly saw the changes that were to come. And they are coming still. Since I was given the information, I learned many others had been given the information via dreams, visions, in Astral Journeys and in episodes of Near Death Experiences. The explanation for this is simple. Once information was released, as it was by being given to me, it was seeded in the Astral and Etheric Planes and therefore it was made available for further distribution. Those familiar with the Principle of the Hundredth Monkey will have an idea of the mechanism in action.
I then spent some 20 years travelling the world contacting others who had subsequently been given this same message of Finality.  But, apart from meeting other workers, Babaji and I were following a hidden agenda in these travels. Who Babaji is and what that agenda was I shall explain in due course.
Indeed, many who are not 'in the know' as it were, on reading my Message are now reacting in exactly the same knee-jerk manner as I did, saying "But many have been predicting the End of the World and nothing has ever happened." That excuse is no longer valid, as we shall see.
This era is different for the following reasons:
1              I am here in the now. I have been to the Spacecraft. I have met the Beings who told me this Finality was here. They are the ones who will rescue beings in all levels of consciousness that are spiritually viable and able to continue existence elsewhere. This is not a fairytale. I acknowledged my true identity. In true essence, I am not the Cardboard Box nor just the Class 4 (human) consciousness that runs it.
2              I am still a highly successful practicing physician in Australia. I must be sane for God certainly knows the Medical Boards exhausted themselves from trying to prove me otherwise. Since my first book in 1984, I have had umpteen confrontations with Medical Boards and their representatives. All that those inimical encounters proved was just how ignorant the psychiatrists and doctors I saw were in such matters and how little the profession as a whole knows about the Greater Reality that affects Holistic Human Existence.
3              Since I published my information in the 1980s, many others around the world have been told of this End of the World. I made a very successful trip into Mexico in the 1990s with Joyce Murphy of Beyond Boundaries. And we spoke to many who had secretly received this message of Finality. Some were simple peasants, some were children and teenagers; others were lawyers and architects and medical doctors. They could not all be making up a frightening scenario with which to scare themselves. Why would they?
4              In the initial stages of awakening, I didn't recall in the lower mind of this dispensable physical body all the other times throughout history when the message of Finality was given. I could then only speak of my experiences as I awoke and the times we were in. But this time must be different from those other eras, for many other factors of finality are operating. Besides, UFOs in our skies are ubiquitous.
5              We have never had so much evidence of UFOs and aliens in the skies and amongst us. The information is overwhelming.
a              Among many, many witnesses and experts in the field of Ufology, we have experts like Colonel Corso who was eventually in charge of the alien remnants following the Roswell crashes telling us the aliens were real. He saw them. After a time, he was in charge of the whole operation. Some time ago, on Italian public television he confessed that he did not want to carry the lies about Roswell and the aliens to his grave. He said in English that, being a geriatric, he felt it was his duty to divulge the information he knew before he died, for the good of Humanity
b              We have an incredible number of videos on the Internet of Alien crafts.
c              We have thousands upon thousands who have made benign and not-so-benign contact with aliens.
d              Estimates vary, but it appears that over 10% of humans have been abducted by aliens for various reasons. I enumerated some of those reasons in my book "My Experiences of aliens."
e              We have admissions by experts that they were instructed to obfuscate the Truth, as occurred with Project Blue Book, and others projects before and after it.
f              We have medical evidence of Alien implants, and strands of DNA which some consider alien in humans. Dr Roger Leir is the expert in this field:
6              Anyone who now denies the existence of UFO and Aliens, in spite of the evidence available to all, is either Stupid or Ignorant or Blind. This is especially so since Mexico, the UK, Belgium, Italy, Russia and the USA, and other countries, have released much of the material they have hidden about UFOs. Only fools deride the belief in UFOs. You can well imagine what I think of them since I've actually been on a Mother craft many times now and have also had numerous sightings of other crafts all over the world as well.
7              The Internet provides a welter of information. History is replete with stories of visitations and visions of UFOs. It is idiocy that allows people to deny their existence. Actually it is evil programming that makes such people deniers. The pity is that they badger those who know UFOs exist. Guess who the fools are?
8              In this era, which I have called the Final Generation, we have absolute proof of Terminal Decay. In fact, some years ago, I penned an essay called Terminal Madness of the Endtime. It was written, whether you want to believe it or not, as a blueprint for what was to happen to this planet and those in it. Read it.
a.             Many scientists have said we have reached the point of no return.
b.             Pollution is at an unprecedented level. Soon, physical existence will be impossible simply from this factor. The cost of breathing clean air will be beyond most. Already 41% of the world's population is suffering chronic asthma or chronic respiratory illness, a statistic that is well hidden from the masses.
c.             We know Fauna and Flora are disappearing at an unprecedented rate. In a previous post, I indicated that the rate may be as high as 10,000 times the normal rate.
d.             We know the Sun is corrupted and not behaving normally. It is dying. Ubiquitous Vitamin D deficiency will kill many people and animals.
e.             We know Humanity, the Earth, the Sun and all living things are in trouble.
f.             We see whole Galaxies disappearing in erratic exercises ending in Terminal annihilation.
g              The ubiquitous fragmentation is impossible to be missed.
9              Mental Illness (Terminal Madness) is a definite Reality. It is epidemic and endemic and affecting every single family and every individual on the planet one way or the other. Animals are affected too, as are consciousnesses in Vegetation and in Minerals.
10           Disorder and Decay are to follow. These will manifest as failure of crops, madness of climate, loss of structural integrity of minerals, crystals, etc. Thus earthquakes and their sequelae will be inevitable, even as the Earth itself, which is already spiritually dead by the way, sways and collapses its electromagnetic properties. As I said, go back and read my essay called Terminal Madness of the Endtime.
11           This is the only generation that I know of in which Near Death Experiencers have come back from the subtle levels and told us they have been shown the End of Planet Earth. Admittedly Near Death Experiences have occurred in all eras (Plato recounts one). But this is the first time we, and they, have been given such a lucid message of Finality.
12           Every change we see on Earth is for termination of Life on this planet. Admittedly many New Agers are grasping at the false notion that (lying) Aliens will save the planet. They subscribe to the view that we are all going to quantum leap into a Nirvana where all will be heavenly. But, apart from their misplaced hope, born of idiocy and Fear of Accountability, where is there ANY evidence of this amelioration? All the changes are about awakening certain ones, called Viables, evacuating them, and about the decay of what remains. I would be most interested to see one point of improvement to demonstrate that the Earth and Humanity, in toto, are about to recover, to be saved in the physical, and to then evolve into a Higher Plane.
Since I initially wrote this essay in 2011, this notion of Saving Planet Earth has greatly diminished. Even the idiots are awakening, as they must.
13           We have never experienced, as we are doing in this generation, the existence of DEMONS in physical bodies. I have discussed the types of consciousnesses in physical human bodies separately in other essays. But for now, realize that many people are acquiring psychic vision, just like I predicted they would, and they are seeing the various demons in physical bodies.
This is part of the Endtime Prophecy,­ so that we will all know who is who in the Endtime.
14           I asked why this timing had not been given to seers such as Shri Aurobindo, Edgar Cayce, Nostradamus, Mother Shipton, etc., etc. The answer was that the Key to the Endtime was given, in a manner of speaking, but they were not to divulge any of it. It was not yet time. It was given to me in this Generation for this is my role in this life. Do what you will with this knowledge. Just remember my motto: Take it or leave it.
15           In fact, St Malachi, the 12th-century bishop of Armagh in Northern Ireland, according to the traditional account, as I wrote above, is credited with having prognosticated the end of the world by enumerating the Popes. Rumour has it that it is a Nostradamus prophecy really. We now have the second to last Pope, after which will come Peter of Rome who will see the destruction of Rome as well as the arrival of the 'Dreaded Judge'.
(Pope # 112 Peter the Roman, who will nourish the sheep in many tribulations; when they are finished, the city of seven hills will be destroyed, and the fearsome Judge will judge His people.) Of course, in simple lore, it is understood that the Judge is to come at the End of the World.
It is interesting to note that return of He who will dispense Justice is called "the Dreaded Judge" or "the Fearsome Judge". Only they of Evil (losers, non-Viables) would use such a label.
16           In a previous essay I had revealed that a considerable number of consciousnesses which belonged to the Theomorphic class had already been evacuated near the end of 1999, and that the process of awakening in which we are engaged now, and the separation of the masses, is to identify the Viables amongst the Robotic ranks that remain on the planet. I have explained this further in other writings. No demon has attained Viability.
But the thought you should be leaving this essay with is that of Joy, for all that is happening is eradication of the putridness from our lives. By the Process of Finality we shall see the end of Evil, the end of its exploitative mechanisms, the end of all the pains, suffering, misery and ignorance that we have been subjected to since spirits were trapped in matter.
What will follow will truly be a reward for those who have wanted, and sought, Simplicity, Truth and True, Universal, Immutable Love.
The others who wanted nothing but exploitation, hate, lies and murder can go back to where they belong: to the Hell of their own creation. They will, in time, be transmuted to exist no more.
And then, all that will remain for those who a Viable enough to continue will be Peace, Love and Joy, as promised so often by the Avatar who manifested as Jesus, and Zoroaster, and Manichaeus, and so many, many others throughout the Ages.
I cannot imagine a better, more joyous Message than this that anyone truly interested in Truth, Peace, Harmony and True Love (not sex, possessiveness or exploitation) would want to receive.
Before I leave this section, I must warn you however, that the Journey was far from easy. Due to interference, communications were often contradictory, promises were often not kept, I was often totally isolated with no direction, no support, little funds and at the point of despair, especially when demons like Amitakh Stanford and her demonic husband Steffan pulled the rug from under me, stole all the funds that were given to me to do the work and left me stranded.
I think there are many imposters on other levels, and many demons on this level, pretending to be who they are not, giving false directions and attempting to lead us to failure.
Every step I have been forced to take on this level has required monumental effort. To be attacked by media and idiots is one thing, but to be fooled by demons like Amitakh and Steffan and their bastard supporters who put me through Hell numerous times was enough to make me consider giving up. One wonders why no hint to avoid these draining encounters were given by the “correct guides”. Perhaps those battles were also part of the Correction.
Just when one was over, another would start. I think they chose me for my stubbornness more than cleverness for anyone else would have quit this job long ago. But, I gave up a million-dollar-a-year Medical Practice to do this work 30 years ago and became a pauper, so now I just have to see how it all ends. If it is a ‘leela’ we can all laugh, and cry, together at its conclusion.
Eventually the ardour wanes in any new adventure, and one becomes far more cautious.
Do not follow advice given to you by ‘guides, helpers, superior beings’ etc. Tell them to go jump in the lake.
If something sounds right, and harms nobody, then you can reconsider it.
But more often than not, I have found that advice from supposedly superior levels is mainly evil BS.
It is hard to see the World ending in 6 years, so what do we do?
We keep all options open.
I guess on this level we can console ourselves by saying the Correctors of this Error can and do tell us ‘fibs’ in order to confuse the enemy and we just have to go along with the Plan. They can’t very well tell us it is false data, otherwise the evil enemy would know too.
Here is the part of the Preface in some of my previous books which explains the End of the World Code a little:
‘I have been asked to add these comments to the reprints of the various books. It was in 1985 that I had been asked to give this information, contained in the various books, to the world by a group of Extra-terrestrial consciousnesses. They form part of the Rescuers in the Space Command and more will be heard about them in the near future.
The books contain news about the "End of the World" and, in fact, I was asked to state that this would occur before the year 2000. Readers may have come across the prediction of the "End of the World" in many ancient books, including the sayings of Jesus Christ, Zoroaster and Manichaeus. Ontologically these Divine Messengers, and others such as Buddha, Mohammed, Rama, Krishna, and many, many others, have been the same Consciousness (Being) presenting onto this level at various times in differing manifestations.
The "End of the World" as a message was a code for certain Beings of Light who were to prepare themselves for evacuation at those times, in their own generation. They were also given a general timing within their generation. The Messengers knew this and the Beings of Light subconsciously knew this also and prepared themselves accordingly. It appeared that these Divine Messengers were wrong in that the End of the World did not eventuate, but, in fact, they knew it was a special code and used it accordingly, much to the chagrin of the Evil Ones who were reminded by it of their own eventual outcome.
I have been asked to explain this apparent anomaly in the ancient texts for a very good reason. This is the last time that the code will be used as the physical destruction of the planet is, in fact, going to occur and the special code will no longer be needed.
When reviewing literature of cultures, modern and ancient, from around the globe, many of you may be amazed at the similarities of the historical concepts present in various cultures and these concepts are recognizably similar, inspite of the distortions and regional peculiarities. The reason for this is that the basic religio-philosophical history of this planet is that of Gnosticism. It has been distorted over time into the various myths, cults, religions and fables by inadequate minds and by those of evil who wanted such distortions for their own gain.
From another perspective, the End of the World will have occurred by the year 2000 for the remaining True Beings of Light for none of them will be present on Earth by that date. Their consciousness will have all been transported out into other dimensions. Some Rescuers may remain to supervise the physical destruction.
(I wrote this well before November 1999, when, in fact, evacuation of the consciousness of most of the True Beings took place.)
The globe may linger on without Beings of Light being present for perhaps 5, 10, 15, even 20 years beyond the year 2000. But for all intents and purposes, the End of the World will have occurred by the year 2000 when the last (civilian) Being of Light will have been evacuated.
(I explained subsequently a few thousand remained to assist me till the End as we sorted out the robotic Viables from the lower 4 classes of consciousness: Mineral, Vegetable, Animal, and Human. All that has now been accomplished.)
Remember, the evacuation need not be a physical one and the body may linger on under the control of its own lower consciousness or it may even be taken over by a trapped evil consciousness. Lack of understanding of the process may cause anguish, hence do everything possible to connect to the Higher Spiritual Self for greater realizations.
Between now and total evacuation we shall witness the active intervention of Extra-terrestrial consciousness in the affairs of this world and all will become aware of the Earth's total destruction in due course, and the existence of the spiritual component of all consciousness. It is this component which the evil ones have been trying to deny for a very long time. But they have failed. The Rescue Plan has succeeded. The War is all but over.
Inspite of the endless stream of data which bombards the world daily from TV, newspapers, magazines, the information Super-Highway, etc., people are becoming more confused and frightened just by living in ever-deteriorating conditions. The information in this book (Making Sense of the Madness) is to dispel such confusion and fears by providing a basis for the understanding of what's going on from a metaphysical perspective, and as you will see, ultimately that is the only perspective worth having. The bombarding data of this world is as useless as yesterday's news.
I am aware that a few people who think they know better call the material in this book Metaphysical Mumbo-jumbo. I am flattered. Let me explain. After practising General Medicine, I came to the conclusion that while modern medicine was good at the short term alleviation of pain and making some feel better, it had no answers to life's mysteries. I then started reading philosophy and after much confusion and a lot of headaches I came to the conclusion that philosophy as it is written has no answers either. In fact I came to the conclusion that most philosophy books are published so people will stop reading philosophy books. After writing all my books referred to here I studied and acquired a Doctorate in Metaphysical Science and continued avid reading of Science and its technological advances. My conclusion has been that it is Metaphysics which provides meaningful answers as far as
I am concerned. All other aspects of epistemology are dead ends. My reading has allowed me to categorize Mumbo-jumbo as follows:
i               Philosophical Mumbo-jumbo is good for causing headaches and good heated debates, however it never killed anyone.
ii              Religious and theological Mumbo-jumbo is dangerous and has spawned the various religious Wars, Inquisitions, Crusades, etc., with much destruction and loss of life.
iii             Scientific Mumbo-jumbo is the most dangerous of all, for it has spawned a monster called Scientific Technology which will be the death of Humanity, the Earth and all living things. It is doing this via its ability to deplete the Ozone layer and poison all living things with excessive ultra-violet radiation, via its ability to cause the irreversible Greenhouse effect and some of the global warming, via its ability to irreversibly pollute water and food so that life will soon be unsustainable on the planet, via its pollution of the environment with nuclear and chemical discharges so that everything is carcinogenic and incompatible with life, via its ability to cause nuclear holocausts, via its ability to infect everyone on the planet with death-dealing AIDS, and other totally resistant strains of microbes such as malaria, tuberculosis, staphylococci, pneumococci, the Ebola virus, etc.
Science has promised short term gain but delivered long term pain and destruction, even planetary annihilation. If you read any alien abduction reports, you will note that many of the aliens, in seeking other areas to invade, are lamenting to abductees that their advanced science and its technology have, or are in the process of, destroying their dimensions as well!
Is this so? In support, I turn to one of America's famous and favoured sons. In 1959, J. F. Kennedy was quoted as saying: "I am sorry to say that there is too much point to the wisecrack that life is extinct on other planets because their scientists were more advanced than ours."
iv             Metaphysical Mumbo-jumbo is the only one with the answers. It is a personal Mumbo-jumbo and it involves no one else. It does not interfere with the thought processes of any other individual. In fact, it encourages diverse, individualistic thinking in all beings. In contrast to the others above, it fosters harmony, love, peace, truth and respect for all aspects of creation. It promotes awareness and rightful knowledge with which to dispel all fears.
Even if none of its mumbo-jumbo is true and it is all a self-deluding exercise, the fact that it heals so many in body, mind and emotions is reward enough. Surely the study and practice of metaphysics which promote understanding and tolerance are much more preferred to the programming of religious bigotry whose aim is to prove one religion is better than others. And surely it is better than wasting one's life making Science and its Technology the Modern Age "god" by which one can develop more innovative, more exploitative and more painful methods of global destruction and more complex sceptical arguments for the denial of the existence of God whose heel is about to descend and crush such evil.
If one has to be fanatical in life, it’s better to be fanatical about loving "God" and "Truth", about studying metaphysics, rather than being a fanatical religious bigot or a fanatical sceptical scientific know-all who self-deludes in thinking he has all the answers when in fact he has none that matter!
By the way, by "Truth" I mean the personal Inner Guiding Light, which varies and should vary for every True Being, for each was created as a purposeful distinct individual with its own version of the Truth within its own creative Divine Blueprint. I do not consider that there is a "Truth" consisting of a set of Dogmas and facts which all must adhere to, which are absolute and which must be fought for, or cause others to kill for. That is why I refer to the personal Inner Truth in these texts. And it is why I urge each True Being to search for its own Inner Truth and warn each that the search is a personal endeavour the completion of which can favour no other individual in spiritual terms. What is right for one may not be Truth for another and this is another reason why we need to suspend judgement wherever possible in spiritual matters.
Inner mental and spiritual experiences and Inner realizations are unique and will have interpretive connotations which will be as diverse as the experience and as unique as the individuals having them. That is why I stress that no influence should come between a True Being and the Source of his Light, Knowledge, Wisdom and Truth within. I am aware that this is directly opposite to all the extant religious teachings except the Gnostic ones. It is opposite to all the impositions and restrictions of this sorrow-filled plane.
So, my advice to you is to read on and use whatever you find within these pages to assist you in awakening to your own Inner Truth. Feel free to choose and discard as you wish for only in that way can you destroy the fetters placed on your spirit by this moribund and deceptively ignorant evil system. And having acquired such freedom, and having found your Inner Truth, learn to soar to greater and greater heights with an unbridled spirit and joy, knowing that all evil shortcomings of this miserable system will shortly be no more. Rejoice in the spiritual and mental freedom of the newly found Divine Presence within and reject forever the soul-destroying iniquities and shackles of this soon-to-be-no-more physical dimension.
Enjoy yourselves, for only your Inner Spiritual Truth can give you the Freedom worth having. Your own personal Inner Truth will give those things you search for, those things which cannot rust, or be stolen, or be eaten by moths. It will give those things which are of inestimable value, those things which are eternal, as you are and shall be! Ignore your Inner Truth and you will continue to be a programmed robot of this pernicious system which is self-destructing and which spiritually assassinates unaware True Beings.
I have been aware of Occam's razor while writing and have tried to stick to the modern version of his axiom: K.I.S.S. (Keep it simple stupid). But, complexity is part of the problem.
The year 2000 above referred to the Evacuation of Theomorphic consciousnesses, and in fact the World ended for them in 1999, one month before the date of the prediction. They were evacuated successfully and await to continue their evolution in Intermediate Villages, as I have explained elsewhere.’
So, to date the World has not ended, has it? Thus, you see, “End of World” appears to be a code. I explained it in the books. It is a signal to prepare for entry into the Spirit World whenever that may be. It is possible, but unlikely, that it could be fare more than 6 years. It could be 6 thousand, 6 million or 6 billion years from now, even more. If it is 6 billion or more, it will mean we will be elsewhere outside of this Solar System, for the Sun is supposed to last maximally another 4 and a ½ billion years or so if it is allowed to continue. But, already we know it is in a state of deadly decay.
 That we are heading towards some major changes is obvious. In fact, many, if not most of us, may go into the astral again for short or long periods as the physical deteriorates dramatically.
 So, the thing is NOT to panic. Live your life as usual. Do not do stupid things. Do not cash in your savings, or sell your house and belongings to go and live in a tent on top of some hill to await spacecraft rescue. It is not going to happen. Continue your normal routines. Continue your job or studies.
 Be spiritually alert and diligent. Do not lie or cheat, steal or fornicate indiscriminately with robots and demons. If you do, like some I know are doing, you WILL get into trouble, big trouble, spiritually.
Hence, in conclusion, realize we are in a War of Essences. No side is going to reveal truthful things, especially dates of activities, if they can help it. We, caught in the middle of the War of Essences, should live our lives as if nothing is happening, even though we see horrible physical and mental deterioration everywhere. Remember this War has been raging for billions of years with cycles of total destruction of aspects of the Physical and the recycling of consciousness!
Recent deteriorations include:
·         Speeding up of Time that is obvious to all.
·         The lack of energy, which is even being noted by sloths.
·         Terminal Madness, with dementia, rage, violence, etc.
·         Preparations for the mass murder of Humanity are well under way with
GMO foodstuffs,
Deadly Vaccines,
Global Warming which is both from the Sun’s deterioration and scientific malpractice in the upper atmosphere,
HAARP activity,
Terror for terror’s sake, and
War, War, War;
Enforced poverty,
Sterilization of living things by by-products of technology, etc.
 Do you notice that these methods of destruction are very slow means of killing people, fauna and flora?
 But, it does not necessarily mean that the real, real End is here, or does it?
 Then again…………If the dating is accurate – BOY, wouldn’t that be great? But, keep expectations low.
That way you will not be disappointed if the End does not happen in 6 years’ time.
 In recent weeks, with the Russian, Chinese, North Koreans and Americans all threatening to use nuclear weapons to attack anything that moves, six years may seem rather realistic for the End !
 As I have stated in previous writings, the Laws of Physics predict an inevitable end to the Physical Universe. The dating of that End is, from History’s evidence, a speculative joke, a Leela of the ‘gods’, no doubt, in which each of us plays his or her part, big or small, on this long-suffering, exploitative and illusionary Stage of Fools and on which only the spiritually decrepit and corrupt seem to gain.
 Could the coming destruction be another phase of the Leela that brings cycles of temporary destruction as I wrote about previously?
 Is it another false end?
 Some say that the Lord’s Prayer seems to be aimed at the wrong ‘god’ for thus far, the supplication to ‘deliver us from Evil’ seems to have gone unheeded.
 When it is truly heard by the True ‘god’, I am sure the End will come.
 All we can do is prepare ourselves for that End, no matter when it may be.
What do I think?  Does it matter what I think? For you, it matters what you think.
If all the manifestations of the Supreme Avatar I have named above appear to have been wrong, why would I think I am right?  What factors are in play now, in this Final Generation, as I have called it, that tell us that the real End might be here?
 For starters, there would have to be of an even Higher Level of Superior Consciousness on the planet, the Father of Jesus, no less, Whom Jesus said would come in the Endtime.
 John 6: 
·         38 For I have come down from heaven, not to do My own will, but the will of Him who sent Me.
·         39 This is the will of the Father who sent Me, that of all He has given Me I should lose nothing, but should raise it up at the last day.
 But, hey, can we really entertain such a thought?
 Don’t make the mistake of thinking of me as someone special. I am just but a physical body, a shell, a Cardboard box, just like you, What may differ are the energies that flow into the box and the messages they bring.
I am not unique in receiving the Message of finality. I have told you that many people throughout the world have received the same messages, including peasants and children in Mexico, those who have had psychic visions and dreams of the World’s end, as well as those who have had Near Death Experiences. We cannot say they are all Jesus or Buddha or Manichaeus, or God, now can we?
 Regardless of how high the origin of the energies in the ladder of Divine Consciousness, don’t confuse me or the others who receive the messages with the energies.
 The Key lies with the Ones who laid the depth charges on the planet between 1985 and 2000. Humm, do you know what Babaji was were doing in those years when I closed my medical practice and crisscrossed the world with Him in a seemingly most haphazard manner?
 And further, the Key to what is about to happen lies with the One who is now setting the detonators for the final scenario.  What have some of us been doing since the New, New Energy arrived? If you recall I mentioned its arrival, as distinct from the New Green Energy in a previous post.
 So we are left with the conundrum akin to the chicken and the egg.
 I am writing what I am asked to write, by my Higher Self, for “i”, this little Cardboard Box, agreed to do so.
 Would I reveal the exact timing if I knew it?  Of course not! What, do you think I am, nuts?
 But, then again, the timing can be calculated from the activities in which I have been engaged
 Let the Viables prepare for any eventuality whenever it is to occur.
 And let the failures and demons suffer the despair of their own creation.
 That I have declared Jehovah is dead is clue enough for you to know that the End must be very close.
 Besides, just over 2 minutes have elapsed on the Spacecraft which I visit frequently since the demons nailed Jesus to a cross.
 So, in reality, what is another minute or two? If might be a big deal for us but not for the Super Consciousness doing the Correction.
 In Part Two, I am going to take a busman’s tour of how I arrived at this point for the Endtime.
 And, I am going to discuss knowledge that I know no one else on Earth seems to have, but which I have. This knowledge I have maybe, just maybe, will fit into the Endtime scenario and increase the precision of the Endtime date.
 But, then again, you must bear in mind that your own programming might tell you that I might be extremely gullible, and have been a victim of a Leela all along, and that all this is nothing but hot air and silly words, written by someone who is bored out of his mind and has nothing better to do than write such nonsense at the end of a long day after running a very busy country medical practice that is on the verge of killing him with its mental, emotional and physical demands, as all solo country medical practices tend to do !!!!
 Taking an alternate view, namely that this is, in fact, relevant and a pointer to an Endtime scenario, we need to examine our existence for any factors that were not previously present in past eras in which the End was prognosticated.
 If you don’t believe any of this, what do I care? If it makes you feel any better, think of it as scary Science Fiction….for now.
 What will be, will be!
 To be continued ……………
March 15, 2013
Part Two,  Contact and Preparation
     Please read Part One before proceeding if you have not already done so. In this, Part Two, I am going to discuss ‘my’ Contact further and the Process of Awakening this Cardboard Box (the shell, the physical body) that I am using, in order to gain more perspective in this Endtime scenario which may perhaps validate the possibility this is, in fact, the real Endtime and to assist some of you to attain full awakening before Evacuation.You need to understand, no matter what your level of awareness may be, that every shell (physical body, Cardboard Box) that is contacted by Higher Consciousnesses must undergo some sort of awakening of the shell, regardless of what that shell is called. Thus, you will see this in the life of illustrious Spiritual Masters such as Buddha, Jesus, Manichaeus, Shri Aurobindo, etc., and in the lives of the most insignificant no-bodies, who reach Enlightenment, if you could examine them.  
   The stories abound that Buddha left all his riches to seek Enlightenment that he eventually found meditating under a Bodhi tree.
    Jesus went to India to see Babaji, His ‘Celestial Twin’, and thus gain for that shell He occupied, the contact/pathway for Enlightenment.
 Manichaeus, after initial contact, waited some 20 years in the Babylonian wastelands for Enlightenment.
Shri Aurobindo was contact by a Higher Source while in jail on unjust charges to be told a fuller Path of Enlightenment awaited him once he was released.
Likewise, those who express demonic entities need to convert the shell via various means to being one that allows the demonic expression. Hard drugs and excessive alcohol are favoured means.
I will describe my Quest in Jest, as I meander a little along the pathway that made ‘me’ become ‘Me”, that led to my awakening, and I shall describe how I got to the Message I was to broadcast. As we go along, you will see that we may very well have to ask if this is another Leela for the amusement of the ‘gods’ or whether in fact, it is the last laugh?
It may answer the question of ‘what ought we to believe?’ as I examine some of the travails of this Cardboard Box, made of Calabrian stuff. Forget the Cosa Nostra, the Black Hand and Dark Matter for a moment. This is Divine Family business for sure! But, I need to add, that my writings have been wonderfully successful in their role of exposing the most foolish and recalcitrant demons on the planet.
What follows is not going to make much sense if you are not familiar with the metaphysical anatomy of ‘Humans’ and especially of one such as myself.
The Metaphysical Anatomy
To be classed as ‘Human’, you obviously have to have a human body. This is a dispensable item that is born, grows and then dies. It has a brain, a lower mind and processes that allow it to function as a biological robot. It can exist all its physical life as a flesh and blood robot, guided totally by factors of Programming, Pollution and Indoctrination that affect it from the womb to the tomb. I have discussed these factors and how they work extensively in my books. 70% of the human population of this world is just that: flesh and blood robots, most of the others are basic demons.
Inside that Box (the physical body, the shell) can be another consciousness that lives beyond the life of the box and lived before the creation of the body in most cases. It incarnates from box to box, physical life after physical life, mainly because it has no other choice, as I have explained in my books. That consciousness (being Class 4 in humans) can have a number of classifications.
·         It may be a robotic consciousness, created by superior (and evil) aliens.
·         It may be a robotic consciousness created of a mixture of Good and Evil energies,
·         It may be demonic, created by demons, or
·         It may be a creation, which I have called Theomorphic as a classification, of Higher Divine Consciousness, which means made by ‘God’. There are many, many other levels of Divine Consciousness as I have discussed in my books.
As an example, let us discuss Jesus of Nazareth.
His body was the product of an egg fertilized by a sperm. The story of a Virgin Birth is baloney as I have discussed elsewhere. The numbers of elaborate stories about Him include such things as:
·         Jesus dying for our sins,
·         Being brutally murdered so his Father would open the Gates of Heaven to let in all those Jesus called vipers, hypocrites, liars, fornicators and murderers,
·         False and misleading teachings attributed to him that make wimps out of Divine Warriors, and
·         The manifestation of all those spurious miracles,
These have been created by the evil Archons and are fictional BS mixed with some Gnostic Truths. You need to realize these deceptions if you have not already done so. Most people are fooled by the Jesus Myth and they are going to be greatly shocked with what I have to reveal.
Within that body of Jesus resided a Class 4 Theomorphic Consciousness. That consciousness existed before the body of Jesus, the son of Joseph and Mary, and continued to exist after the death of the body. In fact, I have told you it represented later, on this level, as Manichaeus, King Arthur, Frederick Nietzsche, Shri Aurobindo, and many, many other beings. Before that it presented as Buddha, Zoroaster, Rama, Krishna, etc., etc. Myths have embellished them into allegorical caricatures.
Superimposed upon these two structures (the physical body and the Class 4 ethereal consciousness) was a Higher Divine Consciousness called the Christ Consciousness. This latter Divine Consciousness overshadowed the Class 4 being within Jesus whenever he incarnated again, either as a public figure or as a little nobody working on this level incognito.
Without getting too technical, you need to know that the Christ Energy is a descending aspect of the Father Energy, the Highest expressive Energy in existence. Thus far, that Christ Energy has been known as the Son Energy, and its role was to liberate the aspects of the expressive Energy, called the Feminine Energy (the Mother Energy) which manifests aspects of Creation. These are merely words to help us understand. In reality there is no gender in Consciousness outside of this evil dimension. As an aside, how many know that the actor, Marlon Brando, who played Don Corleone (the Lionhearted), carried a splinter of the Christ Light within that shell?
The experiment called the Celestial Error gave rise to this illicit and evil Virtual Reality, known as the Physical Universe. In the process, that Feminine Creative Aspect became entangled within the Evil web that ensued. That evil web was really never meant to express. The story of Osiris, Isis and Horus, in its uncorrupted form, is a recount of the Son rescuing the trapped portion of the ‘Mother Energy’ and then a further recount of the joining of the two energies to become the Supreme ‘Father Energy’. Your understanding of this concept is not critical for what is to follow.
As I said above, anyone’s physical body can exist from the womb to the tomb as a biological robot controlled totally by the Evil Programming, Pollution and Indoctrination of this Virtual Reality. I have discussed this in detail in my books and if you are interested, I suggest you read them.
Most people on the planet manifest exactly as that, although you may have noted that the evil, controlling programming, pollution and indoctrinations are losing their grip on the robots. This is allowing the robots to rebel against their masters (the Archons) who set up these controlling factors, and also allowing their minds to fragment, leading to the Terminal Madness of the ENDTIME that I had predicted and explained previously. And, of course, exactly the same thing is happening to the minds of the Archons. That is why they are entertaining thoughts of killing off their own citizens with DRONES in the not-too-distant future and setting off nuclear weapons as if they are firecrackers. More about this all-consuming Terminal Madness later.
And just who is going to be targeted?
If this is NOT Terminal Madness of the Endtime, what is it?
Back to the main topic of the essay:
Thus, there were 3 aspects of the Being we know as Jesus.
1                     The first aspect was the physical body which learned to be a carpenter, worked, became ill, studied, travelled, etc., etc. It was subjected to all the programming, pollution and indoctrination of this false reality as all physical bodies are. It needed to grow, breath, eat, digest, recover from illness, and so on. The shell had to fight its Personal Battle against Evil as all shell which contain Divine consciousness need to.
The physical body is programmed by the genetic code, its hormones and genetic memory. It is subjected to the laws of the Land, its physical potentials, its emotions (which are Evil-created mechanisms to control and exploit the shell at differing times), the effects of foodstuffs, drink, education, patriotism, sunlight, intoxication, racial prejudice, peer pressure, religious prejudice, sexuality, colour of skin, etc. You will have already noted to some degree that every individual alive on this planet is subjected to these vile effects and must fight them to be free of their evil influences.
When Jesus’ body died on the cross, it was the end of that Cardboard Box. It was buried and became a meal for worms as all our bodies become unless they are cremated. While in existence, the body is subjected to all the laws of nature, and all the idiotic laws of the Archons. Jesus transgressed those Evil Laws by speaking the Truth and for that His body was murdered.
None of us, no matter who we are spiritually, can escape the laws that govern the body on this level. Thus, if the Highest Consciousness that we call ‘God’ were to incarnate into a body and broke the speed limit while driving, ‘he’ would be fined for speeding. If it ate poison, that body would die. If it ran out of air, it would asphyxiate, etc.
We need to recognize the attributes of the animalistic body and contrast them with the Divine Essences that inhabit it. Of course, some of the essences within bodies are demonic as we now often see.
The main means we have of recognizing Divine Essence is via its expression of Divine knowledge on this level and its ability to contact the Supramental Plane. Even so-called ‘miracles’ can be but tricks by lowly aliens and mischievous imps and devils from the lower demonic levels, so do not give them any due. I have covered this topic in previous essays when discussing
·         the Miracle of San  Gennaro
·         Medjugorje,
·         Weeping statues of the Madonna
and so on.
These are indeed EVIL leelas  
In contrast, look at the knowledge given to us by Zoroaster, Buddha, Jesus, Manichaeus, Nietzsche, Aurobindo, etc., and you will know, if you have the intellect to recognize such Divine knowledge, that they were, in fact, from a Divine Source.
2              The Second Aspect of Jesus was His Class 4 Consciousness, which on the death of the body, returned to the Astral levels to await Its next mission, His next incarnation. It had the memory of previous incarnations and the blueprint given to it at its creation by the True God to follow the path throughout the various levels as was required. It knew how to contact the Numinous when it was time and made itself available for that. When in the body of Jesus, that contact occurred maximally in his 30th year.
The Astral and Etheric levels are creations of Evil within the Physical Dimension and are part of the Virtual Reality. They will be dismantled when the whole Physical Dimension is obliterated. Being evil planes is the reason why they often feed BS to this level as we shall see when we discuss some psychics who claim to speak with the ‘dead’ and when we examine Near Death experiences, especially the one a Neurosurgeon is said to have experienced recently which gives Evil BS in a most florid form.  I am not implying that Eben Alexander is less than honest. What I am saying is that what he was given to distribute is evil. I will write about this at length soon.
3              The Third Aspect of Jesus was the Superior Divine Consciousness which returned to the Supramental Plane on the death of the body and awaited the next episode, the next descent of the ‘Avatar’. That was the Christ Energy, an Aspect of the “Son’ energy, a portion of the “God’ Consciousness.
This is important to know, especially in this week of Papal Lunatic activity, for the following reason:
Christianity has based its uniqueness and supposed holiness on FRAUD. Its basic tenet is that Jesus’ body arose from the dead, thus cheating death. That simply was not so. There was no Resurrection of the Body. There was ESCAPE of the Class 4 consciousness OUT OF THE PHYSICAL, for it is not a physical entity at all, as will occur with all Class 4 consciousnesses. But, the physical body of Jesus was finished as will be all Cardboard Boxes, all physical bodies, soon enough at the End. The Doctrine was concocted to give legitimacy to Evil‘s illegitimate Physical Matter.
The Gnostics called the Doctrine of the Physical Resurrection the ‘Doctrine of Fools’. Jesus was a Gnostic.
He was assassinated for revealing the Truth about Jehovah and his demons (John 8:44). Gnostics were similarly treated throughout history. If what they revealed was nonsense, who would bother with them? Why the need to destroy every last one of them, men, women and children? And just for completion, recall what Marlon Brando said IN ESSENCE about the rulers of Hollywood and compare that with John 8:44.
In conclusion for this section, you see that the money-hungry, super-rich, murderous Christian Churches and their faith were created on the basis of a fraud, not a rock! Christianity was created and run by demons to keep the robots harnessed and to exploit as much energy as possible out of the ones it could trap. Essentially, when scrutinized closely, it can be seen that all institutionalized religions play these evil roles.
The Christ Energy has never endorsed these so-called Christian Churches which are, in essence, demonic mental and spiritual jails run for exploitation of the inmates they can harness, and all for the benefit of Jehovah/Satan.
Since I wrote that Jehovah has been harnessed, what do you think will happen to these institutions that have entrapped, exploited and blinded many genuine seekers of Truth?
Even today, as the Archonic leaders parade in their clownish outfits to appease the imagined needs of the one billion hypnotized lunatics around the world, the Catholic Institution is taking its last gasps as a prison for souls. No wonder they will see the Energy of Justice that cometh as the ‘Dreaded Judge’.
My Journey and Awakening
From the outset, you need to know that once you start to awaken to the True Spiritual Path, you become a danger to the Evil System and it will retaliate in every way it can in an attempt to stop you or destroy you: emotionally, financially, socially, etc. I am sure many of you have experienced this.
While you are asleep in the Virtual Reality, Evil leaves you alone for you do not represent a danger to it. If you become its worker it actually rewards you with the useless trinket of the Illusion: Money, fame, ego, etc. But once awakened just a little, it targets you relentlessly until you either give up or just about die trying to beat it.
History reveals just that. Each being therefore must fight a Personal Battle to proceed onto the True Path. And demons galore are placed at strategic points along the Path to cause pain, delays and obstructions. Now you may realize why your progress may have been so difficult, why so many have attacked you and why even members of your on family may have abandoned you.
When I was awakening in the early 1980s, I (my physical body and mind) had repeated conversations with what I assumed were Higher Realms of Consciousness.
I, the little ‘i’, the Cardboard Box, ‘met’ various beings and they would explain things to me. In those early days, the suspicion that I might be dealing with duplicitous agents never crossed my mind.
But, early on in my awakening, ‘i’, the physical lower mind, was the classical sceptic. After all, I had a medical degree and that makes anyone sceptical of the experiences I was having. I laughed at what “They” told me I had to do, namely, to tell people that this was the Endtime. I was supposed to tell those who would listen to me that some were to prepare themselves for evacuation. I was to tell the rest how they would be dealt in a Judgmental Process.
That is exactly what they told me, and believe me, I laughed. It was my idiotic Cardboard Box that was ignorant, of course. It was full of the Programming, Pollution and Indoctrination of the Evil Empire. Apart from the Medical Degree, I had been raised as a Catholic, ate meat, drank alcohol and smoked cigarettes.
According to John of Toulouse, who gave evidence to the Inquisition, I would have been the perfect catholic, for he, accused of being a Gnostic in the time of the French inquisitions, saved his neck by uttering the following now famous sentence and convincing the Inquisitor-General that he was what the church wanted its members to be like:
"I lie, I swear, I get drunk, I eat meat and enjoy sex. Hence, I am a Christian, not a Gnostic."
Nothing could be a more damning abuse of the name of Jesus and the Essence of the Christ Energy.
When ‘They’ told me about the role for this Cardboard Box, I silently thought to myself: ‘I’ve struggled all these years to make ‘contact’ and now this nonsense!’ I was not amused. I had forgotten my previous encounters at younger ages of this shell and, as yet, could not recall past lives. When I did recall those past lives, I took steps to become a clinically qualified Hypnotherapist and regressed many to their past lives, thus solving many of their problems. But, that story can wait.
Then, as I recounted in Part One, I told a very close friend of mine what ‘They’ had said and he too laughed a lot, and said this was surely a prank and that ‘They’, whoever they were, must have seen me as the perfect idiot to play the prank on, mainly because I knew absolutely nothing about parapsychology or the paranormal, or Aliens, or Sai Baba and his ‘miracles’, or anybody else’s ‘miracles’.
As I revealed previously, my friend was none other than Dr. Moshe Kroy, a Professor of Psychology at La Trobe University, Melbourne. We remained close friends until his death. I went to his funeral in Israel and whilst there I assisted in introducing an energy that is about to make its presence felt. But, that also is a story for another day. By the time of the funeral, I was fully spiritually awake. The Class 4 being of which I was composed recalled all its tuition, memory and past lives, and the attributes of the physical body and it made full contact with my Higher Self.
But, let’s go back to the early days of my being prepped for the “Message”:
I wrote a little about this in Part One.
‘But, but’…., I protested to ‘Them’, ‘Every nut and his dog throughout history have predicted the End of the World. Even Jesus did and it never happened. Is this some sort of joke?’
And ‘They’, having a sharp sense of humour, said to me, ‘It’s true that many people made such a prediction’. Some of them were our workers and it was for a purpose. Besides, if we persist with giving out the Message of the End via someone in each generation, sooner or later one of the messengers is going to be correct. Why can’t it be you? Do you want the job or not?” I was 40 years old.
To be honest with you, I was more curious than ever. ‘They’ had told me (still the unawakened shell) that I had to be free to move and to be of service, no matter what hardship that entailed, when contact was first made. And deep in my heart I believed them, even though my stupid monkey mind kept objecting, for I had been searching for ‘Them’, for this Contact, for all my 40 years!!!!
Thus, this advanced contact occurred on my 40th year. From the age of 35 I heard their signals but did not know how to interpret them or make contact. But, I now know we had been in contact since the infant days of this body.
When Sputnik went up in October 1957, I recall watching it orbit Earth in the evenings just like many of us did, for it flew directly over Melbourne where I lived, and it was seen as a rounded golden glow, from reflected sunlight. I was 13.
 On one such evening I received a transmission from ‘Them”. I knew who ‘They’ were then, for I had had a series of visions of space travel and space battles. Doubt never entered my mind. I mention some of these in one of my books. The message was that a concrete, workable contact between ‘Them’ and this shell was not far off.
I then received another communication some 4 years later when I started University. On this occasion they said they would be absent for up to 20 years, and then would re-establish contact for me to start the ‘work’ in earnest. I did not question too much then. I accepted what I was told. But I noted that as I became older and programmed by what material I gained in the outer mind (mainly Cultivated Medical Ignorance of Spiritual matters), my skepticism grew.
Later I learned that Manichaeus was contacted in similar fashion and was told to wait some 20 years before further contact. King Arthur also was isolated from Merlin for some 20 years before full contact was re-established.  
Some eighteen years later, when I was 35 and had suffered all the programming, pollution and indoctrination this Hell can throw at a Cardboard Box, I started received indecipherable signals. My True Self was buried deep within the layers of muck from the Illusion of the Virtual Reality. You see, in those 18 years since the last contact, my physical brain and mind had been fried by a number of factors that made it non-responsive to the signals from Higher Realms. The factors included my Medical Training that labeled such contact episodes as lunacy, the voluminous alcohol I drank, the cigarettes I smoked, etc., etc. In those days nearly every doctor drank heavily. So much so that 10%, as a very conservative estimate, were said to be alcoholics. And most of us smoked too.
I had married the girl next door by the name of Kathleen D’Alessandro, now known as Kathy Rossi, ‘the bitch’, by all and sundry. I was soon to learn what ‘filial attachment’ meant. It is the mechanism of intense emotional blackmail that the Evil System uses to keep True Beings harnessed in one of its most elaborate traps so that they will not awaken and move against the evil apparatus! The anguish suffered can be destructive for the individuals concerned, and breaking the bonds of such emotional traps yields abundant energies to the evil system. Hence, the System seems to win both ways. It is an extremely powerful tool used by Evil to keep True Beings and Viables harnessed to demons. Once an awakener sees this trap, s/he grows quickly as a warrior and fights his or her way out of the traps, and then becomes effective against the Evil Charade. Thus you now know why the Buddha advised to bypass emotional attachment of all kinds.
Testosterone and its co-conspirators, seemingly so essential to physical life, are greater and more powerful programing tools than money and most other programming factors, as I have shown in earlier writings and will do so in later essays. It is only the genuine desire to ‘Return Home’, by breaking away from every one of these harnessing traps that try to prevent us doing so, that can make us free to Return Home.
I recall at a party one evening we were both offered hard drugs. Even though I smoked tobacco in those days, I was intuitively terrified of drugs. I vehemently refused the offer and remember my conversation with Kathy during our long drive home was about the danger of hard drugs. We both agreed they had no place in our lives.
Demons cannot help expose themselves, no matter where they be, no matter what roles have been assigned to them. Guess what? The moment my back was turned, Kathy, the one chosen to keep me trapped, for I know this is so, started taking hard drugs at an ever-increasing dose. She became addicted and expressed demonic possession, of course, and also became a victim of lust as demons all are. She prostituted herself just for the fun of it! I was not yet fully spiritually awakened but whenever she drank alcohol (she was a heavy drinker) I could see changes in her face that frightened me. It was only later, when I had awakened more fully, that I realized I was seeing demonic countenances within her, just like I saw later in Amitakh Stanford, the imposter.
The hard drugs actually facilitate the exposure of the demons that had been, in nearly all cases, hiding in the shell all the while. They cannot wait to express, and you can actually see this situation in the auras of children. This is so in every case of so-called ‘possession’. Such beings are born with damaged or open ‘Centres of Consciousness’ which allow demonic habitation of the shell.
I felt like I was trapped in Hell under the circumstances and could not get out of the marriage fast enough. Thus, like many of you, the Rat Race in which I was plunged made sure I was married to a most venomous demon that began taking illicit drugs the moment we married. Before the marriage, she presented herself as the Paragon of Virtue. Isn’t it always the way? How else do they trap us? Well it was a battle to escape her greedy clutches, I can tell you. Note in your own lives how well the traps to destroy you have been laid. Believe me when I say the traps for True Beings are pre-planned, even before we are born.
Later when I was fully awakened and became a Past Life Regression Hypnotherapist, many patients revealed the very evil traps they had seen before this incarnation waiting for them on this level, even before being blackmailed into incarnating.
It is true that the Evil Illusion has prearranged traps for True Beings for maximal exploitation of energy. Kathy was supposed to be there to stop me awakening. She failed miserably mainly due to her own weaknesses that destroyed any partnership we may have had.
Examine your own lives and you will see traps that are so, if you are a Viable.
My grog and cigarettes were easy to dismiss by me. But some damage, mainly from my religious indoctrination as a child that prevented adequate communication was still there in my lower mind in the early days. I did not turn to easy solutions such as hallucinogenics drugs that some took. I will discuss these drugs in depth soon in another essay.
Why am I going on at length about this? It is because many of you have written to me saying that you are beating yourselves up because you cannot instantly purity and connect. I am trying to show you that it takes time and much effort to bypass the stupid Monkey Mind, escape the traps Evil has planned for us, and get somewhere, regardless of the elevated position from which your Higher Consciousness originates.
At any rate, my medical mindset was such that when I did make proper contact, my lower mind began rationalizing in the ridiculous manner all lower monkey minds found in the human apparatus do, when they cannot interpret the data: “My God, we’re schizoid!”
What do irrational, denying bigots exclaim when they see a UFO? ‘I don’t believe it! I see it, but I don’t believe it!’
Since that time of my own amazing contact, I have met and managed so many schizophrenics, so called, who have been placed on anti-psychotic medication and I was able to help them by simply explaining what was going on in their heads. Once they understood the meaning of the communications that they were receiving, most became ‘sane’ again instantly. This is where Modern Psychiatry has lost its way, and I discuss some of these things in my book on Psychiatry. When the damage ‘chakras’ cannot be repaired, the patients have to learn to live with the damage as best they can. And this they do by meticulously avoiding the programming factors, including certain polluted food, drinks with alcohol which loosen the aura and its protection, and hallucinogenic drugs that facilitate demonic entry.
I will have more to say about this when I discuss the latest push by Graham Hancock to get people to use hallucinogenics.
In a subsequent communication I had with ‘Them’, they said forcefully: ‘This is more than natural. It is Supernatural. Don’t you dare tell any of your medical or psychiatrist friends! You are not nuts and they do not have the data or capable mechanisms to process this information you now have.’
We were back to 1492. ‘Don’t go Chris; you’ll fall off the edge of the Earth. Everyone knows it’s flat!’
They continued: ‘You have communicated with the Supra-mental Plane as many will do in the future. We have been training your Cardboard Box to do just that since you were an infant. You will recall all the tuition as time proceeds.’
Well, I was skeptical, but something within me forced me to go on. I had to get to the bottom of it all.
Slowly I chipped away at the pollution. I cleansed, I set aside my religious indoctrination from childhood. I had been raised a Catholic and in that institution we are told that everything, absolutely everything, not from the pulpit, or Christian Doctrine and its Traditions, is the Devil’s work. I set my medical ideas about mental illness aside and started with a blank mind again.
It was when I reached that point that ‘They’ said ‘OK. Now you can come up and see ‘Us’, and your shell will remember the experience. And then, you can start writing what needs to be written’.
I grew nervous. ‘Come and see You? ……Where?’
‘It will be on a Mother craft outside of this Dimension’.
I was so confused and yet so curious and exhilarated, I jumped at the chance. Somehow ‘i’, as the Cardboard Box, knew this is what I had been waiting for all my life.
By then I had closed my medical practice, gotten away from my drug-addicted ex-wife and was prepared to do whatever was needed to do to perform the ‘work’. Something within me drove me unerringly. I just knew this is what I was born to do. As I advanced, my joy increased. I had closed the doors to a very lucrative medical practice, lost most of my wealth in the divorce proceedings (as is usually the case for males when the children remain with the mother), but had never been happier. I sensed I had reached the door to the Path of my True Destiny. I thought that Path was why this shell, this ‘i’, had been born.
And so, my Journey began and I, trapped in a little Cardboard Box, made in Italy, driving around Melbourne in a Lamborghini, prepared to become a Messenger, perhaps THE Messenger for the Endtime.  PS The Lambo did not last long, nor did the Porsche Targa, nor the Mercedes Coupe, nor the Mercedes 6.9. I had a passion for cars in those days. I was the perfectly programmed robot no less, until my awakening began in earnest. Once I started to awaken, life was no longer rewarding. Rather, it became, as I said above, a gauntlet with disappointment for the shell at every turn.
I would be the first to agree that I would be an absolutely idiotic lunatic for recounting all this except for one thing which I will explain below.
If I had gone to a psychiatrist he could have said I suffered a psychosis and blamed the stress of divorcing my first wife, Kathy, who by then, as I said, had become an established prostitute and call girl, just for the fun of it. After all, she had to work off the illicit drug effects. Note that all who persist with such drug-taking get demonically possessed, and she certainly was. I could see the demons in her countenance and I knew I just had to break free from her. As I said above, is it not strange that later I saw the same things, demons, in the next woman I married, Amitakh Ng, even though as far as I knew she did not take drugs?
Kathy was the first trap to keep me in a mental harness. She failed. So then Evil tried Amitakh, who pretended to be spiritual, to entrap me. The first thing that struck me about her was her insatiable love for money. With such a monetary addiction, I suspected very strongly that she may have been of Darkness, but in my haste to pursue my goals, I went along the possibly Evil-arranged path with her. I just knew someday I would be free from her too. But, I am digressing.
My new thoughts of a ‘contact’ could have been blamed on the shock of quitting cigarettes, and the grog.  But, come on, how many who quit drinking and stop smoking become lunatics? Not many, I assure you. It’s usually the antismoking Champix medication that has that effect on some. And the mental aberrations in that case stop as soon as the medication is stopped. However, it is an excellent drug to quit smoking when it does not give such side-effects. And when it does cause mental disturbances, it is an excellent tool to use in order to uncover mental imbalance that may exist hidden in the person. Besides, it did not exist when I stopped smoking.
The one thing that appears to validate my Connection, my Communication, my visit to the Mother craft, is the fact that, knowing nothing outside of Medicine, I sat down with blank sheets of paper and wrote the most extraordinary details of philosophy and metaphysics that I never knew existed. Those notes became the books I have now published. The wisdom therein can be judged by anyone that reads them. They were indeed a superhuman effort. They could NOT have been products of this Physical Body, for it knew nothing along these lines. The knowledge had to belong to the energies that were contacting the lower mind of the body and using it to write the material down.
When I wrote such incredible information, I asked ‘Them’ where it was all coming from. And ‘They’ said it was from ‘ME’, my Higher Mind. So, it was the eternal ‘Me’, using the physical and temporary ‘me’.
Thus the phase of Preparation for the Endtime progressed. At first there had been the ‘contact’, and now the writings that emanated from a Superior Source and they explained in detail the How, the When and the Why of the Celestial Error.
As well as that, I wrote what was going to be done about this Error, how it was manifesting, why it was manifesting, and what was going to be done to correct it. I explained somewhat the Mechanisms of how its Destruction would be and what we on this level could expect. And, as I expected, the fools laughed!
I shall go into detail about the Demolition, about the Correction of the Error, about the survivors, and the fate of the damned, etc., in Part Three which I have called ‘The Execution of the Correction Plan for the Elimination of Evil’.
At any rate, apart from prognostic figures, the writings explained a lot especially the mechanisms of Programming, Pollution and Indoctrination. I sent the first book to Professor Kroy who was in San Francisco, the city he chose for his sabbatical. He knew how little I knew about esoteric philosophy and the paranormal, for I attended some of his parapsychology classes in Melbourne.
He refused to believe that I had written the book. He said it was impossible for me to know some of the things I explained, some of the facts of the very intricate, old and secret Kabbalah knowledge, for they had never been translated out of Hebrew and he knew I did not know how to read Hebrew.
He immediately invited me to fly to SF and lecture to his classes. I think that was his test for me to see if I really now knew what appeared to be impossible for me to know. When I began giving lectures and explaining things he knew I knew nothing about, when he was in Australia, he was dumbfounded. And then, the thought of Supra-mentality which we had previously discussed, struck him like a bolt of lightning, and he reminded me that Shri Aurobindo had predicted a Supra-mental Contact would be made on Earth shortly.  He said in his opinion I was the first example of such a contact.
He had a brilliant mind and was awaiting his own Connection to occur but was forced out of the shell by Malignant Forces initiated by the demons in Amitakh, whom I had married. In actual fact, both women, Kathy and Amitakh, were part of the traps I had to work my way through, traps set by Evil. We all have such traps to overcome. Nothing comes easy on this level when attempting to attain the True Spiritual Path. And the bigger the role assigned, the bigger the enemies to overcome, believe me!
In attempting to reach the validity of my experiences, my awakening, my contact with the Supramental Plane and my Message, we need to ask this: Why on earth would these Supra-mental Beings go to all that trouble to pick a doctor like myself, who knew nothing about Philosophy and Metaphysics, to give false information to, in order to scare the daylight of any who came across my writings?
Why would they plan things so meticulously via my communications with them when I was a toddler? My mother swears that these meetings occurred for she witnessed them. Why the communications with me as a teenager, then at University aged 17, then from 35 years of age and onwards?
Why would they burden me with knowledge I did not even know existed?
Why would they arrange for a Professor of Psychology, who was an expert in Para-psychology, to validate its worth?
What was the point of fooling a dopey individual like me, a closed-minded medical bigot who had no tolerance for any knowledge outside of medicine and psychiatry at the time?
Was it worth fooling someone like me?
How much could they laugh?
Why go to all that trouble?
It just does not seem to make sense that ‘They’ would fool a medical ignoramus for their own amusement and make me the Messenger for a bogus and frightening message of the Earth’s End.
So, what is the alternative explanation?
Could it all be a valid experience?
Could it really be that I had, and continue to have, contact with a Superior Dimension?
Could the writings be as valid as Professor Kroy said they were?
Could the Message of the End be real like ‘They’ insist it is?
All along they told me timing was flexible.
If my Message was from the Dark Side to trick the sheople, I would be lauded as a grand writer of renown.
The fact is that from the very first day I made my message public all I got were attacks and insults from every man and woman who heard me and from their dogs, cats, and white mice that they might have had.
The Sheople invented new pejorative terms just to describe me: Dr Death, Dr Doom, Weirdo, etc., etc.
And the more they attacked, the more I realized I probably had a smidgeon of truth somewhere in those books.
And to confirm it all, I remembered that I had gone to the Himalayas to see one man, known as the Guru of Gurus, a man called Babaji, in his humble Ashram. I have subsequently identified him as the Celtic Christ of a bygone era. He was the so-called ‘Father’ to whom Jesus went before beginning His mission at the age of 30, some 2000 years ago.
One morning I, still with the unawareness of a dormant cardboard box, asked him ‘What is our relationship, You and I, Babaji?’
He spoke a little English and putting his right hand on my precordial area, he said to me ‘Everything you need to know is in your heart.’
Could He have been in on the joke, if selecting me to give a Message of Finality was a joke?
Why would he bother?
It made no sense for such a famous man, as Babaji was, to make a fool of a Western ignoramus like me, for that is what I was then when I went to see him.
I asked him no more questions. Shortly after, on returning to Australia I visited the Space craft and all that knowledge within me made its presence known to my lower mind, just as Babaji predicted.
I only stayed a few days at the Ashram, but on the second day I went down into the village at the foot of the mountains and was impressed to buy an exquisite blanket to keep me warm. It was very costly in Indian terms, but I could well afford it.
I donated it to the Ashram along with other items and money as l left.
Babaji’s housekeeper recounted this story when I revisited the Ashram a year or so later. As soon as I left, Babaji asked one of his helpers to go and retrieve the blanket I had left behind. No one knew how he knew I had left the blanket.
When it was retrieved, He said ‘Put it aside. It shall be my shroud’.
Everyone laughed as he was a relatively fit, young man.
In actual fact, he died 5 months later and photos of the body show him wrapped in the blanket I had left behind. The instant I saw those photos, the enigmatic personal message he had sent to me, even before I flew to the Himalayas to see him suddenly made sense.
The significance of all this finally gelled in my mind. The importance of it all did not escape me. It was confirmation to me that he had ‘passed me the baton’ for he now saw I was ready.
A few short years later he came to me as a ‘walk-in’ for lengthy periods at a time when I lived in Far North Queensland for we had much work to do.
We travelled extensively together, including to most of Europe, Mesoamerica, Tibet, China and the USA. The work we did was of utmost significance in relation to the Endtime, and therein lays the validity for the End. I will discuss this elsewhere.
Why would He do that if I was a patsy, fooled by the Dark Side, to give a false Message about the Endtime?
I have revealed my relationship to Babaji elsewhere.
But that fact is not important. What is important is to ask “What are we to make of my Message?
Is it possible?
Is it true?
Is it accurate?
Can we accept the timing?
Why do I know things no one else on Earth knows, such as the evacuation of Viables in 1999, the number of failures, the status of each individual, etc.?
Could this Cardboard Box be really used to deliver the Final Message?
Could it really be the spokesman on this level for the large team correcting the Error?
Many more haunting scenarios arose in my mind.
How could I see and accept the destruction of so many humans and animals?
How could I see and accept much beauty in Nature lost?
What if I was totally wrong and was scaring people to death?
What if someone did not like what I was saying and decided to end me instead?
What if I was blocked at every turn in trying to delivery such an unwelcome message?
As a matter of fact, I became very unpopular especially with New Agers.
No one wanted to know what I had written.
The alternate magazines and media shunned me as if I had leprosy.
I am indebted to Jeff Rense for he was the only one to show any interest in hearing what I had to say.
My medical peers thought I had lost the plot. Mind you, not one of those dumb-witted idiots read one of my books, not one!
So much was promised by those who contacted me, I guess in the hope that I would take on the job, but very little, it seemed, was delivered in real terms on the physical level. But, in reality, although the going was tough most of the time, I was never in want.
I lost most of my so-called friends. I went broke from extensive travel which was a necessity. What money I had left Amitakh stole from me. She made sure she poisoned anyone who knew me with her lies so all support I thought I had began to fall away. The positive spin of that was that I realized who was of Light and who was of Darkness but pretending to be of Light, like Amitakh and Steffan. Both are Evil Reptilian Demons.
The Evil System attempted to kill me umpteen times, never quite succeeding, but often injuring me rather badly. I was Evil’s enemy all right. My identity as a warrior against Darkness was confirmed and I was earning my stripes. By attacking me as it did, Evil made me even more determined to succeed in my Quest.
Amitakh and Steffan Stanford had even stolen my books and sold them to benefit themselves. They have cheated so many people; they must be worth millions by now.
By the time I finished that part of the work in 2004, I was a wreck. I was a medical invalid from bad accidents, and I was financially broke. I am telling you all this for I want you to realize that, if you are warrior down here, the Path is never easy and you cannot relax, not even for one moment. And, you must NEVER give up, like so many that I knew did.
I had 2 choices: Lie down and die or else, pick myself up and die trying to regain a life and complete my task.
Well, it did not end as a fairy-tale.
It just got worse.
None of the promised benefits of doing the ‘work’ had been realized on this level.
Had I been conned, or were the promises given as promised illusions so I would persevere to the end?
But in this last phase, the energies told me that they would eventually reveal what it was they were doing through this cardboard box. So I decided to stay round to see if what they said was true. I really had no choice.
I had to start a medical practice from scratch just to survive. I had no money, nowhere to live, and no friends. And the town I eventually chose turned out to be a portal to Hell. I soon realized that is exactly why I was in that town and why I was sent there. It all had to do with the battles against Evil. I had to be near Amitakh and Steffan to finally expose them.
If my condition was not as it was, I would not go to Stanthorpe, would not get involved with Amitakh and her cohort again, and would not expose them. It obviously had to be done for they are big, big, cogs in Evil’s machinery. Can you imagine a woman, known as the ‘Malaysian Slut’ calling herself the ‘Queen of Heaven’ no less?
My job involves exposure of demons on a personal and on an impersonal basis. For example: I made acquaintance with a superficially pleasant enough woman who pretended to act as a proof reader but turned out to be another incompetent demon and a con-woman. Its loves were money, sex, and fame to bolster a humungous ego!
Evil indeed disadvantages any who move against it. Remember that, even in these End times, and don’t feel sorry for yourself. If you are constantly targeted, it generally means you are being effective against Evil. What did Jesus say about the True Being being hated by the world? John 15:18, and John 3:13.
And did not Nietzsche say self-pity was cancer for the soul?
I wanted to tell you all this for nothing comes easy on this level. Look at the travails of Zoroaster, Buddha, Jesus, Manichaeus, Mohammed, King Arthur, Chris Columbus, Nietzsche, Shri Aurobindo, Hitler, etc., etc. If they suffered so, imagine how nobodies like you and I can be so easily crushed by Evil’s Illusionary apparatus. Only on realizing it cannot touch the True Value within us can we fight Evil and defeat it, regardless of what it does to the shell, which it owns, and to the stupid Monkey mind inside it.
All Viables and True Beings have had it rough and tough from day one of this Evil mess. We will all continue to have it tough till the Final Bell is rung. And don’t forget, it is indeed a case of ‘The bigger the role one is assigned by the Light to fight Evil, the greater the load to be carried to Victory’.
You may have noted that when you have a victory against the Darkness, no matter how big or small, personal or otherwise, Evil always tends to retaliate. Use that as proof that you have been successful.
Early on, I was told there was to be the New Green Energy (NGE) to nurture the Viables left on the planet before Evacuation, and there was to be a new ‘explosive energy’ that was going to bring on the End to the Globe.
I saw and used the New Green Energy, so I knew that part was true. When Viables were still attacked by Evil, some asked me if the concept of the NGE was just another trick, another false illusion. It could not be an illusion for I have seen it, worked with It and have witnessed its wondrous effects!
When ‘They’ told me about the explosive energy which I picked up even before they mentioned it, all my travels with Babaji made perfect sense. But, could I dare believe what it all meant? I will discuss this energy in Part Three.
Supposedly it had to do with the mechanism for Terminal Madness of the Endtime, for the terminal fragmentation, for the liberation of the robots from their zombified state, for mass spiritual awakening, the reasons for the coming wars, and the detonation of the planet, etc., etc.
This part of the energy work, and my role in it, were almost too much for my lower Monkey Mind. I had to keep reminding myself that I was not the disposable, aging shell, that I was not here to have a ‘good time’, that I was not here to die a rich man, that I was not here to be popular or bow to the wishes of the Archons. I was here to do a job. That job is all but completed.
It was definitely not a path of enjoyment for the irritated Monkey Mind which struggled to understand. But then again, the Monkey Mind struggles to understand anything. For example, does it appreciate that there is no difference between a ‘mole’ and Avogadro’s number? Does the Monkey Mind know where Dark Matter came from? Of course not! So, why give it any power to presume it can reason?
Nonetheless, with the mechanisms I was now formulating in my head to bring on the destruction, I thought things might be a touch too exaggerated even for me.
I had no alternative but to be patient and see if what I was sensing was accurate or not. Of course, either side, Good or Evil, could have been implanting thoughts in my head that were not really true but were there to string me along. But, I thought, ‘what possible pleasure could they get from fooling further an old, tired, ready-to-go-Home nobody’? I know many of you feel the same way, desperately wanting to go Home. But, we just have to wait it out.
If the Final Scenario is as true as I am scheduling it now in my head, perhaps we, the Viables, will all be home before 2020. But, we just have to wait and see.
Could it be that the implantation I am experiencing has more to do with panicking the Evil Side into more self-destructive action rather than giving a precise timeframe?
Don’t take any of my words for gospel truth. Refer everything to your own heart. Only it knows the answers that are right for you. I am doing to you just what Babaji did to me by telling you that ‘YOUR Truth is in YOUR heart!’
To be continued in Part Three………………
Part Three
‘The Execution of the Plan of Correction
For the elimination of Evil’.
This is the third essay in the series. Please read Parts One and Two before proceeding. I suggest that if you are not familiar with my work, read the material on my website to give you basic metaphysical knowledge with which you should be able to understand these concepts better. The books, of course, will be of even greater assistance as they are more complete.
At the site below you will find an introductory lecture I gave on Gnostic Wisdom in Brisbane last November.  I called it ‘What’s Going on’.
Before we can even contemplate a valid perspective of this topic of an Endtime, we must correct a common but false premise that New Agers treasure, namely, that ‘A person creates his or her own reality’.
Truth is Truth. It is Immutable. It cannot be created to form a pseudo-reality to be molded into one’s desires.
So, the New Age premise is really this: ‘One creates one’s own ILLUSION!’ The deluded person can take any illusion it creates as its own reality which may have no semblance to what exists as Truth or Reality.
That is the position we have reached on Earth this day, namely, that what the majority accept as reality is very far removed from Truth and the Ultimate Reality, as we shall see.
Having written that, we are now in a position to see what the false consensual Illusion of the Planet is, and what the Truth is, if we are awakened enough, for some cannot see Truth no matter how much they try, for a very good reason which I have explained often and will explain again below.
I am not going to pull any punches. I suggest the weak-hearted and the pusillanimous stop reading now and go do something else, for I am going to discuss explicit possibilities of an Endtime scenario.
For those who think they know better than I on these topics, my advice to them is to repeat my Motto one hundred times in an attempt to learn what it means. These essays are my work. If you disagree, go and write your own.
I am in no way being egotistical in writing that. I am merely asserting that the Truth is the Truth and it is Immutable. This is my Truth. It may well coincided with the Truthful Reality and with your Truth. It may not of course. I could be completely off side. Only time will tell. But, no amount of arguing or personal opinion is going to change what Truth is or is not.
Of necessity, there will be repetition of what I have written in the past in order to make this essay flow, but that should be a help to readers, not a hindrance.
If you are offended by what I write, it may mean that you are NOT able to think freely on this level, for Evil’s Programming, Pollution and Indoctrination have gotten a stranglehold on your mind and you are not free to awaken easily to thoughts of the Greater Reality. This may well mean your suffering will be compounded in coming days.
When my Higher Self was attempting to awaken this flesh and blood and very temporary shell that I am using, I asked for proof for the assertions being put to me. The answer was a definite ‘NO’. I was told quite clearly: ‘Take it or leave it’. And as you well know, that became my Motto.
I, the somnambulant shell, was to accept what was given or I could go jump! This was before my Spacecraft visit. After that experience everything in my mind changed.
But, before the visit, I had to go along in blind faith. To compound matters, I was told I would only be given things I needed to know on a need-to-know basis; otherwise the Enemy could steal the information from my mind. 
And again, I was reminded that not all that would be revealed to me would be truthful, for some of the information would be Propaganda to fool the Evil enemy. So, I was to go along with the flow, expect the unexpected, and not be concerned if information turned out to be less than accurate.  Of course, if I was wrong at any time, the shell would be the one to be kicked in the butt by the fools!
And the worst part for my shell was when I was told I had to sacrifice EVERYTHING on this level to complete my mission, even my physical shell if necessary. That put me back a few steps for sure. And, as I revealed in part Two, I was to expect innumerable physical, mental and/or spiritual attacks from the enemy, and any of its minions, once Evil identified me as a major worker in this Correction Process. That prophecy of being relentlessly attacked I can affirm has been fulfilled to the max. I have the scars to prove it! This is not a unique situation just for me. Every worker who fights against Evil is treated exactly the same way with never-ending attacks, exploitation and abuse. I am sure if you are such a warrior, you can confirm this for yourself.
Naturally, I asked ‘What do I get out of all this?’ The answer: The shell will have glimpses of understanding of the Greater Reality which is the desire of all philosophers and spiritual seekers. But, when the shell dies, it dies, for no Physical Matter, which makes up all the shells, can continue to exist after the Correction. After the Physical End, the Class 4 consciousness of certain frontline workers will not need to progress to the other classes to reach Divine levels. It will be incorporated directly into the Highest Essence, and that shall be its reward. And this was to be so for all Class 4 consciousnesses that sacrificed themselves for the good of the Work.
A forced Endtime for some seems to be on the cards. It is more and more common now to see essays about population reduction for Earth.  Those in charge are claiming there are not enough food and resources to go around, so Humanity has to be culled.
The Archons (I have explained what this term means before) feel they have the authority to murder at will since they are creators of the majority of the physical robots and their artificial consciousnesses. These robots are the majority of the population.
Just by the way, these situations of Evil dominance, cruelty and exploitation, of fellow beings, animals, the environment, etc., etc., and similar scenarios, exist throughout the Physical Universe and its sub-Dimensions, even though most are not aware of that fact, and even though some have received messages from mendacious but so-called ‘benign’ aliens that they have conquered Evil and live in harmony and love. If that were the case, why the heck are they attempting to take over other planets?
Ever thought of that? And why have they destroyed so many of their planets with wars and their vicious technology, as for example, Mars, where the few that remain live in underground cities, similar to what the Archons are contemplating on Earth?
Evil dominance, cruelty and exploitation are hallmarks of Evil. These lead not just to death of individuals in all classes of consciousness but to plants, animals and galaxies also, and evidence of this now is prominent.
From the onset you need to know these Archons in charge in our region of the Universe are basically Class 5 demons who are now creating hybrids that can live in Earth’s deteriorating conditions. I mentioned this process in my book ‘My experiences of Aliens and other realities.’ They think they can escape the Correction. I discuss Classes of Consciousness in my books also.
Of abductions, hybrids, etc. :
Some 20 years ago I mentioned that Chubacabras were a primitive form of hybrid. Do not be deceived by stories that Science has solved their identity.
Be cautious with these videos:
The Archons are deluded enough to think they will survive any catastrophe. They will NOT survive, physically or spiritually, no matter when the End may come. Actually, as I have mentioned numerous times previously, they have no true spiritual component that can exist outside of the Physical Dimension. And they have no awareness of existence of the True Light, of the True God Consciousness and of existence beyond the physical. They cannot understand the Concept of Correction, for they see nothing wrong with their malicious, hypocritical, murderous and pilfering ways.
They were created by the Evil Mind, called ‘Jehovah’ in this Sector, which expressed from the Celestial Error, once Divine Energy was cut off from the entombed Dimension. Jehovah was an artificial evil ‘Mind’ that I may discuss in detail later. The reason why the Correction is accelerating is because this Evil Mind, called Jehovah, and many other names like Rex Mundi, Yaldabaoth, Mammon, Yahweh, etc., etc., has been deactivated and can no longer assert control over its Archonic robots. Thus, as we plainly see daily, they are going mad. And this is why I wrote the essay Terminal Madness of the Endtime many years ago.
It is the Archons who are calling for a PHYSICAL culling of Humanity. It is they who initiated the Eugenics Programs. But, what they have forgotten is that no one can live without the Divine Energy from the Divine Source. This means that no matter how much wealth there is to share by the few that remain, they cannot exist without the Divine Energy they so desperately need to survive. The Divine Energy allows the functioning of the subtle bodies that are incorporated in the Physical Shell. These, too, I have explained in my books.
Let me diverge for a moment: This last paragraph provides the answer to the question many New Agers have asked me: ‘Why can’t your ‘God’ take those He wants to evacuate away from here and let the rest of us who enjoy Earth live as we please?
They do not realize that once ALL the Divine Energy is extracted from Earth and its sub-dimensions, including the Astral and Etheric Worlds, they will asphyxiate physically and spiritually. They will starve of energy. The world is starving of this energy NOW.
Without Pranic energy to drive the physical bodies via the subtle bodies, the bodies die. The subtle bodies die too. Prana is obtained at dispensing stations in the subtle levels. We go there when we sleep. Without Prana, a shell can last no more than two weeks.
The Prana is made from pilfered Divine Energy. Once this energy is reduced, you can guess the scenario. That is what we are witnessing today. The push to steal energy that others have, via emotional exploitation including violence, wars, pain, pornography that causes excessive sexual release, are all means set up by the Archons to gather the energy they desperately need. But, it is a diminishing pool. This is one explanation for the never-ending war scenario we now see.
Knowing this to be the case, the Correctors introduced the New Green Energy (NGE) to nurture the Viables during this manifesting shortage. It was introduced shortly after I ‘awoke’. Evil cannot alter this energy and form Prana from it, like it could with the previous Divine Energy, so it is of no value to evil Beings. Also, it singes them on contact and exposes them for what they are, Evil. Any who have an adverse effect on meeting the NGE are either very severely polluted or non-Viable. Once exposed by contact with this NGE, evil ones are neutralized. That means they are no longer effective in pilfering energy from Viables. Once exposed, they always sense great fear internally but externally they may express anger and resentment.
I have since written about a new, New Energy that performs a far more explosive job and I shall write about it soon.
BTW, you will see the Nazis were not the first to start such programs.
Follow the leads.
Thus, without that Divine Energy, which has now been severely restricted, as I repeated often in the past, and above, all are physically and spiritually doomed.
Knowing these few points, I can begin the subject of this essay in earnest.
Without an understanding of a Divine component in existence, all understanding is erroneous and futile. Alas, that is where the majority of beings are trapped: in a dark vacuum of ignorance from which they cannot escape.
The Robots have no spirit. They are simply mechanical, flesh and blood, workers.
The Demons have no spirit. They were created as the Masters (Archons) of the Universe. They are Reptilian in nature. They are present in all classes of consciousness. Thus, there are demons in the Mineral Class, the Vegetable, the Animal, and, of course, the Human Class. The big evil bosses are from the Devic Class 5 who have come down to lord it over this level.
The few robots that have been classed as Viable have had an apparatus added to them so that they can see the Light and will be rescued to continue existence elsewhere. I have explained previously why a few of them ‘made it’. They were created with some Divine Energy in their structure and this allowed them to respond to True Love, something the Demons and vacuous robots cannot do. Demons and robots express emotional love which is dangerous, possessive, jealous, sexual and shadowed by the Fear of Loss.
The trapped Theomorphic beings were to be the cattle, the milking cows, the Goyim, for energy extraction, to drive this doomed system. As I stated earlier, the majority were evacuated in November 1999 from this planet. When I explained this, the fools laughed. What else would you expect of fools? The few True Beings that remain on the planet are to assist the final stages of Evacuation of the Viables and Planetary Destruction.
And that is exactly the scene developing now.
On this topic, the thing I have learned very, very clearly is never to trust any individuals, governments, or so-called ‘aliens’ when it comes to prophecy and timing of future events. What is given is invariably wrong.
Of course, we all want to know when the End will be, if, in fact, this is all true.
So, let’s get this elephant of variable validity out of the room:
When this shell accepted the ‘job’ I was given a Message by Higher Consciousness.
I had a Message and that’s it.
Then I had an out-of-body experience that this shell would not even dare dream: of going out of the dimension and meeting ‘Them’. I have my suspicions that this episode was a ‘Hollywood’ style mental production to deceive me, for it was neither friendly nor fulfilling in any way. I suspect this was an evil alien episode to deceive me and make me write what my Higher Self knew so they could gain information about the Plans of the War.
Nonetheless, after this experience, came the writings, some of which, in some way, were validated by an expert, Professor Moshe Kroy.
And then, slowly, changes started to happen on Earth: to the climate, to the environment, to Vegetation, to the Animal Kingdom, to people everywhere, to the Sun, to other planets, etc. The aliens did not tell me about any of these changes. I sort of made them up as I went along. Was it a lucky guess? Or was someone feeding my ‘lower mind’? To this day I don’t know the answer.
Evil became far more obvious, as did dishonesty, pilfering, immorality, drug abuse, violence for violence’s sake; pornography and so on.
Now any fool can see we are in deep trouble as the homeostatic mechanisms of ALL SYSTEMS are failing.
It does not take a genius to work out we may not survive as a species! Why do you think the Archons, suspecting the worst, are preparing underground locations, to bury themselves, as blind moles do, in the near future?
It is only a short jump from what we are witnessing to the possibility that my ‘Message’ might be correct after all!  But, again I warn you, you would be foolish to accept publicized dates and times as being accurate. Think of D Day in WW2. Release of information and misinformation often fools the enemy sufficiently to win the day, the battle and the War.
In 1985, ‘They’ told me that outer limit for termination of this planet would be 50 years. In Spacecraft time, that was in just under 20 minutes!  It is difficult for us on this gross level to comprehend Time and the concept of NO Time. We just have to accept that this is so. As I have stated previously, the Error that gave rise to the Physical Dimension, now stated to be 13.5 to 16.5 billion years old, occurred less than a few thousand years ago in Spacecraft time. At the level of the Error, a few minutes only have elapsed.
Thus, 2035 was to be the outer limit. I mentioned this on a Jeff Rense Show many years ago.
Another condition was suggested by ‘Them’, namely that I would be here on Earth on the Final Day, meaning it would be in my lifetime. But, if the End came in 2035, I would be 91. At the time I thought that there was no way this body could last till then. Thus, when they gave me this date, I suspected it was bogus.
Immediately when I was told, I expressed my doubts to Prof Kroy. This suggestion, namely, that ‘i’, the shell, was to be here in 2035, at age 91 seemed most improbable and he agreed.  To me it meant the prophecy was one of those bogus prophecies used to fool the enemy, and everyone else, as I have explained numerous times. Thus, I started to think I was being taken for a ride. But, if that was all part of the ‘work’ I convinced myself to go along with it.
Remember, we are talking minutes in Spacecraft time here. As conditions on Earth worsened, and fragmentation accelerated, the outer limit seemed to contract. I calculated 2029 as a possibility from the data being fed to this shell, then 2025, then 2023, and recently, a week before the penultimate Pope declared his intention of retiring, I published the figure of 2019.
So far I have not needed to alter that date. Whether this shell is being impressed to come up with such dates to fool the enemy I cannot say. Whether you want to believe it or not, the enemy agents read our minds even if we protect vigorously, and they can implant false thoughts as you have probably experienced, inspite of our best efforts to prevent that.
The secret of progress and success in our Personal War and in the General War is in being able to tell which thoughts are from where and to weed out the evil-implanted ones. That is why I have written to never act on suspicious thoughts or commands that you may receive. I will cover these concepts in my detail in the essay when I discuss the practice of taking hallucinogenics and getting messages from Evil Reptiles!
Accidents that could easily have been fatal started almost immediately when I began the work. As you recall, I was warned to expect all sorts of attacks, physical, financial, emotional, etc. The attacks began taking their toll with physical injuries.  In 1990, while I was in Israel for the funeral of Professor Moshe Kroy, armed assassins attempted to break down the door to my room at the hotel. I don’t think they wanted to discuss my books or the recent lectures I had given there. Seeing these men with machine guns rushing up the stairs from the lobby without asking directions, the staff had the foresight to call the police. They came immediately and I was escorted out of the country under their care.
Just by the way, who do you think set me up by giving unknown assassins details of where I would be at a certain time? Amitakh, the demon, did. Can you believe it? Her intention was to see me killed. As I said elsewhere she had been instrumental in setting up the death of Prof Moshe Kroy ultimately to cover up her role, and his, in the assassination of Gilli Kroy in Melbourne. I have repeatedly asked the Australian police to investigate thee matters, but my requests have fallen on deaf ears.
Back to the 2035 prophecy of the End: A medical re-evaluation of this shell at age 65, by cardiac specialists, concluded that I was good for perhaps another 15 years, maximum. That was in 2009. I know we doctors get such things terribly wrong, but it sounded about right to me. In fact, if anything, it was a little optimistic. At any rate, that would mean I could live till 2024, my 80th birthday, unless a truck or bus got me. Thus, again I thought the Plan of an Endtime at 2035 was probably false, or quite inaccurate, or else, as I said, a ploy for fools, for there appeared no way I was going to make it to 2035!
I have no tangible evidence to give you as to why the End could be in 2019. It is pure speculation on my part.  I will probably live another 6 years and make it to 2019. I’ll be 75, easily achievable. Could that date be the real date for the end? At this stage, your guess would be as good as mine. We have to examine the mechanisms affecting our lives to reach some conclusion about the possibility of a near End. Don’t forget, they said a similar thing to the shell called Jesus 2000 years ago, and nothing happened.
The only other relevant comment I can make on this is that Babaji continuously repeated that the End would be so swift and occur so unexpectedly, even though we are waiting for it, that we will all be taken by surprise when it does happen. Thus, your guess of precise timing is as good as this shell’s and of every other shell. Who knows, the detonation of certain energies will ignite the atmosphere, as was the fear of the Manhattan Project in the 1940s, and it’ll be goodnight Irene and Charlie as all living things will asphyxiate in minutes!
As I said, the conclusion was fallacious. It could have happened and it did happen on Mars and other planets.
Just as an aside, why do you think the scientists producing the bomb feared such ignition of the atmosphere? They had done just that on Mars with their experiments, and with near fatal consequences for all on that planet. You see, it’s the same destructive Archons that destroy life wherever they go.
If we take a bird’s eye view of the world and its celestial environs, we shall see that there are a number of components that indicate a massive upheaval. I am not aware of some of these factors in previous eras of our history. I realize that some of the points I write below are speculative with no proof, but let’s move on and see where we get to. After all, the essay “Terminal Madness of the Endtime’ was purely speculative when I wrote it, and look at how accurate that turned out to be.
1                     We can easily witness some activities of Terminal Destruction which are being affected by ‘human’ activity. The looming Major Wars are an inescapable example.
2                     Some activities are to do with the changes in structures of Celestial bodies, such as our Sun and other planets that are also dying. Evidence of this has been noted scientifically. Realize that Superior beings are needed to change the course of a lifecycle, or even shorten it, be it of a gnat or a giant Star. Babaji and his twin have been working in this area of the Galaxy, including our Sun, to hasten its demise.  And remember, the Avatar is Omnipotent and Omnipresent. Splinters of its Consciousness are everywhere.
3                     Other activities are to do with the fracturing of Earth and its sub-dimensions. Remember the noises heard recently all over the world? They were from fracturing internal structures.
4                     Minds of the Archons (demons), no matter of what class they may be, no matter what part of the Universe they inhabit, are fragmenting because the apparatus that controlled such minds has been disabled. Thus, my assertion that ‘Jehovah is dead’.
5                     Minds of the robots and failed Viables are dissipating because of the loss of the controlling evil factors of Programming, Pollution and Indoctrination. Without those factors, the controlled zombies are becoming out-of-control zombies.
6                     The lack of energy on all levels, because it has been cut off, as I wrote before, is causing fracturing of non-Viable Consciousness in all the classes of the Universe, including the Astral and Etheric Dimensions surrounding this planet and all the other planets.
7                     Such fracturing is affecting all these:
i       The Mineral Class. We do have and shall have radioactive and magnetic disturbances of a grand scale here and in the Sun, with massive solar flares and excessive aberrant radiation, as well as in all celestial bodies. They will not obey what we thought were Man’s Immutable Laws of Physics. Earth will physically fall on its axis for the last time due to a number of factors including this weakening of the Mineral Class.
Accelerated Isotope decay is a reality and there is evidence that it has occurred in the past. It will now proceed at a Terminal Rate.
Climate change, mainly due to the Sun’s altered radioactivity will take its toll.
Are you really able to forget the damage from Fukushima?
ii      The Vegetable Class will show crop failures and destructive super weeds, inspite of GMO foodstuffs which will be sterilizing, carcinogenic, allergenic and murderous.
iii     The Animal Class in which species are dying off at an alarming rate will begin to disappear, simply because their consciousnesses are leaving.
Such reports are typically hopeful when really, there is no hope:
iv     The Human Class faces mass extinction due to all the above factors and especially the coming Wars.  Just last week, Australian National Radio reported an endemic scourge of DEMENTIA in 30, 40 and 50 year olds in this country! That is something never before seen. I have enumerated the factors causing dementia elsewhere.
You may recall this interview that Stephen Hawking gave. Of course he is unaware of what I am writing, and the fact that there will be no space to go to! Cultivated Ignorance, par excellence!

8                     There is no renewable Source of Energy for the Universe so the End is inevitable.
Entropy wins when organisms cease to take in energy and die.
And just for a laugh:
9                   Vast amounts of explosive energy have been buried within the planet to be detonated soon to end its misery.  I hinted at such a notion in the essay that I called Shiva’s Return. You will find it on my website. No, I cannot provide proof for this assertion.
10                     ‘He’ with the detonators is at the ready; hence, my introduction to you of the New Explosive Energy that has recently descended onto this planet.
11                     Divine Crafts are awaiting the Command to begin evacuation. You will have to take this assertion on faith for now. But, as some of you connect to the Supra-mental Plane, as you are supposed to do, perhaps you will contact them directly. Again I warn you not to follow any instructions they may give you unless such instruction are for your good and do not cause harm or disadvantage to you or any other living thing, even the environment.
Some will physically die and their spiritual bodies will be lifted to the waiting crafts.
Some will be physically lifted into the crafts and shed the bodies there without loss of consciousness. I am told no pain or discomfort is involved.
Probably the most convincing aspect of a coming catastrophic change on all levels of consciousness, not just on the physical that could point to the coming of an unprecedented Endtime, is the process we can call THE MASS AWAKENING.
There is a wave of awakening in all classes of consciousness, in all races, in all peoples, concerning a number of incidents that lead to unprecedented expanded awareness.
·         The EXISTENCE OF EVIL. People are awakening to the fraud and hypocrisy, and the Evil involved, in, for example, the Gulf Fiasco, HAARP, Chemtrails, Fukushima, 9/11 and the Jewish Holocaust. These have allowed many to see that there are ruthless controllers who have no qualms about murdering anyone, even their own people, and the environment, in order to gain what they seek. It allows observers to contemplate the existence of Evil at a time when this concept needs to be accepted.


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