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I add entries at the bottom of each section with the date of the posting. Please the last page for the latest postings.
The AIM of the site is to give a focus to those of us who want to assist each other in these troubled times, and like I have said many times before, to help MAKE SENSE OF THE MADNESS.

Please be patient as it will take a little time to gather momentum and fill the pages with the material we all seek.

In the meantime, if you need to contact me, please do so at



Many have
criticized the format of this website. But, I find that is stupid of them to do so.

This is NOT a commercial site, even though I make my books available through it.

I began the site specifically for 2 reasons:

1                 To continue delivering the information that may be of assistance to people who truly want to examine my version of the Truth and truly want to awaken to what I believe to be details of a Greater Reality

2                 To deliver a new energy, the New Green Energy, via my written and spoken words.

I set out to deliver the former by giving information in the form of essays, items of news and my interpretation of them, and extracts from my books, as well as informative and entertaining poetry.

The important thing was to make people concentrate on the words and their meanings. Hence, you see no commercials, no distracting rush to here and there, no diversion of the flow to other distracting pages, etc. At times, readers are directed to various videos and sites for further ideas and knowledge. All one needs to do is start at Page One and read on.

Soon enough, as visitors to the site commence reading in earnest, those who are receptive to the Energy know something is happening to them in a very positive way.

Those who seek information simply to expand their egos will not get the Message, or the Energy. Soon enough they become bored, and don’t return, or else they seek to change my site to suit themselves, and some then even begin to criticize and abuse the site and me. What they are doing by engaging in that criticism is exposing their true spiritual nature.

The website is like a daily Journal and I feed readers with what I think they need for that day. When some news items come that I think are relevant, of course I include those on the site and expand on their meaning, if I feel that is necessary.

As a human, I am the first to admit that the response to the message I was instructed to relay to the World has been disappointing. But that is a reflection of Humanity, not of the Message. I am sure the sponsors of the Message anticipated the poor response.

I will continue in this manner of writing on this website. I have rejected many times those who wanted to make it a jingoistic or commercial site.

You don’t see any commercials or paintings of dancing girls in serious books on Philosophy and Metaphysics, do you? Well, you won’t see them on this website either.

You will notice that, if you do commence reading from Page one onward, that there is a progressive chronology in the entries. That is by design. That would not be possible with a scattered website that caters to curiosity rather than the Message and its Energy content.

Here is a letter from Charles, a long-term reader of my work that supports what awakened ones feel:

Dear Doctor.

I think your website is very beautiful. It is very true indeed that all one needs to do is read from the beginning until the end. I think the energy content and the truth of what one reads on your website should ultimately outweigh anyone's opinion on the format or style of the website 1000 times. I agree things should be affordable and you have to do what's best for you.

In my opinion, the website you have, with the combination on the lectures you have on YouTube, Jeff Rense, etc. is way more than enough to reach out to the masses. Take, for instance, your original YouTube video. It has well over 15,000 views. The truth is that the biggest outlets on the Internet just do not want to broadcast your material whether it be for personal issues, metaphysical disturbances etc... That is just the case here.

It's not like no one can understand it, they know what's at stake when they listen to your information. You just get backlash because of what you talk about. After a brief correspondence with Forbidden Knowledge TV that I had, the lady in charge just thought your material was too controversial (which is a load of nonsense).

I forwarded your website, your YouTube videos, as well as other corresponding videos and articles talking about the electromagnetic net around the planet etc. She just felt that it was too controversial and she was afraid of the backlash she would receive. For me that was an unacceptable explanation by her for rejecting your material.

In my opinion, if your website has the ability of impacting someone's life well over thousands of miles away, I am sure it has the possibility for others as well.

I believe that if one truly wanted to find the truth that they would find it... they would go to great lengths to find it.... as I did. Yes Doctor, you should definitely just carry-on as usual ...if you need any assistance at all when it comes to such issues like that, let me know and I will certainly see what I can do to help you J Charles



March 3, 2012                        

 I wish to thank all the people who have written to me.
It is great to see so many respond positively to my words. At the risk of being ridiculed by the idiots and morons who are the majority on this Stage of Fools, I have attempted to expose the nonsense of the Virtual Reality and write about the Truth of things, so the Fraudulent Kingdom that has kept us trapped will come smashing down. Already we see it fragmenting. It really is.
Your support is greatly appreciated. None of us work alone. Whether you want to believe it or not, we are a band of like-minded individuals who form a Military Unit in the Battle of Essences. But, I know many of you sense this, and as time goes on and I share more and more of the New Green Energy with you, via the writings, the radio shows, the lectures, the website, personal communication, etc., you sense the Law of Attraction acting stronger and stronger and pulling us into one joyous Family, even though we may never meet on this level.
Believe me when I say we are all very close in a special Divine Clan on the subtle levels.
I knew the time would come when the sincere ones would come forward to be counted.
I must admit, it has been a long wait and many times I questioned the exact timing of the mass realization.
I am sure you will all understand that at present, running a busy Medical Practice in a needy country town I have very little time to answer all of your correspondence on a personal basis with lengthy letters. .
Also, many of you have the same questions which repeat again and again.
I ask that you show some initiative and read my books. I cannot keep answering the same questions over and over again.  
I hope to retire shortly and devote my time completely to assisting those who need assistance on their Spiritual Journey.
If you feel you are in a position to donate money  to print the books, or to donate so that eBooks will be made available to those who cannot afford them, please let me know, as I am preparing a Non-Profit Organization/Foundation to sponsor lectures, the teaching of Meditation, Cleansing, Protection, etc., the conduction of Self-realization classes, etc., etc. It will be run by a Board of Directors under the supervision of a Registered Firm of Accountants.
I also intend to travel and give lectures when it is appropriate, in that way many of us may meet.
If you do want to donate, please contact me and I shall direct you to my Accounting Firm so that everything will be done according to Government rules. I do not wish to be involved with the money or its administration personally.
Once again, I wish to thank you all for your support.
Hello Readers, On March 4th 2010, Jeff Rense invited me to do a show with him like in years past. If you wish to listen to the show click on or  copy the  link below which was kindly provided by Jeff and his staff and paste it onto the address window of Internet Explorer and hit enter:

SHOW ON JUNE 16, 2010:

SHOW  ON JULY 13, 2010

Show on October 20, 2010:

Show on December 14,2010:
Link to Show on Feb 25, 2012:

Notice of Effects that may occur
On reading or hearing my Material
There is energy in the books I have written which has various functions.
The degree and frequency of the energy varies from book to book.
The Information and its Energy are basically to awaken beings to their own Truth within and prepare them for what is to occur to them, to this planet, and to the whole physical dimension..
Their mode of action opens Centres of Awareness in each individual, and if these centres harbour Evil programming, pollution and indoctrination, (which we all have on this level to varying degrees) the reactions in the individual will vary according to the degree (concentration, severity) of the programming, pollution and indoctrination.
Some people have Evil Energy in their auras, or are possessed by demonic energy partially or totally. Others are totally non-viable Evil Beings.
The energy in the information will certainly stir many to a great degree.
This can cause physical effects. But the effects are due to flushing out the Negative Energy that lay hidden within the individual, not due to the energy of the information.
Physical effects may manifest as nausea, headaches, nightmares, visions of discarnates who are stealing the reader’s energy, Succubi and Incubi who are stealing the reader’s sexual energy at night, thoughts that relatives, friends and associates are draining them of energy at school, at work, at play. This is not paranoia. As those more knowledgeable know, there are people that steal our energies as we go about our daily business. Energy Vampires exist.
The headaches can be due to blocks in the spiritual pathways. They usually subside as one cleanses sufficiently.
But, always remember to get persistent symptoms checked out. One reader, years ago, was elated that periodically he felt drowsy and euphoric, with a wavy motion in his head and at times slurred speech. He put it down to the massive amounts of energy he thought he was receiving through his Crown Centre at my weekly lectures at that time. When he told me about this, I realized immediately he was having TIAs, Transient Ischaemic Attacks, due to his high blood pressure which he ignored. Inspite of subsequent treatment he later suffered a stroke which paralysed him. He was in his 50s.
Manifestations due to the stirring and exposure of Evil Energy and blocks within can upset awakeners. But, they must push on. It is the Negative Energy within them that is surfacing and producing all these effects, including anger, fear and paranoia, as it were. The Positive Energy of the books is making the readers aware of their negative impost.
It can be likened to a spiritual Herxheimer Reaction that occurs in medicinal healing. If you don’t know what that means, look it up. It is a manifestation of rapid removal of toxins from the body after a healing agent has been ingested. In the spiritual case, it is the exposure, and hopefully, the rapid removal of Negative Energy from the individual by the introduction of the energy in my books and voice.
Sometimes these reactions are so frequent, great and/or distressing to the individuals, they must stop Positive Energy input until they cleanse to clear the mess and the crises pass. It is simply a case of overload.
New readers can feel these effects and erroneously blame the content of the books for the negative effects.
It is similar to students studying in intensive courses in which they take in more facts than they satisfactorily integrate at any one time. Hence, Physical, Mental, Emotional, Intellectual and Spiritual fatigue can occur. 
That is why cleansing and purification are such important daily requirements.
When one takes a rest from positive input, cleansing and purification should be intensified. Read my books for details please.
Also remember to drink lots of water, for the body is helped by drinking water when larger energy inputs occur. Hands-on-healers say they drink up to 12 litres a day to cope with the energy flux that affects them as they attempt to heal patients.
Avoidance of programming, pollution and indoctrination is mandatory if you are going to progress on your Spiritual Path.
Half measures are not good enough. Don’t be a hypocrite.
I repeat, the negative effects are due to the Negative Energy that is stirred and flushed out of the individual by the awakening and healing Positive Energy of the books.
The same goes for the energy in my voice when I give lectures, conferences, speak on Radio shows, etc. Many readers have commented on the boost of energy they acquire as they listen and on the elation from the energy of the words that they feel. It is an automatic process.
Lately I have been using increasing doses of the New Green Energy (NGE) which has resulted in even more spectacular effects.
The Negative beings feel far worse with it. It attacks negative energy more forcefully, and it cannot be manipulated as the former Divine energy could be by Evil Beings to do destructive things. I had previously revealed that this whole Evil System is being starved of Divine Energy. The system simply cannot use the NGE for its evil effects. Thus it will totally collapse.
The NGE and the Evil Energy are incompatible and the NGE destroys the Evil Energy on impact. That effect can be felt by the individual with negative energy as temporary physical malady.
Evil Beings are exposed by the NGE and are never the same. They cannot run away fast enough from me, my words, my books, and my voice, even if before they appeared really close friends and devoted to my work.
The Viables feel far better with the NGE. They experience a new, pleasant sensation, as many have written to me to say so. They feel a boost of energy, new confidence and greater love that heals them faster.
As an individual purifies, the unwanted side-effects of cleansing will be less, obviously, until finally, when the Centres of Consciousness are relatively clean, the effects will be of Joy, Elation, and True Love.
These benevolent effects are due to the Energy of the words being able to establish a pathway in the individual to his Divine Energy within. And that is basically the mechanism of awakening and true realization of God Consciousness.
Renewed pollution may cause them more distress until they cleanse properly again.
I can tell you now that failed Robots and Demons will not only reject what I write, but they will also become argumentative and abusive. Internally they have great FEAR.
The Positive Energy, especially the NGE, stirs their evil energy within, and being unable to grasp Truth, for they have none within, all they are left with is the Anger and the Fear of the thought of Justice and the elimination of Evil which means elimination of them. That is why they fear, even though externally they may express anger.
And although they may say they do not believe a word of what I have written, subconsciously they know that what I have written is correct. And as that realization which they have buried deep within their psyche slowly filters from their deep subconscious into their lower minds, it brings anger for having been reminded of this Truth, and the Fear of their fate.
By the time it reaches a conscious level, they will manifest the Terminal Madness I have often written about.  Thus, “verily shall there be gnashing of teeth and (some of) the living will envy the dead”.

Discounts will apply for multiple books bought simultaneously.

Catalogue of books
Unless otherwise indicated, books are only available as eBooks. Please contact me by email to order.
THis is the order I recommend you should read them:

1        My Experiences of Aliens and Other Realities --$30

     2  Journey Into The World Of Metaphysics - Volume One  -- $ 25

3                 Journey Into The World Of Metaphysics - Vol. Two  - $  25

 4           What’s Going On? - Making Sense Of The Madness - Vol 1  ---   $30
5                  Keys To Reality - Making Sense Of The Madness - Vol 2 --- $30
6       Death Of An Evil God - Making Sense Of The Madness - Volume 3 --$30
7     The Kingdom Of Zion - Exposing The Worldwide Conspiracy Of Evil --$30
8                   One World - Exposing The New World Order --$30
9     Psychiatry - The Struggle For Your Soul--$30

10                    Essential Gnostic Truths -- $30

11                    Towards Divine Warriorship -- $30

12-17      Thoughts Of A Gnostic -  Volumes  1 – 6 ---  $25   each
18  To    28 Collection of My Verses and Poems based on Gnostic Thoughts, Volumes: 0ne - Eleven --  $25 each

29-33 ;  5  VOLUMES OF  "MY CONVERSATIONS WITH GOD"   $25  per volume.
NOTE: At present most books are only available as e-books.

For purchases please contact me directly via email at;

 In this website, I am going to attempt to answer the questions of who and what we are, where the heck we are going, and what the hell is going on. This site will contain my thoughts and answers. I hope they stimulate your awareness a little.


Check each section daily as I will be posting material in any of the sections sporadically.
Who Are We?
We class ourselves as human, but,
in reality, what does that mean?
What are we when true essence we glean?
To be thus, a multitude in a suffocating,
exploitative, suffering earth, bursting
with iniquities, poverty and gross injustices,
hassled, heckled, what does it mean?
Are we just biological shells, needing to sleep
after we feed, fornicate and in pain weep?
Or are we more than that, as minds
straining to find reality, descend
into ambiguous, troubling dreams varied, deep?
Are we but a chance occurrence of mixtures of
atoms and molecules, and compounds assorted,
which, becoming aware, dance for a
short time on the horizon of an uncaring
and fractured time circuitry?
Or are some of us, in fact, more than this,
being, as the True Gnostics would have it,
theomorphic consciousnesses trapped
in an evil parody maliciously?

Are we merely shells which cast shadows as we
dance to the tune of exploitative programming
which, for each moment of gladness,
extracts a toll with unwanted sadness?

Are we but bodies numbed by bruising
emotions which temporarily please
as we seek our pains and misery to ease,
knowing, but hiding the fact, that once
born, we sign the pact to also die
and hence, internally we hurt and cry?

We strut upon this Earth, this stage
of fools, not too well it seems,
for the one we fool most often,
and assiduously, is the self,
placing questions which haunt us,
as if unwanted, on a mental shelf,
as if they mean nought, as we try to conceal
from our clouded minds the very Reality
which shatters our existence by changes
that are of valid phenomenology
but which, even being repeatedly there,
we often fearfully ignore really.

So what are we, if not at all times,
these fools seeking blissful ignorance,
so-called, to avoid the conundrum of specific
identity and meaningful existentiality?
We are nought, but those very shells who,
having tasted of life's pseudo-sweet pleasures,
its morphic trances and its sour pains,
move off the scene of a temporary Passing Parade
with no lasting, valuable, spiritual gains,
lest we awaken and connect to the
True Source of our Being,
the amber Light Divine
burning within, even lowly.

Only on such a connection to That
from which we were cut off,
do we become members of the Children of Light, of
great radiance, who glow in this nefarious Night.

And bypassing all the soporific and very destructive
mechanisms of this plane, which want to bury us
deep in Darkness and Ignorance, we seek the
glorious future away from the rotting body
and its existential tragedy.

Supra-human consciousness, that is how
we, of Light, ourselves should see,
those of us, of Truth, who reject
all Evil, and its Iniquity!
We are not these vile, corrupt bodies
and their spurious, ignorant minds,
both driven by pain of loss, by greed,
by insatiable loins which lustfully
seek to multiply numbers to be forever
trapped in Darkness' travesty.

We are of immortal stuff, of Higher,
purer minds, beyond this depravity
and its senseless misery.
We are more, those of us who sustain
within us the Spark of Love,
and of Godly Justice, of Luminosity.
There are, in the midst of humanity,
those of Darkness and of no real worth,
who, having been created that way, tragically
have seen fit to reject
offers to join the band of Light, of Ones
who shall survive this malignancy.

They truly are useless, temporary shells
which are used to collect, by pilfery,
for the Evil Mind, Divine energy,
stolen from the Children of Light
who have been trapped nefariously.

They are the ones who soon
shall in existence no longer be.
Hence, two quite distinct ontological
beings in humanity we see:
Ones of Everlasting Light and
doomed ones of the Iniquity.
Thus answered is the age-old
conundrum of "Who are we?"

August 12.2009

 What Is It We Seek?

We of Love True seek
many things as we journey in
the Darkness of this enigmatic existence, most often
in Ignorance, accompanied by the ubiquitous Fears
which stir in us unwanted trepidation all too readily.

And yet, inspite of hurdles, setbacks and the
pitfalls, with which we are all too familiar, having
the physical and emotional scars, no doubt, with
which to prove their effects on us, we pursue our
quest for Truth and the Source of Love, relentlessly.

What is it that we, of Love True, seek so sincerely?
Is it not the union with the Source of our Love?
Indeed it is, and from youngest days we feel the
yearning to once again reunite with that "something"
which to the lower mind, so programmed, polluted
and indoctrinated by evil, seems to defy an identity.

That "something" is Love itself, and Its Divine
Source, which we seek in our existence, constantly,
for from them we have been separated by the Fall,
and have thus suffered, from Evil, many pernicious
consequences all so unjustly and nefariously.

It is we, of Love True, who feel the Loss this way.
The demons and robots have no such notion and,
missing no such essence in their illicit lives,
enjoy the abominable existence and Evil's fray.
They appease the flesh, seeking pleasures galore
and think "to love" is to increasingly sexually score.
But that is Lust, not Love, and destroys the notion
of Union, of completeness, of fulfilment, for no
sooner has Demon Lust had its exploitative way,
it seeks to devour another's Divine energy
and forever views True Beings as fair prey.

The Essence of Love True is one of sincere giving,
not of exploitation, of taking; it is of sharing,
and completeness, not of vicious wantonness,
or rape, or of immoral, degenerative weakness.

But lo, many of Love True are trapped in this
travail, this journey, as they seek like company,
and fall into the midst of exploitative demons,
who, binding them in traps, will not let them be.
In seeking to share, to love, to nurture and to
honestly attain a union of Divine hearts true,
and a completeness of their sincere entity,
True Seekers often fall prey this way in the Rat race
and its evil mechanisms, to those of the depravity,
and are thus sucked dry of their Divine energy.

Do you doubt that this could, as I say, be?
Many indeed have suffered this fate
and are tightly chained now at Hell's Gate
awaiting Energy with which they can be set free,
for you see, once stripped of their own, they were
too weak to fight, and were dragged to the lower
realms to be exploited more dangerously, effectively.

Whom do you think the Lord, Jesus, descended
to see in Hell, upon his physical death, before
ascending, as reported, to realms Heavenly?
He paid a visit to the Theomorphs of Love trapped
in that demonic hue, to give them energy with which
to cope a little longer and notice of coming Liberty.
And so thus for them, and all, it shall soon be.

Ones of Light and Hearts Pure know when they are
fooled really, as when insincere affection is
offered by the demons and robots of the parody
as a substitute for the Love that they seek.

But often, due to destructive emotional
programming, and with no immediate more fulfilling
alternative to see, they acquiesce and become meek,
allowing themselves then to be led astray,
hoping more and more weakly that Love True will
soon reach them, somehow, truly, on another day.

But the danger is that while in the situation of
deadly danger, cavorting with the demons and the
robots, raging in the Rat Race, they are being
drained incessantly, even if they know not that
is so, and will then be too weak to break away
from the evil traps when called to do so.
They have by then, unfortunately, lost their way.

If you are still a part of some nefarious fray
where you are being unjustly, emotionally
exploited by demons and robots, or failed True
Beings who know not the meaning of Love True,
this call to awaken is then pertinent to you.

Awaken, awaken, and move, for now is the time.
Fulfil for sure all social obligations
with which you have been burdened,
and detach from them now just fine.
Seek now with newfound mental and emotional
courage and with the knowledge of Liberty that
essence of Love True which sets us free.

Seek the Love and the fulfilment which comes with
Union with the Source, and which cannot possibly
come from Counterfeits of the Evil Depravity.

Seek the Light, Love, with which you feel complete,
and truly you will be impossible, by Evil, to defeat.

That is the secret to Victory against our evil enemy.
Union with our Love and Light and Source are it.
By separating us from Them in this closed, doomed
Hell, Evil appeared constantly with an upper hand.
But now, with us joining together as a Divine band,
Evil is doomed to collapse forever totally
as in current world changes this we see.

All that's left then, for those who are in the Light
and share its Love, being connected to the Source,
for these are the things which we sought, is to
celebrate justly, enthusiastically, triumphantly,
the Glorious Final Victory.

What's it all about?
August 13, 2009
As there may be readers who are not familiar with my books and the Gnostic philosophy, so-called, of "What is Going On", I have included here a synopsis of some of the information I have written about which also appeared in some of my newsletters of years past. Various articles and essays are purposely repeated as I feel they have an importance which cannot be exaggerated. The gist of the information we have released can be summarized as follows:
A long time ago, this dimension was overrun by a minor subordinate of the Divine Hierarchy who then refused to obey the regulatory mechanisms of creation and opposed the established order.
It actively contradicted the norm and manifested a destructive capability. This ability was called Evil.   It barricaded itself, created a physical dimension and resisted all attempts at rectification. A War of Essences ensued and finally, as far as this planet is concerned, the battle is to be resolved shortly with destruction of the physical planet, evacuation of all consciousness from it, sorting out of beings, placement of those to continue in a New Dimension and transmutation of those considered unfit to continue.
From August 1986, the planet was to enter 2 and, at most, 3 seven year cycles which would culminate in its physical destruction. The reasons for this were given in the various books. Full explanations of all the absurdities of this plane, for the degrees of suffering and for the conspiracy against truthful knowledge were given and these were also explained in detail in the books. The reasons why conditions for the majority were deteriorating daily, inspite of technological advances were also given. The information included these points:
*      The dimension was overrun by an evil consciousness. *      There are 2 creations (a Divine one and an evil one) in conflict. Not all beings are ontologically the same. *      Resolution of a WAR of essences between them was about to take place. *      The planet was too physically and spiritually polluted to continue. There WAS and IS an active conspiracy to prevent the Truth being known on this plane. *      Connection to other levels of consciousness would occur en masse in these cycles.  The planet has been purposely isolated from communication with other planets and levels of consciousness.
In the first seven year cycle it was written that the following would occur: a      changes in climate, for the worse, b      exposure of all evil practices, c      collapse of political frameworks, d      escalation of conflict worldwide, e      spread of AIDS and other diseases including new ones, f      worldwide financial collapse, g      worldwide awakening of the people, by various mechanisms, to the impending planetary destruction, h      increasing droughts, calamities, poverty, starvation, etc., i      major continental destruction. Most of these things have happened or are in the process of happening! All these were planned mechanisms to move consciousnesses out of the physical.
And the Clearing of the Planet involves animals, vegetation and mineral consciousnesses as well. Most of you know that many of these things happened exactly as described and as I wrote about them in 1986. The first cycle ended in the middle of 1992. We are now in the second cycle. Specific things which did not occur in the first cycle will occur in the second cycle and this second cycle will be far more devastating than the first. A Third World War in this cycle is now a strong probability. Previously it was a possibility. It is unlikely a third cycle is necessary, however I need to stress that the periodicity of the Final Plan is flexible to some extent. The reason massive geological changes did not occur in the first cycle is that, because of a number of obstructing mechanisms, insufficient numbers (of True Consciousnesses) were awakened enough to prepare for the changes. Massive geographical changes are scheduled for this second phase and will certainly occur.

August 14, 2009
All things, including me, have a beginning and an end. My body is certainly not eternal, for I see it deteriorating before my very eyes, as does everyone else's. I do not believe those snake-oil peddlers who promise "Physical Immortality" either. It is the essence of Goodness within me, that which has been called the consciousness, which must be everlasting. But, I can only contemplate eternity if That which created me is eternal and connects me to Its beingness and existence. Only with Its Love, Nurturing Energy, and Will can my consciousness last. I therefore offer myself up totally in body, mind and soul to my Creator, to do Its will, to be part of Its purpose and to join the eternal Flame which emanates from It.
Without such a Source, there is no eternity, I would not be eternal for I would not exist. My reason for existing is to know the Source and be part of It, and Its eternity. But right now I am separated by the effects of Evil which have purposely isolated me and all other Beings of Light from the Source. That which has separated us from our Source cannot be Good, or be part of Good, or serve a Good purpose. That which has caused this burdensome separation must be evil; it must be exploitative; it must be temporal, for once we were connected to the Source. As I await the day of Liberation and reunion, I offer that which is mine to offer, to be used in the best way the Light sees, so that I will be re-enjoined as quickly as possible with my Source. Left alone, there is nothing but toil and trouble. There is no reward for the honest or just in this world. The ones who seek Peace and Love are mocked and scorned by the hypocrites. Such hypocrisy cannot last. I would not want to be part of such evil if it were to last. I only entertain the thought of eternity if that eternity is the reality of Love, Joy and Happiness without evil.
Who would want an eternity of evil exploitation and misery? No one would, unless it is the evil demons who gain from suffering. I ask to be made eternal if my consciousness can share the bountiful joy of Goodness and Light. I ask that all those things which are not of Goodness and Light be made redundant so only the Good and Light will remain. The Eternal consciousness can only be of Goodness, for Evil is a self-limiting aberration which has an end. No one wants it, no one needs it! Hence, it will be removed forever. Let all things which are part of me now, but which are of Evil, be removed, and transmuted forever, so that I can entertain the thought of Eternity in the Light of Goodness and the absence of Evil. If Evil were to remain, I would not want to be part of that eternity. Having concluded that I will do everything in my power to eradicate Evil, the first step is my unconditional surrender and dedication to the Warriorship of the Light.  There can be no other way. There is no other way!
August 15, 2009
Many of us who delve into philosophical, metaphysical, esoteric and spiritual concepts and notions often have to bear the scorn of ignorant sceptics. If you find yourself in that situation, it will pay to remember this discourse by Lord Krishna in the Bhagavad Gita.
"Knowing the whole truth, thou shouldst beware of unsettling the minds of those not yet prepared to grasp it, as untimely teaching may drive from their work such as see only half-truths, and become unsettled thereby. When thou shalt rise beyond the plane of illusion, then shalt thou cease to disturb thyself regarding doctrines, theology, disputations concerning rites or ceremonies, and other useless trimmings upon the cloth of spiritual thought.....  
You will be liberated from those who would interpret that which they fail themselves to understand; but instead, shalt thou fix thy mind in earnest contemplation of the Spirit, and thus reach the harmony with thy Real Self..... That which seemeth real to the men of the sense-world (counterfeit beings, robots), is known to be illusion by the Sage (True Being)."
From my book ‘Death of an Evil God’
"Let us get one thing straight from the beginning. Even if not one person in the whole world believes what I have written, this planet will still be destroyed totally before the year 2000." (This was a CODE given for the evacuation of Civilian Theomorphic Class 4 Consciousness by the end of 2000. In fact, the evacuation was completed by November 1999. Of course the fools who did not know or understand the code let loose with their idiocy. But, what did it matter really?
It mattered not, for those for whom the code was meant understood it, even if it was in the subtle levels. Since then, as you will have noted, the Earth has become more and more a nightmare as the evil energy has been given a free reign to self destruct.) This is what I wrote in earlier editions and it must be taken with the explanation given in the Preface. Many of the reasons for this destruction will be found in this book. I am simply acting as a messenger with this information of what is going on at this level.

This third volume in the series has been written basically for 2 reasons. Firstly, to expose the Evil Essence of this plane further so that it can be totally destroyed and secondly to help further those who need assistance. The time for subtle suggestion and for intellectual finessing is well and truly over. Time for this planet is almost at its end. It is time to tell it like it is. It is time to be blunt! This is a book which very briefly expands on the theme of what is going on in this planet. It explains what is to happen and tells a little of the distortion which occurred in religious philosophy, why it happened, and the effects of such distortion. By examining some religious doctrines, with which most westerners are familiar, it exposes the evilness of the dimension. And this exposure is necessary in order to bring about the ultimate destruction of the malignant, evil essence which, up until this generation, ruled the plane.
The revelations given in this book, of how evil religions have been, are simply another valid reason why this system, this planet, this dimension, must be destroyed totally. Of necessity, many metaphysical concepts are referred to and if readers do not allow their minds to expand to accommodate such concepts, the value to them, of what they read will be diminished.  This book is certainly not meant to be a comprehensive analysis of Mythology, Bibles and Religions. History is vast and varied, as are the contents of the various bibles, so-called sacred texts and religious doctrines around the world. Many able scholars have devoted their lives to research history and write commentaries on its aspects, on ancient texts, the bibles, and the history and effects of religions.
I wish to present a few thoughts, in the Light of metaphysical knowledge and in the Light of unperverted Gnosticism, about certain aspects of Religious Doctrine and the Christian Churches which will assist some people, while at the same time, and far more importantly, I reveal the truthful situation on this planet in this generation, and that which is being done to rectify the mess that exists. It is a fleeting glimpse at these and in no way should anyone mistake it for anything else. I have left out most of the research references, for readers can do their own sleuthing if they are really interested.
This book is also written with full awareness of the fulfilment of the Gnostic Doctrine of Eschatology (which I have discussed more fully in some of my other books) and the imminent clearing of all consciousnesses before the planet's total destruction. I have covered these topics also in other volumes. I suggest that readers avail themselves of these other volumes in order to gain a fuller understanding of concepts to which I refer briefly in this volume.

Some may find this information beyond their immediate ability to comprehend. My aim has never been to try and convince anyone of my point of view. Readers are free to accept or reject as they see fit, naturally. Apart from exposing some evil elements, I am producing this book in order to allow some of you to use it as a stimulus for further awakening and understanding. No doubt the most vociferous against me and these writings will be those who have most to lose from them, namely, the ecclesiastics.
We will see if they show the understanding, love, patience and tolerance which they preach and expect others to have or if, true to form, as revealed in this book, they will show the venom, hatred and malignity of demons. For certain though, they will abuse and threaten, even as I write that people should ALWAYS be free to accept or reject these writings as they see fit. No one is under any coercion to believe, and that is a lot more than can be said about the liberty the churches have shown their victims in years past.
There is a good chance that the massive mechanisms for evacuation will have already manifested themselves by the time this book reaches the general public. Everything on this plane is to be destroyed. Nothing is worth keeping that belongs to this material manifestation for it is all tainted with the essence of evil.
The reality in which Divine consciousness freely exists is so removed from the pseudo-reality of this plane where it is entrapped by evil that unawakened people cannot comprehend the true reality even when it is described. Even the awakened ones need faith to believe in a better world, such is the depressing effect of Evil. Divine consciousness can be numbed and unproductive when it is enclosed in the physical bodies of manifestation. Often it does not know its own nature under these circumstances.
Trapped thus, the Divine Consciousness is subjected to all sorts of exploiting and oppressing mechanisms as described in earlier volumes. The biggest traps which hold True Consciousness in ignorance are the man-made, but evil-inspired, Religious Doctrines.  And they are the ultimate target of this book. Time has now virtually ended for this plane and the caution Lord Krishna gave so long ago, which I quoted above, is no longer appropriate. Those who are not ready for the Truth will never be ready. Their time is no more. "There will be no future for evil men. The lamp of the wicked will be put out. And when the wicked perish, there is glad shouting." As evil ones are exposed more and more, you will see for yourself the truism of the axiom: "Evil beings are cursed by their own evilness".
At this very point I am reminded of Acts 13:41: "Behold, you scoffers, and marvel, and perish; For I am accomplishing a work in your days, A work which you will never believe, Though someone should describe it to you."
I have also knowingly repeated a number of points in order to emphasise and illuminate them, and this, I am sure will be a source of irritation to those of Darkness!
August 16,2009
“Hello Number 374 – AFG – 4298 – MW – SS - E - C3.”
“Speak up, then.
Do you know where you are incarnating this time?”
“No ….?”
“It’s a little outpost – rather primitive really …. Called Earth by the
“That’s OK…..”
“Well, not really …. You see ….err … You’ve lost a great deal of your energy, and you won’t be able to sustain a Class 4 (human) manifestation as you used to I’m afraid.”
“Oh ….”
“Yes, it says right here on your chart …. In red too …. That you can
now only fit into a Class 3.”
“What are they in Class 3 on Earth?”
“Animals? Doesn’t sound too bad. What are the choices?”
“Well, you can be in one of two major categories - Domesticated or
“What’s the difference?”
“All depends. ‘Domesticated’ will mean you are close to Class 4 manifestations. You can be cared for, fattened, trained to give pleasure as a pet, or trained to be a racehorse. You could even be a greyhound, to be raced.
But, once you are out of form, more likely than not, you’re glue or canned meat. Or you can be abused, abandoned, even husbanded; to be slaughtered at will, by those who will eat your flesh and bones.
As a loved pet you can be cared for, pampered even. But, all the same, more likely than not you will suffer loneliness especially if you are alone all day in a flat or high-rise.
You’ll have anxieties, fears and nightmares. Some will be even implanted into you. Some will be inherited through the gene pool that goes with the body. And of course, you will still have to die, no matter how much you are pampered and loved.
Even as a pet you may become ill and be neglected. If your owner is poor, you may not get proper care when you are sick or injured and you could be left to die because of the lack of money, as many are.
You could live in a busy area and be run over by uncaring Class 4’s. Or you could be killed by other pets that dislike you. Certain ones we call demons are in pet bodies too, you know. Then again, even as a pet, you may be dealt with cruelly inspite of laws trying to prevent such a thing.
You may be used to breed and have your progeny removed when it does not suit you.
They will be sold for profit. You will be exploited emotionally in that way and the pain will be all yours, for the owners usually don’t care at all.
You may be sold, and there is no guarantee that the new owner will be good-natured.
You could be used to fight others of your species to satisfy the lust for violence and gambling of class 4’s. If you are good at fighting, you will be forced to kill many others.
If you are no good you will be killed, or abused and thrown away like a rag doll until you succumb to the dangers of so-called nature.
Under those circumstances, if you are lucky, you will die quickly.
I know that many pets escape their masters and then half-starved throw themselves in front of traffic in order to end it all, such is the degree of cruelty and lovelessness in their lives.
That’s the good option.
‘Feral’ means a lot more savagery. You will have to fend for yourself. Depending on the type you will be, you may hunt and kill, or be hunted and killed by other animals and Class 4 manifestations.
The rule is kill, or be killed, if you are in the carnivore subclass.
Depending on what species you go into you may be classed as unwanted vermin by the ruling Class 4 who will then try to eradicate you by poison, traps or shooting you on sight if you stray into certain areas they try to reserve for their domesticates.
You may, of course, reincarnate into an endangered species class for whom Protection Laws are passed, but the reality is no one pays any attention to those laws, so that if any part of you is of any value whatsoever – e.g., your skin, your tusks, your bones, even your gizzards, your gallbladder, etc., - someone will shoot you for monetary gain.”
“But, … but, that’s disgusting …. Isn’t the planet supposed to be shared equally by all the Classes that go there?”
“Supposedly. But, let me continue. You may have no one to look after you once you are weaned from your mother. You will have to rely on your basic instincts. Danger will lurk at every moment everywhere you go.”
“What if I get sick or injured?”
“It’ll be curtains for you most likely, unless the injury is trivial. In the wild for feral types, incapacity usually means a painful death. Scavengers may find you and tear you limb from limb even while you are still alive and screaming for mercy. It won’t come.
This planet, Earth, is a most perfectly horrible emotional energy extraction
“What about sickness?”
“Well, the genetic code in the body will have the memory of a limited pharmacopeia. As long as you remember it, that is, as long as the brain of the body you will have functions reasonably – you realize there is no guarantee of that, for you may suffer brain damage
at birth – you’ll be OK, provided, of course, that the plants that you need still exist and you can get to them.
Be careful how you roam though. Most Class 4’s will shoot and kill you for what they call ‘sport’.
And, just to cheer you up, I have to warn you that most likely you will live less than a quarter of your potential because of all the dangers. Something’s going to get you; you can depend on it!
The mating instinct, if you go down there as a mammal, will drive you nuts, whether you are feral or a domesticate, and especially if you are a male of the species.
Depending on the species, you will be constantly fighting, because of how you will be programmed by the body, just to stay alive and to copulate so that you can propagate the species.
Or else you will be constantly fleeing danger just to stay alive. You will be in constant fear of being killed and eaten.
You will be constantly tormented, in the wild especially, by flies and fleas, parasites, leeches, intestinal worms, fungi, and so on. Some of the parasites can bite you and paralyze you so that other scavengers can come and devour you while you are still alive.
Then again, you could be captured and placed in prison.”
“Yes, but the Class 4’s call it a Zoo. You’ll be fed and gawked at, and looked after, but you will still be in prison. And like most of the inmates, you will go crazy.
You will suffer the mental anguish of all prisoners. But, you won’t be able to do anything about it, nor get any sort of relief, for the Class 4’s, well most of them anyway, don’t even think for a moment that animals have feelings or mental illness, etc. Most of them see animals as animate inanimates, if you know what I mean.”
“That’s awful.”
“It gets worse, believe me. Some of the animals are trapped and then used for experimentation, all sorts of experimentation. Some have their brains exposed and electrodes placed in places to see how much pain they can stand, how much anaesthesia will kill them, etc.
Others are fed poisons to find the lethal doses. Some are given carcinogenic agents to artificially find out how quickly they produce cancer, and so on.
It is incomprehensible to us, but that’s how that planet is run.
They are not the slightest bit concerned about your pain, suffering or misery. Nor do they care if and when or how you die really.
They could even cut you up for parts such as heart valves, or force you to breed, and dissect your young for those parts.
They assign a monetary value to everything and that value rules supreme in their lives. Some of the Class 4’s even sell others of their class into slavery, prostitution and so on for monetary gain.”
“It sounds like, it sounds like …. Err …. Hell?”
“Bingo. But, for completion I’d better give you some more facts. If you are a bird of flight you will need to spend so much time trimming and cleaning your feathers, you will wish you had been born as something else entirely.
If you are in a very low subclass, such as in the manifestation of a shark or crocodile, a snake, or any other type of reptile, your outer awareness may be such that you will live by killing and devouring reflexly.
But, you yourself will suffer even more, for your consciousness will be aware that it is trapped within such a disgusting body that eats things alive, or whole, or rotten.
It will know it is imprisoned and forced to inflict fear and pain and experience such horror and will be unable to do anything about it, for the reflexes and genetic coding are strong in these cases, very strong.
Thus, it is a situation where we have emotional exploitation of consciousness within the vile creature, and of the victims it meets.
All in all, the stress will be almost unbearable as will be the strength of the fears you will be subjected to, and that stress will eventually kill you. But, believe me, in the long run, if you survive any length of time, you will be glad to die just to escape the suffering.”
“Ugh! Who designed this crazy, ludicrous system? I think I’ll give this incarnation a miss.”
“You can’t. You’ve already signed up for it.”
“I don’t remember signing anything!”
“Well, I can say you did, because it’s on your Karma sheet.”
“But, but, they told me with my last incarnation that I wiped my sheet clean, that I repaid my karma totally.”
“They lied.”
“They what?”
“They lied. They do it all the time. That’s how the system works.”
“But, if they lied, it means the system is unfair, doesn’t it?
“My, but your logic is impressive.”
“Well, if that’s the case, I simply won’t go.”
“You must. It’s how things work.”
“Wait a minute. I won’t go. There must be a better way.”
“Well, now that you mention it, I know a co-worker whose secretary heard a returning discarnate say that he had heard a rumour – it’s only a rumour mind you – a rumour about the system being overhauled. ….
Let me try to remember …..
I think he said that she said that the discarnate said the system was evil.
Yea, that’s it, the system is evil, and that it’s going to be dismantled, and the ones who want and expect better will be set free.”
“That’s more like it. Tell me more.”
“Well, to be honest with you, I think it’s more than just a rumour. I’ve heard it more than once.
I believe the coming correction is a reality, but, you know, being managerial staff, we can’t, you know, openly talk about such things.”
“I knew it! I knew it! I felt it in my bones whenever I was incarnated. You know what? Just by you mentioning it I seem to recall that it is the sort of thing that I have been awaiting a long, long time.”
“Huh, it seems to have triggered some memory in me too.”
“I’ve changed my mind. Oh I’m so excited. Send me as any animal you like, in any part of this horrible Earth that you want. I care not how much I suffer. With this rumour, which I know is not just a rumour, with this news of Correction, I can withstand any suffering or misery.
This news has cheered me up no end.
The thought of Correction is soooo sweet,
I can wait almost forever for that day of Liberty,
When from this idiocy, those of us
That want to be, will be set free.”
From my personal observations alone, I know that animals feel the same range of emotions as do humans: joy, happiness, sadness, fear of injury and death, resentment, jealousy, etc. Just like us they astral travel, get trapped by energy vortices, have dreams and nightmares and are subjected to the same spiritual and mental abuse by demons as we are in Class 4. They think and calculate, too. Any observant owner of pets will go to great length and detail to supply ample evidence of this.
Of course, I know as many others do, that animal bodies can be inhabited by consciousnesses that are far greater than human consciousnesses even, and perhaps I will expand on this topic when we ask, “What’s in the Box?”
It is only the meanness and fostered unawareness of demons that allows such abuse and slaughter of them on this Earth, which is nothing but a horrible Planet of Suffering and Death inspite of its pretentiousness.
August 16, 2009
The question you should be asking yourself, in the midst of the horrendous confusion and the psychologically and scientifically inexplicable changes that have gripped this planet, is this: "What's going on?" Well, we might as well get down to basic truths immediately: This information is as far removed from the knowledge that most people have been indoctrinated with as one can imagine.
This physical dimension is the creation of a demigod who came to being from an evolutionary aberration which has been termed a "Celestial Error". I have discussed this at length in chapter 12 of Volume I and chapter 15 of Volume II of my Trilogy “Making Sense of the Madness” and the reader would do well to read those sections. The essence of this demigod was opposed to the Essence of the Real Supreme Essence and manifested Evil. In fact, this is the definition of evil: Evil is the essence opposed to the Supreme Essence. The evil demigod then took over the this sector of Creation (there are many sectors) barricaded itself, exploited the True, Divinely-created Beings who were trapped in the sector taken over, and set about creating its own Evil Empire and its own evil beings at all levels of consciousness in the lowly dimensions. The expressive, creative Aspect of the Supreme Essence, who creates and sustains with universal Love is called the Divine Mother. As a result of the takeover by the Evil essence, there are Two Creations in this dimension, and on this planet. They are engaged in a desperate War of Essences and the result is the mess we see on this planet: An evil  aberration has been superimposed upon the beauty of the Divine Mother's creation. A plan of Correction and Liberation of the trapped portion of the Divine creation was devised, and this is explained by the Gnostic Doctrine of Eschatology. The Divine complimentary aspect of the creative Mother's Essence (that is, the creative Father's aspect, also called the "masculine" essence) then sent in a portion of Itself to investigate what had occurred in this sector and to warn the trapped beings of what had taken place. This is expressed rather unsatisfactorily in an almost incomprehensible and mythic manner by the quote ".... And the Word became flesh". In other words, a portion of the Father energy, the Son aspect, a product of the Father, incarnated into these lowly, disturbed dimensions of the overrun sector).
That which is of extreme importance to us in this generation is the fact that the process of Correction and Liberation is almost complete for this tiny aspect of creation in which we find ourselves, and as far as this planet is concerned the "Son essence" will soon join with the Higher Divine Masculine essence (The Father) and allow expression of His Essence on this plane. In fulfilment of the Gnostic prophecy, the "Father energy" will manifest onto this plane to liberate the trapped True Beings and correct the Error. The Ultimate Judge of all living things, called the Dreaded Judge by many, is about to make His presence felt. There is only one way of correcting the Error.
The evil essence is so entwined within the Mother's trapped creation in this sector that the physical dimension needs to be totally destroyed in order to allow sorting of all consciousness. What this means to us humans on Earth is that this planet, after all its levels of consciousness have been removed, will be totally physically destroyed. All the entities which make up all the levels of consciousness associated with it are even now being subjected to exposure of their essence, classification and judgement. This includes all animals, fish, insects and organic matter wherever it appears. Those deemed fit to continue the Divine evolutionary plan will do so in other New Dimensions which have been prepared for that purpose.
(Judgement is actually a self-judgement, as I have explained elsewhere. Those not fit to continue will admit they are not suitable to continue. Such a concept may be foreign to our lower mind thinking, but it is an actuality.)
Those deemed to have failed, because of their own volition, will be transmuted in due course. But before this is done they will, of necessity, undergo the trauma, and experience the pain and exploitation to which they subjected others, so that they will understand why their existence will come to an end. In other words, they will need to expose themselves fully, or be forcefully exposed, by the Light, as beings of an evil essence. And they will eventually freely admit that, being evil and wanting to remain evil, they have no place in the Divine Order of Evolution.
At present, on this planet, in this physical dimension, we are going through the last phases before total physical destruction. What we have on this planet are the two feuding creations: The evil one superimposed upon the Divine one. Unfortunately, very few of the Divine beings have remained faithful to the Divine essence. Most have accepted the polluted energy of the evil demigod. Still fewer of the evil ones have responded to the Divine and rejected their evil essence. They have been given countless chances to do so.
In practical terms, what is to happen now is a calamitous clearing of this planet before its total destruction. The mechanisms of destruction will include nuclear explosions, massive "natural" disasters, diseases in plague proportions, famines, floods, earthquakes, etc. and these can occur at any moment. The degeneration of the planet, (pollution, carbon dioxide accumulation, ozone depletion, etc.) is only a symptom of a dying planet. It will certainly not last long enough for these processes to reach their natural conclusions.
Many are quick to point out that, even if this is true, "none but the Father" know the time of the End. And this is so. I have never disputed that this is so. No precise time has been given, in order to fool the evil beings. They do not deserve to know. Misinformation is part of any war, even this war of essences. But for most of the True Beings to be evacuated, the Endtime is far closer than the maximum period left for the physical destruction of Earth.
In summary therefore, the truth of the matter is that this physical dimension which includes this planet, is an evil creation. All the physical dimension is an evil creation. At this time, this planet is being cleared of all consciousness in preparation for its total physical destruction. All units of consciousness, including the mineral, vegetable, animal, human and spiritual units associated with this planet are to undergo a judgement akin to the Last Judgement in biblical terms. Those found wanting will be transmuted. We will return to this topic in due course.
August 17, 2009
Take it or leave it.
As any who have written books on the subject of metaphysics well know, and as those who have lectured on the topic also soon realize, metaphysics is probably the most misunderstood subject one can contemplate.  It is far more open to misunderstanding, and abuse, than say prosaic philosophy, religion or science. In philosophy, one approaches the subject knowing that what is going to be read are the opinions of others, and as such one is under no illusion. One need not accept or reject, for once the book is closed on the subject, it matters little to one's existence, or well-being, in a direct sense. Philosophy thrives on argumentative speculation for ultimately it is shrouded in an irrelevance which tolerates all views equally, knowing that aberrations are contained by enforced legal, moral and ethical constraints imposed by other disciplines.
Religion, and here I mean mainstream institutionalized religion, is based on ossified dogma, dispensed by stratified hierarchies whose stance is also clear-cut. If you want to join the institution, you accept the package dictated to you. It is an all or none effect. For a decision to be reached about the religion, there is mental coercion and a compunction to comply! When the compelling and restrictive, destructive officiousness becomes an imposed paradigm for earthly existence, then religion becomes the dictatorial tool to devastate. As history amply demonstrates, mindless religious compliance unleashes a deadly force of Darkness whose rejection is often even more catastrophic for those who want to be left alone. Harken back to the vanquished on Charlemagne's field of battle and feel the oppressive, sadistic compunction of the losers to accept Christianity or be beheaded. Alas, there is not where we want to be in metaphysics. But the blackmailing coercion has not really ceased.
It has been modified and disguised. Religious help, when it is not being abused and used as a cover for spying, as some evangelists have done for the USA and the Vatican in Third World Countries, is invariably given with strings. "Read and regurgitate the catechism and accept it, otherwise you will not be fed!" And so we come to Science, that bastion of free-thought and experimentation, or so it wants you to believe that it is. You are no more free from the theoretical and experimental constraints of science than you are of the dogmatic rigours of religion.
If a scientific fellow you want to be, you will, per force, toe the line. In any subject deemed scientific, if you want to pass exams and make a living from the teachings of that faculty, you must, by order, submit to the dogmas of the day. And this goes for medicine, nuclear physics, quantum mechanics, hydroponics, whatever. Fail to regurgitate the dogmas and you fail. Stray from the dictated, restrictive path and the thought police in the form of Disciplinary Boards, Regulatory Boards , Government Licensing Boards, Funding Boards, etc., will see to your professional death.
These disciplines want adherents, disciples, sycophants, robots, brainwashed automatons who will prosper on the prescribed prejudices of the epistemological branch concerned. Religions, of course, are even more sinister, and give themselves a deific right of dictatorship, the most dangerous role of all, and in their fraudulence assume the Keys to the Kingdom, leaving one in no doubt that it is their hierarchies, their very own Archons, not even God, who dictate exactly who enters the Pearly Gates and who does not.
It is with these thoughts about the mental and psychic destructiveness of science and religion that I formulated our motto of "Take it or Leave it".
Metaphysics is not about compunction, prejudices, conforming, producing sheep, passing exams, being like your peers at all. It seeks to liberate not constrain. It recognizes the individuality of mind, thought, and spirit in each. It urges the recognition of a unique flame of the Eternal essence in each if, in fact, there still is a flame in any particular individual. It is the method of bypassing all the temporal constraints, all the dogmatic punishment, all the mind-closing theories, and soaring into the beauty of one's individuality.
Thus it is that what I have written is to achieve the aims of the following:
*   Stimulating an awakening in each reader to her/his inner Truth,
*   Allowing the individuality of spirit to transcend the harsh restriction of this plane.
*   Awakening to the evil-imposed reality of this Plane of Darkness, Despair and Doom.
One cannot achieve these aims by subscribing individuals to a preset doctrinal membership, or making them mindless sheep, or seeking thoughtless sycophants. The whole idea of the writing is to make you think for yourself, to awaken to your truth within. How, when, and why you do this, is no one else's business. It is a matter entirely between you and that God particle within you. That awakening will provide you with all the answers you need to accomplish the spiritual goals you have set yourself. Those answers will undoubtedly vary from the answers of others in minor or major ways. That is the whole point of the individual awakening. It can be no other way. What you need on this level may not necessarily be what another may need.
Knowing this and also knowing that many are already spiritually dead, for I have seen their state of existence, I have, by using the motto I am using, reminded you of your inalienable right to reject or accept anything which suits you. But no one else needs to know what it is you accept or reject.
Hence, it is that you are free to use any of the thoughts expressed here to awaken to your own truth within. Hence it is that if none of this is of value to you, you are free to go elsewhere. There is no compunction. No one is forcing you. There is no restriction on your thought or goal. You are free to pursue your likes, dislikes, prejudices or dogmas.
What I do ask is that you respect the rights of others, whether you are spiritually viable or not, and allow them to choose their own path for themselves. I do not wish for you to dictate to anyone else what truth should or should not be.
In all the public lectures I have given, I spent the first 10 minutes, at least, explaining this sort of preface. And this can be confirmed on the lecture tapes I sold. But in the past, those of an evil essence have ignored all this advice, and out of malice have wantonly attacked jealously, ignorantly and unreasonably with uninhibited demonism. These people are beyond help.
I am not presenting this information to argue for the sake of arguing. Hence, take the information or leave it. It is your business entirely what you do with it!
Read these pages by choice therefore, and realize you are in no way forced to read them. If they are not for you, move on. But have the courtesy of letting others share the freedom I extend to you.
August 19, 2009
It is the ultimate, evil-inspired ego trip to refuse to accept that there can be a greater consciousness to which one may be accountable. That is what an atheist is saying when he/she states it has no belief in a deity.
 In this very day, many will not accept the existence of consciousness as a separate entity from the physical body even with all the evidence which has accumulated from: past life regressions, which give information far beyond what is possibly "genetic memory", *    from Near Death Syndromes, *    from recalled Astral Travel, *    from the various forms of "channelling" from other dimensions with differing times, *    from the successful photography of the etheric component of the metaphysical anatomy, *    from the sighting and photographing of apparitions and so on.

Many still do not want to accept that what is called ET life exists inspite of the sighting and photographing of, and communication with, spacecraft and their occupants, inspite of the experiences by many people of being kidnapped, examined and operated on by evil aliens. Even animals have been dissected, as you well know. This latest phenomenon is about to shatter the medical world and tear it asunder as some accept the irrefutable proof while the majority defend their ignorance to the last. But in the very last days of the human race these phenomena will not be seen as absurdities of crazy men but as monumental revelations of the real status quo which has been hidden by the evil-sponsored ignorance of this plane. But fear not, one way or another we ALL must know exactly what is going on before the very END in order to prepare us all for what is to happen after the physical destruction.
of The Universal Declaration of Human Rights,
adopted by the United Nations General Assembly
on December 10, 1948:

"Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression;
this right includes freedom to hold opinions
without interference and to seek, receive and impart
information and ideas
through any media and regardless of frontiers."

A Little about the History of Gnosticism,
The Two Creations
and Earth Changes.
Copyright  (c) by Dr. J. S. Chiappalone
The physical Universe is the temporary creation of an evil demigod aspects of which go by many names including Jehovah, Rex Mundi, Yaldabaoth, Saklas, Satan. This being has gone mad over time and lost control of his spurious creation. This explains the madness we now see manifesting around us. This whole mess, including the manifestation of this demigod and his evil creation, all called the Celestial Error, are in the process of being corrected. Those who are evil are being transmuted, for they have no place in a peaceful Divine creation. Those who are not evil are being relocated. The physical dimension, including all evil in it is being allowed to blow up totally as part of this correction process. Those things which are not physical, including consciousness are being classified and dealt with according to their Spiritual Wholesomeness or evilness.

Nothing can stop this process. We on Earth are now experiencing this process in a way which is, or will be, obvious to all. There is no other path for Earth, for Humanity, for the evil aliens who have used and abused humans, for the animals, for vegetation, not even for mineral consciousness. These few pages have been placed here as an introduction for those who wish to read further into the topic. The following is an extract from Volume 3 of the series "Making Sense of the Madness" edited for this website. This particular volume 3 is called "Death of an Evil God".

The Two Creations
All Mythology is distortion of the one Truth. Superior consciousness has entered this trapped dimension in which a battle of essences is raging between a trapped segment of the Divine Creation and a spurious, counterfeit one created by the rebellious demiurge. The reasons for the entry are:

1          Liberation of the Trapped (theomorphic) Divine beings;
2          Re-establishment of Divine order in a New, unpolluted Dimension.
3          Judgement of all consciousness;

4          Transmutation of all Evil, of all spurious entities, of all beings created by the Evil Essence, including the robots and the Demons, in human and alien bodies. In essence this is the undistorted Gnostic Eschatological Doctrine. The aim of the Evil Essence has been none other than to obscure the simplicity of these Gnostic Truths. The fragmentation of consciousness and the subsequent loss of memory of these things by all beings has been very much on purpose in order to confuse these four simple reasons for entry of Light into this plane. The treachery, manipulation and dishonesty which has allowed corruption of this simple Truth of what is going on are hallmarks of the Evil essence which has manifested in many guises but especially as the guardian and promoter of religious doctrine.

Unable to help itself, the evil essence has not stopped at merely distorting the Truth and fabricating a confusing illusion. It has also created and used crude mechanisms of exploitation for the extraction of energy from the trapped True Beings, for its ultimate aim has not simply been their intellectual confusion, but also their total spiritual destruction. It needed the spiritual energy of the trapped True Beings to sustain its own existence and that of its creation. I have covered these concepts in the other volumes.

As inconceivable as it may sound, and as contrary as it may appear, the spiritual assassination and permanent destruction of the True Beings have been the ultimate aims of organized religious institutions on this plane, for they are none other than instruments of destruction devised by the evil demiurge around the Gnostic Truth of the Divine Messengers. This fact will become obvious as this book is read!
Such evil genealogy of the myths and of the myriad of confusing religious doctrines as they exist now can be explained in no other way, for in fact this is the truth of the matter.
The confusing and conflicting mosaic of spiritual thought is not a purposeful variation in order to colour existence on this plane, but rather, it is an evil plot to confuse and entrap beings whose memory has already been filtered by the physical bodies' Filtering Mechanism and clouded by other factors of programming, pollution and indoctrination.

The fragmentation of the fundamental Gnostic Truth can be discerned as the religious and cultural history of various peoples and regions of the world are examined from a critical Gnostic viewpoint. Even Gnostics were carved up into historical sects by their evil enemies in order to obscure their solitary underlying truthful theme, as we shall see. It was part of an evil plot to create an evil illusion (Maya) which evil hoped would mask the truth forever. But evil has failed in its endeavour and this book affirms it! The time for Myths is finished forever!
History, Myths and Gnosticism
Gnosticism is the subject which explains the existence of True Divinely created Beings (also called Permanent Atom beings or PA beings) and Counterfeit beings (false, mock beings, non-permanent atom beings, non-PA beings) created by the evil demigod. It tells of True Beings trapped in an evil materialism. It exposes the existence of the two creations in this dimension - the True Theomorphic One and the spurious Counterfeit, temporary Evil one.

Through Divine knowledge, or Gnosis, True Beings can seek Liberation via the mechanism of a Messianic Energy, the promised Redeemer. Gnosticism supplies the knowledge which explains the existence of Duality in essences and the identity of both Divine Beings and counterfeit beings. This ontological duality exists only in this sector, not throughout the whole of creation where evil has penetrated. 

This universe is only one of a large number of universes and that it is only one of a few which have been affected by the evil essence. Gnosticism tells how the Divine True Beings have been trapped in an evil materialism created by the rebellious demiurge, who then enslaved them and blocked their knowledge and memory of what had happened by various means. And it is by a reawakening to this knowledge called GNOSIS, that the True Beings can become aware and Liberated. With the NOUS (inner Gnostic knowledge) they can confidently await Liberation. They can see what has happened to them, and await the promised Messianic energy, the Redeemer, the expression of the "Father energy" to release them from the material entrapment.
The fundamentals of Gnosticism explain the Cosmic Duality in its present form from this level of perception and explain that there is a COSMIC WAR because of that duality. They explain also a polarization of essence and the eventual external manifestation of Good and Evil. 
*          By GOOD is meant that which is of the Inner Mind, of the Divine Spirit and Light, of Divine Essences. EVIL is that which is opposed to the Divine Essences. It is of Materiality, Deception and Darkness.

The history of Gnosticism is fairly obscure to follow in extant texts, mainly because texts have been greatly distorted. However, for all intents and purposes, it can be traced to the Hyperborians, who were members of the Ancients, that is, the Divine Beings who escaped the material manifestation as it was created by the rebellious demigod. And it was they who continually fed information of what had happened to the stuporous beings who remained trapped within the dimension. From that time to our era of recorded history, traces of the Gnostic knowledge can be found in the cultures and books of the following:

a. the Altaics, a race of Nomads in the Mongolian region,
b. the people of the Indus valley,

c. the Sumerians, the Babylonians, Chaldeans, Assyrians and others of that region and time.

d. the history of the Egyptians, Greeks, Hebrews, the Middle East Christians, and Mediterranean peoples.

e. the Druidic movement of Ancient Britain.

f. the doctrines of Manichaeus.
g. the writings of Luria of Safaad.

h. the Essenes as revealed in the Dead Sea scrolls discovered in 1947.

i. the early TRUE Christians, as revealed in the Nag Hammadi library discovered in 1945.

j. the writings of Hermes.
There are many, many others. In fact, Gnostic thought is found in the history of any people of whom records exist. From the Altaics to the Hindi, knowledge of the war of Dualism remains as pseudo-mythology in the form of Rama's exploits in the Ramayana, of Krishna's in the Mahabharata, and, of course, in the production of the Puranas, Vedas, and Upanishads.
The present doctrines of Buddhism arose, not from the teachings and writings of Buddha, but from perverted documents which were substituted long after his death. No record exists earlier than 500 years after his death. His original teachings were Gnostic as were Zoroaster's and Mohammed's. The stories of these Divine Messengers were distorted as were the religious concepts of the western civilizations as they later manifested. The distortions gave rise to many Myths which, along the Indo-Iranian line, were used to formulate the eventual myths of Christianity as it is now, of Islam and of others.
The radicals of the belief systems built around Mithra, Dionysus, Apollo, Tammuz, Jesus and others flow from these sources. From the Sumerian, Babylonian, and Mesopotamian history, many other myths have resulted. Some dealt with creation and the formation of the Zend Avesta from Zoroaster's writings. The scriptures which remain have been greatly distorted, like all other writings.
From the Chaldeans and Egyptians arose the myths of Isis, Osiris and Horus, and, of course, of Hermes. From the Greeks came Zeus and His Pantheon of Gods, the Giants, the Titans, etc. From the Altaic-Indo line, the Orphic, Mithraic and Apollonian myths and mysteries arose and influenced Judaism and Christianity greatly.
All cultures have similar distorted facts of Primal myths (Valhalla, Odin, Manu, etc, etc). But these distortions are not simply myths. They are not stories which people made up. Why, may one ask, are they so similar in basic formulation? The answer is because they are not just myths. They were based on facts which became grossly distorted. They are inter-related stories of the one theme which some have erroneously called, as I said earlier, the Archetypal myths of man.

From the Hebrews, later generations inherited the Old Testament, a compilation of distorted history and plagiarized earlier writings, including the myth of Genesis. The Judao-Christian traditions and myths have continued from there. Most of the heritage claimed to be of the Hebrews is from non-Hebrew sources. The Dead Sea Scrolls of the Essenes (at the time of Jesus) and the Nag Hammadi Library texts and other texts found this century describe the strong presence of Gnostic thought in those times. These help in linking these myths together.
At about the time of Jesus and also long before, there had been a movement in Northern and Central Europe which extended to Britain and gave rise to Stonehenge, Avebury, Glastonbury and so on. Few records remain. This was the Gnostic Druidic movement. The myths arising from all of these are distortions of Gnostic knowledge.

In the third century AD, Manichaeus revived Gnosticism in Persia but very little remains of his pristine writings also. Recent discoveries at Turfan and Egypt have exposed the non-sensical spiteful distortion of his texts by evil so-called Christians who were hateful of the Manichees.

In the 5th and 6th centuries, Gnosticism spontaneously reappeared and thrived again under the auspices of 'Tullah (Merlin), King Arthur and Queen Gwenevere in Camelot. Various Gnostic Christians were scattered by the church which was being taken over by dark elements in the early centuries of the "Years of Our Lord". The Celtic druidic church was driven Westward into Wales by the invading Christian Church early in the 5th century. The Bogomils were pushed into the Balkans and eventually hunted down and executed, also by the so-called Christians. After these fragments of history there is not much documentation (because of the Christian sponsored "Dark Ages" and because the church controlled what was written) until the Cathars, and the Albigensians in Southern France in the New Millennium.

Gnosticism was practised around the Middle Ages, by various sectors. Information was brought to Europe by commercial traders from the Middle East. Some crusaders, in contact with the truthful tenets of Gnosticism, also began to see the Light again. And this enlightenment gave rise to a number of groups including the Knight Templars, the forerunners of the Rosicrucians, and also the Freemasons who had waned in Europe. The Knight Templars had originally been created by the Catholic Church in the time of the Crusades to protect travellers and others. But they rediscovered Gnostic Truth in the Arab lands. However, with this discovery, they presented a threat to the established church hierarchy and hence they were totally destroyed by the church.
The Freemason movement is totally distorted now. It was a Gnostic society from before the time of Solomon, who was also a Gnostic Jew. The original Cabala was an esoteric Gnostic creation. The next chronological connection of Gnostic knowledge is via Luria who was an esoteric Cabalist at Safaad in the 16th century. Other Gnostics included Jacob Boehme, Giordano Bruno, Hus, Wyclif, Savonarola and Roger Bacon. It is safe to say that there have been many people who have woken spontaneously, in all cultures, in all eras to this Gnostic knowledge which has been distorted into myths. Moses, Orpheus, and Hermes were Gnostic identities, but like the various Gospels (except the Synoptic Gospels, which are grossly distorted) all traces of Gnosticism have been almost completely destroyed and removed from the writings that remain.
It must be realized that even Gnostic writings that exist today from the past are not only distorted, but they are also totally misunderstood at times. Apart from the difficulty with translation, there are fragments missing and many of the scribes and translators used have not been aware of the concepts with which they dealt and study even today. Therefore there are modifications and distortions made as such poorly or totally misunderstood concepts are rewritten in the languages of today. However, the essence of what truth was allowed to remain in these Gnostic writings can be perceived. The references that remain describe the fundamental duality of essences on this plane and the WAR between them.

All of the people I have mentioned above spoke and wrote about it. This cosmic duality, as we know it, signifies that THERE IS Good and Evil and that there is a WAR OF ESSENCES. And to understand this fully one needs to go back in time beyond the texts and understand the philosophical truth in terms of what happened at a level before the creation of the universe and before the manifestation of material matter. A Metaphysical explanation of how this dimension and this evil creation came about, in simple terms, is as follows:
Creation involves continuous experimentation, and there are various parts of each experiment in each sector of creation. There are innumerable sectors and a massive controlling Hierarchy exists. There are various creations called universes, super-universes and so on, under the control of Absolutes, Higher Absolutes, Supremes. These I detailed in the earlier volumes.
Words are insufficient to describe the essences and Deific forces involved, however it is known that at times these Divine essences, these Hierarchies, polarize in order to manifest and create their own experimentation and from there, from the polarizations, other activities continue which then allow beings to experience, express and evolve. And that evolution enriches the Hierarchy which manifested the beings.
At a particular point of the Divine Hierarchy, well above the class of humans, an experiment went astray in one tiny sector in which our dimension is contained. A particular polarization effect went beyond the controlling forces. And from that there was an emanation of an aspect with an essence which contradicted the Divine one. It was Evil. And the first thing this evil essence did was surround itself with various barricades in order to prevent the Hierarchy adjusting the Error which spawned it. It is difficult to understand such a concept, but it is crucial to the understanding of Gnosticism.

A particular aspect of the Divine Hierarchy, from which all experimentation manifested, gave rise to this particular experiment which resulted in a reversal of polarity in part of it for some time. And an abnormal essence expressed. And this is what gave rise to the emergence of the negative aspect and the creation of evil.
This evil consciousness (the evil demiurge) was of such a nature that it was able to seize the opportunity and turn within itself and temporarily escape the regulatory mechanisms of the Divine Hierarchy from which it sprang. Being able to confine itself in a space where it was unimpeded at that moment by the Divine Hierarchy, it set up a creative process which went against the Divine essence from which it arose, and to which it was opposed. So it barricaded itself within its own dimension and it declared itself its own creator. And from there it was able to create a dimension in which all the other things that came from it exist. All it creates is illusionary for it cannot exist outside its evil dimension.

Once the Divine Hierarchy realized that it was a destructive, malignant process which was occurring, and that it needed to be curtailed and ultimately destroyed, it was unable to do so immediately because it could not effectively enter the dimension guarded by the aberrant essence. The evil essence had sealed it off. There was no means of entry to achieve immediate correction. And that is how the Celestial War arose.
Since that time there has been the battle between the two sides, one trying to rectify the experiment and the other trying to sustain itself and avoid EXPOSURE and rectification at all costs, because it knows that exposure and rectification will mean its complete transmutation. By its very presence the evil essence is exploiting those of a Divine essence wherever it can trap them. It has to, for it needs their energy to sustain itself. Normally what would happen if an experiment went wrong before this error was this:
The consciousness that arose for the purpose of experimentation would have Freewill, like all other consciousnesses have. And it would be offered the opportunity to either fulfil the role for which it was created, that is, become part of the Divine evolutionary process in the Hierarchy, by which it could increase the knowledge and bliss of the Hierarchy, or it could exercise its right of Freewill and refuse to be part of the evolution. 
This would mean its transmutation back into normal primordial energy. Having the knowledge and vision to see that one choice led to involvement in the creative process, to productive experimentation, to a blissful enhancement and so on, and on the other hand, with the second choice, that it would not fulfil its role and would be simply annihilated and lose its consciousness forever, every consciousness before this Celestial Error chose to remain part of the Divine Hierarchy.

This option was also offered to the evil demiurge and its creation. However, it refused and temporarily escaped being harnessed by taking over this dimension and defending it in various ways. Once it cut off the Hierarchy's influence it was able to conceal this choice from its subordinate creation and present its own scheme. (When gender is used for clarity, realize that levels of consciousness above the human level are asexual.) Thus it declared: "I'm the true God. You exist within me, You serve me and that is your reward!"
In actual fact, it was only a minor aberrant demigod, a monstrous effusion from a failed experiment. It overtook this (as yet non-physical) dimension where ethereal True Beings of another normal experiment of the True Divine Hierarchy were already present. And it used the energy from these trapped beings to enlarge its own empire. A dual creation was formed, and as its evil essence expressed, it was able to trap the ones within that confinement which it declared was now its own dimension.
Some readers may have difficulty comprehending these concepts even though I have simplified them greatly. In simple terms therefore, it can be stated that a spurious, rebellious son (Jehovah) of the Hierarchy in this sector became evil, took over a dimension and became its own creator, denying the existence of the True Divine Hierarchy and the creation outside the dimension.
This is where we are trapped. And it is from that point that the material universe has manifested, trapping the Beings of Light from the Hierarchy at various levels of evolution and consciousness. And it is from that time that the Celestial War of essences has arisen. And it is to this that the True Beings within this dimension need to reawaken. 
This is Gnosis. In each epoch, they now need to await the Liberator, the Redeemer, the Messiah, the Father energy, which will liberate them from the trapped dimension as well as finally transmute the evil demiurge and all his counterfeit and demonic creations, his evil institutions (including the religious ones) and mechanisms of exploitation of the True Beings. This epic has been distorted very much in the literature but there are some pointers to it in the following:
a. The Chaldean Cutha tablets,
b. The Mesopotamian creation myth called the Enuma Elish. This was the one plagiarized by Ezra, who threw away most of what Moses wrote to rewrite some of the Pentateuch. The Enuma Elish is the main source of information concerning cosmology from that area at that time. Although it is distorted, it does explain the rise of Marduke (another name for the demiurge) the main God of Babylon, from a local deity to the head of the whole pantheon. This is what the demiurge (as Jehovah) did as I will point out later.

c. Hermetic mythology from Hermes Trismegistos (Thrice Great) also deals with gnostic philosophy.

Gnosticism was everywhere in the known world and although it consisted of many facets and sects, the basis was a common one. Again and again it explained the fundamental cosmological dualism. The world was known, and is known, by True Beings to be the creation of an evil demigod. This fact, like the fact that the Earth was a sphere, was purposely suppressed. Jesus said "My kingdom is not of this world". If he was God, and if supposedly God made the world, why would His kingdom not extend to here? Have you ever thought what Jesus meant when He said this? Unless you invoke the Gnostic Ancient Wisdom the above statement is nonsensical. If it is taken at face value in the light of exoteric and distorted Christian Doctrine, the statement is also contradictory, for does not the current Christian Church teach that God made the World?
This is the first question in various Christian and the Catholic Catechisms. And the answer provided is that God made the world. If God made the world, as the perverted religions would have us believe, why would Jesus, whom the Christian Church claims is "God's only begotten son", disclaim the world which his "Father" supposedly created? It is truly illogical.

If the churches were correct, Jesus should have admitted that the world was created by His "Father" and that it was His Kingdom. But the churches are not correct. And this conclusion will be reached many times in this book. The Reason Jesus said that which He did say was because He was a Gnostic and He knew the Truth. He knew that this world, this plane, this Dimension were NOT created by His "Father". He knew it was created by the rebellious evil demiurge. He knew it was an evil creation, hence He disowned it! Jesus not only disowned this world and this dimension completely, He went further and said it was like a malignancy growing outside of his "Father's Realm", and that this spurious growth needed to be destroyed completely.

In the "Gospel of Thomas", a text discovered as part of the Nag Hammadi Library in 1945, and first published in English in 1959, Jesus said this: "The Pharisees and the scribes (that is, the ecclesiastics and other evil beings) have taken the Keys of Knowledge and hidden them."
And then He said: "A grapevine has been planted outside of the Father, but being unsound, it will be pulled up by its roots and destroyed." This grapevine was known to be the realm where particles of light were trapped in evil matter. Illusion was common here and the Gnosis (or saving knowledge) was required to re-educate the True Beings as to their true origin and the promise of Liberation. But the evil ones had hidden the Keys of this Gnosis and distorted the Truth into myths.
Gnosticism parallels Orphism and other Eastern cults because they all have the same Truth as a basis. In turn they strongly influenced early Christianity. There is a very clear explanation of Gnosticism from the writings of Hermes, a greater portion of whose writings were destroyed. He acquired his inspiration from Moses, who had acquired his from the Egyptian God Horus, who in turn had been inspired by Zeus.
And in turn, Jesus, in preparation for His awakening, had studied Hermes and others at the Library of Alexandria in Egypt which the so-called Christian church subsequently totally destroyed. There is reference to an Egyptian Hermes and a Greek Hermes but that is because what little of the ancient texts remained became confused. It is quite clear that Gnosticism, as a philosophy and recollection of the Primal memory of True Beings, was being spontaneously recalled in different parts of the planet independently. It predated Christianity. Yet many have claimed, erroneously, that it was a derivation of Christianity.
The Poimandres of Hermes (which, in truth, stimulated the Italian Renaissance) tells of The Divine Hierarchy, the Will of God. It tells of the demiurge, the counterfeit creation and physical body of man being a product of evil. It tells of how the material world was created by the evil demiurge and Divine man became trapped. It also tells of the tragedy of this mixing of Light and Darkness, of Spirit and matter, and how the ensnared True Beings struggle to find the path back out of the material world and rejoin themselves to the pure realms. But they cannot do it alone. They need a Liberator.

In parts of the Old Testament there are references to the two creations: "And the Sons of God (the True Divine Beings entrapped in physical bodies) looked upon the daughters of men (the counterfeit beings created of his evil essence by the demiurge) and found them fair." Genesis 6:2. This extract is an explicit reference to the two creations and the mixing of the two creations, mainly through sex, which is a very strong programming factor and very much a part of the imposed physical bodies. Other references had been purposely removed in order to conceal the truth. In the Gospel of John, 8:44 of the New Testament, the reference to differing ontologies could not be clearer.
Duality of existence is also evident in the Hindu Puranas, (which are a class of sacred poems in Sanskrit and which relate the mythology of the Hindus) and in the Vedas and the Upanishads. The Vedas contain the entire sacred scriptures of Hinduism, especially comprised in four books of wisdom. There is the Rig Veda, which is the Veda of the Psalms; the Yajur Veda, which is the Veda of sacred formulae; the Sama Veda, the Veda of chants and the Atharva Veda, which is the Veda of Charms. The parallels in these to Iranian and Orphic myths are unmistakable: "The Atman is trapped within matter." In other words, Divine Beings are trapped within the material creation.
In the Dead Sea Scrolls and the Nag Hammadi Library there are obvious references to the two creations, the Beings of Light and the beings of Darkness. Nonetheless, all these texts have been grossly distorted. The Ramayana and the Mahabharata are epics which describe the fighting between the demonic beings in physical form and the Beings of Light. In the Mahabharata the battle has been perverted to a war between cousins, but it is really a battle between the true creation and the evil creation.

The present sacred book of Zoroastrianism was compiled about the 4th century AD, many centuries after the death of Zoroaster who wrote much more than that with which he is credited. The Avesta of about 350 AD depicts creation in abstract physical terms. It is also grossly distorted but speaks of the Light Beings trapped in matter and needing liberation. After Zoroaster's death his writings were changed. But there remained traces of references to Mithra (the Indo-Iranian sungod who was also Horus, Dionysus, Apollo, etc.) and the Great Goddess (the Divine Mother who banished the demiurge). The two essences were Ahura Mazdah, the spirit of Goodness, and Ahriman, the principle of Evil.

Largely in this form Zoroastrianism became the established religion of Iran and lasted until the Islamic conquest in the 7th century AD Islam acquired the distorted doctrines of the Goddess Kore (another form of the Great Goddess, the Mother) which were substituted by the Caliph Othman for Mohammed's Gnostic revelations after the prophet's death. In fact, the Caliph burned all of Mohammed's original writings. Such distortion and destruction occurred to all writings from Divine Messengers, even Buddha's. And the reason for this will become obvious as the book is read.
The Avesta deals with the development of the Celestial War. Esoterically it deals also with the Mother's efforts to convert the evil essence with Her Love. According to Zoroaster, the subsequent battle between the two great principles is being fought now on earth and this is perfectly correct. Whatever literature did exist within the tradition he initiated was destroyed by the Islamic occupation of Persia in the 7th century AD And this practice of destruction of texts was a common one.
All the ancient texts were either distorted or destroyed. The library at Alexandria was burned to the ground by the Christians in 391 AD; Jerome destroyed all the references he used to write the Latin Vulgate; Bishop Theodore of Cyrrhus destroyed 200 different gospels in 450 AD and left the 4 we have now. But the ancient texts are really no longer needed.
There are profound similarities between all religious doctrines. However, the religious institutions are administered by evil elements who always manage to take over and control the texts. It is only to be expected that in the usual evil priestly zeal to increase their power over the populace, the ritualistic and legal elements of the tradition were enhanced (so that they could control and punish) while the Truth was diminished and distorted. Many have noted that the similarities between the Zend Avesta and the Vedas are far reaching, linguistically and conceptionally. A complex mythology is evident in both, with a duality of demons and Beings of Light. They are Gnostic in essence as are the Mithraic, Orphic and Hermetic Mysteries.

This is an extract many thousands of years old and is exactly like modern unperverted Gnostic thought. Manichaean philosophy is very similar to Buddhism, and to what Jesus and Zoroaster taught. And that is because their basis was the one Truth. Mani, the founder of this form of Gnosticism, was born in Seleucia c. 215 AD and was executed some 60 years later by King Bahram the 1st. He wrote:
The basic Gnostic concept is all there: There was rebellion, the demonic king of Darkness (the King of the world, the Rex Mundi, Yaldabaoth, Jehovah, Yahweh) took over, created this creation to suit himself, trapped the True Beings, exploited them, then created his own bodies, developed a process of procreation to create more bodies and extract more and more energy hoping that he could escape the rectification which had to eventually occur.
And in the meantime of course, the Father energy sent in Messengers (such as Rama, Krishna, Moses, Horus, Zeus, Hermes, Orpheus, Mithra, Apollo, Dionysus, Zoroaster, Buddha, Tammuz, Jesus, Manichaeus, Merlin, King Arthur, Queen Gwenevere, Mohammed and others) to sustain the True Beings and to reiterate the Truth. Before this epoch of recorded history, in the time of the Hyperborians, Atlantis, Shamballah, etc., there were other modes of expression and other messengers. Do not think that human history is only a few thousands of years old. It is millions of years old.
As they wait, True Beings lament their alienation from the Light and await their liberation from relativity and materialism. In other words, there is an eschatological message in all these doctrines also. Another reference to the duality of Gnostic knowledge comes in the Orphic creation myth. Orphism is primarily concerned with the destiny of the individual's soul, the inner essential and immortal self. The concept of man's dual nature, his pure soul entrapped in a material body, led the Orphics to rituals of purification and initiation in which adherents were helped to become free of their bodies in successive re-incarnations. From Orphic myth came Cronus, the supposed father of Zeus, and Dionysus, whom I will mention again later.

The writings of Lao Tsu are also Gnostic and refer to the duality in this creation. Chinese cosmological thinking took the form of philosophical meditations more frequently than that of myths. The Tao Tai Ching was the most influential book in Chinese history.
Although it addressed itself primarily to the proper conduct of rulers it necessarily included cosmological statements with a Gnostic basis. Around the 6th century BC Lao Tsu was the greatest of the Taoist sages, and emphasized the way of life with the polar opposites of yin and yang. This concept has since been distorted. He meant a cosmic duality, Good and Evil. He referred to the creation of beings and creatures from this duality.

In other words, that there were beings of a positive essence and beings of a negative essence. The Huai-Nan Tzu (the creation of the universe) from the Han period, 200 BC to 220 AD. in China was one of Gnostic philosophical thought. Drawing largely on the ethical considerations of Confucius and Lao Tzu, the Huai-Nan Tzu asserts, as does Lao Tsu, that there is a duality.
The Altaics, the nomads of Mongolia, are a linguistically related group, including Turks, Mongols, Tungus-Manchus. They are shamanistic and their philosophy is similar to the tenets of Buddhism, Islam, Iranian religions, Nestorian Christianity (which believed in the dualism of the nature of Jesus just as Gnostics believe) and Manichaeism. And that is because they all have a Gnostic basis. Some think they were influenced by these religions, but in fact the influence was the other way. The dualism of their creeds is clear. There is a Divine essence and an evil essence.
Other references to the Gnostic truth can be found in scattered cultures. There is even a reference in the culture of the Chuckchi Eskimos. They live on the Chuckchi peninsula in the northeastern tip of Siberia, the western most boundary of the Eskimo inhabited territory which stretches to Greenland. Most Eskimo myths express the drama of creation through the opposition of the dualism of essences. They even have within their mythology the Celestial battle of the opposites of dark and light. The Salinan Indian myths of North America have similar Gnostic contents, but the Inca and Mayan myths are so distorted, mainly because Christian missionaries not only indoctrinated them but also burnt all their books completely, so that recollections are quite useless.
The most lucid ancient references to Gnostic truth are contained in the Nag Hammadi Library which is quite illuminating. There are many references to various Gnostic principles even though the texts are somewhat perverted. The "Tripartite tractate" from the library narrates the origin and history of the universe from the beginning to the anticipated "restoration of all things". This is an expression that confounded people who came across it when translating it, because they had no idea what it meant. As I have explained elsewhere, this material universe is to be totally destroyed with restoration of all things of the genuine creation. This Tripartite tractate deals also with the existence of the True Divine Beings, the Counterfeit beings and the demonic beings, all in the flesh.
The Apocryphon of John" in the Nag Hammadi library is an important work of Gnosticism and the church fathers were familiar with its contents. It supplies answers to two basic questions: What is the origin of evil? How can True Beings escape from this evil world to their Heavenly home? The cosmogony seeks to answer these questions. It states that the Christ Light is sent down to save the True Beings by reminding them of their Divine origin. Only those who possess this knowledge can awaken to the truth and be liberated.
In the "Hypostasis of the Archons" a description is given of how this evil world is controlled by evil rulers. This was a grim reality for all Gnostics as well as those of the Christian era who defined their own spiritual nature in opposition to that of the ruling and enslaving authorities. In other words, the True Beings knew that they were different to those who were suppressing them. The Gnostics were given hope by this text, for their spiritual nature would be more lasting than the archons, and their heavenly destiny would be glorious. It states that in the end the evil rulers will perish and the Gnostics, the children of Light, will know the Father and praise him. It shows that there are two types of beings, that there are evil rulers, that a Redeemer will descend, and that an impeachment of the evil energy will occur which will spell destruction of the evil creation.
In the text called the "Exegesis of the Soul" there is also information given on isolation and avoidance of programming, pollution and indoctrination. Symbolically it describes the entrapped True Beings going through the filth of the material creation, their need to purify and reconnect to the Light.
The Book of Thomas the Contender" deals with the dangers of the fires of passions, that is, the emotional body. The text of "Eugnostos the Blessed" exposes one blatant act of plagiarism committed by the "Fathers" of the so-called Christian church. It also demonstrates that Jesus was quoted as a Gnostic (which he was). This not-so-subtle act of plagiarism (which the early church fathers thought would never be discovered, for they ordered the destruction of all references containing the original text) shows that the authenticity of the Bible is not what the Christian churches claim it to be and that a pre-Christian Gnostic tractate was modified in order to express newly formulated doctrines.
The Nag Hammadi texts confirm that Gnostic True Beings have their origin in the Father, that is, from the Unmanifested Divine Hierarchy and that a demigod exists who, with his subordinate powers, directly rules this world to the detriment of those who come from the Divine realms. The evil demiurge is described. Sex, it is suggested, is one of the means by which enslavement of the powers was perpetuated, entrapping via the emotional body. The texts tell that two classes of persons will be liberated:
A  .those who know the Father and pure knowledge: the Beings of Light,
B.  the beings of Darkness who embrace the Light.

Platonic philosophical tendencies (which were also Gnostic in origin) are also presented. The ruler of this world and this evil dimension, who is called the Rex Mundi, being evil, would do anything to prevent this Gnostic Knowledge becoming widespread. And he would do anything to prevent the awakening of the Trapped True Beings. And he IS doing everything possible to stop the mass awakening that is occurring. But he will fail. All will now be forced to awaken to the Truth.
Confusion and suppression are the battle tactics which have been used by the demiurge's spurious religious doctrines in all religions throughout the ages. The aim of all religions has been to prevent the spread of Gnostic Knowledge which is the Truth, and to prevent people awakening to this Truth. This even applies to certain religions which call themselves Gnostic but are not, for they are gross perversions of the Truth.
I will explain this suppression of truthful knowledge further in the book using the so-called Christian churches as an example. I have concentrated on Christianity because this is the religion with which most Westerners are familiar. However, all other religious philosophies have been taken over by evil, have been distorted, and used to exploit the True Beings, thus harnessing them to an unjust, brainwashing regime and inciting them to violence and atrocities along with the evil beings.
These things have occurred in all eras on every continent. It is the same evil essence which has spawned these things. The divisiveness, deviousness, bigotry and hatred are not exclusive by any means to Christianity. All other religions have their characteristic way of pushing the evil trend. The result has always been the same: Aggrandizement of the church hierarchy; unwarranted sacerdotal elevation; expressions of power, authority and wealth; entrapment and oppression of the populace.

Awakening to such evil has been too little, too late, but at least there has been some awakening. Those who have not travelled extensively can still deduce from almost daily reports of racial intolerance and wars, that regional religions have persistently played a major part in these conflicts. The feats of savagery and abuses by so-called Christianity are persistently repeated in the TRUE history of most major religions of the world. Those religions which appear to be more tolerant, rely on entrapment by intelligential brainwashing and elitist subterfuge to obtain similar results.
In the Christian Churches in the last few years the methods have changed. The modus operandi has changed, but the aims and results have been the same on the masses. In other words, evil entrapment, exploitation, and spiritual destruction have still occurred. Many people will not be aware of the atrocities as revealed in this book, but it is time to awaken and to become aware of these things.
"For wisdom is the principle thing.

Therefore get wisdom,
And with all thy getting, Get understanding."
Proverbs (4:7)
August 21, 2009
Emotional pain on this torrid level,
In the awakened individual,
Is the Price of Freedom.
Be aware of why you suffer.
Minimize your suffering by detaching.
If the suffering is inevitable, rejoice,
For you are paying the price of Freedom.
And, knowing this, who would be
Unwilling to run Evil’s gauntlet?
If there are three sets of laws we know about dictating terms in changing conditions of what we call reality, why can there not be more in a reality we have yet to fathom? Why can there not be other sets of laws in other realities of which we are ignorant? There is really no reason why this could not be the case. In fact, if reports of movements of UFOs and consciousness are accurate, it appears there are such laws, for these described movements are impossible if our laws of nature and physics are used as their frame of reference.
Newton wrote his Laws from the preceding findings of others, none of whom knew anything about electro-magnetism. And yet our world is more controlled by the forces of electro-magnetism than it is by the force that makes apples fall off trees. Our bodies, including our hearts, brains, muscles, etc., run on electro-magnetism as did Newton's. It is quite possible, is it not, that Laws governing such electro-magnetic natures have not yet been discovered?
If we accept the assumption that we have a spiritual component which is beyond the physical, then we are in a completely different playing field again. What laws of time, motion, consciousness and existence apply there? We are at a total loss in our ignorance, for our ignorance is profound.
If the laws we have adopted as being Laws of nature do not apply under all conditions in the simplest of material realities, how can we expect them to serve us in explaining extraordinary realities? If one sees a ghost walk through walls, one knows no physical explanation is sufficient. If one sees a UFO travelling at speeds aircraft are not capable of, and doing 180 degree turns in an instant, one knows the laws of the physics learned at school do not explain the occurrence.
When one has an episode of psychic phenomenology such as precognitive dreams, recalled astral travel, clairvoyance, etc., (and we all experience these whether we like to admit it or not), what neuro-physiological laws apply to explain it? I will answer for you. None do!
It is utter arrogance and mind-numbing scientific hubris which argues against possibilities of which there is evidence but which humanity is at a loss to explain. So be it!
I have said many times that the human mind is incapable of understanding everything there is to know. And this implies that there are other minds beyond the human level, and obviously superior, which do understand such things. These minds exist teleologically from the mere fact that there are some things we cannot comprehend, and from the inference that they are understood by Superior Minds who not only understand, but who also created those things.
A simple analogy will illustrate the point. If we were to place a battery operated television in the midst of indigenes somewhere who had never seen such technology, they would be forced to concede that, being unable to build one themselves, and being unable to understand the mechanism and knowledge that allowed its creation, some superior minds must exist in order to create the television.
It would be foolish indeed of them to say that because they do not understand the technology, its function, and the knowledge that led to its creation, that the TV does not exist even as it stands in their midst. That would be stupidity. The TV is a very obvious example.
Let us extrapolate to an intangible substance. Let us say that some people have the gift of being able to communicate with other dimensions by means not understood by the human mind. The result is knowledge that is useful at this time. Would it not be equally foolish of some to dismiss this mechanism of producing information because they did not understand the procedure? And would it not be foolish of them to dismiss that information because they did not understand the mechanism and therefore said it was impossible? This is the very mechanism of channelling information from other levels. Of course, the practice has been denigrated and made to appear ridiculous by unscrupulous ones, but that is because of the evil essence on this plane, and I have explained this distortion by evil in other books.
There has been great progress in metaphysical thinking, especially with the discovery of such valuable documents as the Dead Sea Scrolls and the Nag Hammadi Library in 1947 and 1945 respectively. But in the general community this information is necessary if people are to be adequately prepared. I see the role of people with this knowledge as one to reduce pain and suffering in humanity by allowing them to prepare wherever possible, and by educating people in what is going on. I am well aware that there are many people who have chosen not to be helped in any way concerning these matters.
Many do not want to know anything. Others ask "Where is the Loving, Merciful god that would allow such misery and suffering in humanity?" But they go no further. They make no effort to progress and simply accept the agnostic view that there is no "God" and that we are, as many ignorant scientists claim, a simple accident of nature, following a path of aimless evolution which depends entirely on the physical for existence and in which the individual parts of consciousness cease to exist when the body dies, but that the evolution continues in the genetic material of the progeny. World changes exclude this view. The evidence to argue contrarily is overwhelming and clearly demonstrates that there is superior intelligence above man's in the universe and that consciousness does survive separation from the physical for short and long terms and also does survive physical death.

I have not written the above simply as an academic, polemical presentation. There are pragmatic implications for the need to expand awareness and redefine reality, as these two examples clearly demonstrate:
Flying over Vermont: My increasing interest in mental function from a medical perspective facilitated my acceptance of concepts which dealt with the parapsychological realm. The welter of experiences I had gained while practising, and the awareness stimulated by the very common occurrence of phenomenology in people for which the medical and psychiatric professions had no valid explanations, allowed me to bypass both active and passive indoctrinated obstructionism and delve further into the fascination of personal mental function. By allowing myself the permission to even consider that another reality existed beyond the confines of medical books, I had not simply broken constraining mental barriers, I had also stepped into the open spaces of the Greater Reality without any great fuss.

But, of course, this was no insignificant step by any means. And I very quickly learned that not all people are able to make the jump successfully from the flat, senseless, artificial reality defined by peers and ignorant "know-alls" which has no real answers. But, there was a price to pay for such expansion of awareness, and later I was called up by the Medical Board of Victoria, to explain what I was about. Once I told them I was about tending my own philosophical business it left me be to continue my exploration of other realities.

Fear of rejection by society, fear of loss of status, or income, force many to comply with the idiotic regulations of society. Fear of ridicule often forces people to keep silent when experiences classed as paranormal, psychological, metaphysical or phenomenological affect their lives. UFO contact is the classical example. The fear of being ridiculed hits their ego so much that many do not dare speak a word because of their fear.

Fear of humiliation stops people from complaining, from standing up and demanding their rights, from seeing justice being done. Therefore, they surrender their rights and they are trodden upon by the evil society. Fear of confrontation because they may be punched in the face or they may be subjected to bad publicity forces them to swallow the bitter pills that evil gives them. And it allows people to be dictated to, and turned into morons.

One afternoon as I set about experimenting with mental exercises, I was aware of a sudden shift in consciousness as I sat on a chair where I meditated. I was flying over an unfamiliar area at an altitude of some 100 metres. As I looked down, I saw I was flying over a country road, over the crest of a hill and then saw on my left, an astronomical observatory.

I was sure I had never been to this area in my life. Simply thinking about where I might be caused a thought to enter my mind which said: "You are astral travelling over Vermont, USA".

I looked down and sure enough the cars were on the wrong side of the road for an Australian road, and most were Yank tanks of the era. The observatory stuck in my mind for later I verified its presence in that state. After a short time, my full awareness was back in my physical body.

How did "I" do that? How did "I" travel instantly from Melbourne, Australia, to the far North East corner of the US? How did I fly? Who provided the answer? Could I have made it up? I had been to the US but never to Vermont. What was the mechanism? Why did it happen? I had no answers, so I accepted this as just one more inexplicable experience in my life. There were to be many more.


September 6, 2009

From my Book "Thoughts of a Gnostic, Vol  3"

If one is a subject of emotional whims and the ego, one is a servant.
A master is one who controls the ego, and emotions.

One's intelligence is not lessened by the stupidity of others.

Knowledge is not wisdom.

Anger is not courage.

Warring is not winning.

Controlled inaction is not weakness.

Foolhardiness is not fearlessness.

Knowledge of fear does not mean cowardice.

Knowing pain is not weakness.

Patience is not apathy.

The battle is won before the first shot is fired due to the pre-battle  preparation.

If you know you cannot win the day, postpone the battle.

Not seeing Evil does not mean it does not exist, it could mean spiritual blindness.

Being fooled is not a measure of your character but a measure of the wickedness of those who want to fool you.

Disappointment can only occur in the temple of expectation.

The moment you think you are indispensable, you are redundant!

Who is more dangerous, the fool who thinks he is wise, or the wise man who thinks he may be a fool?

Young vs Old: It was Mark Twain who said he thought he knew it all as a teenager and thought his father was quite dumb and that by the time he had reached his twenties, he was surprised at how much his father had learned in such a short time.

It is often better to keep your mouth shut and be thought a fool than to open it and remove all doubt!

The knowledge one man can attain in one life time can be no more, when compared to the vast knowledge in creation, than the volume of the one time droppings of one sparrow compared to the volume of Mt. Everest and all its sister mountains.

An individual physical life is ephemeral, and often just as productive as a puff of smoke from the chimney of a factory producing discontent.

Regardless of the number of weaknesses individuals have, the basis of friendship must remain respect.

When a relationship is based on emotionalism, its output will be strife.

You can only approach the perfection of Unconditional Love by displacing human nature from your heart and filling it with the Essence of the Divine. That is no mean feat, for it requires rejection of the ego and its emotionalism.

Only disappointments can result from the prayers to, and the offerings at, the altar in the temple of the false God, for he is in no position to keep promises.

The attaining of Wisdom is a lengthy process involving timely experiences. Rush it and you risk it all, reaping instead, the sourness of immaturity.

Adventurism and individuality do not necessarily mean purposefully neglecting the sign posts left by previous trail blazers. At the same time, be alert lest you follow the path of fools.

Be a student and attain wisdom. Do not be a fatuous boaster.

This plane is doomed by its own iniquities. It is cursed by its own evilness!

Often True Beings are trapped the way they are trapped, not because they do not love or care enough, but because they have grossly underestimated the essence of evil and the maliciousness of evil ones.

Nestorionism: Gnostic Truth called  heresy so innocents could be slaughtered.

A bigot is an indoctrinated fool who states: "How dare you have a differing view of this subject, thereby upsetting the ossified view I have already chosen to be the correct one, for me, and everybody else?"

Indoctrinated bigotry manifests as the abuse of others, and arises from the stupidity of the bigot, for these are inseparable partners, while all the time, the stupidity of such bigots is poorly camouflaged in the Arrogance of Ignorance.

There existed a Jewish Pantheon until the covenant with Jehovah, the jealous ghoul, was made, in which he, Jehovah, exposed himself as a fraud, and not the One and Only, for if he was the only One, all would be his, and what would there be, of which he should be jealous?

What is accepted as truth by the Counterfeit Creation, which means the majority on this planet, is falsehood. And counterfeits present truth as falsehood or myth, "Read my lips" notwithstanding!

You cannot become Divine with lust in your heart, or with thoughts of revenge, violence and murder on your mind.

It is the transcendentalism and the true knowledge of the Gnostic Nous which give inner confidence and psychic and mental stability in the worst of times.

Those of you who have been awakened know that you have been awakened, not by any intellectual argument which has been presented, but by a force which lit a light within you.

The Mental War is affecting all levels of consciousness, even animals.

It is surprising to realise the extent to which existence on this level of Darkness is a constant, horrible struggle for Beings of Light. However, what is even more surprising is their ability to persevere against the horribleness.

There is no free lunch in this evil universe. In fact, there is a price to pay for any benefit gained in this exploitative world. Just think of Faust and Mephistopheles.

There is no greater trap that a person can fall into than his or her own cultivated ignorance.

You would be very foolish to take at face value what others tell you. Most are liars and deceivers.

Evil beings do not have remorse. Fear of punishment yes, but not remorse.


September 7, 2009

From my book:

Volume One
When I first thought about writing these volumes I reflected back on my own experiences about the subject and was more than annoyed because of the inconsistencies, irregularities and both overt and shrouded ignorance with which the subject is embellished.

Mind you it is very much the fault of those who profess to know something about the subject, and guard their "pearls of wisdom" with a keenness and paranoia which would do justice to any hoarder.

The amazing lack of formal training, and scruples, and the inability to
both comprehend and employ logistics in many who call themselves metaphysicians are also striking features when one approaches the subject. Not that formal education is a necessity for success in the subject, it is just that many wear their ignorance and unscrupulousness as charms of vanity to be admired. This should not be so.

These things will become more and more obvious as the volumes are read and there is no need to dwell on them too much.

However, from the onset, beware of the apparent knowalls who pride themselves because of incomplete snippets of knowledge and because of their apparent ability to demonstrate psychic phenomenology – be it clairvoyance, chirology, ESP, etc.

As we shall see these are not great gifts which belong to a chosen few.

They are abilities we all have. Those who manifest them would like you to think they are special and that is why they go to great lengths to shroud themselves, their knowledge and "talents" in occult mysticism so the other "normal folk" will never be as good as they are. This is the result of a destructive mechanism called EGO.

In actual fact they of the paranormal powers are hiding the fact that all have these talents and gifts as we shall see.

I have felt for a long time that there was a need to place metaphysics into a concise, easily understood and easily readable
and digested form to which all may have access.

Even an attempt to read the works of simple philosophers is frustrated by the obscure rhetorical prose with which such works are floridly buried.

If a topic is not clear when read, and if a degree of ambiguity is present, naturally the ambiguity is magnified with each unclear passage so that by the end of an attempt to understand philosophical thoughts and ideas one is often left confused, dissatisfied and exhausted.

Metaphysics is a science.

It is the knowledge of exact principles, laws and corollaries.

Unlike learned sciences such as physics, biology, etc. it is a science within each and every being because it is part of the consciousness of every being, and in as much as this is so, it does not have to be learned de novo.

Most have forgotten they have this knowledge and must either reawaken to it or relearn it.

In other words they need a prompting to remember that which they have forgotten.

The process of reawakening may be stimulated by external factors such as experiences in childhood or later, or by experiences during anaesthesia, associated with surgery, by a near fatal accident, by a UFO sighting, by a clairvoyant episode, by recalled astral travel, or by a life reading from someone, etc. etc.

The stimulation to awaken may simply come from an urging from within to look for a something which is missing.

Many true beings reach points in their lives where a sense of dissatisfaction urges them on to search for things other than material success and comfort, whether these have or have not been attained.

Often it is the higher consciousness within which is causing this prompting. The process giving stimulus to awakening, can be as unique as the individual.

What one then tries to awaken to is the truth within, this knowledge which we have called ontological metaphysics.

Metaphysics can also be defined as that science which bridges exoteric facts and esoteric occultism.

Before we get lost in vague terminology, however, let us clear up what is meant by esoteric occultism.

Esoteric and occult knowledge is that knowledge which has been kept away from the general stream of knowledge for various reasons. This knowledge is hidden and obscure simply because those who think they know better have kept this knowledge in such a state. In other cases it is knowledge which others have been forced to hide for fear of persecution (e.g. Gnostics).

Often knowledge was used as a tool of power over the masses and hence not freely available. This was particularly so with religions, sects, magi, etc.

So the motives for hiding this knowledge were both good and evil – nonetheless the result was the same, namely entrenchment of such truthful knowledge into obscurity because of reprisals sought on those with the knowledge, by the ignorant masses or simply to fool and rule the masses.

A battle for knowledge has always existed between two factions; one side wanting to reveal all that is truthful, the other side hiding the truth and giving distortions to confuse the masses.

Once this knowledge and its significance and allied practices are exposed they are no longer esoteric and/or occult.

So in truth there is no such thing as the occult, and esoteric philosophy etc., once one examines these and exposes them to delightfully logical and easily understood principles which govern any and every living science, and this is purely the aim of these volumes.

I intend to expose these occult practices, these esoteric philosophical facts, these obscure secrets of Gnosticism, etc. and show that they are scientific, plausible, logical and interrelated realities.

It is only one's ignorance, and an active conspiracy against truth by an external force, which prevents one from coupling random facts and making a comprehensive mosaic of all the bits and pieces one picks up as one experiences life and/or delves into things of a metaphysical and ontological nature.

Because of training, prejudices, religions, cultures, etc. (things which program the outer mind, as will be explained later on in the book), many of the facts revealed in the various chapters may not be readily accepted or appreciated. That is not important.

We all awaken to our own truth within at different times, for different reasons, urged by different stimuli. Our aim however is identical.

Until one reaches an understanding and develops stepwise insight the facts presented here may appear stranger than fiction.

But that is the weakest and least plausible excuse that can be given for not accepting them.

Anyone even vaguely interested in the history of the sciences will know that science advances in spite of the active, uncalled for and aggressive condemnations of many of its workers, facts, discoveries, hypotheses, theories and absolute truths, which after a short time often became the bases, axioms, laws and indisputable fundamental principles of science.

There is an active and destructive barrier against exposure and/or discovery of truth no matter which branch of science is involved. The reason for this will become obvious later in the book.

We all know such examples of unfair and erroneous attacks on science, scientists, pioneers, discoveries, etc. Examples like Christopher Columbus being called insane for describing the world as round because "everyone knew the world was flat."

Or the case of Pasteur being ridiculed because everyone knew it was impossible that microbes could exist to cause disease.

Or even the example of the French Academy laughing one of its members out of membership for daring to suggest that meteors were pieces of rock which fell from the sky. The excuse the Academy used was that everyone knew there are no rocks in the sky, hence the member was crazy and not to be tolerated. The examples are endless.

And just in case you think such condemnations were made in the infant days of scientific discovery, many well known scientists have about-faced in this day and age after declaring something impossible and then seeing it occurring.

So as you come across some facts in this book which you find hard to accept on first contact do not be concerned. Simply read on. Perhaps later explanations or insights may allow you to reflect and eventually accept them.

The aim of this book is very much to act as a stimulus to your own knowledge within.

The best proof of what is the extent of your metaphysical knowledge is not the proof you will read in these pages but rather the proof you find within yourself which will confirm that which you read.

This internal knowing is the simplest but most important mechanism you have for spiritual survival. There are precautions to be taken in accepting what you feel, however. Feelings, i.e. emotions are not always genuine pointers as we shall see. Nevertheless with a little patience and self discipline this mechanism can be made to work for you, so then you can become your own expert, your own
metaphysician, your own God.

One of the first things one encounters as one searches in order to awaken is the fact of diversification. There are innumerable numbers of sects, creeds, religions, gurus, habits, dogmas, etc. etc.

These make things rather difficult and very much on purpose do they exist.

Do not be restricted by any sects, cults, gurus, doctrines, cultures, dogmas or utterings of apparent knowalls.

Seek freely with an uninhibited mind and most of all free yourself of all restrictions placed there by formal education, race, creed, culture and other idiosyncrasies and eccentricities.

As you persevere and awaken you will see a pattern emerging which will allow an insight to develop into all those branches of spiritual knowledge.

The trick is not to be caught by any one sect and cornered into a cul-de-sac.

These sects, religions and cults are obstructions to true spirituality and religious freedom. They program and harness individuals, whereas one is trying to awaken to the knowledge within and to be spiritually liberated.
It is no coincidence that many are searching in this day and time for true spiritual significance in their lives. The reason is that a dramatic time of change has arrived on this planet. Our inner being knows about this time of change and is impressing upon our physical minds the need to awaken and awaken quickly lest the chances offered in this period of change are lost.

I wish to caution you at the onset that this awakening can be painful, for the knowledge gained is not always pleasing. Nonetheless it is better to awaken to our truth within, no matter how painful it is at the time, rather than to remain ignorant.

Spiritual ignorance at this time may prove to be fatal physically, emotionally and spiritually.

With a full awakening to our spiritual knowledge: that is, to the
science of metaphysics, we will be able to supply answers which have defied philosophers for a long long time.

We will be able to explain the presence of so much evil on this planet and the apparent absence of a loving just "God."

We will be able to explain the cause of so much suffering, putrefaction, injustice and horror on this planet.

We will place in perspective the spiritual significance of religious oppression, wars and bigotry, the meaning of extraterrestrial life in relation to our spiritual existence and the reason for an encouraged hedonistic attitude to life.

We will be able to explain in our simple everyday language the utterings of obviously Divine beings such as Rama, Krishna, Moses, Mohammed, Jesus and others, and will not rely on distorted mystical mantric utterings of distant Hindu and Sanskrit cultures, distorted and obscure Cabalistic verses and distorted nonsensical and virtually untenable stories from the Old Testament and the many versions of the New Testament.

We will explain and appreciate the advances which are occurring in this field of metaphysics by investigating branches of the more generally accepted sciences, namely hypnotic regression into past lives, rebirthing, experiences in other dimensions, the ability to consciously astral travel, and the discovery of dimensions whose vibratory rate differs from ours, and give an alternative time and space to our Consciousness even while we are still connected to our physical minds and are on the earthly dimension.

We will be able to explain the occurrences of many mysteries such as the Sirius Mystery, the presence of extraterrestrials etc., and we will be able to make sense of the regressive recalls of Galactic wars, teleportation of Consciousness, and visions of other worlds beyond Earth etc., which many people have experienced.

Once our awakening is complete, we will have full explanations for all those phenomena, as well as an understanding of the mechanism and significance of personal psychic phenomenological manifestations and the suppression or enhancement of these in others.

We will be able to explain also the madness which has gripped our planet, the obvious demonic possession which is occurring in people and allowing them to go berserk and kill in a burst of terror and bizarre behavior.

We will explain and understand the mechanism of out of body travel, the cause of disease, accident, injury and death.

And with this knowledge will come the knowledge for avoiding such pain and suffering which has gripped the world, and the ability to bypass this massive bombardment of negativity and spiritual pollution, so that we can connect to our true being within and prepare for the next phase of our spiritual journey.

An attempt will be made to address many topics. Some are of passive interest only, but others are crucial to our understanding of our spiritual nature, identity, freedom and survival.

Such topics include the existence of Evil, the existence of Demons, the existence of Freewill, the existence and reason for Reincarnation, and the existence of the Law of Cause and Effect (Karma).

We need to address the issue of why spiritual and metaphysical knowledge has been so obscure, boring and apparently inappropriate in our everyday lives.

We must ask why religions have failed to answer even the simplest questions about us, existence, "God" etc. – in a simple, concise, logical, and tenably comprehensible manner.

We will answer why, if this is a world which is supposed to run on love, there is so much hatred, and why such massive cover-ups about prophecy, UFOs and paranormality have occurred.

And most importantly of all we will obtain answers to personal questions which have tormented all true beings since time immemorial:
Who am I?
What am I doing here?
What is it all about?
Where am I going? etc.

These are the questions for the metaphysical philosopher within you.

You must believe the answers are entirely within you. I plan merely to awaken them by means of these volumes.


Defining Reality
We have reached a point in time in this physical dimension when each and every one of us must crystallize, through our own personal efforts for ourselves, that Reality which Absolute Truth can give.

For now just accept this fact: True Beings have struggled for many, many reincarnations to reach this point.

It is now up to us to define reality. As I said these volumes can only be
a stimulus to the outer mind to begin or accelerate the process of realization.

The Mechanism, Light and Energy for the definition of reality must come from within each being. External promptings can be likened to a push, but the realization must come from within.

This point is the single most important point of this chapter.

Having primarily neglected this principal point namely, that our realization must come from within, and secondarily throughout our existence having let others (whose aim to find reality and absolute truth did not coincide with ours) dictate to us, have led to the ignorant closed system we are now in; this valley of tears, this suffocating existence of horrendous pain, suffering, fear, persecution, darkness, gloom and despair.

Many have not given up the struggle to liberate themselves from these conditions however.

Already I have introduced many concepts: Dimensions, Absolute Truth, Reincarnation, Outer Mind, The Being Within, True Beings And Other Beings, Closed System Of Existence.

There are many more concepts to be considered before an adequate definition of Reality can be obtained.

Many are familiar with these concepts but it will do no harm to mention them and place everything in perspective as the chapters unfold.

As I mentioned in the first chapter we need to obtain answers to many questions in our quest for the definition of reality: Who are we? What are we doing here? Where are we going? Why do we suffer? Why is there so much pain and fear? Why is there so much war and injury, disease, death? Why is there so much dishonesty, harassment, dissention, confusion, and hatred on this plane in spite of all the talk about peace and love?

Why have no answers been available in the past from philosophies, religions, and history books?

Apart from these questions we must examine all the concepts which people argue about and find which arguments are valid.

The scene is definitely one of confusion and frustration when one seeks to define reality, because of the many spurious answers available.

Nonetheless in our journey into metaphysics we can observe certain indisputable facts:

1. There appears to be a resistance, a conspiracy even, an undeclared resentment to people finding out the truth about things.

2. People are conditioned (programmed) to think differently so that it appears that no absolute truth actually exists. This programing is done by religious indoctrination, and indoctrination by culture, race, economic and financial factors etc.

3. Behavior varies according to diet. Can the food consumed by us psychologically affect us and help mask reality? It certainly can and does as I will explain shortly.

4. Answers given to some philosophical questions are so ridiculous (even when supplied by people who class themselves as experts and authorities) that one is discouraged and mocked in an attempt to pursue philosophical concepts further.

We are actively and passively bullied by society into thoughts, words and deeds which suit it and not us.

Society is evil.

It is with these questions and facts in mind that we have to allow the Light within to expose the mosaic of absolute truth so that we can truly define reality.

We have reached a point of monumental change in the existence of our Consciousness and the existence of this planet.

This period of change and its arrival have been talked about since time immemorial. Throughout all recorded history this period in time in which we are now in has been prophesied, anxiously awaited and prayed for by many.

Others denied that such a period in time would come, and mocked the faith of those who believed it would come.

Since the first days of recorded history true philosophers have done nothing but waited, hoped and prayed for this Generation we are now in, because


This is the generation when a true definition of Reality will be possible because of
a) Massive breakdown of the illusion used to obscure reality

b) The shattering of the resistance to Truth

c) The exposure of the conspiracy against Truth

d) The realization of what the undeclared resentment of some to the exposure of truth meant.

It is a point in time when finally it can be revealed what exactly has happened on this plane and what will happen, how this mess eventuated and why.

It is time to reveal that there are true Beings and false Beings, that we
have been tricked into incarnating into these shells (bodies) and accepting the consequences of a law called Karma which punishes us and makes us suffer.

It is time to reveal that we have been programmed on this level by various agents to accept Negativity (Evil).

It is time to reveal that true Beings have been persecuted by mock Beings to deny their knowledge, their Light within, their inheritance, their role and purpose and the very existence of their Source.

Some have been reduced, by a loss of awareness, to the ability of denying the existence of "God" of whom they are a part.

The situation has become very sad indeed because by doing this the true Beings have denied their very own existence.
I have covered most of the details of these concepts in other chapters in these volumes.

Other considerations which must be resolved include the following:
Who are we if we are not an accident of nature?
Who started this plot against the true Beings?
What are true and false Beings?

Why is so much information being channelled onto this plane at this time via intuition, meditation, dreams, astral travel, etc.?
What is so important about this time in our existence?
How can this generation not know death?

What are the explanations for all the other paradoxes we see? – the apparent injustices, the need for so much fear, disease, suffering and physical death.
Why are some so rich and others so poor?

Why are the wicked apparently not punished?
Who has gained from this mess?
What is the real definition of "the God Force," "the Source," "the Light"?

Why are there so many sects, religions, splinter groups ?
Why is a Catholic child told it has the true faith and that all the others are pagans, heretics or schismatics, and only it can easily enter heaven?

Why are the Jews, Hindus, Muslims etc. told they have the true faith etc.?

Why are religious answers meaningless?
Why do the authorities clam up and why is there a conspiracy about UFOs?

Why are psychics, clairvoyants, healers and others often ridiculed by those in power?

Are those in power more knowledgeable, more honest, more truthful, or are they part of the plot against exposure of the absolute reality?

Other concepts which need consideration in our quest to define Reality include: Freewill – are we free to accept or reject programing, Negativity (Evil), Existence itself?

Is there acquisition of Life Force (Prana), instruction, guidance and tuition during sleep?

What are the Mechanisms and Significance of dreams, intuition, clairvoyance, astral travel, psychic phenomenology etc.?

The majority, as we look around, seem to accept the absurdities and the contradictions found in Mankind, in Nature, in false reasoning and in the incomplete answers available.

And yet the true seeker is made to feel awkward and shameful when such acceptance by the majority is questioned.

Why is the majority like this?

Why has the majority tried to preserve a status quo which is terrible and makes as many as possible suffer as much as possible for as long as possible with an infinite variety of conditions?

There is a massive proliferation of falsehood and of false teachers at present. More and more are being exposed. These false teachers deny the existence of evil. They speak of love for all people, for all situations, for all things and they ask that one not discriminate.

These false teachers try to convince the true Beings that conditions of this world which include starvation, poverty, pain and suffering, illness, injury, disease and death are means of teaching us to love more and better.

This is total and absolute rubbish.

These false teachers are trying to conceal the Truth and obscure the Reality. They are trying to explain away this exploitation to which we are subjected, so that it can continue unabated.

This is the trap we are in.

This is the trap that has required the extreme measures about to be taken for permanent rectification of the mess on this planet.

Those people who deny evil and who ask you to love all unconditionally in these circumstances of pain, suffering and emotional exploitation and to accept it all without thinking are workers of Darkness and Evil.

It would be too arduous a task to sift through all the writings and utterings of the Masters to find the Truth.

It is sufficient to be aware of what has happened to these writings and utterings.

It is sufficient to realize that these are no longer needed.

All that the true beings need is their knowledge within.

To reach this Source of knowledge within, certain precautions which will be explained in detail later need to be taken.

The real situation is that pollution can affect our connection to this Source within.

Hence protection exercises and diminution of pollution and programing are essential. These will be discussed in later chapters.

We must discriminate and question the very answers which come from other dimensions, because some of these other dimensions are also involved in the plot against true Beings and the Truth.

The heavily programmed, bigoted, prejudiced and indoctrinated outer physical mind can be the greatest enemy and biggest hurdle to realization of the Self, and the discovery of Truth, and the ultimate accurate definition of Reality.

The outer mind is addicted to this world of illusion (Maya) in which we are trapped. The outer mind must be harnessed and retrained. For total successful realization it must be completely subjected to the inner Will.

With this subjugation there must be and will be detachment from all Maya including emotions and filial attachments.

As these concepts are considered and the true answers are revealed and a mosaic of Truth is formed, a definition of Reality can begin to be formulated.

I will describe a Key for the understanding of metaphysics, a war in which we are deeply entrenched and how we became involved in this war. I will also describe changes which occurred to us and to our environment because of this war, the tools and methods used in this war to program and pollute us, and the translocation of Consciousness which occurred as a result of this War.

In later chapters I will describe the latest conditions of the War and steps for its resolution. I will describe
a Clearing Phase,
a Transmutation Phase, and
a Transformation Phase.

I will describe a time of revelation, of clearing of evil, of returning Consciousnesses to their place of origin, of steps to restart a New Evolutionary Pathway, a time of accelerated awareness, and a time of total collapse of this evil system which has been illusion (Maya).

1 will discuss reestablishment of connection between classes of Consciousness and dimensions including the significance of UFO visitations, and the training required for people in the new phases.
So, in order to awaken so that we can define Reality we must:

1.   Bypass the physical mind with all its false indoctrinations, prejudices, bigotry etc.

2.   Prepare ourselves with the use of proper food and drink and appropriate changes to our environment so that programing and pollution can be avoided as much as possible.

3.   Find the true Self within by using protection exercises, affirmations, meditation and cleansing which help us reestablish our inner connection.

4.   Develop confidence in our abilities to do all this and get answers for ourselves.

True Beings need to allow the inner Divine Being to manifest, always being aware of the Negativity (Evilness) of the system and those in it, until the system is finally completely destroyed.


The Key
All branches of science and other knowledge have certain facts, laws and principles which are Keys to the understanding of that knowledge and that particular branch of science.

These facts, laws and principles allow one to unlock the secrets within the particular subject and make it easily comprehensible, logical and of course ever so obvious once the subject is mastered.

Without these key facts, laws and principles the subject remains incomprehensible, illogical and of little use.

So it is in metaphysics. Without certain indisputable facts of truth which are laws and principles by which the subject is governed, the innumerable facts which one can discover and accumulate become worthless and confusing.

Worse than that, they become tools for implantation of distortions and untruths so that one without the Key becomes lost in a sea of useless untruthful spurious information.

The single most important Key to the total understanding of metaphysical esoteric philosophy, that total understanding which is after all the awakening or self-realization which we all aspire to, is this simple series of statements.

In this Universe there exist not one but two creations, one of Divine origin and one of Evil origin.

One is the genuine Divine creation. The other is a mock evil destructive creation not created by the Divine power but by a rebellious, destructive subordinate of the Divine Hierarchy. This subordinate demigod created a parallel creation in the confined space of this Universe.

This Evil creation exists, like the Divine creation, at all levels of consciousness and in all sub-dimensions within this dimension, and has overrun the Divine creation.

The Evil creation is oppressing the other and it has threatened the existence of the Divine creation in this area of space and time in which we now find ourselves.

At all levels there has been a great battle between the two creations for survival and supremacy. They have waged a long bitter War.

Remembering these simple facts will allow them to be used as a key for the understanding of all the knowledge referred to.

Forget these facts and the science of metaphysics becomes an illogical incomprehensible jumble of dissociated observations and assertions which become both meaningless and worthless.

From our human Consciousness level, the above key can be used to explain all things. But first let us examine the content of the key more closely.

The key tells us that there are two creations even in the human race. These creations, as in all other levels of Consciousness, have intermingled and although differences initially existed these differences are now obscure and forgotten.

The struggle for supremacy by the Evil creation over the trapped Divine creation has manifested in many ways, and the result has been the mess in which we find ourselves today.

The struggle has created a confused state. Changes due to the struggle have caused the loss of knowledge, this obvious confusion and this state of suffering, pain, injury, decay, death and ungodliness.

This plane has been all but run over by the Evil demonic creation, not in a nebulous esoteric sense but in very much a real concrete destructive way.

The majority of human bodies on this planet are inhabited by demons, not by Divinely created Consciousness.

By demons I mean consciousnesses created by this Evil, destructive demigod who rebelled against the Divine Hierarchy, and who have not been created in "God's" image!

The purpose for their creation was simply so that they could overrun the Divine creation.

So you see, the total mess on this planet, as in many other planets in this Universe (which by the way is only one of many) is due to a superimposition of an Evil creation over the original Divine one.

On this physical plane the demonic creation appears to be slowly taking control. It appears to have the upper hand. And as it steadily made progress in the past it brought about changes to the original creation and its trapped Consciousnesses which benefitted the demonic side.

Some of these changes have caused the distortions in the account of the two creations recorded in ancient texts.

Slowly a censoring of material occurred and so by this day we have virtually forgotten that the Divine Beings have been overrun by the demonic Beings.

Subtle mentions of the two creations still remain in many writings and in certain utterings of folklore. However, the full significance has been diluted so much, and so much distortion has occurred, that it has been lost.

References can be found in Genesis of the Old Testament in the Bible, in the Ramayana, in the Mahabharata, in the Gnostic Cabala and in some life-readings given by Edgar Cayce.

Many have regressed to times of more overt battles with the demonic creation and until now did not understand the significance of their adventures.

Using this Key – the knowledge of two feuding creations being present on this plane and planet will allow full and comprehensible, logical, useful explanation for all the questions that we seek.

I guess immediately that the questions which spring to mind will be:

a.   How and why did all this come about?

b.   What was the Divine Force doing while all this was happening?

c.   How will this struggle of two feuding creations be resolved?

d.   What is the extent of this struggle?

e.   What is being done to resolve the situation and when?

Many other questions will loom up and the answers are in these volumes.

This Key then contains the following facts:

1.   There is a War between two creations on this level.

2.   One side (the demonic) has been trying to obscure the Truth for its advantage, for reasons which I will explain more fully later, but basically so that the Divine Being of Light could be more easily exploited and overrun by this demonic side.

3.   The Beings of Light have been struggling to reconnect to their Source since this invasion by a demonic creation occurred. With the invasion connection to their Source had been severed.

Think of the analogy of our simple wars – where one country is invaded by the troops of another. The changes made by the occupational forces will be for their benefit and for the disadvantage of those invaded.

On this plane, in this dimension even at the human level, the Beings of Light (who are now only 30 % of the population) have been invaded and suppressed by demonic Beings of Darkness who are the remaining 70% of the population.

Remembering this Key will make the rest easily understood.

Forget the Key and the pool of knowledge becomes the disorganized, nonsensical mire witnessed by all the great philosophers and thinkers since time immemorial, and which led them around in circles, never allowing definitive answers, and causing many of them to give up the search for the meaning of life in disgust, and crying out in anguish "there can be no God who could allow such injustice."

Others thought and believed that whoever was in control of human affairs was both sadistic and evil. They did not realize how close they were to the Truth!

The mechanism of development of the Evil demigod (usurper), its evil creation, invasion, changes etc. are detailed in the book "Revelation of the Truth" published by the Centre of Knowledge and Supremacy


The War
Why should there be a war?

No one wants the pain, suffering and devastation of battle and defeat – so why do the two creations have to fight?

To answer these questions we have to examine the very nature of the two creations.

One is the Divine creation sent into this dimension of space and time (which is our universe) to experiment, experience, express and evolve.

Its nature is one of Universal Love, Peace, and Harmony. It is not bellicose – in fact the very opposite. It is accommodating, trusting and loving and that is why it was easily overrun by the evil creation.

The evil creation instead was created by the rebellious demigod (a level of Consciousness within the lower ranks of the Divine Hierarchy) and was empowered with the essences of this evil demigod to be exactly that: Evil.

Its nature meant therefore devastation, destruction, selfishness, and domination by whatever methods were available.

Each creation has been created with the essences of its creator. The Divine creation was created in God's image with the 7 Divine Essences of Glory, Love, Power, Honesty, Wisdom, Peace, and Perseverance.

The demonic creation was created in the demigod's image, with the essences of Evil – Envy, Hate, Destructive power, Dishonesty, Cunningness, Rebellion, and Cowardice.

The evil creation by its very nature, was and is belligerent and destructive. That is what it was created for. Its job was to invade and overrun and destroy the Divine creation.

Its demigod creator had already rebelled against the Divine Hierarchy, the Divine order and cut itself off from the nutritive energy supply which the hierarchy provided. Hence it had to invade and conquer a dimension in order to survive by using the energy within that invaded dimension.

Even in metaphysical terms, as in material terms, nothing is static, all need energy in one form or another to remain viable and to evolve.

This energy is required at all levels of Consciousness in all dimensions.
In order to survive and expand its empire the evil demigod required energy – and this energy it required could be obtained from the creation it invaded.

Hence the war is a direct result of the invasion of the peaceful Divine creation by the belligerent rebellious creation of the evil demigod.

The attempts by the invaded creation to fight back have up to now been inadequate, and that is why the evil creation gained the upper hand.

Translated into a simple explanation of where we are today it means this in human terms:

We have two types of people on earth. Rather we have two completely different types of Consciousness inhabiting similar physical bodies.

70% of bodies have a demonic Consciousness which has been created by an evil demigod for the express purpose of serving evil. They do this by attacking the remaining population (in energy terms) in order to exploit them and steal their energy from them. They are belligerent, rebellious, destructive, and evil in their demonic nature. Their attacks are not merely physical, but more in the subtle levels, translated into a multitude of ways of draining energy from the beings of Light.

30% of bodies have a Divine Consciousness within. They are Divine in nature, and this nature is not one for warmongering – in fact these are greatly disadvantaged by this struggle and have proved to be easy prey. As they are attacked and lose energy to the demonic side they undergo disastrous consequences equivalent to slow spiritual death.

One may well ask why can the two types not be immediately differentiated? Why can one not recognize the demonic beings causing all the trouble? Why can one not recognize the Divine beings of Light and stay only in their midst?

The answers are very simple.

1. We are all clothed with the same bodies.

2. These bodies (because of their metaphysical anatomy) are programmed to prevent expression of the essences of Divine beings who occupy them. At the same time the bodies are programmed to allow expression of evil and the essences of the demonic beings who occupy them.

3. We have forgotten there are different Consciousnesses occupying the same bodies and hence perceive the properties of the bodies and not the Consciousness occupying them.

4. The bodies were created by the evil demigod for this evil creation when it took over this dimension. Those beings of Light trapped in the occupied dimension were forced to use these bodies when conditions in the dimension were changed and their original vehicles of expression were damaged beyond use.

The Divine beings were forced to use bodies which were foreign to them.

These bodies have programmed responses of their own – they can reflexly react to various external stimuli and become evil unless the Consciousness within actively prevents this by an act of freewill.

It was and is a great effort to stop the reflexes for evil-doing. The bodies had been developed for use by evil, to serve evil and to trap the true Divine beings.

Hence the true Divine beings were greatly disadvantaged when they abandoned their original vehicles of expression and were forced to use these bodies which we now have and which were specifically created by evil for evil beings to serve evil and to trap true beings.

The mechanism of the bodies has been developed such that most forgot that they were Consciousnesses within physical vehicles, and in fact allowed their awareness to become the awareness of the physical body only. They forgot that they were Divine beings different from the bodies and from the evil Consciousnesses for whom the bodies were created.

In other words, they were trapped in the physical bodies and their awareness was trapped to a level dictated by these bodies – a level very low indeed.

Initially before total invasion and entrapment by the evil creation occurred, there was time for the Divine beings of Light to escape this dimension and go elsewhere and many did.

Others, by an active choice of freewill paid no heed to the warnings of impending entrapment issued by their Divine essences within and remained, risking the consequences and watching this invasion by an unknown force.

They had no idea of evil, of invasion, of destruction or of energy exploitation.

They were an easy prey for the invading evil army and many have paid dearly for their foolishness.


September 9, 2009

The Body in Which the True Beings Were Trapped
Many changes to the vehicles of expression occurred when the takeover was being executed.
To understand why Divine beings were trapped in these physical bodies, why the Divine Consciousness is disadvantaged by them, why the bodies react reflexly to conditions on this plane and why such things as disease, injury, degeneration, death, sleep, healing, psychic phenomenology, and astral travel occur, we must examine and appreciate the anatomical structure in metaphysical terms of a composite being using these bodies.

This will then allow us to detail differences between the Divine beings and the demonic beings sharing these bodies.

A knowledge of this metaphysical anatomy will then also allow an understanding of the mechanism of "body snatching," walk-ins, stand-ins, demonic possession, channeling, cot deaths, etc. etc.

It will also give us insights into the mechanism, agents and the extent of programing of the body and mind.

One must realize that all vehicles of expression were changed, in all the classes of Consciousness (of which there are 7 in the Universe – mineral, vegetable, animal, human, spiritual, galactic and universal classes of Consciousness).

Nonetheless for clarity we will restrict ourselves to the fourth class of Consciousness – the human class.

The fourth class of Consciousness expressing in this dimension before the takeover consisted of permanent atom beings (P.A. beings), created by an Absolute Creator (one high in the Godforce Hierarchy) to experiment, experience, express and evolve.

These P.A. beings had graduated from the lower classes – mineral, vegetable, animal in other dimensions and were now students of evolution in the fourth class of Consciousness on this earth.

Each entity in class 4 consisted of 7 of these Permanent Atom
beings (units of Consciousness) who worked together to experience as one entity.

These 7 beings in each entity formed the centers of Consciousness for the entity – the spheres of Divine essences.

These centers of Consciousness have been known in other writings as Chakras. They are individual beings who work together to form one class 4 entity.

Their structure is detailed in the book "Revelation of the Truth," and basically consists of an inner nucleus with the essences of the Divine Creator who created them from Primordial Energy.

There are many Divine Creators who create Permanent Atom beings in different Universes using their individually unique essences.

The inner nucleus, apart from the essences gives certain properties including permanence, Divine awareness, and a Divine heritage to the P.A. beings. In other words, they are made in "God's" image. In this case the word God being used to mean that Divine Creator who created them.

Around the nucleus are rings of awareness which are potentially experiential bands of primordial malleable energy. These rings of awareness become organized energy with evolving experiments and experiences. This is the learned awareness that these P.A. beings acquire.

To experiment, learn, express, experience and evolve is the reason for creation of Divine beings. To experience evil however, was never part of the Divine plan.

In class 4 the awareness rings corresponding to the classes of mineral, vegetable and animal classes are full of organized energy containing the experiences of these P.A. beings acquired during their stay in these corresponding classes of Consciousness.

Before the takeover these Divine class 4 beings were the only beings in existence. There were no others.

These beings exchanged units of Consciousness, that is P.A. beings within the entities moved freely within one another, thus sharing the experiences in a way in which we are prohibited from doing now.

The only other structure in the makeup that they had consisted of an ethereal envelope around the 7 centers of Consciousness which gave them form, dimension, and confining manifestation in this dimension.

This ethereal shroud was not a material body as such, it was a confining envelope of inert energy which allowed physical manifestation as one entity by the permanent atom units contained within.

This envelope was very similar to the etheric body which exists around these human bodies we now have.

Its function, apart from delineating the manifested dimensions of the 7 P.A.s which grouped together to form one entity, was to absorb PRANA (life force), which at that time before takeover was freely available.

The prana was the energy emanating from the Source of the Absolute Creator of the P.A. beings needed for their experimentation and expression. That was the energy they used to organize into practical learned experience on the outer rings of awareness about their nuclei.

It is important to note that the ethereal envelope of the entities was inert and did not react with other energy or with the other levels of Consciousness sharing this dimension, other than to allow a free exchange through its structure of the P.A.s when travel was necessary.

The envelope was not reactive and this is a point of major contrast when the similar structure in the acquired physical bodies created by the evil demigod is compared.

These are the only structures the entities consisted of: an inner divine nucleus and outer rings of awareness in each of the 7 permanent atom beings (centers of Consciousness) which formed each entity and an ethereal covering with which these 7 cooperating P.A. beings were "clothed."

Their only other requirement was the Divine pranic emanation from their Source. This was the only sustenance they required.

Note that:
1.   The number of such entities in this dimension was fixed.

2.   There were no other functions in the ethereal envelope other than pranic absorption.

3.   There was a free exchange of P.A. units of Consciousness between the entities.

As I said earlier, at the time when such entities existed, evil takeover had not yet commenced.

The earth was different – very different. It did not contain an atmosphere, there was no elemental decay, no putrefaction, no confining electromagnetic fields, no astral ceiling, etc.

All these things resulted from the evil takeover and changes brought about by the evil demigod to suit its superimposed creation.

When takeover commenced a form of Genesis of mineral, plant, animal, and human species commenced similar to the Genesis which we trace with our scientific investigations today.

And so the earth changed as this dimension changed. All the classes of Consciousness were involved in the change – mineral, vegetable, animal, human, spiritual, galactic and universal classes of Consciousness.

The whole dimension was enclosed and subjected to a forced occupancy, and within it this parallel evil creation was fostered and nurtured by the evil demigod using energy it stole from the original Divine creation and the Divine entities now entrapped within its confines.

As this spurious creation grew the entities of the real Divine creation coexisted with it, for the changes were very slow indeed.

Slowly however, the spurious creation grew stronger and the real one weaker, because changes brought about by this evil demigod suited it's spurious creation and not the one overtaken. Hence the true Divine beings found themselves in a changing environment which became more and more hostile to them.

The nurturing prana was cut off from them, the evolution of a gaseous atmosphere interfered with their ethereal manifestations and electromagnetic barriers limited their travel. In other words, those who did not heed the warning that came for them to quit this dimension found themselves trapped. They were confined in a small space and were literally being starved into inertness because their prana was cut off.

The changes were perfectly suitable to the spurious creation which thrived more and more.

This spurious creation was a stepwise evolution which reached the present structure of physical species by a number of steps.

As many stages and species evolved mock beings were created which paralleled these stages and species. These mock beings were the demonic creation (demonic units of Consciousness) for whom the physical species were evolved.

At first the lower classes evolved, and the mock Consciousnesses created to occupy these classes were lowly classes of Consciousness also.

These were NOT permanent atom structured beings. They were NOT Divine, did not have a permanence and did not have a Divine heritage.
As conditions worsened for the Divine class 4 beings many abandoned their ethereal envelope and entered these physical vehicles of expression found in the lower classes.

Many became trapped in mammalian bodies – whales, dolphins, porpoises; many in reptilian bodies, many in tortoises, turtles, larger land animals and larger birds.

They existed in these animal bodies, including those of prehistoric animals long before the evil creation evolved to the stage of catering for a class 4 of its own.

Once it did evolve class 4 vehicles of expression, namely these bodies, most of the Divine class 4 Consciousnesses were displaced from the lower forms and given these more evolved bodies. Many however remained in the lower forms.

Many other class 4 Consciousnesses kidnapped from other dimensions were placed into these lower forms as an intermediate step to exploit them more readily of their energy because of the horrifying impact such imprisonment had on them.

These human bodies as they were finally evolved differed substantially from the ethereal envelopes which were the original vehicles of expression for the true Divine P.A. entities.

The differences and properties of these physical bodies had a devastating effect on the true beings.

The drop in awareness and energy levels of the true beings, once trapped in these bodies, was so profound that the Divine Consciousness of the P.A. beings making up these true beings went into a state of catatonic frigidity.

In other words, the Consciousness was shocked into inactivity.
The bodies were programmable from without by various means and agents, and so the Divine Consciousness within was to a great degree bypassed.

The structures which these evolved physical bodies incorporated and with which the true beings had had no experience included:

1.   An etheric envelope.

2.   An astral body.

3.   An emotional body.

4.   A physical body which required respiration, food, and sleep, which could reproduce, which was subject to programing by external factors, and which was subject to pain, disease, injury, degeneration and death.

All these structures therefore were foreign to the makeup of a true being. They have been impositions which have trapped the true beings and prevented or impeded the expression of the Divine Consciousness occupying the bodies.

The mock beings of class 4 which were created to occupy these bodies did not have an inner Consciousness as such.

They merely existed as Consciousness fully programmed by external stimuli, hence there was no conflict between what the body needed or did, and what the Consciousness within needed or did.

In these mock beings there is no suggestion of entrapment, or of prevention or impediment of the expression of the Consciousness within, for the expression of the Consciousness within is the expression of the body programmed by external factors.

So you see the majority of people on this planet are programmed to think and act entirely by external programing factors which I shall enumerate in subsequent chapters. And that is why they can be so harmonious with the external environment.

They do not have any internal programing device such as the true Divine beings have.

They do not have an awareness of the Divine or of a Divine evolution.

They are merely puppets programmed this way and that by the external factors which play on them.

Conversely the true beings have an inner Divine programing device supplied by the Divine essences within the nuclei of the Permanent atom units of Consciousness.

This inner device can be used to counteract the effect of evil external programing, so that the true Divine beings do not become robots like the mock beings.

They can of course, with an act of freewill, cut off the inner nuclear Divine programing and become subject to the evil external programing and hence manifest in an evil robotic manner similar to the people with the mock Consciousness.

Many, unfortunately for them, have done just this and become for all intents and purposes indistinguishable from the non-permanent atom entities which make up the majority of the population.

An understanding of this concept allows us to gain more insights into this war which I described earlier.

There is a general war in this dimension between the P.A. beings and the spurious non-permanent atom beings, and now we can understand another concept of a personal inner war in each of the true beings between the inner Divine Consciousness and the physical body with the impositions it entails and which are waging the battle.

The inner nuclear Divine Consciousness is fighting for the right to express its Divinity against the physical body and its systems which are programmed to prevent expression of that Divinity at all costs.

This may appear a harsh realization to come to, but nonetheless it is very real. The greater the accuracy of realization of these facts however, the greater the chance the true beings have of winning both the personal and the general wars.

The battles are compounded by the fact that being trapped in this dimension, the same mechanisms which program the bodies to wage war against the Divine Consciousness within are required to sustain to some degree the manifestation of that being in the physical for he has nowhere else to go.

Much can be done to minimize the damage of the mechanisms on our Divine Consciousnesses, awareness and manifestation, and these details I will give in the chapters on programming.

Mechanisms of Programming
We are forced to breathe, eat, sleep, reproduce, suffer, degenerate, and die simply because our bodies are programmed to do this.

These functions are totally foreign to the manifestations of the true beings in the original Divine plan (that is, the plan before takeover).
BREATHING is essential because the bodies are aerobic mechanisms on this planet. Apart from the obvious beneficial metabolic function however, oxygen does two extremely destructive and evil things. By these actions it can be recognized as a planned evil tool which prevents manifestation of Divine awareness.

1. Oxygen destroys prana (lifeforce). They are biophysiologically incompatible. Hence the presence of a highly oxygenated atmosphere guaranteed starvation of prana dependent beings even if they still existed at this level.

2. Oxygen is a barrier to electromagnetic conduction. It both reacts with, and filters electromagnetic pulsation greatly reducing its energy content, frequency, and penetration.

Consciousness has very similar properties to an electromagnetic wave, hence Consciousness is impeded, filtered and reduced in an oxygen rich environment.

Consciousness cannot penetrate far outside of this dimension because of the process of oxygenation in the cells of these bodies which respire and in which the electromagnetism (which is the Consciousness) is trapped most of the time. It is temporarily liberated between lives during death and rebirth.

Small episodes of apnea which cause small but significant reductions and fluctuations in the concentration of intracellular oxygen in the body (as occur during meditation, rebirthing, trauma, coma, epilepsy, anaesthesia, etc.) often produce phenomena for the individual which are a result of the Consciousness penetrating other dimensions and connecting with them due to the fact that the filtering impeding effect of oxygen has been reduced because of the lowered concentrations.

EATING is also essential because this body cannot survive on prana alone. This mechanism of eating has been made essential and its hidden function is to program the body to do the will of the programer in the robotic non-permanent atom beings, and to also block the inner nuclear Divine mind of the true P.A. beings.

We need to SLEEP so that the Consciousness can go to the levels outside of the oxygenated atmosphere to acquire prana which is a prerequisite for the workings of the units of Consciousness (chakras).

We REPRODUCE because SEX has been programmed into the emotional components of these bodies–- it was not part of the original Divine plan. Sex is a conditioned reflex to program the body further and to further block the Divine Consciousness as I shall explain later.

The other functions of sex of course are to provide new bodies for newly created mock Consciousnesses (non-P.A. beings) and to distribute negative energy quickly and pleasurably and this negative energy of course has disastrous effects on true beings.

True beings SUFFER because of the imposed punishments and negative energy of this dimension. This suffering liberates emotional energy, hence the beings become drained.

This is the means of the energy exploitation of true beings.

And any and every form of suffering is preprogrammed on this plane in order to steal emotional energy from the true beings.

That is why all the mechanisms which produce, promote, and increase suffering are ever increasing on this plane. They would never stop if the evil demigod had its way.

These bodies we have are programmed with a predetermined obsolescence. They degenerate because of the mechanisms placed within them.

The rate, site, means and type of degeneration each body undergoes is dependent on a number of factors including:

a.   The genetic coding of the body.

b.   The amount of negativity its life generates.

c.   The degree of pollution accepted.

d.   The degree of protection provided.

e.   The amount of negativity and pollution carried on the subtle bodies of the individual from previous lives and allowed to affect the body now occupied.

f.   The amount of healing encountered.

The mechanism for the degeneration is the computer-like genetic code found in the cells – genes, chromosomes, nucleus, mitochondria, DNA, RNA, etc.

Death of the bodies is planned and depends obviously on these factors which effect the bodies' degeneration.

It also depends on Freewill, availability of prana, blocking of the inner nuclear mind in a true being, body snatching, demonic possession, voluntary possession, and the walk-in mechanism all of which will be examined in later chapters.

Degeneration and death of the body allow other mechanisms to come into play in this war between the true beings and this evil demigod and his spurious creation.

And these are the mechanisms of Reincarnation, Justice, Reward and Punishment, and Life in the astral worlds (which are still very much part of the physical spurious creation and which I will describe in subsequent chapters). These mechanisms I shall also detail later.

So you see these bodies we now have and use are very, very different and far worse for true beings than the original ethereal envelopes of manifestation.

These bodies are fragile, finite and robotic, but we are not the bodies.

True beings are certainly not finite or robotic.

True beings are of a Consciousness which has the capacity to exist indefinitely once created.

This realization that we are not the finite moribund bodies is often such a welcome milestone in the awakening process of beings that the exuberance has often been used by the evil system to excuse the injustices, inconsistencies and emotional exploitations to which true beings are subjected.

The process of awakening should lead us to see fully the traps the true beings have fallen into, and not to fall into the trap of accepting false philosophies.


September 18, 2009

I wrote the following essay in 1998.

I think it is just as valid today.

Copyright 1998 (c) by Dr. J. S. Chiappalone

This phrase, which I have coined, is both a description of certain aspects of life on this planet, in this generation, which I have described as the Final generation of the Planet, and an indication of the ultimate explanation of what is going on. I will explain this assertion with what follows.

Each of us in some way is being affected by overt fragmentation of the hitherto apparently homeostatic biological systems of Earth. Some are bothered by financial loss, others by deteriorating job prospects, many by illness, pollution, racism, the rage of others at work, on the road, at school, etc.

Even the most cursory examination of the various aspects of existence confirms fragmentation of governments, religions, families, communities, nations, ecological systems, financial institutions, educational institutions, diverse races, cultures and so on. However, the biggest factor which will affect each and every individual is the mental fragmentation which s/he may or may not suffer. Indeed, the majority will suffer this Terminal Madness of the Endtime, but some will not.

It is not sufficient to simply describe aspects of symptoms of the malady affecting the Earth, humanity and all living creatures in its ecosystems. One needs to make an accurate diagnosis and then find the prognosis. Finding out why this is all happening means there must be some solution to this mess. And indeed there is a solution, along with many other spurious postulations of what is going on. I hope to briefly examine these aspects.

To know what is going on and why, we need to consider the fragmentation which is occurring from all three perspectives: the physical, the psychic or mental, and the spiritual perspective. Failing to do so can only lead to an inadequate database upon which any conclusions can be based.

A        The Physical Perspective:
The physical fragmentation is the most obvious for us to see, and while we do rely on data supplied by various collectors, we are also affected directly enough in our lives to reach our own conclusions. This is important, for many who supply public data often give us false conclusions of what it all means.
The biological fragmentation from a physical perspective is of an inexorably terminal decay of the planet.
i        Ozone depletion is allowing injurious radiation to reach us with destructive consequences. Plankton and krill are dying, thus causing the seafood chain to collapse. This has been noted and our seas are all but sterile, dead. Cataracts, skin cancers, especially fatal melanoma, suppressed immunological ability - all due to the radiation - are also side-effects.

ii        Global Warming and the Greenhouse Effect are well documented and it is only malicious, vested interests who for the want of greedy profits are disputing these even as the Antarctic is melting, as record annual temperatures are noted and as oceanic warming is causing the disasters associated with the El Nino Effect. This elevation of temperatures is also allowing the development of a toxic pathogenicity in all strata of consciousness. Hence,

a        Tropical diseases such as Malaria and Dengue fever are spreading, as are Japanese encephalitis, Hanta virus, TB, etc., from other reasons including the breakdown of public health measures, poverty, antibiotic resistance, etc.

b        Toxic algae are poisoning waterways and killing coral reefs.

c        Previously harmless symbiotic or parasitic microbes are becoming pathogenic and causing diseases such as E.Coli food poisoning.

d        Warmer waters are acting as culture mediums for cholera, pfiesteria, salmonella, campylobacter, etc.

e        The changes have given us climatic madness.

iii        Pollution, most of which is from human endeavours and their destructive scientific technology, is not only causing terminal decay of systems, but also sterilizing humanity, animals, amphibians and insects. Excessive use of chemicals, antibiotics, poisons, radioactive material, etc., etc, has bred superbugs, superweeds, and iatrogenic diseases from which people are dying. The air, water and soil are polluted to an irredeemable level. Gastrointestinal diseases are increasing, as is asthma from dirty air. Salination of soils, albeit ignored by most, is threatening crop failures in many locations. Acidification of rivers, waterways and estuaries is destroying the nurseries of what fish and crustaceans remain.

iv        New diseases such as transgenic ones and an increased incidence of zoonoses indicate both increased virulence in microbes and a breakdown of the victim's defence. Malicious experimentation with genetics and vaccines, with the development of protease-resistant protein strands called prions, has given rise to the spectre of humanity's doom in the form of HIV-AIDS, Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE or Mad Cow Disease) and Gulf War Syndrome, which I contend is a variant of these, even more infectious, and faster acting. The activity of prions alludes to supramental manipulation of this level. However, details of that I will leave for another discourse.

This list of physical decay can be greatly expanded with much more detail, however these few facts suffice to indicate that some major problems exist in the physical plane.

B        The Psychic (Mental) Perspective:
Mental fragmentation is, from my perspective, equally as obvious.

i        People are abandoning religious institutions in droves for they are not mentally satisfied with the answers. In other words, whatever dogmatic paradigm was restraining them appears to be no longer sufficient in view of the physical deterioration, and these institutions are collapsing.

ii        Governments are changing, or are under attack, repeatedly, demonstrating they have no answers to the ills which plague their nations and also that the mental lability of voters is becoming destructive instability.
iii        Financial collapse in nations, although minimized by some sections of the media, is an indication of perverse attacks by currency speculators and profiteers whose mentality is fracturing, thus allowing them to act in such irresponsible ways. The collapse of the Asian Tiger economies will be followed by Japan which is teetering, China, other Asian nations, Australia, Europe and the USA. I am aware of the talk of supreme wealth and economic buoyancy in the US, but readers are warned that the talk is all hot air. The US is unofficially bankrupt and the economy a bubble of spuriousness, built on false hope, which is about to burst. Warnings by financial archons such as Alan Greenspan and others have been ignored with the hubris of minds self-satisfied in the efficacy of their own illusion. That, too, is a measure of the fragmentation of the mental plane.
iv        Most systems are in crisis - health and medical, hospitals, manufacturing industries, exports, imports, and so on. This is a symptom of individualistic mental instability as well as the decay en masse, for individuals are making gross errors of judgement affecting the things they manage.
v        Individual mental decay is reflected in such things as Road Rage, Computer rage, increased incidents of suicide, especially among the youth, hostility, suspicion, paranoia, racism, tribalism, minor and major wars, accelerated divorce rate, pornography, prostitution, paedophilia, etc. Both humans and animals are behaving in an increasingly erratic manner. Is it not madness of individuals which gives us the continuing Gulf War Fiasco, the Genocide of Palestinians, India vs Pakistan, Shri Lankans vs Tamils, etc., etc.? Is the threat of nuclear annihilation, which will shortly precipitate into the eventuality of a nuclear World War 3, not from fragmenting minds? Patience is also all but dead in most.

Apart from metaphysical reasons upon which I will not elaborate here, this madness of minds is reflected also in the increased violence by children and women. More school shootings and the like will occur, for the progress of Terminal Madness of the Endtime is accelerating and unstoppable.
vi        Inspite of apparent wealth in the West, of unprecedented longevity, entertainment galore and technological assistance, most minds are not imbued with a joie de vivre, but rather they are threatened by a very real sense of foreboding, an anxiety of inexplicable origin, a sense of doom even. This explains why the sale of psychotropic drugs is at record levels, as are illicit drugs and why escapisms are sought so avidly -just think of the recent "Viagra" craze! Of course, many shun or ignore such feelings or else put them down to poorly performing aspects of their lives, such as relationships, jobs, health, etc., but the mental moods reflect in their actions and manifest in their body language, for as a human thinks, s/he acts. Hence, the rise in hatred, impatience, racism, violence, etc., etc., which is ubiquitous. All these things will become worse as minds fragment even more. Not all minds are like this, in fact, some are bright and joyous with an understanding of what is going on.
This then, to ask "Why is it so?", is the crux of the situation!
As the physical actions are manifestations of the mental function, so too is the mental function a manifestation of the spiritual. Many who have denied the existence of the spiritual plane, even in most rudimentary forms, are now suffering the most mentally.

C        The Spiritual Perspective:
What we have is a spiritual separation of consciousnesses into "viables" and "non-viables". What I mean by that is that some are not fit to continue existence and some are. We, on this planet, as is occurring or has occurred on every other physical manifestation in this physical universe, are in the process of being sorted out - yes, as per the distorted biblical paradigm, if you wish - and the viable ones are being readied for evacuation from this self-destructing orb.

Many around the world have been contacted via various mechanisms to prepare for such an eventuality. These mechanisms, include dreams, clairvoyant episodes, direct visitations, spacecraft contacts, astral projection and tuition, spontaneous regression, projection into the fixed future, etc.

The spate of UFO activity consists of various groups of aliens, most of whom are evil aliens to be eradicated by a process called transmutation, to which the non-viables are also subjected. Some are the "Elohim", so-called, who have come to evacuate the viables. I realize this may be straining the mental restrictions of some readers, however, space does not allow expansion of these concepts and if they are interested, I direct them to my books and newsletters.

The reason why some minds are fragmenting and manifesting the Terminal Madness of the Endtime is because on the spiritual level they are aware of this sorting out of consciousness and of their failure. This possibility, if they have denied the spiritual aspect, does not fit into their restrictive mental paradigm and hence, their minds cannot cope and they are going crazy. In other words, having denied the possibility of this judgement, of this sorting out, of this finality, of this call to account for their actions, inspite of countless warnings, they cannot now realign their minds with a Greater Reality, and they crack with the pressure.

This concept of which I am now writing is not metaphysical, or of personally religious polemic, or of hypothetically theosophical, or philosophical ideologies.

It is the information, manifestation and very process of the Greater Reality which exists beyond the Virtual Reality of this plane and the Real Process which is destroying the Virtual Reality of this universe which has been a fraudulent and counterfeit creation.
It is minds who cannot accommodate these concepts, which are forced upon them by the ensuing reality, which are going crazy. And their sense of foreboding, of doom, is a realistic and accurate reflection of their failure, and the fact that they will shortly exist no more. There is no simpler or clearer way I can say this. All have had infinite chances throughout their existence to avoid such a fate. Those who have failed have done so by embracing the Essence of Evil which has created this mess.

Why are some happy? They are happy, even though they may be initially apprehensive. They are happy because they eventually realize this is the end of this horribly sordid mess, this den of iniquity, of pain, of suffering and gross exploitation. That this is such a noxious mess may not be all that obvious to deniers sitting in their nice apartments or homes, reading this on relatively expensive computers.
It is easy to be deluded when living in an illusion, especially a self-created one within another illusion, but think of the billions who do not have enough to eat, have inadequate housing, have inadequate medical care, or education, no clean water, etc., etc.

On the latest figures, some 40% of American citizens, and citizens of my country, Australia also, are disadvantaged in one of these ways. Hence, many are happy, for they realize their prayers have been answered. It is the end of evil and they are going home! And, in case you doubt the correction of this abomination, and think it is not an answer to prayers, let me remind you of these words from the most frequently recited Western prayer - the Lord's Prayer - "... and deliver us from Evil".

As the spiritual aspect filters down to these lower levels, where we are in the physical dimension, inter-dimensional barriers, purposely placed there by Evil as self protection to prevent the fragmentation and eventual correction of this gross error, are collapsing. That is why we are witnessing the incidence of increased phenomenology and experiencing it ourselves. Clairvoyance, a natural ability which we all have, is returning to us all. Near Death experiences, Astral Travel, spontaneous regression, seeing other levels and dimensions, ghosts and apparitions, etc., are all due to interdimensional collapse of barriers.

Some are perversely cashing in on this phenomenon and they call it "Remote Viewing". My advice is that you ignore them. Some are also stupidly, cunningly, blindly attempting to lead the sleeping, gullible blind.

Those whose minds cannot expand to accommodate the Finality of the plane, their failure, the psychic phenomena, etc., are going crazy. The fact that they are forced to confront their own evil nature and submit to a Superior Authority, who will hold them accountable, terrifies them with the gloom of Doom. They have only themselves to blame.

The reason why most clairvoyants, New Agers and Remote Viewers as yet cannot get valid answers of what is going on is because they are part of the doomed fraternity and are struggling to prevent this Greater Reality impinging on the plane. But their resistance is futile and the Truth of what is occurring will become more and more self-evident as time passes.

Finally, I would like to briefly address some of the spurious explanations of what is going on.

i        Deniers are the ones who say nothing is happening. Alas, those sporting the Arrogance of Ignorance are the most strident deniers and objectors to this information. Forget them. Most are the programmed and very ignorant fools who will suffer the most in due course. A few are as yet unawakened "viables". It is amazing how many sacerdotes, religionists, scientists and academics fall into this category of denial. This clearly demonstrates the pernicious effect of spurious educational indoctrination. Their rationalizations, in career and linguistically specific mumbo-jumbo, are hubristic and really spurious and mendacious, and they fall short of full explanations of what is going on. Their short-term band-aid solutions only give rise to greater problems and reveal their ignorance and incompetence in the face of what is upon us. They lose all arguments by weight of what is happening, even as they deny it is so, and by my "Bottom Line" which is that "it is all happening exactly as I have described, for the reasons I have given".

ii        Religious Fundamentalists: These rely on distorted texts, all originally plagiarized from Gnostic origins and then butchered, which form the basis of all religions. Many do expect Christ (the Christ Energy - although some expect an individual) and the Endtime, but they, being indoctrinated with the deceitful spuriousness of dogmatized religion, are grossly confused, for the eventualities they witness do not tally with the distorted texts. Some are trapped "viables" in these ranks, but the majority are failed fools who would not recognize the Divine Light they claim they are awaiting if it burned so brightly in front of their eyes that it perforated their corneas!

iii        New Agers - the Gurus for the gullible: In denying the existence of Evil, this correction and the Endtime, these sods are already floundering in the unreality of perversity. Some, even psychologists in their ranks, claim Earth and humanity are preparing for a quantum leap into a heaven unknown. That is as mendacious as saying, and far, far more ridiculous, that a cachectic, cancer-riddled patient in his last hour of life will get up, get dressed, and run the Boston marathon in record time. It is impossible. The Earth is as good as dead! The spurious healing, by the New Agers and their ilk, for the doomed Earth has been futile, and an obstructive affront to the True GodForce, which they are NOT a part of, and which is performing the Final Separation and Correction.

Maliciousness appears to be prospering on this plane at this time, but that, too, is an illusion. It is simply being exposed everywhere, in preparation for the destruction of all things of an evil essence which give rise to the maliciousness, along with the deceitfulness and gross hypocrisy. As the mechanism of this plane's unstoppable expiration proceeds, the Joy of Theomorphs, of the salvageable "viables", will grow with the truthful, spiritual understanding of what is going on.
Over 90% of this physical universe has already been corrected.

The recent light phenomenon, noted by the Italians and Dutch astronomers, depicting the engulfment of massive galaxies by a huge black hole was a view of correction many billions of light years ago in that sector. It is now Earth's turn, and while I have restricted this short essay to earth and its creatures, realize that all planetary bodies, even our sun, are undergoing decay and termination. Indeed, the Terminal Madness is manifesting in erratic cosmology, and soon the absurd Celestial Error, created of Evil, which had trapped theomorphs in its bowels, will be no more.

These changes are unprecedented. There are no other valid explanations of what is happening to humanity, to all the fauna and flora, and to the whole globe. All other explanations are spurious and, as far as I am concerned, this information, manifesting more and more as self-evident truth daily, is not negotiable or debatable.

No matter how many people, for now, want to dispute these facts, and no matter how vigorously they wish to argue, this time IS a time of the Earth's and Humanity's end. It is the Endtime for Evil here and a new beginning elsewhere for those not of Evil.

September 28, 2009

A Primer of Metaphysics
Chapter 9
In True Beings there are two minds.

1. The INNER MIND present in the Inner Divine Nucleus of Permanent Atoms, given to them by the Absolute Creator along with His Essences. This mind is part of the mind of the Absolute. Depending on the combination of the 7 Essences, it has potential for unique expression, experience and personality. It has certain characteristics which cannot be erased.
i It has awareness of the Absolute, of its creative power, potential, bliss and presence of the 7 Essences. It knows its source and has a blueprint.
ii It has permanence. It cannot be destroyed or interfered with except by the Absolute.
iii It has a Divine Heritage, the ability and right to return to the Absolute and be part of the Absolute.
2. The OUTER MIND is the mind present in the ORBITS around the nucleus of the Permanent Atom or about the shell of a non-Permanent Atom. This mind is the mind used in the various manifestations.

It functions as the physical mind.

This one has different characteristics:
i It is made from Primordial Energy.
ii It is changeable -- it goes through 49 levels.
iii It is programmable by influences from the nucleus and/or from the environment. It is destructible, replaceable, malleable, divisible.

The higher the evolution, the less the importance of this outer mind. The better the connection to the Absolute, the more the Inner Mind controls how that True Being manifests and the more is the WILL of the Absolute followed.

When the outer mind is cut off from the influence of the Inner Mind by Evil programming, pollution and indoctrination, disharmony can occur. The Inner Divine Awareness is then lost. This is always the case in non-Permanent Atom Beings who have no Inner Divine Awareness.
When the outer mind is cut off from adverse influences outside it, in other words, when programming, pollution and indoctrination are minimized, it can be more harmonious with the Inner Mind and the Will of the Absolute.
It is only in this sector, affected by the Evil Essence, that external influences are evil. In the ideal system the outer mind is the expression of the Inner Divine Awareness.

It experiences an increase in awareness and collates data of its manifested experience to enrich the Inner Mind which has the potential for this.
It is the outer mind that receives all the sensory input. It has to sift and classify the input and experience different stimuli. The Inner Mind is always at the highest level of awareness possible for an Atom in its class. As each level of awareness is graduated from, the experiences of the external mind are incorporated into those of the nuclear mind which ultimately reach the ABSOLUTE Consciousness when the evolution ends.
Because two minds exist, there can develop the situation therefore, where the two minds can express different things. Either can be the sole expressive mind. The outer mind becomes the physical mind of the body. If totally cut off from the Inner Mind, that mind may become programmed for total negativity. In reality, the Inner Mind may be the mind of a very High Spiritual Being (beyond a class 4 consciousness).
Therefore, in this system, a High Being can visit this universe, use a body created by the evil demigod and be totally cut off and unaware of his own True Identity IF he allows the connection to his Inner Mind to be blocked by excessive programming of the outer mind. True awareness can be totally stifled. This has occurred in the past, due to active traps set by evil. Usually, the Beings have had to be recalled.
Blockage of the Inner Mind in True Beings can be prevented by
1. Minimizing evil programming of the outer mind.
2. Protection of the mind with exercises, as explained later.
3. Purification and positive programming of the outer mind which allow connection.
Blocks of the outer mind can be totally bypassed with direct implantation at other levels, other dimensions, so that knowledge, direction, insight, are gained. Explosive instantaneous illumination by direct connection of the Inner Mind to the Supramental Consciousness can also occur. This may last milliseconds, but is enough to awaken the individual to his identity, entrapment, programming, source, duty, etc. In other words, he becomes aware of his Inner Mind and therefore, thereafter works towards the condition of totally actively bypassing the outer mind to allow expression of his true identity and for his true will to manifest. He can then function as a True Being.
Programming of the Inner Mind is done by the Divine Essences instilled in it at its creation. This programming reflects the Will of the individual's Divine Creator. Programming of the outer mind is done by external agents and these can belong to either of the opposing sides, Good or Evil. The inner programming is a direct pathway to the Will of the Divine.
The outer one is changeable and influenced by all external stimuli. For detailed descriptions of programming, readers are referred to Volumes 1 and 2 of "Journey into the World of Metaphysics" and to "Making Sense of the Madness, Volume Two: Keys to Reality".
Will is the resultant FORCE OF THE MIND. The will of the Absolute is the force of the mind of the Absolute in the nucleus. When that Inner Mind expresses, it expresses the Will of the Absolute. It cannot express anything else. The outer mind can choose the path of expression according to the programming it gets from the outside forces and from the effects of the Inner Mind. Freewill can be used to cut off the communication to the Inner Mind and allow the being to accept outer programming only, be it good or evil, or any combination thereof. Whatever the expression, the result is always the result of FREEWILL.
When a True Being surrenders to the Divine Will, what he is doing is bypassing the outer mind and its programming and expressing the Inner Mind. Turning to the Light means the same thing. Harmony is ensured then, because only one Will manifests: the Will of the Absolute.
Disharmony ensues when there are two wills from the two minds in conflict. The outer expresses evil programming, the Inner Mind expresses the Will of the Absolute.
Note that harmony can also occur when the Inner Mind and Will are completely cut off or non-existent and only the will of the outer is followed. This occurs in non-Permanent Atom Beings as well as in Permanent Atom Beings who cut off their Inner Mind. If the Inner Mind is totally cut off, harmony with the outer environment can occur for the outer mind expresses unopposed whatever programming it has.
Disharmony occurs when the external programming is contradictory to the being's Inner Mind. Disharmony can also occur in a True Being who is polluted when he remembers that there is an Inner Mind with a Divine guiding Light. The Inner Mind's guidance is missed. The more complete the programming by one side, the greater the harmony because the other side is completely cut off.
Being harmonious on this level, with this level does not mean harmony with the Divine Light.
Freewill can be used to cut off programming, for Freewill is used to control the amount of programming an individual will accept. If the pathway between the two minds is cut off, the outer mind only expresses, and depending on the quantity and quality of programming it receives, the effect can be good or evil or a mixture.
If there is no Positive external programming, both essences are represented, the evil one acting on the outer mind, the Divine acting on the Inner, and the expression depends on the choice made by the individual using Freewill.
If all external evil programming is cut off, as far as possible, both minds are in harmony with the Divine Essence and Good results.
If the Inner connection is cut off and there is no Divine external programming, the outer mind is at the mercy of the evil external programming and will express total evil.
If the Inner connection is severed and so is the external evil programming, the outer mind can express Good.
If all external programming is cut off (this is the ideal situation) the Inner Mind expresses the Will of the Absolute.

This is a simplification for illustration. In reality, the expression is a combination of the 2 minds and the two programs. And as I will show later, some negative programming on this plane is unavoidable.
Negative programming is the demigod's method of making people do his will. Non-Permanent Atom Beings are easier to program because they have only one orbit of awareness, they have no Divine Essences and they feel harmonious with the conditions of this dimension because for most this is their heaven and home.

They have no other source. They have no other memory, no other aim, no knowledge or awareness of the Absolute. All beings, regardless of their ontology, have FREEWILL to choose between Light and Darkness. Positive programming can act on non-Permanent Atom Beings, but since there is not the back-up of the Inner Mind and the Essences of the Absolute, the influence is not as strong as in True Beings who are also more difficult to program by evil, for evil.
They have a greater awareness and a greater sensitivity because of the nuclear content. They have a more difficult time trying to be harmonious with this evil plane and the only easy way to evil harmony is to block the Inner Mind off. This has been the aim of evil.

This explains why True Beings are often frustrated on this earth. There is an inner conflict between the external evil programming and their Inner Divine programming. They reflect the war of essences. To give in to the programming of evil which results in apparent harmony and loss of internal conflict and adds sensory pleasure, but results in loss of TRUE awareness of the Absolute, of the Source, of one's true purpose in life, is the easy way out. The price paid however, is very, very high.
The disharmony felt by the True Beings is actually a product of evil scheming. The emotional body monitors all input and output. Hence, an external input which conflicts with the influences of the Essences will always give discord. Therefore, the True Being will cut one off. Either the evil input is altered, or the output of the Divine Nucleus is. The latter is easier to block in this environment because of the evil programming, pollution and indoctrination. Evil programming occurs by extensive means in this realm as other sections of the writings demonstrate.
The three systems, Digestive, Reproductive and Respiratory, evolved in the physical body, as well as the Etheric and Emotional bodies, are the channels for evil programming.
In the Digestive system various foods are used to program the outer mind for evil intent. Meat, chocolate, the cauliflower and cabbage family, alcohol, tea, coffee, all manufactured drugs, drugs of addiction, etc., are all items with negative energy. They can be used to influence the outer mind to express evil.
Unless the emotional body is bypassed as much as possible, all actions, thoughts, etc., stimulate it and these stimulations can cause disharmony. Disharmony causes Divine energy drainage in the True Beings and therefore, loss of awareness. It further excites the emotions. The person in disharmony tends to upset others.

Hence, more emotions are expressed. A vicious cycle is set up as in the rat race. The only winner is evil. Unless one is harmonious with the Divine Essences, harmony will be with the evil programming, for pleasure of the senses, and this will lull the awareness. The being is deluded into thinking he is on the correct spiritual path when, in actual fact, he is in a TRAP! This then leads to a willingness to accept further programming and entrapment. That is why so many of the True Spiritual Masters have stressed detachment!
Nearly all people are orientated to pleasure-seeking in this world, not the pleasure of service and True Love for the Absolute and its creation, but pleasure for the senses and often at the expense of other people.
The much unjustifiably lauded need to conform is also a trap. Peer pressure tries to keep all at one level of awareness and tries to prevent expansion of awareness, the exploration of new pathways, the abandonment of this evil system and grasping the chance of finding traces of the Truth. Just glance at what the churches did, in ages past, to those who attempted this. Millions, as I recount in "Making Sense of the Madness, Volume Three: Death of an Evil God", were tortured to death or burned at the stake.
Once the Inner Mind is blocked off and the evil input is allowed to flow in unabated and the will expressed is that of the programming of evil, two things occur: Firstly, actions which increase the energy yield for evil ensue. That is, more pollution via sex, wrong type of food, drink, unscrupulous dealings, cunningness in business, cheating, is acquired. More emotional exploitation of others occurs.
Secondly, negative thoughts are accepted to further block off the Inner Mind and reduce awareness. These thoughts tend to suggest that the Inner "Voice" is not real, that there is no reality other than the visible, tangible, measurable. These negative thoughts are picked up by the spiritual workers of class 5 working for evil, then enlarged, polished, placed in a NEGATIVITY POOL and fed back to the Being and other True Beings who are further trapped by and for evil.
The more the Inner Voice is ignored, the less will it make itself obvious. The deeper it is buried, the greater the difficulty to summon it up later! Nonetheless, it is always there and always available.
The Inner Mind knows one's true identity. A High Being may be grossly unaware in the physical due to many factors. The Higher Consciousness may laugh at the blocked off physical mind that expresses without knowledge of the true identity. If the Higher Consciousness has a role to perform and the lower one does not respond, in time it will leave. The body may then die or another consciousness may possess it. There is no guarantee under these circumstances when the Higher Consciousness is forced to leave, that the replacement consciousness will be of the same ontological nature.
In fact, in the last few years of this planet, many demons have been taking over, and are continuing to take over, bodies under certain conditions. Not all are voluntarily vacated. This is body snatching!
Some beings are being forced out of their own bodies under certain circumstances which include times when they are under the influence of drugs and alcohol, when they are physiologically shocked for whatever the reason, when they are severely polluted by negative energy from other sources and when they entertain these evil entities for fun, sex and/or experimentation. Sex with demonic entities can occur on the etheric levels and it is extremely dangerous. Incubi and succubi do FORCE themselves on people who are extremely polluted.
Usually demons in physical bodies (15% of the population is of demonic essence) entertain the thought of such nefarious activities as sex with discarnates and demonic entities. If you think that is not so, a review of the many reports of evil witches and satanists conducting so-called "Black Masses" to facilitate fornication with Satanic entities may change your views.
After death, when the body and vehicle for programming are lost, full connection or partial connection to the true identity will occur. As I stated above, if a High Being has a particular job to do for the Divine and on coming down into the physical becomes so trapped and programmed by evil that he does not awaken to his duty, his Higher Self (Inner Mind and consciousness) can recall him. That is, he dies, for he has misfired as it were. He can then descend onto this level again, re-entering the physical either by being born again, or as a "WALK-IN" into another available body. This latter method usually allows a greater awareness to be retained. However, it also means inheriting the situation (often unpleasant) to be worked through, which made the first occupier of the body want to leave.
The outer mind can be exploited. Various influences can be presented to it and then the Freewill will be used to accept or reject these influences. If these influences are taken up, the mind can then be PROGRAMMED to do the will of the originator of the influences which can be Good or Evil. It is the individual who allows himself to be programmed in the first place.
The more a True Being accepts evil programming, naturally the more its awareness will be reduced and the more will it accept evil programming and cut off the Inner Mind. It is a vicious cycle, nonetheless, the being will eventually feel harmonious with evil as its pollution increases. The more it accepts the Divine Energy, the less is evil tolerated and the more it is aware of evil influences. Hence, they can be avoided and harmony with the Inner Mind results. It is important to realize that it is the individual's exercise of Freewill which causes him to be programmed one way or another. This applies to both True and Mock Beings, for both have Freewill.
Various foods, drugs, alcohol and the emotions (and things that trigger emotions) are the agents used for negative programming. All things in this realm are saturated with evil energy and it is the degree to which we allow this evil energy to influence us that dictates the programming.
Left on its own, the outer mind is no match for the evil forces which act on it. It is simplistic in the extreme and can be readily programmed. Naturally, the ontology of the being and the nature of the programming agents to which mind and body are exposed have a bearing on the result. Nonetheless, as a general rule one can state that those of an evil nature are most receptive to the Evil Essence, with no chance of contacting the Divine frequency unless they turn to the Light, whereas those of a Divine nature have a double channel of information trying to feed their outer mind and that is why they often are more confused than the former.
The outer mind is very weak with little resolve and very little drive (will). It is affected quite erratically by the programming agents from the external and by the pollution and indoctrination which the individual acquires. Left on its own, it tends to gravitate to a point of sluggishness and inertia which represent little value in this battle of essences but great danger for the true individual.

Its motivation comes from outside of it. It must be actively bombarded by external thought patterns and it must receive them in order to act in any particular way. Thus far, the predominant energy patterns bombarding this plane have been those of evil. People receptive to these evil patterns have been motivated in the manner dictated by these bombarding evil energy patterns.

Various methods to lessen evil programming can be used:
1. Avoid the more polluted and therefore spiritually dangerous foods, avoid alcohol, promiscuity, drugs, hyper-emotional states.
2. Ask for cleansing of Centres, of food, of environment.

3. Allow the Divine Inner Awareness to control your life.

4. Practice PROTECTION.


October 11, 2009
To me, it's like asking: "Can Darkness bring Light?" Many like to repeat the absurdity: "Acceptance (of this illusion) brings reality".
How can that be? This is OK if you are evil, or so grossly polluted that there is no hope for you. It reminds me of the scene in the film "Babe" where Babe is told "Things are as they are because they are what they are".

This tautological nonsense is used to force unawakened humanity to accept the illusion. By accepting things as they are, one accepts the absurd illusion created by Evil to hide the fact that this is illusion and unreality. It may be the way things are superficially presented, but that does not mean one should accept them as reality.

Only a blind fool, or an evil one, could not think of some better system than this evil one which leads to exploitation and putrid, perditious degeneration. Accepting the status quo does not lead to reality at all. It leads to acceptance of the illusion and all its evil impositions and mechanisms of exploitation. It leads to acceptance of all the absurdities, exploitation and misery we see, all the trauma, decay, suppression, pain and suffering. These are not part of the Divine Reality. They are part of the Evil Illusion.

Acceptance of this status quo which has been superimposed on the True Creation can only lead to hopelessness and eventual spiritual annihilation for True Beings. Acceptance ensures that they are not fighting against such an evil system. It guarantees the loss in their personal battle. They become neutralized and therefore ineffective in the general war of essences. Acceptance then brings annihilation of that individual. Under those circumstances, acceptance does not bring reality at all; it brings certain spiritual annihilation in the individual involved.

If this status quo is the reality and is obtained by acceptance of it unconditionally, why would one have to meditate and reach for Higher Realms? Why would one bother to ask for blessings, or bother to protect, purify, cleanse the body, the mind and hopefully cleanse the soul? Such exercises, if this status quo was reality, would be nonsensical and absurd, as would be the advice, philosophy and warnings of the Divine Avatars such as Rama, Krishna, Zoroaster, Buddha, Jesus, Manichaeus, etc. Are we to also call them nonsensical and absurd? Of course not.

When Jesus stated: "My Kingdom is not of this world", was He not rejecting the Illusion of this plane and pointing to HIS Reality beyond it? What then would He say to those stating: "Acceptance (of this vile, abominable, exploitative illusion) brings reality"?

I dare say He would express similar views to what I have expressed here.

Do not be fooled. The evil essence is subtle, but you are wiser, and can see through its absurdity! If you accept this status quo, you will be swamped by the evil of the plane. This non-acceptance is of importance to True Beings, of course. If you are evil, it does not matter. If you are, or want to be, a True Being it is a matter of spiritual survival.

My advice to you is to fight every inch of the way, especially against this conspiracy of denial about UFOs and alien consciousness. Accept nothing of evil. Fight against injustice in your life whatever its source, be it from national government, state or local authorities, peers, supervisors, teachers, neighbours, family or so-called friends. Speak up. Do not be put down.

Do not be ridiculed. Stand up and fight. What have you to lose? Your reputation? Those who attack you, oppress you, exploit you and treat you unjustly do not think much of you anyway. Otherwise they would not treat you that way.
So, you have nothing to lose by standing up for your rights, and by not accepting the evil absurdity. Conversely, you have much to gain by not accepting the evil mire, by not drowning in it.
You are fighting for your spiritual survival.


October 31, 2009

I have been asked to add these comments to the reprints of the various books I have written.

It was in 1985 that I had been asked to give this information, contained in the various books, to the world by a group of Extra-terrestrial consciousnesses. They form part of the Rescuers in the Space Command and more will be heard about them in the near future. As part of the Plan of Rescue, I also, with others who are part of the Rescue Team, made an open Declaration of the commencement of the Final Phase of the War of Essences. The significance of this you will have grasped if you have read my earlier books.
The books contain news about the "End of the World" and, in fact, I was asked in 1985 to state that this would occur before the year 2000. Readers may have come across the prediction of the "End of the World" in many ancient books, including the sayings of Jesus Christ, Zoroaster and Manichaeus. Ontologically these Divine Messengers, and others such as Buddha, Mohammed, Rama, Krishna, and many, many others, have been the same Consciousness (Being) presenting onto this level at various times in differing manifestations.
The "End of the World" as a message was a CODE for certain Beings of Light who were to prepare themselves for evacuation at those times, in their own generation. They were also given a general timing within their generation. The Messengers knew this and the Beings of Light subconsciously knew this also and prepared themselves accordingly.
It appeared that these Divine Messengers were wrong in that the End of the World did not eventuate, but, in fact, they knew it was a special code and used it accordingly, much to the chagrin of the Evil Ones who were reminded by it of their own eventual outcome.
I have been asked to explain this apparent anomaly in the ancient texts for a very good reason. This is the last time that the code will be used as the physical destruction of the planet is, in fact, going to occur and the special code will no longer be needed. When reviewing literature of cultures, modern and ancient, from around the globe, many of you may be amazed at the similarities of the historical concepts present in various cultures and these concepts are recognizably similar, inspite of the distortions and regional peculiarities.
The reason for this is that the basic religio-philosophical history of this planet is that of Gnosticism. It has been distorted over time into the various myths, cults, religions and fables by inadequate minds and by those of evil who wanted such distortions for their own gain. From another perspective, the End of the World will have occurred by the year 2000 for the remaining True Beings of Light for none of them will be present on Earth by that date. Their consciousness will have all been transported out into other dimensions. Some Rescuers may remain to supervise the physical destruction.
The globe may linger on without Beings of Light being present for perhaps 5, 10, 15, even 20 years beyond the year 2000. But for all intents and purposes, the End of the World will have occurred by the year 2000 when the last Being of Light will have been evacuated.
Remember, the evacuation need not be a physical one and the body may linger on under the control of its own lower consciousness or it may even be taken over by a trapped evil consciousness. Lack of understanding of the process may cause anguish, hence do everything possible to connect to the Higher Spiritual Self for greater realizations.

Between now and total evacuation we shall witness the active intervention of Extra-terrestrial consciousness in the affairs of this world and all will become aware of the earth's total destruction in due course, and the existence of the spiritual component of all consciousness. It is this component which the evil ones have been trying to deny for a very long time. But they have failed. The Rescue Plan has succeeded. The War is all but over.
Inspite of the endless stream of data which bombards the world daily from TV, newspapers, magazines, the information Super-Highway, etc., people are becoming more confused and frightened just by living in ever-deteriorating conditions. The information in this book is to dispel such confusion and fears by providing a basis for the understanding of WHAT'S GOING ON from a metaphysical perspective, and as you will see, ultimately that is the only perspective worth having. The bombarding data of this world is as useless as yesterday's news.
I am aware that a few people who think they know better call this information I am imparting Metaphysical Mumbo-jumbo. I am flattered. Let me explain. After practising General Medicine, I came to the conclusion that while modern medicine was good at the short-term alleviation of pain and making some feel better, it had no answers to life's mysteries. I then started reading philosophy and after much confusion about what hte writers were on about and after some headaches trying to sort out what they were trying to say, I came to the conclusion that philosophy as it is written has no answers either. In fact, I came to the conclusion that most philosophy books are published so people will stop reading philosophy books.
After writing all my books referred to here, I studied and acquired a Doctorate in Metaphysical Science and continued avid reading of general science and its technological advances. My conclusion has been that it is Metaphysics which provides meaningful answers as far as I am concerned. All other aspects of epistemology are dead ends. My reading has allowed me to categorize Mumbo-jumbo as follows:
Philosophical Mumbo-jumbo is good for causing headaches and good heated debates, and that is about all. However it never killed anyone.
Religious and theological Mumbo-jumbo is dangerous and has spawned the various religious Wars, Inquisitions, Crusades, etc., with much destruction and loss of life.
Scientific Mumbo-jumbo is the most dangerous of all, for it has spawned a monster called Scientific Technology which will be the death of Humanity, the Earth and all living things. It is doing this via its ability to deplete the Ozone layer and poison all living things with excessive ultra-violet radiation, via its ability to cause the irreversible Greenhouse effect and global warming, via its ability to irreversibly pollute water and food so that life will soon be unsustainable on the planet, via its pollution of the environment with nuclear and chemical discharges so that everything is carcinogenic and incompatible with life, via its ability to cause nuclear holocausts, via its ability to infect everyone on the planet with death-dealing AIDS, and other totally resistant strains of microbes such as malaria, tuberculosis, staphylococci, pneumococci, the ebola virus, etc. Science has promised short-term gain but delivered long-term pain and destruction, even planetary annihilation. If you read any alien abduction reports, you will note that many of the aliens, in seeking other areas to invade, are lamenting to abductees that their advanced science and its technology have, or are in the process of, destroying their dimensions as well!
Is this so? In support I turn to one of America's famous and favoured sons. In 1959, J. F. Kennedy was quoted as saying: "I am sorry to say that there is too much point to the wisecrack that life is extinct on other planets because their scientists were more advanced than ours."
Metaphysical Mumbo-jumbo is the only one with the answers. It is a personal Mumbo-jumbo and it involves no one else. It does not interfere with the thought processes of any other individual. In fact, it encourages diverse, individualistic thinking in all beings.

In contrast to the others above, it fosters harmony, love, peace, truth and respect for all aspects of creation. It promotes awareness and rightful knowledge with which to dispel all fears. Even if none of its mumbo-jumbo is true and it is all a self-deluding exercise, the fact that it heals so many in body, mind and emotions is reward enough.
Surely the study and practice of metaphysics which promote understanding and tolerance are much more preferred to the programming of religious bigotry whose aim is to prove one religion is better than others. And surely it is better than wasting one's life making Science and its Technology the Modern Age "god" by which one can develop more innovative, more exploitative and more painful methods of global destruction and more complex sceptical arguments for the denial of the existence of God whose heel is about to descend and crush such evil.
If one has to be fanatical in life, its better to be fanatical about loving "God" and "Truth", about studying metaphysics, rather than being a fanatical religious bigot or a fanatical sceptical scientific know-all who self-deludes in thinking he has all the answers when in fact he has none that matter! By the way, by "Truth" I mean the personal Inner Guiding Light, which varies and should vary for every True Being, for each was created as a purposeful, distinct individual with its own version of the Truth within its own creative, Divine Blueprint. I do not consider that there is a "Truth" consisting of a set of Dogmas and facts which all must adhere to, which are absolute and which must be fought for, or cause others to kill for.
That is why I refer to the personal Inner Truth in these texts. And it is why I urge each True Being to search for its own Inner Truth and warn each that the search is a personal endeavour, the completion of which can favour no other individual in spiritual terms. What is right for one may not be Truth for another and this is another reason why we need to suspend judgement wherever possible in spiritual matters.
Inner mental and spiritual experiences and Inner realizations are unique and will have interpretive connotations which will be as diverse as the experience and as unique as the individuals having them. That is why I stress that no influence should come between a True Being and the Source of his Light, Knowledge, Wisdom and Truth within. I am aware that this is directly opposite to all the extant religious teachings except the Gnostic ones. It is opposite to all the impositions and restrictions of this sorrow-filled plane.
So, my advice to you is to read on and use whatever you find within these pages to assist you in awakening to your own Inner Truth. Feel free to choose and discard as you wish for only in that way can you destroy the fetters placed on your spirit by this moribund and deceptively ignorant, evil system. And having acquired such freedom, and having found your Inner Truth, learn to soar to greater and greater heights with an unbridled spirit and joy, knowing that all evil shortcomings of this miserable system will shortly be no more.
Rejoice in the spiritual and mental freedom of the newly found Divine Presence within and reject forever the soul-destroying iniquities and shackles of this soon-to-be-no-more physical dimension. Enjoy yourselves, for only your Inner Spiritual Truth can give you the Freedom worth having. Your own personal Inner Truth will give those things you search for, those things which cannot rust, or be stolen, or be eaten by moths. It will give those things which are of inestimable value, those things which are eternal, as you are and shall be!

Ignore your Inner Truth and you will continue to be a programmed robot of this pernicious system which is self-destructing and which spiritually assassinates unaware True Beings.

I have been aware of Ockham's razor while writing and have tried to stick to the modern version of his axiom: K.I.S.S. (Keep it simple stupid). But alas, complexity is part of the problem.

November 11, 2009

Today is Remembrance day here in Australia, when we are to reflect on Wars and those who have fallen.

Here are some of my Gnostic thoughts about earthly , dastardly wars:

Poem # 143

Earthly War
With spit-polished boots, and bronze buttons shining
brightly, as the weapons do, in the uncaring sun,
Young programmed and indoctrinated soldiers
march often, too often, into the fray of War,
as if it was already won.
Programmed to fly the flag of Patriotism high,
They seek vain-glory with which
to abide and even die.
But really, full of drugs and booze
and the lust of sex are they,
Filled with lies and propaganda
to fight in Evil's day.

Mowed down are they by any means, as cannon fodder,
with bullets, and now, of late, with drugs,
adverse vaccines, and with incurable disease.
And as a consequence of all these scenes,
much emotional energy is extracted
from grieving relatives with ease.
Civilian populations are targets too!

This you know well, and I have no need really, to tell
of War's sadistically brutal practices to you.
There it is, now you have the reason for constant War!
It is the evil demiurge's plan to extract
energy from trapped True Beings in every era,
on every land, more and more.

He cares nought really who wins, who lives or dies.
This fraudulent world is built on hatred's violence,
on unmitigated deceit, and constant maliciousness,
and its companions, injurious lies.

To the demiurge, the Evil Mind,
instigator of Earthly Wars,
there is no Just Cause, no right or wrong.
He cares not to which side any
soldiers or civilians belong.

For him, War is but an energy feast,
For he is the Moloch, the Ghoul,
the predatory, rapacious, insatiable beast!

He cares nought for the pain, or suffering,
or misery caused by War,
with its inevitable, rapine mutilation,
For once the souls leave the scene of battle
they are judged iniquitously
by the Board of Karma and Reincarnation,
Whereupon they repeat, under threat of further
punishment, the cycle of absurdity,
being once again the defenceless
targets of Evil's relentless exploitation,
and of the suffering that results as a certainty.

Now with this Gnostic explanation,
you see why War, on this plane,
is not only glorified, but also never-ending.
With Evil's programming, pollution and indoctrination
in demonic and robotic minds,
evil Jehovah is forever sending
Sycophants into battle to extract,
via the misery of bellicosity,
the energy he needs, from the
True Beings' very Inner core,
So he can run this Evil Realm and expand it even more.

No lasting peace has ever resulted in this world
from any conflict, any confrontation,
any War, as we can see,
And each generation, claiming a march
to greater peace, and civility,
has greater and greater weapons to
increase terror and suffering,
in paradoxical perversity.
No conflict has ever been resolved
satisfactorily by violence,
hatred, slavery, subjugation, murder or genocide.
Smallest remnants of the vanquished
are programmed to Revenge,
in their anguished hearts, hide,
So that in future days again
the cycle of obscenity renews
And once again, in repeated War,
it is insured that Jehovah, the Evil Mind,
is repaid energetically with handsome dues.

Indeed, War is a cycle, profane
and obscene, of tragic waste.
Men breed violence and are educated
to go to combat in haste,
Having learned nothing from antecedent days,
For that is how the Evil demiurge
has plotted and cantankerously programmed
to rule counterfeit humanity's ways.

Many mockingly point to the medical,
and technological, and ministering
and pharmacological benefits of War,
But do you not think without its wanton
destruction and its waste, there would
be far greater benefits galore?

Often the few left of either side after torrid Wars
pusillanimously glorify their stance and cowardice hide,
Vainly boasting, at every chance, lapel ribbons and medals
shining, how great they were, as the enemy they deride.

Such nationalistic hubris builds hatred for future Wars
As the defeated mind plots, for this patriotism it abhors.

Now you know why every generation has found,
not peace, but hate, coming into its lands,
its businesses, its schools, its academies,
military and technical, through all doors.

It's often said, to the victor go the spoils,
but the victor, to keep suppressed the hatred,
and vengeful thrusts of others,
as we see in the USA, constantly,
with burdens unceasingly toils.

Unless we are rid of these evil mechanisms,
we will never be rid of cruel,
exploitative, unsavoury War!

An end must come to all the suffering
and all of the misery for sure.
And ruinous hypocrites totally
from creation must removed be.
Surely the need for that you see?

They ostentatiously pray for peace,
immersed in undisguised, profane mockery,
as secretly to the accommodating
evil and very covetous gods of War
they pander with enthusiasm, lustfully.

And Jehovah to them is propitious
and stirs willing minds with hatred
to beat the drums of War,
As he calls for savage emotionalism
and, in revolting savagery, deaths galore,
Feasting on the misery that results for sure,
For, as I said above, he is insatiable,
and is forever wanting from such nefarious,
sacrificial energy feasts, more and more.

Alas, forget cynicism, that is the truthful
metaphysical rationale behind all
of the physical Wars in this Hell.

Now you see, if this Gnostic explanation
you have understood and accepted,
why it is essential that the Light
rings quickly the Final Bell!

And brings an end to this ghastly feast,
An end to the Ghoul of War, to the Evil Mind,
Jehovah, the rapacious Beast.
January 22, 2010

From my book
Manual for Warriors
of the


Many people, particularly True beings, are affected by loneliness in this evil system. Warriors must recognize this evil programmed feeling and deal with it correctly.
People are programmed by external thoughts to feel unworthy, lonely, rejected and unloved. And if they accept such programming, the resultant loss of energy is a feast for the evil system.
In order to alleviate this feeling, many fall into further traps which then program, pollute and indoctrinate them further.

True Beings feel cut off from their Inner Being with this programmed loneliness and instead of turning within to strengthen the connection with the Inner Being, and the Divine Essences which provide all that is needed, they often turn outward and rely on connection from the external.
In such a way they are easy prey for trappings, for the evil system can dictate exactly how, when and with whom it will further trap and exploit them.
The thing to do when feeling lonely is not to cut off from the inner being, but rather to make a more concentrated effort to communicate with it and to reject the external world even further, for it initially rejected the being to make it feel lonely.
When this is done, the programming of loneliness is shattered, for the inner communication is self-sustaining and the system, realizing it cannot trap the being using such a mechanism, usually resorts to some other.
Hence when this mechanism is no longer operational, the feeling of loneliness passes.
Feelings of unworthiness and rejection are similar mechanisms of programming.
Why do True Beings need approval of the evil system anyway?
They certainly do not need it. They are programmed to think they do. They do not need the robots' approval for anything. It is a bluff they use, for they are clear in their work of entrapment and exploitation, whereas the True Beings cannot understand such behaviour, wanting only to exchange love and compassion. And so they are made to feel, again by programming, that there is something innately wrong with them.

In Western Society, the feeling of unworthiness and rejection has been reinforced by very evil so-called religious doctrine of the Christian churches, especially the Catholic Church.

These doctrines class people as unworthy sinners, needing to repent for everything. It tries to reduce people to grovelling little insignificant entities who need intercession by the Church to become anything considered worthy of Divine attention. How is that for manipulation, blackmail and exploitation!

The point is that the robots take no notice of such spurious religious garbage. They know (at the subtle levels) that it is all a sham to trap the True Beings whose energy they need.

It is the True Beings, programmed to believe such nonsense, who are the victims. Many, for a long time, swallowed these deprecatory lies and suffered the consequences of forgetting their true worth, their Divinity, their sources, their Heritage, their Beauty and potential.

It is the robots and evil beings who are worthless garbage.

They have no Light within them.

This realization of one's worth and Divinity can only come from within.

The New Agers of course go to the other extreme. They will declare you and everyone else is God so that they remove all sense of personal responsibility, accountability and the need to protect from evil. They deny the existence of evil and hence their aim in the end is exactly the same, for True Beings to fall into the traps of the evil system.

The traps of the established Religions and of the New Agers have the same aim. The Religions trap people by programming them to do what they are told.

The New Agers trap by telling people to do what they like.

The Religions harass and exploit with guilt, feelings of unworthiness, urgings to ignore and cut the connection with the Divine Inner Being, etc.

The New Agers trap and exploit by conning people to accept all the programming, pollution and indoctrination available without a second thought, without regard to the distortions that have occurred, to the need for protection, to the need for cleansing, etc.

The effect is the same: a cut off from the Divine INNER Being.

There are 2 ways to alleviate the feeling of loneliness, rejection, unworthiness:

i.   The Right way is to recognize the evil mechanism causing these and connecting more strongly than ever with the INNER Being.

ii.   The Wrong way is to accept the programming, pollution and indoctrination, to not connect with the INNER being and to abandon oneself to the external forces which will ensure entrapment, exploitation and spiritual anarchy.

Once a being abandons itself to the external forces evil entrapment and programming will work in such a way so as to remove the loneliness, the rejection and the feeling of unworthiness, but only for as long as it suits the system.

Once a being is trapped, exploited and becomes a miserable victim of the traps the apparent supports of the system often disappear, unless of course the being is used as a tool to trap and exploit others.
Loneliness is not alleviated.

Once the supports disappear, the being is usually far worse off than when he first started.

The traps to alleviate the loneliness often have their own adverse effects for they are all evil programs and exploit the being: Examples follow:

Alcohol and drugs and addiction
Crime from the influence of bad company
Sex or marriage with robots
Religious vocation
Business enterprise which fosters greed, dishonesty, exploitation of others.
Careers which lead to compromised lifestyles
The military and VD
Law and graft
Politics and corruption
Medicine and materialism

So you see this system is an utter mess.

It is totally evil. It is set up for one thing and one thing only: the entrapment and exploitation of True Beings.

The system is very unsafe. It is extremely damaging to the spiritual wellbeing of True Beings.

It is very, very evil.
And therefore, there can only be one solution: its total destruction and Transmutation.

 March 9, 2010

Hello Readers


On March 4th 2010, Jeff Rense invited me to do a show with him like in years past.

If you wish to listen to the show click on or  copy the  link below which was kindly provided by Jeff and his staff
and paste it onto the address window of Internet Explorer and hit enter:

Explaining Terminal Madness Of The Endtime
Originally Published Jan 7, 2001
Reprinted on the site on March 5, 2010
March 12, 2010

Terminal Madness Of The EndTime
An Examination Of The Status Quo
It never ceases to amaze me how willingly and deceitfully the Counterfeit Consciousnesses attempt to fool themselves.
As you are well aware, many, many articles which are proudly presented on the web, by the Sons and Daughters of Darkness, are presented with false joy, proclaiming also, with the Arrogance of Ignorance, that all is well, that the Earth is merely reacting to minor human abuse of it and that really all human consciousness is about to ascend into godly levels, for the planet is undergoing a vital, necessary and timely spiritual initiation. In this quantum leap into a rewarding nirvana are included all the most evil demons and derelicts of Hell which are becoming more and more obvious to those with even the slightest true spiritual acumen.
Some of the false writings, of course, vary in the degree of assertiveness about the supposed soon-to-be-made jump, and give leeway to freewill in order to account for the most evil whom they consider perhaps unprepared to enter heaven with the rest of the wonderful and evolving members of humanity.
You know from what I, as a representative of the Team which is assisting the Correction on this level, have written and declared, that the above scenario is all bunkum. Nonetheless, there are many versions of this "rapture" process - a distortion of the true process of Evacuation of Consciousness!
A description of the status quo follows. Before I start the description however, you should be aware of the fact that Humanity is not an ontologically homogeneous entity, as those of Darkness would want you to believe. Certainly the physical shells share a common genetic basis, but the consciousnesses which inhabit those shells are of 3 distinct groups. They are either of a theomorphic origin, or products of the Counterfeit creation and classified as either robots or demons. I have explained these metaphysical facts in detail in various books, and mention them here briefly in order for readers who are not familiar with the details to understand the concepts in this essay more clearly.
The vast majority of theomorphs - consciousnesses created by the True God Creator - who were trapped in this Counterfeit creation, and bound to this Earth and its astral or etheric planes, have been liberated. They have been rescued - salvaged if you will - and are in a safe, evil-free dimension - in temporary intermediatory villages, awaiting entry into a New Dimension outside of this Evil and doomed Counterfeit Creation altogether. As I explained many times previously in other writings, the evacuation has been one of the consciousness, not of the physical bodies some of which died for various reasons. Other bodies still exist on this plane driven by the basic temporary biological consciousness of the body. Still others have been possessed by other consciousnesses, usually non-viable ones, descending from the astral planes, or ascending from the lower planes. There is a very practical point to knowing this point. You may know of someone who for no apparent reason has changed personality completely. It may be an entirely different consciousness occupying the vacated shell!
There are still a number of theomorphs on the planet - warriors, and civilians who are assisting them, who are performing functions which are relevant to the energy patterns which are affecting the process by which this Celestial Error is being brought to a permanent Correction.
There are many counterfeit beings - beings created by the Usurper, the false god, the Evil Mind of the Celestial Error, who have been assessed as being spiritually viable in the context of the Corrective Process. They are being helped by the theomorphic warriors and their assistants, in ways which we on this level do not necessarily need to understand. All we need to know is that these "counterfeit viables" are also being evacuated. They come from the robotic class of beings created in this artificial creation. As you will know from what I have written previously, there is also a DEMONIC class of consciousness created by the Evil Mind of this Celestial Error. No demon consciousness has turned to the Light.
Not all the consciousnesses I am referring to are just in the Human Class of Consciousness. All classes have robotic and demonic consciousnesses. And all classes have theomorphic warriors and civilian consciousnesses in their midst. This may be difficult for the lower physical mind to understand, but the fact that one cannot understand the concept fully does not mean it is not true. Hence, the mineral, vegetable, animal, human, the fifth (spiritual - devic, angelic) class, the galactic class and the universal class are all undergoing this selective evacuation and fragmentation and correction.
As this evacuation of "viables" occurs, they take their energy and Light with them. Hence, there is less and less in the classes remaining. What this means in pragmatic terms is that the percentage of failed, doomed beings of Darkness in all classes is increasing.
This is obvious from the behaviour of beings we see around the globe. There is not just fragmentation of human minds, but also an inexorable breakdown of all aspects of the mineral, climatic, biological, counterfeit spiritual and celestial infrastructure of this Counterfeit and impermanent creation, which in true terms, is a Virtual Reality.
In a previous essay which I called "Terminal Madness of the Endtime", the reading of which may assist you to assimilate this information faster, I wrote about the Physical, Mental and Spiritual perspectives of the decay of this Earth, and after addressing the groups of objectors to my writings, I asserted that there was no other explanation to what is going on in this Earth outside of the explanation I am providing. This assertion stands. In fact, with each passing day, it is more and more clear for those with any degree of spiritual awareness.
*          The Greenhouse Effect: The deleterious effects of Global Warming which have now been even more vigorously confirmed than when I wrote that first essay, and of pollution, as well as ozone depletion, have increased exponentially.
*          Physical Disease: The looming dangers of diseases, old and new, have increased. These are affecting, not just humans, but animals and vegetation as well.
*          Mad Cow Disease is spreading beyond borders in a manner which frightens those who fear physical death the most. Guesstimates of the number of possible victims always increase the numbers.
*          The AIDS Syndrome, as I predicted, is continuing with its unstoppable march. Again I assert that no AIDS virus exists. The generally accepted scientific explanation of this doomsday disease is a hoax almost equalling Jehovah’s ridiculous and egotistical and very evil assertion that he was/is the One and Only God! Not only is there no virus to cause the disease, but the demonic exploiters are making a fortune selling dangerous drugs to the people kept in ignorance, people who are victims of this terminal syndrome.
I have stated previously that the causative agent is a prion which has a deactivated dark matter component attached. This component cannot be identified at present with the gross technological tools at humanity’s disposal. It is activated by pathological levels of cellular oxidation caused by such things as severe stress, persistent subclinical allergies (just as one can suffer from Genetically Modified foods), by excessive radiation, chronic malnutrition, chronic diseases such as TB, Malaria, worm infestation, etc. This month's United Nation Conference to establish a more rigorous policy to treat AIDS worldwide is but window dressing as you will see, employing empty words in another act in this Virtual reality, another act on this stage of dishonest, ignorant and evil fools.
*          Chemtrails, which even the most inert minds are now sighting, are as sinister as the most paranoid of persons suspect. These effusions are being used to distribute a number of agents which are intended to alter the physical well-being and the GENETIC code of humans on a mass scale. As well as various prions, the chemtrails contain other agents which are attaching onto the genes of people and will cause various mutations when they are triggered by mechanisms set up by those who have authorised the chemtrail saturation of humanity. Biological components found in the assays of chemtrails aver to the fact that such may well be the case. I realise this is beyond the scope of most people to understand and/or accept.
However, the scenario is a reality. Fuller understanding can only come with a degree of cognisance of the fact that there are other consciousnesses, apart from human ones, who are attempting to redefine existence on this plane, and are working against those assisting with the Corrective Process I have mentioned.
*          GM Foods: The apparently commercially sound practice of using Genetically Modified foods in all aspects of the food chain is nothing more than a clandestine and very purposeful attempt by the Archons to invade the genetic pools of vegetation, animals and humans in order to manipulate them at will in due course. The other effects of such foodstuffs, such as allergy, cellular stress, etc., which may activate disease causing prions in those not protected by certain vaccinations given by the aliens (usually at the time of forceful abductions) are in essence a bonus to these experimenting, meddling evil aliens.
*          Alien Agendas. More and more people are becoming aware of aliens among us and around us. Inspite of the best efforts by sceptics - who are really programmed bigots attempting to keep the plane in perennial ignorance - people are awakening to the reality of UFOs, Aliens, alien abductions, beings of, and doorways to, other dimensions, etc., etc. I predict that the amount of physical evidence which will confirm these other aspects of a Greater Reality will explode and leave no one in any doubt of what is going on.
THE THREE REALITIES On previous occasions I have also written and spoken about three realities impinging on our lives.
This consists of the fraudulent Triad of History, Science, and Religion defining what we are, how we live and what is going on. These are False Facades of a Failing Virtual Reality as more and more people are suspecting. They are part of the illusion of the Plane, using lies to keep us trapped in Ignorance and proclaiming that Humanity is in control of the Earth and its own destiny. But, in reality, they are failing miserably to maintain us in the cage of Stupidity of this false reality. Thus, more and more are questioning the History that is presented as truth. That is why Science is at an apparent loss to integrate the reality of UFOs. Aliens, Evacuation of Consciousness, Terminal Madness, etc. And that is why awakening people are leaving Religions in droves, realising no valid answers are there to be gained. Of course, the more fully programmed robots and demons are fighting for their sanity by sticking to the fragmenting scenario of this History, Science and Religion as best they can. Others have seen the fraudulence, but being unable to integrate the reality of Spiritual Accountability and Judgement, are wallowing in the shadows of madness as they seek escapisms from that which cannot be avoided.
For details of why I have written this about History, Science and Religions which have corrupted Seeds of Truth in order to enslave bodies and minds, I refer you to my website and books.
This is also a pseudo reality but its awareness allows an awakening to the control of earth and its inhabitants by occult Brethren of Darkness. There are Alien Civilizations in and around Earth whose agendas have been part of human affairs for far longer than most imagine. These are evil aliens who colonized this planet, as they have many others, and, in fact, set up the physical aspect of humanity as an ongoing experimentation, using stolen plans acquired illegally from the True Creation. In the process of usurping this area they entrapped the theomorphs who were already here in differing forms.
This aspect of reality is complicated. There have been many, many alien civilizations which have not only visited earth, but also have been interactive with other aliens here, with the biological experiments set up by other aliens, and with whom they have often waged war. Most of these aliens have energetically exploited humanity in various ways, especially the entrapped theomorphs, while remaining well hidden from view, as would keepers in a well-stocked zoo. This reality too is undergoing fragmentation, for all levels of the Counterfeit Virtual Reality are doomed to finish.
These are the aliens who have provided technology, some apparently benign, but most of it certainly destructive, who have now impregnated their biological experiments with agents such as prions, which have caused Mad Cow Disease, AIDS, etc. These are the ones who have cloned many humans, who have become evil human walk-ins, who control the world in various ways. They are experimenting with hybrids such as chupacabras which they hope will survive the changing Earth conditions so that their own consciousnesses will be catered for. They are the Archons. They are a more advanced class of Sons and Daughters of Darkness. They are being seen more and more as the Virtual Reality fractures and people are acquiring true inner vision, psychic visions, as I said they would as the Endtime approaches.
There are many groups of these aliens, but 6 major ones have shared the "wealth" of this planet of late. The Reptilians, who until recently controlled the world through the US government, are the most powerful of these evil alien clans. They have now shifted their consciousness to China. They are preparing to conduct open warfare with their most threatening foe, the Vulturites, who have been able to gain control of a very much-weakened USA since the Reptilians moved on. These points are of relevance in understanding why World War 3 will begin and why the USA and China are such bitter enemies.
Regardless of what many may want to believe to the contrary, a True God Consciousness does exist. Via Beings called the Elohim in ancient texts, this Consciousness is the one which has been balancing this evil plane with its Light while its Theomorphic offspring were evacuated bit by bit over a long, long time. We have now come to the end of this Process of Evacuation. This is the Consciousness which has accessed each consciousness, whether Theomorphic or Counterfeit, and judged it for spiritual worthiness. In other words, the Final Judgment of all "souls" has already occurred.
The Corrective Process involves the Liberation of True Beings and all others deemed viable from Darkness. As a consequence, the structures holding such beings in Darkness will collapse. This is why this world, and the entire physical universe, is collapsing. The non-viable aspects will simply disintegrate for they can no longer gain energy, as they did from the theomorphs, to sustain themselves. You see, the Counterfeit Creation has been a parasite on the True Creation. Now, unable to feed itself, it is starving to death.
The consciousnesses deemed non-viable will be made inert by a Process of Transmutation. This process itself however is not inert. Those undergoing it will relive the horror they have caused others. In the course of True Justice, each will get exactly what it deserves, as all have been given countless chances to step out of the Darkness into the Light. All who are now non-viable have chosen in various ways to remain in the Darkness, for it suited them. They gained too much from the suffering of others with the Evil they committed and convinced themselves that their nefarious feasts were never-ending, inspite of the countless warnings of a Final Judgment, of Accountability, given by Beings such as Rama, Krishna, Moses, Buddha, Zoroaster, Jesus, Manichaeus, Mohammed, etc., etc.
These evil, renegade aliens who infected this earth after escaping from various celestial wars are being rounded up for transmutation also. No one can escape the process.
An awareness of this very complicated matter, even to a moderate degree, allows some sort of understanding of the Fragmentation Process to which this earth and all its people, all its processes and its inhabitants, even the non-human, are being subjected.
The instability of Climate, Tectonic plates, microbial life, vegetation, animal and human minds is due to the shortage of spiritual energy being suffered by the plane as the Light recedes. This earth is plunging headlong into an Abyss of Darkness from which it cannot be retrieved. However, be not concerned for nothing of value is being lost.
Madness is everywhere, is it not? Alas, it is a modern day truism that Fear and Anxiety, often for no apparently rational reasons, are masters of the non-viable human psyche.
This being the case, you can extrapolate exactly what is to occur. With minds steeped in Darkness and with the ratio of demons increasing, there shall be an ever-increasing demonic madness which will engulf the plane. Already we are seeing this.
*          The Madness of Climate is obvious to all.
*          Vegetation, with ubiquitous, poisonous and strangling superweeds, with failure of crops, with encroaching Genetically Modified seeds, with allergenic components, with loss of rain forests, with release of toxins more and more, with fast disappearing species, is reflecting biological decay and madness.
*          Animal behaviour is becoming more unpredictable.
*          Human minds are fragmenting, imploding, decaying.
*          The unnecessary culling of animals in danger of minor illness, as occurred in Britain recently involving Foot and Mouth Disease, reflects human madness. The so-called commercial and health excuses given by those who claim they are in control only highlight the stupidity which accompanies the madness. Of significance is the way they treat the animals as objects to be exploited at will, paying no attention to the suffering and misery to the animals and to many of their owners which they unnecessarily cause. Oh, my, what a wonderful world!
Expect more such inappropriate decisions by the Archons as their minds decay.
*          However, the increased ferocity of animals, their unpredictable behaviour, the imbalance of certain numbers while other species become extinct all demonstrate the system, as well as the animals, are going mad for they, and the system, are subjected to the same Process of Fragmentation as are all physical manifestations.
*          A return to dangerous hybridization experiments and cloning, as was done in ages past, before this epoch of history (which is the last of 7 on this Earth) is paving the path to horror, terror and further illness, disease and instability both for animals and humans. If time permits, hybrids with mixed animal and human genes will be "created" by mad scientists, not just for body parts, milk, vaccines, etc., but also for sexual gratification of demons, again as was done in ages past. Bestiality, much on the rise as demonic consciousnesses express more and more in human shells, is a pointer to this.
*          If for no other reason, aspects of Humanity can be condemned totally for their exploitation, abuse and murder, in a metaphysical sense, of beings in other classes of consciousness which have been forced to share this Earth. More and more are awakening to the horrendous suffering and misery to which the animals of the world have been subjected. The abuse is even more ghastly when it is realized that many human consciousnesses are forced to regress from human into animal bodies in the ridiculous and evil cycle of reincarnation and its law of Unjust Karma. Those who quote distorted and spurious texts of ancient manuscripts, including the Judeo-Christian Bible, as self-defence for their demonically carnivorous ways are doomed to perish in the Darkness of such fraudulence.
*          Violence, anarchy, ruthlessness, selfishness and ungodliness are increasing daily.
*          Pornography is rampant, increasing at an alarming rate. As mentioned even animals are not safe from demonic sexual predators.
*          Greed and exploitation by those in control of the concrete jungle are increasing as masses are herded like cows into ever-tighter physical and mental compartments.
*          Fragmentation is affecting programming methods previously used successfully by the Archons to control people. Thus, forms of the Media, Religions, History, are no longer as effective in manipulating minds which are escaping the indoctrination of former times. The exposures on the World Wide Web, which the archons are desperate to control, to censor, have played a large part in freeing minds. But, in order to regain lost ground, even more surreptitiously evil mind control processes are attempting to dangerously reprogram the minds of the common denominators, the sheople, the goyim, so that they can be pacified, lulled back into the illusion of the Virtual Reality, and then further exploited and turned into tax-paying pawns who, when given the signal, will march into a war from which they gain nought.
I cite the destruction of Iraq and the former Yugoslavia as recent examples.
*          Paranoia is mounting, and, in a form of escapism, some are attempting to fragment countries and governments while others seek friends to form blocs in which to feel safer and with which to attack others in due course.
*          Fragmentation is affecting all levels of society. Not just nations, but states, communities, institutions, families and couples are showing the mental decay, the result of which is dissipation, for many minds now are subjected to internal stresses giving doubt, confusion, anxiety, fear and suicidal depression in increasing numbers. It is a paradox, because in this age, with material abundance, stability should be the result. But it is not, for the very reasons I am giving.
*          Beware! No unprotected mind is safe, for the ever-present twins, Anxiety and Fear, are bubbling up to affect the outer minds of individuals from their deep subconsciousness where the truth of what is going on is being told to each consciousness unerringly.
*          Fear from financial and emotional insecurity is also threatening minds as never before. And as financial instability affects most of the world, fear, insecurity, anger and paranoia inflame self-pitying minds whose belligerence is easily inflamed by demagogues and poor politicians alike. Have we not, on countless times, seen war being used as a means to restart economies regardless of the real consequences of such a war? Times are ripening for such abuse of power by those who think they can afford to exercise it.
Alas, there appears to be no end to the depravity and evilness of the Counterfeit Creation.
*          In a futile attempt to blot out the reality of Judgement, of Failure and of Finality, and with a deficiency of energy with which to uphold the Virtual Reality, vulnerable outer minds are becoming trapped by their inherent fears. Some express this as anger, others as anxiety, still others succumb to the gloom and doom of their own failure and seek a means of physical escape.
*          Suicides are increasing at exponential rates for that reason.
*          Still others grasp at straws, and seek longevity by absurd means. Some are already eating foetuses in order to gain the stem cells found there in an attempt to prolong their lives. Soon, as demons will have it, babes will be eaten publically and unashamedly, as I predicted will occur.
*          Others, as I said, are attempting commercial and illegal cloning and the manufacture of body parts in animals. This hybridization is not new. It was done in the time of Atlantis and on Mars not long ago.
*          The Madness of Nations is seen in the preparation for Nuclear War everywhere, in the firm willingness to commit to battle no matter the consequences. This is the War I have predicted, a war no one can win.
*          Hatred and the lust for Vengeance grow with the madness as the lowest common denominators of populations urge their leaders boldly and openly to conduct war on their enemies, not realizing they are clammering for their own annihilation as well. Such is the nature of Terminal Madness.
*          The Search for the Ethnic Bullets to obliterate other competitive races, is just another form of nihilistic madness.
I am certain that each reader can make an expansive list of other incidents which highlight the destructive, aberrant, demonic behaviour of members of this Human Race.
The atavistic tendency which will see the darkness of demonic souls expressed more and more freely and violently on this plane is not so much a regression due solely to external factors. Rather, it is the unbridled release of the nature of the Counterfeit souls (consciousnesses) who have always yearned for the opportunity to express this, their true behaviour.
Now, with diminishing Light on the globe, and with mind energy (prana) at starvation levels for the failures, their rampage in search of energy is occasion for them to express their vile demonic nature fully. Those who are not of the demonic clan, but are failed robots nonetheless, will be programmed by the pervading Darkness of demonic minds and will be swept headlong into the horrors of the fulminating, destructive Endtime. Quick glances at Rwanda, Indonesia, Kosovo, etc., give previews of what is to come on a grand scale.
As this process engulfs the globe, all will see who and what these failures are. And each will recognize the need for Correction and the reason why such beings are failures and can have no part in any process outside of the influence of Evil.
The Evil basis of Humanity, and of the Aliens who created this absurdity, under the direction of the Evil Mind of the Celestial Error, which itself is undergoing transmutation, will be exposed as never before.
Although what I have written here may appear to some as extreme, let those who want to see the Truth of what is going on identify clearly the signs of the emerging reality.
Apart from the exceptions I mentioned, all who have yearned for Justice and Peace have been evacuated. They were the ones who prayed for this Hell to end. For them it has ended, in the best way possible. They are out of it and in a place of Joy and True Freedom. For them there is no longer the battle against injustice, nor the constant pain, suffering, exploitation and misery of this hellish and vile Counterfeit Creation.
Those who luxuriated in the iniquities of this abomination now have to go through the process of their own Madness, having created it by their constant denial of the need for Justice and Accountability.
I write these words not to frighten anybody but to accelerate the understanding of those who wish to know what is going on, and to advise those who are to succumb to the fires of their own hell, that it was they who fanned the flames with their own iniquities. These were the fools who could not wait to ridicule what I had to say. They can blame no one but themselves for what they suffer. Truly each will get exactly what it deserves, no more and no less.
If readers genuinely wish to know more about this information, I ask that they listen to the various interviews I have given to Jeff Rense which may be heard in his program archives, read the newsletters, articles, essays, etc., on my website ( and, if need be, read some of our books and listen to lectures I have given over the years.

A Message Of JOY
By Dr. J. Chiappalone
I posted this essay on March 8, 2010
The extent and rate of fragmentation and decay around the planet are the stuff of nightmares.
We are in danger of drowning in the volume and details of the iniquities committed by miscreants.
This decay is ubiquitous. It is physical, ecological, geographical, astronomical, mental, financial, emotional, sexual, and spiritual.
And if it is not madness that allows a government to murder 3000 of their own people so that then that government can have an excuse to start other murderous wars, then what is it?
Indeed it madness. It is the start of the Terminal Madness I have described previously which will escalate and end with planetary destruction.
In this generation, the reflex reparative mechanisms we would have expected, especially if this decay were a cyclical occurrence, as some contend, do not appear to be present
And as we search deeper space some of us at least have become aware of the fact that many other structures in the physical universe are in fact undergoing similar physical decay.
We have been able to note in our own lifetime that the rate of acceleration of this degeneration is exponential.
On April 14, 1985, I was invited to a Conference on a Mothercraft where information concerning this process and more was given to me, and I was charged with the duty of divulging such information for the benefit of those who would listen and benefit from what I had to say.
The material given to me examines every aspect of consciousness in all its classes on this Earth and in this dimension. The Mineral, Vegetable, Animal, Human, Devic, Galactic and Universal Classes were discussed and analysed.
The material explains who is who, how we got this far, how this mess developed, why there is so much pain, suffering and misery, and most important of all, what is to be done with this mess.
The question of why I was chosen to be given this information and then charged with its dissemination is tautological. I was chosen because I was chosen, full stop.
The Message is one of Joy.
Those who have been found fit to continue existence will be evacuated from this dimension and placed in a far better environment.
Those who have chosen to live iniquitously will be left alone, and will remain here to pursue their own destructive agendas.
It was explained that the fragmentation and decay we see are the result of the actions of those of Darkness, who cannot live in Honesty, Peace, Love and Harmony. And they are scattered throughout the Universe. Thus, any perceived gloom and doom is a direct result of their doing. They will self-destruct.
The ones to be transported out of the system are the ones, in all the levels of consciousness which I have mentioned, who have shown they can live in Honesty, Peace, Love and Harmony.
Thus, inspite of the extremely complicated nature of the material I was given, the message is one of Simplicity and Joy.
Since 1985, in my attempts to deliver that message, all I have gotten in the main, with a few prominent exceptions, are abusive attacks, defamation and ridicule.
Well, as this Earth sinks lower into the bowels of Hell, a few more may now begin to pay attention.
I cannot think of anything more joyous than the news of a timely rescue from a doomed vessel in tempestuous seas. And this is the scene right now.
This message has been given to many around the world by now, via many differing means of communication. This I have confirmed by spending almost 20 years in constant travel throughout most continents.
I will publish further details of the fragmentation, and of the rescue, as they appear to be necessary.
Dr. J Chiappalone


March 14, 2010

Christ vs. Anti-Christ
In that most defaming essay “Promenade 10” which  I have no doubt was written by Steffan Stanford, the con-man, the convicted criminal, the Paranoid Schizophrenic, both Amitakh and he attempted to label me as the Anti-Christ. And by inference, they are supposed to represent the Christ energy.
And they said that the essay was the termination of the battle of Christ vs. the Anti-Christ.
Now I need to ask, “Can any two people get any more deluded than Amitakh Stanford and the jerk Steffan?
If you have listened to the latest show I did on the Rense site, you will note that I was chosen to go to a Conference on the Mothercraft in 1985 where I was given a huge amount of information, which resulted in the many books I have written, and I was also charged with the responsibility  of delivering a message and co-ordinating the evacuation on this level of all viable beings in all the lower 4 levels of consciousness.
Amitakh came to the craft also for I saw her on the platform.
But - and this is crucial – she did not enter the Conference Chamber!
When we returned, I was imbued with a massive amount of information.
She, in contrast, returned as empty headed as when she went up to the platform.
What do you make of that?
Obviously she was not allowed in to the Conference.
And why do you think that would be?
Obviously she is not of the Light.
Everything she has written she has plagiarized from me, or others, and given a twist to make it sound original.
On one occasion, Sai Baba materialized to give me a ring of protection as we were going on a dangerous mission.
Why do you think that was?
Obviously she is not of the same side, and was not considered worthy to protect.
I will write more about the Sai visitation in a later essay.
Once she tricked me into signing everything over to her, with the promise she would look after me forevermore, Amitakh kicked me out, as I wrote earlier,  and then did everything she could to stop me doing my work. She was joined very quickly by Steffan whom I have identified as a Vulturite Reptilian, right from the start.
Everything I signed over to her had been donated to us in order to do the work of delivering the Message.

She not only stole it for herself, but she also used that very money to attack me in an attempt to stop me doing the work for which that money was truly intended.

How is that for Evil Intent?

They have done everything in their power to defame me, to block me in this work, to have me deregistered as a doctor,  to prevent people from coming to my lectures, etc., etc.
If I am giving a Message of Liberation of the Light beings, I can hardly be of Darkness that tries to keep such beings trapped.
But they, Amitakh and Steffan, are trying to keep me from giving that message.
We can conclude therefore that they, not wanting me to deliver the message,  want these Viable Beings to remain trapped in Darkness.
Thus, can you not see? It is they who are of Darkness, of the Anti-Christ.
If they were of the Light, they would do everything in their power to assist me in delivering my Message and to get the work of evacuation done as quickly as possible.
Instead they are doing everything they can to block me.
Now do you see who is who?
The Truth always wins out in the end.
I pity those fools whom they have trapped in their cocoon of deceit and ignorance.
They will pay a high price indeed for allowing themselves to be fooled and trapped by these two Reptilians, Amitakh and Steffan.

March 15, 2010
In every era, in every tribe in every culture, indeed in most individuals there has been, and is, a subtle sense of the numinous.
In an attempt to understand this subtle sense, men and women have dedicated their lives in some circumstances to attain union with this mental sensation which stimulates a sense of yearning, of a communion, and of a return to a wondrous unknown.
But the subtlety escapes some, and in their haste to scoff at the unknown, they in their arrogance of ignorance refute such a sense of the numinous and brazenly declare that we are but an accident of nature, and hedonism is the only style to follow. These are the ones who believe they should do to others before others do to them.
The rest, in respect of their sense of a superior intellect, try in trying circumstances to live by the Golden Rule, of treating others as they would like to be treated. Alas, these are a decreasing minority.
And so it is that those who fool themselves about the non-existence of a superior consciousness or intellect above our own level have set about fooling others with dogma and rules that exploit their victims and trap them further into the darkness of ignorance.
But this state of affairs shall be no more.
A momentous realization is being acquired by all in human form (and by consciousness in all other physical forms on this plane) that there is indeed a superior consciousness that cares for and succours those who seek its Light. That Light is what gives LIFE – spiritual life.
Those that do not seek it and those who actively shun it have chosen to live in the Darkness of their own ignorance. And being in that Darkness means they are spiritually dead men (and women) walking on the Path of Perdition.
Thus, this realization announces the Generation of Finality.
As I have mentioned before, on April 14, 1985 I was privileged to attend a Conference on a massive structure that we could call a Mothercraft in an area totally outside of this dimension.
The attendance was by invitation. I was not abducted. And being outside of this dimension entirely excluded the possibility that my mind would play up and think it was some sort of government black operation. Why a government would go so such lengths to fool one individual is itself a most improbable thing anyway.
One of the things I was told at that Conference was that the message of Finality would be given to many people on the planet by a number of communicative means. Thus, some had dreams, others visions, while others astral travelled and were told by other sojourners of this phase. Still others having Near Death Experiences were given this information.
The most striking method of all was found in Central America which I eventually visited. There many people were approached by aliens from spacecraft and simply told in quite a dramatic fashion, telepathically, that the planet was doomed, that the good people were going elsewhere and the bad ones would be left behind and would soon cease to exist.
Nothing could be more dramatic that this, surely?
And yet, we in the West, even though thousand upon thousands have been given this message, slumber on as if making money was the only concern of both body and soul.
It is a trait of the mechanised West that the message was buried as soon as it emerged.
Even I was treated like an unwelcome excentric whose utterings were to be ignored at all costs.
My, but how times have changed.
So, what are the details of this Finality?
Simply put, the points are these:
  • The Endpoint of a long process of correction of this abomination (the physical universe) has been reached. To understand why I call the physical universe an abomination you will need to read my books.
  • All Units of Consciousness in all classes of consciousness are to be judged. Those found fit to continue an evolutionary path will be removed from this dimension and go elsewhere. Those found unfit to continue for reasons I have explained elsewhere are to undergo a process of Transmutation in due course.
  • All consciousness has to leave the dimension. Most will die off; some will be lifted out of the bodies when it is time.
  • All have been assessed, starting with Yahweh-Jehovah, the expressive evil principle in this Abomination, who will be transmuted, down to the lowest consciousness in the most simple crystal and rock in the Mineral Kingdom. Yes, Jehovah is the Moloch, Plato’s Demiurge, and the Chief Demon. Any who read the Old Testament of the Judeo-Christian bible can have no doubt, seeing him described as jealous, vengeful, masochistic, punitive and murderous.
  • In due course the dimension will cease to exist.
  • In 1985 at the conference, I was given an approximate timing. The End will have occurred inside 50 years from 1985. I remind readers that Time in this dimension is an illusionary variable (think of Relativity’s clock paradox as a small example); hence, it is difficult to be exact with absolute timing.
  • The process of joyful evacuation of Theomorphic viables was concluded in November 1999. I wrote about this at the time.
  • The manner in which termination was to occur was this: Positive energy that helped sustain the planet against the persistent onslaught of the evil ones was to be removed in the main. Thus, those of Evil who cannot exist without pilfering the positive energy of others will simply starve to spiritual death. This explains the frenzied search for energy and the exploitation of all populations by suffering, wars, misery, pornography, etc. Such emotional traumas cause excitation of individuals and loss of energy. But, as the number of those with this positive energy is less and less, the evil ones are going mad and becoming more destructive as they starve for the lack of positive energy. This world is descending into the realms of Hell as a result.
  • There is a percentage of non-Theomorphic consciousnesses which have been deemed viable, and these will continue. They will be rescued soon enough.
  • The failures are for all intents and purposes, spiritually dead, even though on this physical level they are now unashamedly causing as much trouble as possible and not even attempting to hide their evil nature. They are dead men (and women walking) to their doom.
  • Viables are witnesses to this Finality. We do not need to engage the Dead Ones in any struggle. There is no point.
  • We all do have to undergo some trauma in the physical, as the physical end approaches, but we, the ones with understanding of a new Divine future, should be sustained by the Joy of Viability.
And so, this is the next part of the Message – realization of what is occurring and preparation for lift off!
Accurate and ample mental preparation of the viables is paramount for the transition, which involves the destruction of the physical and the successful emergence in the new dimension.
For the non-viables, the experience – all due to their own choices – will cause them to envy the dead.
This ending process means the end of all that is inherited within this evil Empire – the end of Pain, Suffering, Misery, emotional Exploitation, Disease, and Death. These things do not exist in Divine dimensions.
As their sense of Failure impinges on the minds of those of Darkness, and those who have chosen Darkness, they will become even more aggressive and overtly evil. They will descend into the depths of the Terminal Madness about which I have previously written. Up until now, many thought they could escape the corrective process. But soon all of them will realize there is no escape. Their savagery will be such that they will want to destroy themselves and the planet in all haste.
The Viables know who they are, just as the Failures know who they are.
And the Viables will seek like-minded people, and will want to acknowledge the Corrective Process which is one of Joy, and they will want to prepare for a smooth transition, thus lessening their anxiety and suffering in these darkest of days to come.
There can be no pretence; there will be no pretence, for each will have the realization of what exactly it will merit.
Each will get exactly what it deserves.
Those who are deemed viable and are to continue are the witnesses for this Process of Rectification of what has been called, in the ancient literature, the Celestial Error.
This is the Solution to Evil all good men and women have prayed for.
What is to occur is the answer to those prayers.
March 17, 2010
Notes on my Teachings
Copyright 1997 (c) by J.S. Chiappalone

The teachings as espoused in my various books are based on Gnostic philosophy which concerns itself basically with the battle of Good against Evil and arrives at the conclusion that it is an unequal battle, in other words, Goodness is of greater magnitude than the strength of Evil, and therefore there will be a resolution of this battle which rages throughout all the levels of consciousness of which we can become aware.

My books give timing for this resolution and that timing is to occur in this generation. Specific dates seem to be codes, and their accuracy or otherwise seems to be of no concern.

The implications of the resolution are also discussed and the conclusion is that this particular planet in this solar system, in this galaxy, in this universe, which is one of many universes, at this time needs to be physically destroyed because it is both physically and spiritually polluted and the consciousnesses present on this planet are going to be displaced and taken elsewhere for separation, grading and further placement. In other words, a process akin to the Biblical Judgment is to take place.

The timing of the physical destruction of this planet, which is simply one of billions in our galaxy alone, and the timing of this judgmental process in this generation is not as ridiculous as it appears.

Scientifically, there is evidence that the world could end from
i           the massive pollution the planet is suffering, 

ii          from the Greenhouse effect,

iii         from the disastrous effect of excessive ultra-violet radiation reaching the surface of the planet because of depletion of the ozone layer,

iv         from viruses which are affecting not only humans   but   animals     and fish as well.

v          And also from the very real possibility that the earth could be hit by a massive meteor, as occurred 65 million years ago and destroyed the dinosaurs.
These are real possibilities.
Fifty million Christian fundamentalists in the United States agree that this is the generation for the reappearance of Christ on the planet and for His introduction of a peaceful period before revealing the ultimate fate of this planet and evil (Satan).
This theory and the occurrence of the final battle between Good and Evil (Armageddon) has not only been believed by these Christian fundamentalists but it has also been a firm conviction of Lord Balfour who in 1917 made the declaration for the establishment of Israel precisely because he thought it was the first step necessary for the return of Christ!
This has also been believed by a number of presidents of the United States who administered their office in the light of such beliefs. And these United States presidents included Carter, Ronald Reagan and George Bush. There is ample documentation which reveals that they allowed their policies, especially their foreign policies, to be dictated by such beliefs.
The Liebevitch sect of Jews had identified Rabbi Schneersen in New York as being their Messiah for this generation which will herald the end of an era.
Many other people are being instructed through their dreams, by intuition, by recalled astral travel, by episodes of what may be termed psychic phenomenology and various other methods that the possibility of planetary destruction is very great. In particular and as a prime example, a survey of people who suffered Near Death Experiences in the United States in the last decade has revealed that many of them were shown visions of planetary destruction on a massive scale to occur in this generation while they were "clinically dead". Hence, the prophecy that the planet may be destroyed physically is not outrageous.
The Problem of Evil, which is a major topic in any philosophical treatise, is discussed in detail in my books. It is revealed in these books that evil affects all levels of consciousness, that is, that there is an evil essence in the mineral level of consciousness, in the vegetable level, in the animal level, at the human levels of consciousness as well as in higher levels which include the spiritual, the galactic and the universal levels.
The origin of man, the physical man, as we know him on this planet, is discussed as is his fate and the fate of the earth.
A great deal of my writings are taken up by explanation of programming of the physical body and mind by various evil factors on this planet which then control the body and have deleterious effect on the execution of freewill. Of course, a lucid definition of evil is given and that programming is then enunciated in the light of that definition.
The various manifestations of evil are described as are the destiny of the evil essence in all its levels and the destiny of evil humans.
The myth of the Brotherhood of Man is exposed and it is shown that many of the beings in human bodies, in actual fact, are ontologically evil. It is shown that there are two feuding creations on this level. Psychiatrists have come to the conclusion that there are many people who are immutably evil and one can explain this when one accepts that there are two different types of human consciousness.
It is a fundamental basis of my teachings that there is a duality in the nature of man, that is, that there is a physical body with its brain and nervous system and a distinct and separate consciousness which uses the physical body and brain but which contains a separate mind and outlives the death of the body.
The book "Death of an Evil God" discusses the origin of religions, mainly the Christian religion, the role it has played over the last two thousand years, how some Truths were hi-jacked by evil beings, and how an evil institution has resulted. And it also discusses the destiny of institutions such as religions.
The books "What's Going On?" and "Making Sense of the Madness" explain my teachings in detail and also give an explanation of the rather confusing events in the world today.
Such things as Reincarnation and Karma are discussed in detail and their significance given in the light of their creation by this evil essence.
An explanation of Prophecy is given as are explanations about Out of Body episodes and Near Death Experiences that people have been reporting and writing about in the last two decades.
Many people are identified as being consciousnesses that do not belong to the earth (in terms of ontological evolutionary pathways) as revealed by regressive experiences in hypnotherapy sessions and also in regressive psychiatric sessions.
Healing is investigated and shown that there is a true type of healing and a mock type of healing.
Psychic ability and psychic phenomenology in general are discussed at length as are mental illness and the possibility of demonic possession as it manifests in schizophrenics.
UFOs and alien consciousnesses, which are becoming a greater and greater topic of interest and which are now recognized as realistic by a majority of people, are also discussed.
A discussion associated with the New Age, particularly as it occurs in America, is also given and identification of the messages that are given by Eckankar, Ramtha, A Course in Miracles, and various other channellers, are also exposed as evil.
The writings basically stress the fact that each individual is responsible for his or her own progress on a spiritual path, and is accountable at all times.

My writings identify evil strongly, in marked contrast to New Age philosophies such as the above which tend to dismiss the existence of evil.
The cause of suffering, degeneration and physical death is shown to be due to the evil set-up in this dimension. The writings also expose the significance of the prophecy of "The Generation which will not know Death".
More esoteric, metaphysical concepts are discussed, mainly in the book "What is Going On?" This book discusses the 7 classes of consciousness, the structure of permanent Divine beings as opposed to counterfeit beings, the various sectors in the Universe, the emergence of evil, the evil changes, the evil creation, the two beings in society, and the judgment that is to occur. It also goes into detail about consciousness, the soul, the units and levels of consciousness, the mind, how the mind is programmed, the Centres of Consciousness and so on.
It discusses at length Maya as in religion, as in the concept of advancement and as in the illusion of social reform and technological advancement. This book discusses emotions, emotional love, sin, freewill and the energy in health and healing.
A lucid discussion is given about sleep and astral travel, the significance of dreams, the prophecy of a Supramental Consciousness as discussed by Sri Aurobindo and the make-up of the earth's population. It also includes discussions on homosexuality and the mix-up that can occur between the programmed sexuality of a consciousness and the biological sexuality of a body.
Throughout the books references are made to historical documents such as the Bible and Hindu documents such as the Mahabharata and Ramayana, also to the Dead Sea Scrolls found in the 1940s, the Nag Hammadi Library found about that time, the writings of prophets such as Edgar Cayce and so on.

Prophecies have been a great part of the writings and as revealed elsewhere, a great number of them have come true since they were written about and it appears that the ones that have not occurred have either been delayed or their time has not yet arrived. Nonetheless the way the planet is evolving, it appears that much of what is given in the books is accurate about the resolution of the battle between Good and Evil.

The reaction of people to these writings is also discussed and it is obvious that the majority of people couldn't care less what is written.
Some strongly agree with what has been written because it resounds within them as the Truth they would like to identify with, and some are antagonistic to what is written for their own personal reasons.
Many people find it intolerable to think that they are personally responsible for their own lives and that there could be a Higher Consciousness who will judge how they have lived and how well they have progressed on this level in spiritual terms.
Although the writings urge an intellectual and spiritual awakening and a search for more and more material with which to form a personal mosaic of Truth, what they have elucidated from many people is, in actual fact, an exposure and revelation of them being intolerant, aggressive and hateful inspite of the fact that they want to represent themselves as New Age people who claim that there is total love on this level and no evil.
From experience it has been noted that readers respond involuntarily to the energy of the writings and they are polarized very quickly to react. They are either understanding and accepting of what is written ,or else they vehemently reject and forcefully fight against that which is written.
Historically, it appears that Gnostic writings have always had this effect on people as exemplified by the massacre by the Catholic Church of the Cathars, the Albigensians, the Bolgomils, and others, whom it labelled as heretics not worthy of living on the same planet. And yet when these people are examined historically it is seen that they were peaceful, law-abiding and loving communities who wanted nothing but to share their lives with those who would understand them.
Some readers, in their enthusiasm to reject these writings, have unjustifiable and in ignorance labelled them negative and pessimistic. These people are horrified at the possibility of planetary destruction. Are these people rational in making judgments in their obvious ignorance of alternatives? I think not. First of all, it appears that they have forgotten that all physical things are finite. Secondly, is their fear of physical extinction making them myopic? I think so.
What is so great about life on this planet? Are we to believe dogmatically Leibnitz's assertion that this is the best of all possible worlds? Is it not one's ignorance of alternatives that makes this earthly existence appealing? I think so! And yet many who have experience other dimensions as reported in Near Death episodes are often angry in being resuscitated and called back into this cesspool of constant suffering which we call Earth!
What is so great about this existence on this earth where three quarters of the human population go to bed hungry; where 50,000 children die daily from disease, malnutrition or starvation; where people's lives are ruled by the fear of war, of injury, of disease, of hunger, of degeneration and of death; where evil exploitation of people has reached unprecedented proportions?
This is a world where love has been displaced by hate, aggression, selfishness and ungodliness. This is a place run on the principle of dog eat dog; this is a place where one is forced to be a hunter or else is hunted as a prey. There are better places. This is a hell for those who know of these better places.
In revealing the resolution of this horrible existence, of the end to such suffering, fear, exploitation, hopeless and death which have been extreme enough for many to deny the existence of a caring, Divine deity and has led others to declare that what ever God once existed is now dead, the message of the writings is one of love, joy and liberation from all these evil effects of existence on this planet.
The writings describe a solution to the physical and spiritual malady of this evil-created dimension. The solution given puts an end to all these evil things. It replaces despair not just with hope, but the certainty of joy and ecstasy.
The solution provides an end to all the pain, suffering, humiliation and exploitation. Indeed to many it sounds too good to be true!
The solution provided puts an end to all the misery, disease, fear and death that have ravaged True Man.
The writings promise a future without evil, without pain, without ignorance, without fear, and without darkness. And the promise is not for a time in the distant future, in the to-be-dreamed-of distant future. The promise is for this Generation, for in fulfillment of an ancient prophecy, WE ARE THE GENERATION WHICH WILL NOT KNOW DEATH!!!
How can anyone who truly yearns for a just and righteous existence label such a message, containing such a joyous solution, as negative and pessimistic? It is beyond comprehension. Only an evil mind which wants to maintain this evil status quo would use such a label.
The planetary turmoil necessary to proceed to the next stage is a very small and, in realistic terms, an insignificant price to pay for the future promised. Ultimately we all need to physically die sooner or later. The only difference in this message is that we will all leave the physical in this generation, with each conscious to proceed elsewhere.
This is what I had written in the last few pages of "What's Going On?":
There can be no greater conquest than that in the personal war against Evil and in the War of Essences against Evil. Darkness will have been dispelled forever. The Light and Love will shine and shower us forever. Evil archons and minions in the guises of doctors, psychiatrists, psychologists, scientists, sceptics and so on, are labelling people, whose awareness is starting to expand to hitherto unexpected dimensions, as I had prophesied, in a derogatory and demeaning manner. Their futile attempts are trying to harness people's minds once again as in past days. But they will fail.

More and more are awakening. It is as if a wave of enlightenment is sweeping over the world, opening the minds of those who are receptive to the stimulus, and of course, triggering those, as mentioned above, into subdued anger, as they try to maintain the status quo. They are the workers of Darkness trying to prevent elevation of awareness. I repeat, they will fail. Of that you can be certain. They are labelling people who are awakening as if they were diseased specimens manifesting characteristics of a novel malady. Nothing could be further from the Truth. Look through them. See their bluff.
It is spiritually healthy, in fact, to reject all evil.
It is healthy to see the illusion.
It is healthy to refuse to accept this existence as reality.
This realm certainly is NOT reality.
It is healthy to want to leave this evil mess.
It is healthy to want to see it all destroyed.
It is healthy to cast the vision forward to the day when this will happen.
It is healthy to want to return to a Truly Divine, Loving, Harmonious existence. And it shall occur.
The revelation on this plane of what appears to be startling information is not unprecedented. The major point which can be called startling in my revelations is the timing of the physical end of this planet. Most of the other points in my writings have been revealed in the past and were known by Gnostics and various initiates, true  illuminati and cognoscenti.
It is also known that rapid progress is made on this level, not in a constant, orderly fashion, but rather, in dramatic cataclysmic cycles, and this appears so geophysically, biologically, genetically and epistemologically.
The fact that I was one of the first to receive this news some years ago is not such an extraordinary occurrence when other facts are known. To this phenomenon there are precedences also, as there are for the explosive entry of new information onto this level of consciousness through particular individuals at given times throughout history. All sections of human endeavour have examples, and here can be cited such people as Galileo, Christopher Columbus, Mozart, Edison, Einstein, etc., etc.
Is it possible that I am correct on 99 other prophecies and wrong about this major one? Perhaps. But if I am not wrong, then all the other facts I have divulged stand as being accurate, and the many people who have tried to silence me and scorned me, ridiculed me, abused me, are then truly exposed as being rabble of an evil essence who will be dealt with in the manner described in my writings.


March 18, 2010

In times of financial hardship, we all look for ways to save money and reduce our spending.
But some are callous and neglect their animals and pets.
Those who are close to their pets make them part of the family, for very good reasons.
Those who understand what and who pets are would never neglect them. But unfortunately, many do not know the spiritual worth of animals, and therefore neglect them easily, without a second thought.
Our pets are a source of universal, unconditional love for us. They are faithful companions and healers in their own right. Many are the stories of how they can heal the sick and the elderly; how they can even care for invalids (as guide dogs do) and how they can, by their mere presence, extend the life of lonely people. They can also melt the hearts of the most hardened criminals. Many are the stories of giving a pet to a prisoner and turning him or her from a hardened, malicious, abusive being to one of nurturing, love and compassion. This is not by accident.
So, what and who are our domesticated animals, our pets?
We know they are capable of all the emotions we ourselves feel. We know through competent university research that they have a language, that they can think, that they have the capacity to learn, that they are aware of time, etc. Those close to their pets know they have fears, anxiety, depression; that they dream, suffer nightmares, can feel and reflect our own emotions and moods, etc., etc,
Metaphysically, and generally speaking, they are spiritual beings in animal bodies in a process of evolution to become human, for that is the next class of consciousness in their evolutionary cycle. For the sake of clarity in this short essay, I shall ignore the fact that this process has been deranged in this evil universe.
Animal bodies, especially of domesticated animals, such as our dogs, cats, parrots, etc., can house the spirits of our deceased relatives. Hindus believe that relatives return into bovine bodies. The fact is they can return in any animal body.
Why is that? Spirits can lose energy while in a human body due to excessive suffering, exploitation, etc., and instead of maintaining their status quo in Class 4 (Human Class), they regress due to lack of energy.
In other words, instead of attaining a higher plane of consciousness, or re-incarnating as humans again after their physical death, they, due to reduced energy, can only support an animal body, which has only 5 units of consciousness (chakras) unlike a human body which has seven. They do not have enough innate energy to support 7 units. This should never have occurred. It is entirely due to the Evil System and its process of energy extraction from individuals, be they in human, animal vegetable or mineral forms.
Thus, loved ones who have passed on and who lack energy to service 7 units of consciousness are forced into animal bodies, but then are often allowed to be around us as our pets for various reasons.
Many people who are close to their pets have realized an affinity exists with those pets which is inexplicable in any other way. Many will swear that some pets are all too human. Others who have acute awareness can sense that often pets return to them. In other words they are aware that their pet has re-incarnated to be back with them again. I have experienced this many times. And it occurs most prominently when the pet dies suddenly, unexpectedly, from accidental causes.
I will discuss the aetiology of so-called ‘accidents’ which kill humans and pets on another occasion. We will see that such occurrences are programmed by Evil to cause maximal energy drainage of certain beings, and to stop ones who are effective against the Evil system on this level.
Rene Descartes, the French philosopher, was wrong, and so is the Catholic Church in believing animals have no souls.
Pets and animals in general do have souls. Some, like humans however, are of a robotic consciousness. I have discussed this subject elsewhere. They are beings on the evolutionary path. Animal bodies can contain the spirit of any of our relatives, parents, grandparents, aunties and uncles, deceased children etc., who desire to be near us but who can no longer sustain a human physical body for the reasons I have mentioned.
Those people with clear clairvoyant vision (of which we are all capable) can often see the consciousness of relatives in their pets.
Some who have Near Death Experience report seeing their departed pets in spiritual realms.
Thus, you see why pets love being with us so much.
Thus, you see why they shower us with unconditional love, loyalty and support.
Thus, you see why they are so forgiving and are eager to help and heal us.
One who understands these things would never be cruel to pets, or neglect them or throw them out to starve and die. One with such understanding would never put them to death for any reason other than to compassionately alleviate further suffering in extreme circumstances.
We should consider cost of care as we would for our human children, punitive veterinarian costs notwithstanding.
Thus, re-evaluate your relationship to your pets, and think of what and who they could be. Treat them as you would your children and other relatives. If they are returned consciousnesses, they have returned to be with you with all their good points and none of the bad ones they had as humans.
Knowing this, treat them with love and respect, and place them way up in the list of your priorities. Do not neglect them. Do not be cruel to them or starve them.
Who knows, you may be in such a body at some stage before the final bell rings.
This leads to consideration of animal husbandry and slaughter for food – a form of cannibalism in the true spiritual sense, if you take note of what I have written above.
This cannibalism was promoted by Jehovah and his Reptilians, and he demanded blood sacrifice, of the “goyim”, as well as the animals in the not too distant past.
Passages in Ancient texts about it being OK to eat animals are fraudulent interpositions made by these cannibals who, on other levels, clone, breed and eat humans too. The 1993 movie “Fire in the Sky” based on the true experiences of Travis Walton, is an accurate depiction of that aspect of the Evil Reptilian reality.
In summery therefore, be mindful of pets and animals in general.
They too are being selected for viability in the Evacuation Process that I have previously mentioned.
They too can be victims of the Terminal Madness of the Endtime. In fact, erratic behaviour of animals is becoming more evident every day, everywhere.
They too will experience the anxieties and traumas of these coming calamitous days, and they will look to you as the owner to nurture them as best you can.
They are our brethren.
Do not let them down.

March 20, 2010

My, but the times have really changed.
When I first started writing, lecturing and publishing way back in 1984, the majority were  abusive against what I said.
Now I can report that since starting my public work again, not one correspondent has been against me.
I have received many wonderful letters from readers all over the work.
Here is an inspiring story:
Dear Dr. Chiappalone,
I came across your essays reading my favorite website, I have been an avid reader for over 10 years now and whenever I want to know the truth, that is where I go.
I no longer question my instincts, I simply was compelled to write to you, probably because your essays only confirmed what I have been feeling and knowing for most of my adult life.
By the time I was 16 years old, I was already a tormented soul, from sexual molestation, parental abuse, rape, imprisonment and loss of liberties, I ran away from my parents in fear. I lived in fear most of my youth and never understood why GOD was punishing me.
As a child I would have dreams of flying through the universe, the earth, although I can't be sure if they were dreams or astral travel, I do know one thing, whenever I meditate and go into my SeLF, and connect, I hear beautiful music and that evening I will again have those dreams of flying through the universe or flying around earth.
I have had many such dreams through my lifetime, I have also sensed that someone is near me at all times watching over me.
Giving birth to my son Milan, he will be 30 this year, by caesarean section, complications occurred, the heart stopped and I was clinically dead for 12 minutes. It was during that time I experienced what I was and where I came from. To this day I cannot describe this time, light, essence, the source, peace, love, origin, that is how I can describe but words do not exist in our vocabulary to explain it any other way.
My son was born after I was stabilized, and he is a normal young man today, very wise, I have always sensed that he's been my mentor in some life we shared before and he feels the same way.
It was then that I left the Catholic religion, nothing made sense, I did not accept the answer that my experience was "the devil tempting me", no, it was too pure, too real and overpowering me, it awoke me, a light went on, a switch turned over and I realized that this body was only a vehicle and that I was much more than that.
A few years later as I was searching for the truth, I came across a new age book shop at the time a Psychic was giving free readings if you purchased her book. I signed up and it was to leave a deep impression on me for years to come.
When she first entered the room, she immediately excused her self and came back to tell me she had to put on a coat, because my energy was incredibly high, she said my aura was pink, solid pink, she explained that it was love.
Now first I have to mention something very important. I had no choice but to believe her because she knew everything about my childhood, the abuse, my divorce, issues with my father, so I had no choice but to believe her when she started to tell me that I was an old soul and have incarnated over 300 times. She told me this lifetime was intended for me to heal others and there was an Indian standing over my right shoulder that he would be my guide and mentor. Over me she said that the Archangel Michael was my guide, she opened my hand and looked at my palm and said that I had the M mark on my palm. She told me I was of angelic source and that I was part of the Pleadian family, my origin.
At that time, it was very difficult to accept her readings, but I knew deep down that I was more than just this body, it took several years of lots of reading and meditating to cleanse out the toxins, the darkness in which I was living due to all the things that happened to me, including problems with alcohol, drugs, and of course the childhood abuse and sexual abuse.
In 2000 I was diagnosed with cancer, a very rare form was told I would not survive more than 18 months, I visited a Chinese doctor who not only treated me and cured me but would become my mentor. In 2004, Dr. Joseph Wu died of liver cancer, he left behind his legacy to me, his teachings. He was punished by having a handicapped son and had no one to pass on his skills, so I was very privileged to be chosen.
At that time I was feeling a deep sense of urgency to return to my Croatian country of birth. Although to this day I cannot decipher it's meaning, all I know is that I need to be here and I arrived here in 2004.
The island I live on has 1500 inhabitants, we are 30 min by ferry from the coast, but yet so isolated. This has got to be the one of the rare locations on earth that is still somewhat untouched and we have healthy organic foods and drinking water, clear air etc. The chemtrails fill the skies on sunny days and I am filled with anger when I see them knowing what they are doing but am helpless in stopping them.
I am a healer, my evolution brought me to the place I always dreamed of being, in my country of birth and helping people. I see all kinds of people, poisoned by their doctors with drugs, self suffering, indoctrination of their evil Roman Catholic Church, so much suffering but I am able to help most of them. The ones I can't are the ones with darkness inside of them, they do not allow me to enter their bodies to heal them, they do not want to be healed.
These people all have freewill and I do not enter a body unless they give me their permission, those that don't, I just tell them to leave and that I cannot help them. These are the walking dead, possessed by evil, their intestines rotting, their bodies polluted with prescription drugs, and the baggage they have been passed from generation to generation.
Although I have compassion for them, I cannot heal them if they do not ask for help, but my experience has also taught me that evil does not want to be healed and evil does not want to see the light. These bodies are occupied by evil and I send them home, I do not want their energy or even attempt to heal them, because it was their free will and choice they were in that condition.
Thank you Dr.  Chiappalone for coming into my life, nothing is by accident, everything happens for a reason. I have never told anyone about me and what I feel that I am for fear of retribution. This is a very small community with a very strong Roman Catholic Church, and I have never trusted anyone enough to tell them who I am. Whatever reason compelled me to write to you and share with you, I don't question that, there is a reason and it will be known when the time is right.
I look forward to the end, I only hope I have earned God's attention to take me and bring me back to where I am meant to be, that eternal light, eternity of love and what is, though I must mention this, it is very difficult to remain focused on love and our light when this world that we are not a part of is filled with evil trying to bring us down at every moment.
I meditate everyday to remind myself who I am, it's hard work, this body is grotesque, humiliating, it's always sick with something, it's always hurting, but that part of me that knows it's origin keeps me going.
I forgot to mention that I would tell people that this would be my last incarnation on this planet, they laugh because they think I am just joking, but I have always felt that way.
Even as a child I would look at the stars at night and I would feel sadness, I just felt that I was from there, that I did not belong on this earth, in this body and even today I still feel that sense of disconnection, sometimes even questioning why I was brought here into so much suffering.
The end is near, and whatever happens after this life, it can't be any worse than this body and this planet. I am looking forward to the next dimension, life.
Thank you again Dr. Chiappalone for sharing, for keeping us informed, for bringing light into those that don't remember yet who they really are.
Ines. Radman
And another from Glen McGrath in Sydney:
Hi Joseph,
I just wanted to thank you for the latest additions to your website.
As usual the writings resonated positively and energetically within me which is always appreciated.
Kind Regards,
And another:
Dear Dr. Chiappalone,
I read the article ‘Message of Joy’ on Jeff Rense and was so amazed to find that my secret thoughts were reflected in that.
I subsequently visited your website and have read through nearly all the information available on that and have surfed the web for any information that is available.
I live in Mumbai, India and would like to know where in India I can obtain your books from – alternately, books on Gnosticism.  I am Zoroastrian by birth and am well aware of the teachings of Duality, but you have put it in very clear terms and in a style that is easy to read.
Would be grateful if you would revert.
With kind regards
Yours sincerely
Mumbai, India
Later she wrote:
I heard your show on  Wonderful.  Confirms all my thoughts and feelings over the past many years.  Everything that I have read and heard on your website, in your articles etc. is like the ‘click’ that makes the puzzle fit together.  What you call shells, I call minions.  Empty animated bodies.  You can recognize them through the eyes.  Blank eyes.  No Higher Self link.
I am unclear about only one thing and would be grateful if you could clarify.  You state that all theomorphic beings were evacuated in 1999 and what may be left would be the body etc.  I somehow differ on this as I personally know many people who walk the spiritual path, pray, help others all the time and generally lead a blameless life.  But yes, what is very very apparent is the increase in evil since 2000, more so from 2001 onwards, the sequentialising of earth.   And yes, it has been a constant refrain between my family and friends that this dimension HAS to be destroyed and cleansed.
Would appreciate a response if you can spare the time.
With kind regards,
My reply:
You are correct, not all theomorphs were evacuated in 1999. Some of the warriors have remained to finish the work to be done. I explained this in 1999.

March 21, 2010 

In the past, when delivering this message of the Rescue of certain ones from the clutches of Evil, I have been pejoratively called Dr Doom, Dr Death, etc, Indeed, empty-minded fools, just like empty barrels, did make the most noise in trying to drown me out.
Believe it or not, my biggest obstacles have been Medical Boards and other doctors and psychiatrists, who have even tried, unsuccessfully of course, to deny me my right to earn a living. But I will save that story for another day.
Someone actually asked me the other day what I was trying to do with my lectures, workshops and writings. Well, I would have thought the answer is rather obvious.
I am attempting to prepare those who are going to make it out of this Abomination, so that they will make a fearless Transition in the time ahead.
In past writings I have revealed the fact that changes, not just on Earth, but in the whole physical dimension will become intolerable. I enumerated the mechanisms that would make physical life impossible on this planet. Looking carefully, we can see those changes are upon us now, or at least we can see their looming shadows on the horizon. It does not take a genius to extrapolate the endpoint.
There can be only one solution for those who are to continue – evacuation of consciousness deemed fit to continue.
Bit by bit I will open windows to the True Reality and the glimpses we gain will hopefully fatally fracture the illusion of this evil Virtual Reality in which we live, in which we are temporarily trapped, and in which we, those of Light and those who seek the Light, have all been grossly, mercilessly, ruthlessly exploited, physically, mentally, emotionally, psychically, and spiritually, life after life, after life. The reason for that is because the Evil Empire cannot exist without our Divine energy.
If you think that sounds a little like the theme of the movie Matrix, you are on the money. That movie came out a long time after I published my books. It is based on a Gnostic comic found, as the story goes, by the Wachowski Brothers in Japan. And what I am writing about is Pure, undiluted Gnosticism, not the rubbish fed up by the churches as unpalatable nonsense.
Today I want to discuss the subject of FEAR.
Many people reject what I have to say because of fear.
They fear the fact that we all have to die to get out of this physical dimension.
But, wait a minute.
How many of us alive today in human bodies will be alive in 200 years time?
None is the answer.
Forget the Concept of Physical Immortality. That is a scam for fools.
So, where is the fear of having to leave the physical? It is an inevitable step for us all, is it not?
OK, OK, so the event may be in the next few years.
So what?
We have all gone through the process of death many, many times.
It would take me less than 5 minutes to hypnotically regress almost anyone back to their past lives where they will witness their recurrent deaths and rebirths. We have all physically died many times before, yet we still exist.
So where is the fear?
The promise to those deemed spiritually viable is that the New Dimension we will be going into is far better than this physical dimension on Earth.
So, where is the fear?
We are told that the process of transition will be like stepping out of one room and going into another room, without pain, without anxiety.
So, where is the fear?
We are told in the New Dimension we will be connected with all those we love and have ever loved, and those who love us. That connection will be instantly and forever. So, where is the fear?
(The New Dimension will have space but not time because of instantaneous connectivity. So we will be infinite. Note that this concept could not apply and does not apply in the physical universe. I will discuss this concept in another essay.)
We will have abilities far beyond what we think possible in these bodies. I have described the new bodies elsewhere. So, where is the fear?
We will have all the memories of pain, suffering, abuse and exploitation that we have been subjected to in this dimension completely erased from our memories. So where is the fear in that?
We will not have to ever again suffer the pangs of ignorance and death, of misery, of poverty, of accidents, of disease. So, where is the fear?
One could fill an encyclopaedia with the types of transgressions, exploitations, abuses, anxieties and fears we have all been subjected to in this world. Will anyone of us really miss them?
We will be free of them forevermore!
Too good to be true? You’d better believe it.
We will truly then be in the best of all possible worlds.
OK, ok, this will only apply to those who have wanted to be good, who have sought Peace and Harmony and Love, to those who have proven they are spiritual, creative and serene, not malicious, murderous and belligerent.
Well, who would want to be associated with those who are evil or want to be evil or want to remain in the Darkness they have chosen? I have explained how this status quo came about elsewhere.
The failed ones and those created by Evil for evil are the ones who will have great fear once they realize the End is near and very real. At the moment they appear fearless and destructively do as they wish. That is because the reality of the situation has not really hit them yet. But it will, and soon. And then they will want to blow themselves and everything else up. (They did it in Maldec long ago – some call it Vulcan - the planet that now remains as the asteroid belt in our solar system.) And if they do, that will only hasten our exit plan which profits us in spiritual ways.
That reaction has nothing to do with us. That has nothing to do with my words. They will have that fear regardless of what anyone says, for that fear will come from their internal personal realization of their own Fate.
They possibly do not manifest it right now because they are living a life of self-illusion, wherein they think everything for them will be OK.
But we know from those who have suffered Near Death Experiences that the evil ones will not be OK.  Dr Maurice Rawlings, a cardiologist, and Dr George G Ritchie, a psychiatrist, and many others, have written about their personal experiences regarding this aspect of damnation and perdition for evil ones. Dr Ritchie in fact relates his own Near Death Experience in the book “Return from Tomorrow”.
Whom are the evil ones going to blame for their fate?
Whom can they blame?
Alas, they have only themselves to blame.
We are not responsible for them. Emotional and filial attachments do not apply.
We are not the keepers of those who selfishly chose Darkness and Evil with all its avarice and lust and malicious destructiveness. It is they who actively rejected Peace and Harmony, Love and Light.
It is they who have sealed their own fate.
There was hope for all before the Final Bell was wrung – and the Final Bell for selection has now been rung. Many, many millions of beings created by Evil have, in fact, turned to the Light, and they will continue an Evolutionary path. The number is known and I will write about this soon.
Obey the Golden Rule.
Live your lives fearlessly and lovingly, for there is a far brighter future ahead. That I guarantee.
J Chiappalone

March 24, 2010

Headlines from around the world and our own observations of the world around us strongly suggest an inexorably decay of societies and cultures all around the globe, as they expose the overt and unashamed practice of violence, hostility, aggression,  pornography, illegal drug taking, anarchy, and hypocritical dishonesty in every phase of our lives as never before seen.
There has developed everywhere, a pathological instability of every facet of our physical existence and a frightening ungodliness that has accelerated the rate of mental disease everywhere.
And the decay, uncertainty and instability appear to be accompanied by a fragmentation of minds which points, not just to gross anxiety and depression, but also to the very real possibility of an eventual eruption of unprecedented levels of cruelty and brutality, injustices and warfare. Worst of all, the rates of the decay, instability and fragmentation appear to be exponential.
No matter where we turn to, we seem unable to escape the possibility raised by many diverse groups that these are indeed the prophesied Endtimes.
If it really is the Endtime, the next question we need to ask is, “Why should there be an End To this Earth, to this Universe?
Indeed, I have written extensively about this very theme and will continue to do so.
So, can we make any sense of this scenario, or are we forced to remain in a cocoon of uncertainty, of fear, and/or of risible scepticism?
Perhaps if I write about myself, my Source for my esoteric knowledge, some of my experiences, and my writings which seem to make people react one way or the other, (no one seems to remain neutral), we may gain a clearer picture. But, of course, for some, what I now write may confuse their minds even further.
Alas, there are so many points to consider in this short essay, that what follows may seem a little disjointed to some. But, in reality, the subject matter is profoundly complex. As I put pen to paper I am mindful of Frederick Nietzsche’s axiom that, “Language falsifies Reality”.
First off, we need to consider a few basic metaphysical facts. Please realize these are presented in their simplest forms and in the simplest of terms.
An incident occurred in the Divine Dimension (this Physical Universe is not a Divine Dimension) that spawned, quite accidentally and erroneously, a Mind and an energy which precipitated this course, lowly vibrating and finite matter of this Universe. How and why this happened I have discussed in detail elsewhere.
Because such an event occurred as an error, it is known as the Celestial Error in ancient texts. I have explained this in detail elsewhere also.
This Celestial Error spawned an Evil ‘Mind’, a self-aware Consciousness, that was never meant to be, and which became inimical to the Divine Energy. It manifested malevolence, and that is why it was deemed Evil.
This accidentally manifested Mind created the Physical Universe and certain beings in it, who, without modifications to their spiritual anatomy, cannot survive outside of this dimension.
Not all beings present in this Physical Dimension were created by this Evil Mind.
Some were created by the Divine Energy but became trapped in this dimension when it was sealed off by the Evil Mind.
When we talk about beings in this dimension, we must understand the Concept of Duality.
This states that each being is composed of a physical body, which has been created by Evil to serve Evil in this dimension, and a spiritual being residing within it. The physical bodies have a tendency to evil, as we all note. Scientists, in their metaphysical ignorance, are prone to talk about ‘evil’ genes and ‘selfish’ genes as mechanisms for survival, to explain away the utter evilness that abounds and is manifested by the bodies when constraints imposed by the higher consciousnesses within the bodies are loosened. Of course, some bodies house demonic consciousnesses, as we shall see, and these manifest evil maximally and relentlessly, even if most of those around them are not fully aware of the fact.
No aspect of the physical dimension has been created by the Divine Energy.
But the reason why the bodies are programmed to pursue evil, unless the consciousness within takes control to stop the process, is more sinister than that, as I will explain.
The spiritual being inside the physical body, any physical body of manifestation, be it human, animal, vegetable or mineral, may be one created by the Divine Light before the dimension was sealed. These I have called the Theomorphic Beings.
Or it may be one created by the Evil Mind with its stolen, recycled energy which has a tendency to corruption, decay, self-destruction and evilness. These are the ones created in their (evil) father’s image.
There are 2 classes of these evil-created beings:
1          Robotic ones, made with a mixture of stolen and distorted Divine Energy, plus the evil energy. It is from this group that many millions have fortuitously turned to the Light and have had the modifications to their spiritual bodies which will make them viable outside of this dimension. They have been able to respond because of the Divine Energy component with which they were made even though that Divine Energy had been purposely distorted by Evil.
2          The second class is of those created completely out of the evil energy.
The former I call Robotic Counterfeit Beings.
The latter are the DEMONS or daemons, and these were created totally for evil purposes which included the exploitation of Divine Energy from the Theomorphs so that the Evil Empire could continue. They were created after the Robotic Beings for the specific purpose of energy extraction from the Theomorphs.
And that is where the word demon or daemon originated. These form the groups of Reptilians you may have heard about. The word daemon has been corrupted since ancient times through mistranslation.  These are the ones who are being exposed as the evil, destructive, unjust and ungodly Archons in our crumbling societies today. Of courses, they are hypocrites and mention ‘god’, their god, almost incessantly. But they are really black-hearted, soulless beings in the true sense of the word.
In truth they are Satanists, for their god goes by another name: Satan. And Jesus, a True Avatar, knew this (See John 8:44). Why do you think He, a Gnostic on this level, said, “My Kingdom is not of this world (Universe)”? And why do you think Satan was able to offer him kingdoms in this dimension if He would only turn traitor against the Light?
BTW, all ancient texts have some snippets of Truth in them. How else do you think they could ensnare truth seekers searching for the knowledge that they had all but lost?
This story of the Error and these concepts were known since the beginning of time and form the Ancient Wisdom, the True Gnostic Wisdom.
So, am I saying that this whole Universe is an evil creation?
Indeed I am!
Now do you see why Jehovah’s churches did not want this Gnostic Knowledge revealed and spread to the common masses?
BTW, just to avoid any confusion in your mind, let me state that Jesus did not come to Earth to start a religion. He came here to liberate the people from the falsehood of religion and to bring much needed positive energy. What developed as a church following His murder is a mockery of Truth, established as a direct insult and affront to Him by the evil archons.
Even all the Wisdom, and in some cases writings, of Buddha, Rama, Krishna, Manichaeus, Zoroaster, Mohammed, and other Avatars, have been distorted by Evil which spawned, in their names, the murderous, inquisitional, bellicose instruments of torture, exploitation and suffering that history reveals only too clearly. But, I digress.
Now you can see why the Evil Mind, which is represented by Jehovah in our region of the Universe, did not want this knowledge to spread. It did not want all to know ‘he’ was a liar and a fraud, and an impostor, a usurper, when ‘he’ declared ‘he’ was the one and only “GOD”. In other words, ‘he’ attempted to keep all those trapped within this dimension in a cocoon of ignorance.
Warning: Do not rush to join any Gnostic societies or churches. They are shams set up by the same archons to trick genuine spiritual seekers.
Once the dimension was sealed, the controlling Evil Mind realized, after the Light stopped sending in large quantities of Divine Energy in attempts at correction, that it had no more energy to run its Empire.
The only energy available to Evil was the energy stored in the Theomorphic Beings. Thus, many means of exploitation of the Theomorphic Beings were created. And that accounts for the mechanisms of suffering, abuse and misery of which we are all aware. And that, believe it or not, is the reason for the never-ending violence, misery and warfare since the dawn of time, inspite of attempts by some to live in peace and harmony.
These mechanisms have been cleverly camouflaged on this level as politics, actions to protect one’s own kith, kin and property, and, lately, as population control, ethnic cleansing, genocide and manipulative genetic engineering.
In the last 20 years or so, since I formally released this Message on this level, the evil ones have used this Message, in which they do not really believe, to punish nations, to slaughter at will, to pilfer wealth, and to cause maximal suffering so that they can feast on the energy released.
If they really thought for one moment that this was the true time of the Apocalypse, they would tremble in their boots, and not be so dishonest and murderous as they are now. But, that time of their realization will come, and soon. And then verily will there be gnashing of teeth.
Emotional excitation and relentless exploitation, especially of the negative emotions, cause drainage of energy. These mechanisms were directed at the Theomorphs. But now, with the majority of Theomorphs already evacuated, and no positive energy entering the Universe, the Counterfeit Empire is starving to death. This has caused the Sons and Daughters of Darkness to accelerate all the mechanisms they know for emotional exploitation but, all to no avail.
As their minds starve of energy, their unashamed descend into the depths of Terminal Madness will accelerate. And this we are witnessing even today, as nations such as Israel are threatening to blow up whole continents such as Europe if their terms are not met, and as the Axis of Russia, China and India draw up plans for a Western nuclear conflagration if Iran is nuked. It is a no win situation for those of Darkness while it is a win-win situation for those waiting to exit the dimension.
As an aside, I can come to no other conclusion than the fact, after observing recent headlines, that Israel seems Hell-bent in an attempt to fulfil its own destiny of total self-destruction as described by a little known prophesy made by Isaac Luria of Safaad (Safed) in the 16th century.
I’ll mention the facts that follow here mainly because Israel, the Middle East, and the concept of Jehovah’s Chosen Ones seem, on this planet at least, to be to most people, the epicentre for the development of the possibility of total nuclear annihilation of the planet, in the very near future,
Luria was a Jewish scholar and seer. He was also an esoteric Gnostic Kabbalist. He wrote about the inevitable mixing of Good and Evil on this plane and the Error that caused the emergence of Evil.
He predicted that the Nation of the Children of Zion would one day be totally destroyed by those whom they had labelled ‘goyim’ (cattle) and who will have awoken en masse to their plight at the hands of the Children of Zion, and will have turned on them as one. These are the words of Luria, a Jewish scholar, a famous Rabbi and prophet, and they were stated in relatively recent times.
Having repeated this prophecy, I want to highlight these very important points:
·        Not all Jews are Children of Zion
·        Not all Children of Zion are Jews.
·        Many who call themselves Children of Zion may not necessarily be so. They may be simply fooled by their outer mind programming acquired by schooling, or peer pressure, or religion, or even politics, in this life and may be, in fact, valued viables.
·        Some truly non-Zionist Jews are our loving brothers and sisters who, even though they have been subjected to all the horrors of this plane, just like the rest of us, have remained loyal to, or chosen the Light. They are viables and shall be evacuated along with all other viables.
After all, was Jesus not a non-Zionist Jew?
I will write about the abuse of the name of Jesus by Evil hypocrites, the born-again robots, and the Children of Zion in order to trap the gullible, and the unwary into a cocoon of ignorance, with their lies. This includes the Christian Right Movement and the Moral Majority in the USA, who, in their hasty judgment of all others can be nothing but of an evil nature.
Many good people and genuine seekers of Truth have been trapped in the horrifying ploy of using the name of Jesus fallaciously to pursue total falsehood. The majority are robotic beings who are easily programmed by Evil to do whatever Evil wants them to do, even to be cannon fodder in the numerous conflicts that have always occurred around the globe throughout its history. Thus, Evil uses them not only to make it appear ‘normal’ that such occurrences happen almost spontaneously, but also to fulfil its agenda of creating an acceptable illusion of struggles and historical ‘violent normality’.
However, do not fall into the trap of trying to judge who is who, and who is viable and who is not. The Light knows how to do its own work. Even the most evil-looking scallywag may be a double agent in this War of Essence in which we are trapped.
Many of the Jews, Gypsies, mental defectives, and the physically handicapped, and others, subjected to the horrors of WW2 were, in actual fact, Theomorphs, exploited for their energy. And this also applies to the ones murdered by the Allies in such places as the fires of Dresden, etc., and the nuclear holocausts of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Those victims too were mostly viable Theomorphs whereas amongst the perpetrators were the Children of Jehovah.
Why were such unnecessary atrocities committed? Superficially it was to reinforce dominance and punishment by the victors against defenceless civilians. But, in reality, there was a far more sinister reason, and that was the extraction of energy from the Theomorphs!
Stories told by other visiting aliens that they have learned to live in Peace, Harmony and Love are undiluted waffle, for where there is Evil, and it is everywhere, there is dissension and warfare. I repeat, Evil is ubiquitous in this Universe. The aliens that say this are the same ones who said not to worry, that they would fix our planet. They are various races of Reptilian liars.
Of course, on this level, once these mechanisms of exploitation were initiated, being simply mechanisms, they could not discriminate who was who. Hence, nearly all in human bodies have been subjected to them.
The Leaders within the Divine Dimension realized something had to be done to bring this runaway evil dimension to order.
Many, many warnings were given to the Children of Darkness to change their ways. But, all the warnings went unheeded.
The Message that Rectification of this Error would occur, in due course, was brought into the dimension by other Supreme Theomorphic Beings from the Divine dimension. And these are known as Avatars in the ancient texts.
They brought energy to balance the dimension until it was time to plan its total collapse. And they told the story of what had happened and what was to happen, for the ones trapped within had a filtering mechanism working on them, a part implanted into the physical bodies by Evil, which prevented recall of former knowledge. That is why to this day we have difficulty recalling past lives and experiences, even though there are mechanisms such as meditation and regression which help a little.
Recently, I revealed that no more of this positive energy was being distributed into this dimension. It has all been withdrawn except for that carried by a few remaining Light Warriors. And as I said, the Evil Energy is now unopposed and will self-destruct by means of many of its own evil, self-destructing mechanisms which previously were tempered somewhat by the presence of the Positive Energy.
We see these evil mechanisms even today taking shape around the world, and on our Sun, around the Solar System, and around the whole universe.
In previous eras, there have been many, many cycles of beings being thrown out of the physical bodies by catastrophes into sub-dimensions called the Astral and Demonic planes in order to wash away all memory of the tragedy called the Celestial Error and the entrapment of the True Beings. One such episode, the last one to occur in fact, is described as the Great Flood in all cultures.
BTW, the existence of these sub-dimensions, and other similar ones, has been verified on countless occasions by astral travellers and those having New Death Experiences.
In time, physical life was restarted again on Earth and the other planets. The bodies we have here have been designed and redesigned many, many times, Technical advancement was not equal and many other planets have superior technology.
But after each catastrophic era, Avatars came to renew the Message.
This applies to every corner of the Universe, not just our Earth and Solar System.
In this last era in which we are now living, the Message of Finality has been received by every race and culture in every corner of the globe.
Thus, we have evidence of it in the I Ching, The Mayan Prophecies, the Sumerian writings, Egyptian pharaoh texts, the Ramayana, The Kali Yuga Forecast, The Night of Brahma, The Hopi prophecies, the Judeo-Christian Bible and the Book of Revelations, the utterings of Nostradamus and Edgar Cayce, etc., etc. Even fractal mathematics with the ‘time wave zero’ formula, which correlates with the conclusion of the Mayan Long Count Calender, gets into the act.
In mockery to the message of the true correction that was to take place, Evil has always spawned false prophets so that those trapped here, on being disappointed, would lose hope. And many did. Many, unfortunately, then sold out to Evil.
Nonetheless, the point to be made is that a constant reminder of an Endtime was given in every era, and often.
The question remains of why there needs to be a termination of this Celestial Error. The simple answer is that it is a cancer on the face of the True Creation, And like any malignancy, if it is not excised, it will eventually spread and kill many other aspects of the True Creation.
Evil has unfortunately annihilated many Theomorphic Beings in this dimension in the past, simply by draining them totally of their Divine Energy. As we can see with our own eyes on this planet, it uses that pilfered energy for destructive reasons.
In days past, it appears none of the true prophets were accurate in their forecasts of the End. But, in fact, the dates they gave were codes to prepare viables for their own evacuation ahead of the real Endtime. And the final evacuation of Theomorphs occurred in November 1999, as I wrote in the essay “Phase of the Shells” which I published at that time.
Finally, realize that this dimension is a very deceitful one. It has been built by hypocrites for hypocrites. And, as every True spiritual teacher has said, it is an Illusion, a Virtual Reality to fool the senses of those who still have, deep within their psyche, a distant memory of the True Greater Reality.
Viables who are evacuated will continue in a New Dimension.
Those of Darkness, and those who have chosen Darkness, will be placed into Transmutation Vats wherein they shall be reduced to inert Primordial energy. But the process is not that simple. There is Justice to be dispensed and of this I shall perhaps write later.
The Miscreants were warned many, many, many times to reject Evil and turn to the Light. It is they who have chosen to go where they shall go.
So, after your attempt to digest those metaphysical concepts, the question remains:
“What evidence do I have that this may be the genuine Endtime?”
I have the evidence of deleterious change that we can all examine, and that is both terrestrial and extra-terrestrial evidence, such as:
  • The corruption of planets and systems,
  • Black holes swallowing whole galaxies,
  • Erratic behaviour by our sun and other suns which will scorch the planets soon enough,
  • The resultant global warming in our sphere,
  • Loss of fauna and flora (viable consciousnesses in them are being evacuated also,
  • Wars and more wars, physical diseases, etc.
  • Ubiquitous and ever increasing Terminal Madness.
  • No evidence of anticipated corrective mechanisms.
I have enumerated these factors in detail many times before.
These things and the historical pointers to an Endtime we can all research and analyse.
What specifically do I have that pinpoints this time as being the Endtime?
I will relate but a few of the experiences I have had which have been verified by complete strangers, and these may give readers a clue as to why I say it is the Endtime.
I, too, am made of a physical body and a spiritual one. The latter was not made in this dimension.
Since the physical age of 2 (of this body) I recall that my spiritual being has been travelling backwards and forwards into spacecrafts in other dimensions. Why spacecrafts are needed I will discuss another time.
On April 1985, I made such a visit and was able to take a witness. This witness did not share the knowledge that was given out at that particular conference, but nonetheless she was a witness to the fact that the visit to the Mothercraft occurred.
I have since made many trips to this and other crafts, often discussing selection of viables and the plans of the Endtime that are coming to fruition now.
I had written a considerable amount about the status quo of the planet and what is to come. I did this with what is called “a priori” knowledge.
Once I wrote these things, I set about travelling the world to contact various ones and to ascertain that they too had received the message of the Endtime. I did this throughout most continents, quietly, secretly, inconspicuously over 20 years. I had closed my Medical Practice for 20 years to do this work.
One occasion was special however. Friends and I planned a trip to Mexico which was being flooded by UFOs that were giving contrasting messages.
We went on that trip, guided by Joyce Murphy, the Director of a Company called Beyond Boundaries.
I think Joyce was somewhat astounded when I elucidated the story of space beings coming to the folk in Mexico and giving the story of the Endtime which was to be soon, in this generation, with separation of the good from the evil. In previous excursions by her, as far as I am aware, no one had mentioned the Endtime message.
Another group of aliens was telling Mexicans not to be concerned, that all would be well, that they would fix everything that was wrong with the planet. This was in direct contrast to my message. Of course, these aliens, evil Reptilians, have turned out to be liars. BTW, all classes of Reptilians are creations of Evil.
Joyce is a wonderful person and a trustworthy one. She would indeed be an expert witness to the fact that we obtained my message of Finality from the various groups in Mexico, given to them by certain “good” aliens.
Joyce saw and heard what she saw and heard. It was not made up.
It was after this trip that Jeff Rense, being a good friend of Joyce’s, invited me to speak on his program. The rest is history.
To further confirm the reality of what was going on, we were asked, my companion and I on the craft in 1985, to write down the markings on the spaceship’s hull for future reference.
As I interviewed an eminent lawyer and his daughter in a town south of Mexico City in the presence of Joyce Murphy and a group of about 20 others, I remembered the markings on the spaceship’s hull.
The lawyer and his daughter were being visited by small space crafts which landed on the lawn on the side of their house. These were the aliens talking to them about the Endtime.
Many who lived in houses on and around that street had witnessed the crafts coming and going. And I remember we all examined the circle on the grass made by the parked crafts. No grass grew there inspite of everything the lawyer did to try and fix his lawn.
I then asked them if they could recall any markings on the side of the crafts.
Lo and behold, the daughter, who was no more than 16 years of age, had had the foresight to write down the crafts’ hieroglyphics in her diary and they matched those we had from the Mothercraft exactly.
Thus, we had a common source giving a common Message of Correction of this Abominable Error.
Why would a lawyer want to subject himself to ridicule in front of the neighbours he had to live with if his story was not true?
What did he have to gain?
Again, what did the civil engineer, unknown to the lawyer, who gave us the same story, on a separate occasion in a different area, have to gain? He too had been told by aliens of the Endtime. And he confirmed it with us.
He and the lawyer were total strangers in diverse parts of the country.
Many, many others I spoke to there in Mexico and around the world during my travels had indeed received the Message.
The antecedent occasion for the reception of this Message was that in the Conference I attended in April 1985, on the vehicle which I have called a Mothercraft, (the vehicle was based entirely outside of this dimension), the decision was reached to declare this Message of Finality into this dimension which was to experience the Finality. I was chosen to do the announcing for various reasons, and after returning I broadcast the Message publicly on the physical plane, as well as in the sub-dimensions of the astral and those below.
Apart from those I contacted around the world, there have been many millions who have received this Message of Finality since, by a number of mechanisms that I described previously. No doubt they were the viables who were anxiously awaiting such news, and they jumped for joy.
That it is a worldwide phenomenon, especially since 1985 when I published the Message, no one can really deny.
No one that does this sort of writing gains much in any way. The payment more often than not is derision and ridicule. That was certainly so in the early days for me. But, I think now the times they are a’changing. Everyone seems to sense that something big is afoot! Besides, the threat of nuclear war that could blow up the whole planet is real enough.
What I have to gain now is the satisfaction of preparing some of you for Transfer out of this doomed dimension into the New Dimension.
From whence has come this knowledge I have about the Celestial Error, the ontology of beings, about the aetiology of Evil, the proposed program of annihilation to be followed, etc.?  I could not have made it all up, surely?
Sure, some of the dates that I published were erroneous; some of the prophecies were not fulfilled, or are yet to be fulfilled. So what?
I explained early on in my books that I would be using prophecy as a tool in this War of Essences. Some prophecies I cited just to fool the evil enemy. Some have been delayed. Some were made of numbers which acted as codes, as I described above. To focus on what appears to be inaccuracy is to lose sight of the bigger picture.
There are many, many other experiences I have had which consistently verified the following:
  • The veracity of this concept of the Endtime in this generation.
  • That this is the generation that will not know death.
  • The accurate assessment of the ontology of beings,
  • The precise separation of beings into the camps in which each belongs,
  • And the development of the mechanisms of Finality.
What more does one want? What more does one need?
I have even giving tips about conditions in the New Dimension for I have been there.
I am not seeking fame or kudos. As the Americans are want to say “I am just doing my job, the job that I came here to do!”
What anyone else thinks is, for me, totally irrelevant.
As far as I am concerned, the facts speak for themselves.
Deep within our psyche, we all have imprinted the Concept of Earth’s end!
We all have the Concept of Accountability!
We can deny this, but the fact remains, deep down we know they are there.
So, where does all this leave the New Agers’ and their adamant assertion that Evil does not exist?
And where does it leave the New Agers’ self-deluding concept that ‘Humanity’ is about to make a quantum leap into a higher level of consciousness that will manifest as a boundless heaven for all, regardless of whom they are and what they have done?
I realize that for some, this is the wonderful news they have been awaiting over eons and eons of time. This is their quantum leap into the realms of the True Reality and its infinite Joy.
For others my words are like a bullet striking them between the eyes.
And others still will yawn and yawn, in the true spirit of anencephalics.
But, I am telling you, there is no other valid explanation for what is going on. And the short time that remains will prove that.
Finally, don’t despair. If you are meant to make the realizations that will enable you to proceed, they will occur within you, even if it takes a little longer as your evil-programmed lower mind (the so-called monkey mind) argues and lashes out at the above concepts which it simply cannot fully comprehend.
I will write about reactions to my words, to my writings and to my voice soon. Those reactions are both diagnostic and prognostic.
© Dr J Chiappalone

March 27, 2010

POEM # 198
Some time ago, in response to my assertion that this whole Universe is an EVIL VIRTUAL REALITY that needed to be entirely dismantled, a few said I was wrong to say that this world deserves to end because it was pristine and beautiful, and so honest and candid, and so full of pleasure and unending promise and contentment..
And so, in a lighter mood, I wrote this poem in response.

La Dolce Vita?
"My dear doctor Chiappalone,
author of so many poems and books
with a Gnostic point of view,
I wish to say that I am another
who thinks indeed quite a lot, and
I also want to disagree with you,
Why, to me this is a world full
of beauty, and pleasure,
everywhere where one can go.

Look around you and this pleasure
unmistakably will show.

Are you being purposely pessimistic
in trying to convince us of your
particular point of view?

It appears you are narrow-minded
and have no real world clue
about how wonderful this life is,
with all the pristine pleasure
and how much it, in its greatness,
we ought to really treasure."
My Reply:

"Indeed it is not I who is myopic,
inquirer, rather it is you who are
living fraudulently in an illusion
which will give thee now, with fracturing
of the world, even greater confusion,
for this world you call of beauty
and of pleasure will dissipate, for it
is a poorly copied fraudulence,
a gross deception, and not a treasure.

Beauty to some extent is well within
the eye of the aspiring beholder,
but it is programming, evil and
malicious, which makes one sycophantic
and, for this system, a defender bolder.

In truth, the beauty is a sham,
as we will, in due course, see,
and any pleasure is at a price
paid tragically to Evil of necessity.

We can take any aspect of existence
on this plane and see that only
one who is truly anaesthetized
to miss the actual reality,
or else is totally insane,
can say that, from this life,
valid pleasure he can gain.

Take the pleasure of the warming sun,
within minutes now it burns you
like a bun and so many have skin
cancer as a devastating disease,
sun-baking is no longer a wise
practice that does please.

Food, so much a programmed pleasure
but indeed, most no longer, for
many reasons, do treasure.
More than 11% suffer food poisoning
in many ways, in and out, every year,
and that is certainly not a statistic
welcomed by anyone, nor cause to cheer.

With carcinogenics added to the food,
people, even without suspicion, rot,
if hepatitis and Mad Cow Disease
and many other ills they have not got.
Where is the pleasure now to know
that is the way most, out of the physical,
with untimely death will go?
Adulteration, contamination,
lack of adequate sanitation,
make even essential water a
very risky, dangerous drink,
and thus many in gloom with
disease all over the world sink.
Many side-effects from simply
living in this realm are horrible,
and excused away by the demons
and robots as something that must
be taken as a normal life.
But why do this nasty pain and
utter misery have to run rife,
especially if they contend this
is a life of so much pleasure,
which they vehemently state,
repeatedly, they so much respect
and, in its falsity, do treasure?
From the food and digestive process,
I see nothing of beauty, nor pleasure
do I see in death from unknown toxic
additives, allergies, or spliced genes,
nor even from cancer of the bowel,
nor from ubiquitous food poisoning,
nor from hepatitis and anaemias pernicious.
Of any who say all such unnecessary
diseases are pleasing I would be
indeed more than a little suspicious.

Why do I say unnecessary in this way?
Because things never should have been thus.
It is only because we are living
in the false Creation, in an evil Day.

When the likes of you talk about the
pleasure of love, you mean nothing
more than physical sex, for sure.
With all horrible diseases from
copulation I will not thee bore.
But you ought to know that more
than 50% of the world's population,
suffering from, Herpes, STD’s, HIV-AIDS,
are in need of more than
just condoms and band-aids.

For those who caught the viruses from sex,
in a few moments of stolen pleasure,
there is nothing in their plight,
in their deaths, they can treasure.

`Ha, but,' you will want to say,
`a nubile lass is beauty that one
can admire and longingly appreciate!'
But, I say, only if one accepts
totally the illusion and the mocking
depravity from purposeful falsity.

Less often strikes Cupid's arrow  of True Universal Love
Midst the urge to breed, forstered hormonally upon us
by Evil's implanted appetites and tricks.

In some, mascara, false eyelashes, tinted hair
or a horse-tail wig, silicone breasts,
girdles and lipo-sucked hips
accompany artificially painted
face and brows and lips,
such that the beauty from this deception
is only in the desire of beholders
of the illusion to be fooled,
and, by the fatuous sex and procreation
act, by which they're sucked in and spooled.

And as the hormones wane soon enough
In those without Love True,
What was programmed by Evil for Evil
Namely, the  need for bodies to increase
In those affected more often than not,
We see that programmed bond acrimoniously cease.
Without Love True in their hearts
None can live with others in Peace.

And let us turn our attention to capitalism,
exploitative commercialism, no less,
euphemistically called prospering for some,
doing daily business in this busy world.
More than one person I know has been
cheated quite substantially and had
his hair pulled or greyed and curled,
by deceitful rotters one finds everywhere,
to saturation point, inspite of laws to stop them.
This situation an honest person cannot bear.

My opinion is that Diogenes must have died a lonely,
lonely man in his failure to find just one
whom he could call honest and had, against evil, won.
Where is the pleasure of being cheated everyday,
by the shop-keepers, the professionals, the tradesmen,
the vendors, who know to do just that in every way?
There is no fun in being the victim of dishonesty,
and the problem is really very big and out of control,
for the thousands upon thousands of laws passed
are inadequate to deal with things properly.

Let us talk further of pleasure in this dimension.
Only one who is completely in denial of reality
would fail to see its absence in the things I mention.
So many live in poverty around the world, while a few
have hoarded riches they cannot possibly use,
that to tell these, of the starving throng, that their life
is made of great pleasure would be startling news.

And how do we measure the suffering of so many
languishing unjustly in jails? Is that pleasure?
Sado-masochism is a ploy of devilry.
Can you not, the satanic brutality in these
ever-increasing numbers of institutions see?
They are called rehabilitating and correctional
centres very hypocritically,
for in truth they are energy extraction centres,
for the evil system, where Evil teaches the many
tormented minds of innocent victims not Good, which
it can never do, for it has no Good to give,
but how to be even more deranged demonically
so that it assures its future harvest of energy.

Do you not think it is strange that so many of the
population are forever calling for more and more of
these horrible, horrible, iniquitous torture centres?
The reason for that is because the majority are evil
and no thought of True Love, of forgiveness, of true
rehabilitation, into their black hearts and closed,
bigoted, ignorant minds ever, in reality, enters.

If this truly was La Dolce Vita, they would sweeten
it even more for the misfortunates who are forced in
many ways to deviate from the righteous path, and
change conditions so that crime would decrease,
and conditions being so good, from temptations those
previously disadvantaged would desist.

But that will never happen, for the evil scoundrels,
who are the major part of the population, would then
not share in the nefarious energy feast
which they share with the sponsoring ghoul
of this all, none other than the demiurge,
Yahweh, Jehovah, Satan, the Fool, the Moloch Beast!

Is it pleasure that is felt by the 50,000 infants
who will die today from preventable causes?
Or is it, as I contend, an unjustifiable tragedy?
It seems to me you have never seen a child die or
its distraught parents struck by such evil, fatally.
What joy is there in unfaithfulness, in motor
accident deaths, in fatal drug overdoses, in rape?
We are nonchalant, almost oblivious to these things
until we are affected intimately, personally,
then pain, and not pleasure, in them we see.

And the suffering of war is something we truly all
should, if not programmed by evil, totally abhor.
Scarred for life are victims of such violence and they
live a nightmare when affected by bellicosity.
Only a fool would value such warring atrocity.

Scientific destruction is no more pleasurable than any
other form of mass destruction as I can see.
Look at how scientists have wrecked this world acting
as they have so uncaringly, so wantonly.
Lies and propaganda from whatever the source,
especially in the media, have added to our distress
and increased the mockery of life, of course.
What pleasure, pray, I ask, is there in the falsehood
of advertising and talk of a spurious Brotherhood?

Religious rhetoric delivered constantly, so deceptively,
as religious hierarchies increase pain ubiquitously,
simply has confirmed the deceit of life earthly.
In them, pleasure, intelligibly, cannot be.

Add the hatefulness of racism, patriotism,
nationalism, and we have the recipe for friction
which leads everywhere to clashes
and deaths in tragically unnecessary,
evil-created, explosive, unresolving,
energy-rendering, for the Moloch, contradiction.

Who is having more fun according to you then,
the honest adult who is ripped off by the system in
every way, and for the privilege made unfairly to pay,
or a child sexually molested, abused and not so gay?
What about the young and old victims of genocide,
from deadly war, from starvation forced to hide?
Who find more pleasure in their lives,
those blown up in South East Asia by landmines
or those having throats, as in Algeria, slit by knives?

What about indigenes on the globe everywhere,
bullied by brutal police, and by rorting
politicians who for others give no care?
The increasing incidents of suicide in the elderly
and in desperate juveniles clearly tells me
they're not having fun at all.
This Life for them, so stark, so bleak, is no
celebration; they are certainly not at a ball!
Many others to end their terror seek escapism
in drugs and overdose even, to leave this prison.
Others perversely engage in paedophilia as a must.
What pleasure has the raped child whose life is
reduced to prostitution or to a worth less than dust?

Those who seek fun in sport often practice murder
by killing animals instead of seeking peace further.
Only a demon would find perverse pleasure in seeing
lambs being torn apart by wolves, or penguins eaten
by sharks, or even seals ripped apart by bears.
Such visions are but destructive evil which the
hearts of any non-evil, loving beings tears.

O what a sham this life really is, with its pain,
its oppression, its tyranny, its fraudulent show.
This exposé has confirmed to my mind, more than
ever, it must not last; it all has to soon go.

Even if we picture a Western child playing in a
garden, joyfully its business wanting to mind,
we can see the toxic lead in the air, and the
microwave radiation around, to it being most unkind.

And what about the ubiquitous, unrelenting fear of
many things, in which most people live?
How much thought to that did you give?
Unless they understand from a Gnostic point of view
what this barbaric and very evil realm is all about,
They bury their fears and go into denial
as they feign happiness and from useless pursuits they
claim, like you, that wanted pleasure they rout.

Many are programmed, as if stoically, not to complain
as if, in the acceptance of their misery, there is gain,
but although they may say nothing openly,
they cannot always hide their psychic pain.

Indeed, the disguise of their fear is very poor,
for doctors and psychiatrists, psychologists
and other health workers cannot fit all the fearful
patients in their waiting rooms and close the door.
Most who attend are sick, not from physical illness,
but from the effects of their known and unknown fear,
and such a life they do not really hold all that dear.

And in those with physical illness, it was not
pleasure that I saw when I practised as, for example,
pleading eyes sought the nature of a breast lump and
begged for reassurance, from me, to them come near
so they could dispel the obvious deadly fear.

Many a serious diagnosis gave rise, in spiritually
unawakened minds, to the deadly Gloom of Doom,
and the fear reverberated in them like a boom,
shattering the illusion that their life was so well.
It was then, confronted by their inescapable mortality
that they revealed the pain and misery of this hell,
regardless of how previously they said pleasurably
in it, in their jobs, in their dishonesty, they did dwell.

When the pain, physical, emotional, psychic,
earnest health professionals now try to ease,
more often than not with time's inappropriateness
do they muddle and even increase iatrogenic disease
and this does not, the suffering patients, please.

Even when apparently perfectly physically well,
more and more now live with several secret keys
behind locked doors, to prevent unwanted entries.
Thieves everywhere threaten all, many other threats,
in every aspect of existence, do not please.
Why even rubbish tins are chained and padlocked,
in cities whose citizens' anguish cannot be blocked.
Psychosomatic diseases have increased explosively.
If this was a world of pleasure that would not be.
Antidepressants, tranquillizers, and mind-numbing
intoxicants are the best sellers in the world, for sure.
Can we say these victims of fearfulness are immersed
in a life of fulfilment and pleasure galore?
Of course not. They are wrecks with emotionalism in
the form of baggage which ruins their lives and for
20 years or so in practice I did see them.
I have seen the pain, I have seen the tears.
Many premature deaths result from untold fears.

I will admit there appear to be many who gain
perverse pleasure from the evils of this world
and from the unrelenting suffering of others.
Entertainment has taken a turn for much the worse
as with stupid, senseless violence actors rehearse,
or else stories are produced with distortions upon
distortions to camouflage this plane's ruse and curse.

Of ignorant, perverse profanity is it a measure
when fools describe this as a world of pleasure.
It is an evil-created torture chamber to be sure,
and with innumerable more examples of exploitation
and iniquity against this evil system I could roar.

The Law of Inverse and Diminishing Returns seems
to operate alongside Murphy's Law efficiently.
Hence, whenever some gain is made initially,
many a recipient seems to be trapped nefariously,
by hubris, ego's self-aggrandizement or gluttony,
so that more and more does he, or she, seek of gain
in which less and less satisfied he, or she, will be.

Lust acts destructively in the exact same way
and many for its supposed pleasure tragically do pay.
We have all seen this often and see well
where greed destroys avaricious demons of hell.

Knowledge and its acquisition you would think could be
pursued freely, innocently, patiently, joyously,
but really, the system will not even let that be.
Most of what is available is rhetorical absurdity
which one must repeat to gain a higher degree.
Other books like the Bible, the Koran, the Torah,
etc., which are protected by law in many places where
it is unwise and unlawfully dangerous to criticize,
are full of nonsense, myths, half-truths and lies.

The most popular books are purposefully salacious,
of soft pornography, pandering to appetites rapacious.
Or else they are of untruthful, so-called philosophy
which tell evil ones how good they are, and will be.
Naturally those of dark hearts soak up this sophistry
and increase their illusion and bury truth deceitfully.

And, as the last disappointment for all,
is it not the case that those whom we elect
to safeguard what little we have of social security
often turn out to be the very vultures who rort
the system most and treat us all despicably?
I am referring to none other than our politicians
whose mendaciousness is matched only by that of
lawyers, whom, with misfortune, one may be needing,
even against one's wish, when into serious matters
one is compelled by this crooked system, and into its
noxious, badly misnamed, so-called Justice system
one is forced to initiate some proceeding.
They, in turn, are no worse
or better than the clergy
to whom quite a few turn,
in ignorance, for understanding,
or for counselling, or perhaps
for spurious forgiveness
and for illicit mercy.
I have not done a hatchet job on the idea people like
you have of pleasure in what you want to call La
Dolce Vita. I have simply detailed the truth of things
and alluded to the fact that life for all should be,
indeed will be, if they are deserving, far, far, better!
Awakening to the absurdity that is stupidly called La
Dolce Vita, The Sweet Life, is what leads real
thinkers to this, my valid conclusion,
and to the much longed-for solution.
It is then that unrestrained joy,
in our lives, no matter how apparently miserable,
and God's happiness, we can rightfully employ.
Hence, if you really want to know
the truth and the value of
this land as a final score,
awaken from your damaging illusion
and see the misery,
the real pain of others,
and not just your own
selfish pseudo-pleasure.
This I sincerely implore.
As I see it, the greatest
pleasure for viable True
Beings is in the thought
that this horrible, horrible,
evil-created nightmare will soon end.
We owe sincere thanks
to the Real Godforce,
for this realization not only
awakens us, but also,
protects us mentally so that
we are not driven,
in desperation, by Evil,
at this obviously fracturing
Endtime, round the bend."

March 28, 2010

I wish to thank all of you who have written to me.
Please realize the amount of correspondence is immense and I ask that you remember that when I do not answer you promptly or I answer you briefly.
My writings are doing exactly what they are intended to do, namely, gather together all the ones of like-mindedness as we mentally support each other for the storms ahead.
Many have expressed how timely they are as some were beginning to lose hope.
The writings are also unmasking the ones who have made the coming cleansing steps necessary.
As we proceed along our chosen path, my intention is to connect as many of us as possible into the Family that we are, so that with proper psychic connections, none of us needs to feel threatened or intimidated by any factor in this temporary time zone.
And as time passes, there will be an inexorable melding of minds and spirits, as those of like-mindedness, and Energy, form the bonds of a Family which will never again be dissipated by the abuses and iniquities of Evil.
We will sense our triumph and Golden Joy even as the Virtual Reality collapses around our ears, and we shall see such collapses simply as hiccups on our journey to true Happiness.
Our strength will surge, as will our elation and felicity, even as the world around us crumbles, for we shall know what truly is going on, and we will be nurtured by the Light and its Truth.
Many readers have alerted me to the fact that many internet sites are again still being flooded by my ex-wife Amitakh, and her husband, Steffan Stanford, and their minions, with highly defamatory material about me.
For previous such activities by them, we went to court and the Magistrate threw them out of court for being gross and unbelievable liars. I then contemplated suing them in a Higher Court. But the costs were enormous, way beyond what I could afford.
The police thoroughly investigated ALL of their baseless and spurious complaints, which they also made to the Medical Board, the Health Commission, Medibank, and a few other organizations. It all came to nought.
Amitakh is a very good liar, a thief, a plagiarizer, a perjurer and a murderer. She organized the murder of a woman called Gilli Kroy.
Steffan Stanford, formally Steven M Bertsch from Lake Stevens, Washington State, is a Paranoid Schizophrenic. He is also an incessant liar, con-man and failed lawyer. He was convicted of fraud in Oregon and fined some $800,000. He absconded after paying only about $60,000.
Amitakh and Steffan tried to destroy me, my reputation and my Medical Practice in any way they could after I found out, and made public, the fact that they were running a tax scam.
I admit, I had been deceived by Amitakh for many years, as many others have been and still are. But I was certainly not fooled by Steffan who looks like the classical Vulturite Reptilian.
In case you have any doubt whatsoever about the issue, please write to, or telephone, the Stanthorpe Police Department for details.
The man to speak to is Senior Sergeant Tim Dachs.
He co-ordinated all investigations and interviewed the Stanfords, many, many times, and the completely demented Cheri Fowler who also got into the act against me,
The address:
Stanthorpe Police Station
Queensland 4380
Tel: 07 4681 6000.
I hope this clears up the matter forevermore.
The question remains, of course, of just what ontology Amitakh (who wants to be known as the Divine Mother) and Steffan Stanford, who spits out hate and venom with every word, really are?
Can they really be of Light?
If they were genuine, why would they want to stop me from helping people?
You answer those questions.
I am just as disappointed as any others who knew them and were fooled. Some still are.
Indeed, it was not time to expose them until, as the saying goes, it was time.
And it is obvious that I had to be rid of them before re-commencing my work which Amitakh and Steffan stealthily sabotaged in early 2000 by stealing all the money that was set aside for the work and by defaming me to all and sundry behind my back, even to my own family, would you believe? What sort of people would do that?
“Evil ones” is the answer as far as I am concerned.
I had to go back to work to make some money to continue the work. That is why there has been a hiatus in my work of almost 7 years. Of course, getting my licence back, so I could resume work as a doctor, was an epic saga in itself as I hit the walls that the Archons put up against me. It took me 4 years of fighting just to get the licence back.
Most would have given up, and that is what I think the Archons thought I would do. Perhaps I will write about that another time. They were aware of what I wrote and did not like it. Even now as I am about to retire to resume this work full time, they are still scheming on ways to rub me out.
It’s a Wonderful World, hey?
But knowing we cannot lose (we have actually already won the Battle of Essences) spurs me on as nothing else could.
And you should be the same, regardless of what adversities you are facing.


March 30

From my book 'Journey into the World of Metaphysics' Vol 2.

Many obstacles and difficulties need to be overcome when one approaches the study of philosophy, and in particular esoteric philosophy dealing with metaphysics. As these volumes show, one is really trying to awaken to the truth within and one has to look for a trigger which will stimulate one's awareness.
To expand awareness many restrictions must be overcome. One must accept truthful situations as they arise when situations are exposed, no matter how obscured the facts of the situations had been.
One must accept the existence of consciousness outside the physical body, the existence of subtle bodies and the existence of other worlds, levels, realms and dimensions.
One must overcome the oppression caused by the so called experts and know alls -- the biased scientists, doctors, psychologists, priests, false teachers, false mystics and worst of all ignorant sceptics.
One must overcome the indoctrination, bias, ridicule, humiliation bigotry and prejudice regardless of where these come from. Their source may be the family, traditions of society, culture, schooling, religion, etc. These sources are polluted with the fruits of an evil society.
One must overcome the pollution of the outer mind, and the resultant programming that has occurred. This programming has been occurring for a long, long time, both directly as with certain foods, alcohol, drugs, sex, etc. and indirectly via illness, radiation, emotions, the influence of wealth and poverty, ever increasing useless information, and the very oxygen we breathe.
To become aware and enlightened one must accept the real situations that are revealed by the truth. If revelation of the truth exposes the ignorance one has lived in, or the foolishness with which one has lived, it does not matter. One must accept any apparent disadvantage caused by truthful revelation.
One must let go of emotional ties and bonds, which are traps. Things of the ego, such as wealth and physical security are also traps.

Many will find it difficult when exposed to the truth to say:
"I was wrong",

"I was fooled",

"I was trapped",

"My awareness was restricted."

"All I have learned to this point in time in my outer mind is useless."
These hurdles belong to the ego. If the truth is to be embraced, ego and its hurdles must be relinquished and destroyed. Unfortunately many are half-hearted in their quest for truthful knowledge. They do not really want to know for fear of what might be found. To the earnest seekers I say "HURRY UP, TIME IS RUNNING OUT!"
Many do not want to search in fear that what is found may rock their boat, upset their set ways, their comfort, their ego. They may lose face. Truthfulness, honesty and courage are called for in the path of true seekers. Those who are not genuine seekers will never accept any truth that is revealed under any circumstances. These are evil programmed beings who oppose this philosophy and revelation at all costs.
What is occurring now is exposition of evil, as a consequence of revelation of the truth, and all will be exposed in their nakedness.
The Maya (illusion) will be destroyed completely.
The mask of the evil deceptive beings will be dropped forever.
The charade is over.
These volumes are not written to cause fear or panic. They are written to promote and enhance awareness and understanding. They are to prepare people for imminent, inevitable changes that will affect this planet in this generation. These facts are given to expose the war between Good and Evil, to expose the so-called mysteries, to lift the veil of Maya. They are to awaken, to explain, and to prepare people.
To date few have dared to question the values of society in great depth. Up until this time the effect of society on the individual was to keep him locked in with labels, conformity and peer pressure, so much so that only the bravest would question any of the so-caused fundamentals of society: - the family, marriage, religions and their hierarchies, the identity and worth of fellowmen, equality for all, and so on.
Even fewer would question "Mother Nature", in its manifestations, schemes, methods, and results.
Some of the bravest of men have questioned, but they could query only a little at a time, and they bucked the system but a little. Things have been questioned by these brave few, a little at a time, but there is a great deal to question and expose.
When one stands back and takes a good look, and when the laws are discovered and intensely scrutinized, one sees that most of the principles of society, nature and mankind in general as they are presented are nonsensical, very, very wrong and even downright evil.
In the past, with no plausible alternative explanations available, the observance of these flaws, and the questioning of what appear to be ridiculous situations in society, nature, and mankind merely led to frustration for many thinkers.
A reluctant acceptance of the status quo and a subsequent fall in awareness often occurred. People were forced to accept the ridiculous situations in society, nature and mankind as being natural occurrences, and that the ridiculous situations were the planned course of the `Force' in control.
With such thinking were all the injustices, sufferings, and idiocies reluctantly accepted. Many in their hearts really thought THE "GOD" IN CONTROL WAS EITHER UNCARING OR CRAZY. Others denied the existence of God, and still others mocked him and said "GOD IS DEAD".
Those who involved deific control could not rationalize the presence of so much evil in what was supposedly a Divine scheme. Supplications to a loving, just God whom they hoped would listen appeared fruitless.
Others thought that a play of Good and Evil with evil arising out of the good was responsible for all the incongruity. But ultimately they could not explain the powerful and persistent tendency to Evil that pervades all nature, all societies and all consciousness in this realm.
From what was revealed in Volume 1, it is known that an evil usurping demigod has been in control of this dimension and this evil demigod has impregnated the very lifeforce energy used by all in this universe with evil intent.
THE CHALLENGE is to encapsulate the whole panorama of what has gone wrong at one gaze, to see the mosaic and see the truth behind this illusion so that all will crystallize to make perfect sense.
The challenge is to see the whole spectrum of consciousness temporarily controlled by this evil demigod, to see the evolution of a disguised but more and more evil system totally for its benefit; to see the evolution of evil, robotic beings to serve evil and to exploit the original inhabitants of this universe.
Examine all the schemes of nature.
Examine life with its injuries, accidents, diseases, suffering and death.
See the ugliness and distastefulness of society.
View society with its families and its ties and dependence on emotions, finance, health systems, laws, traditions, institutions, technology and churches.
I dare you to see these as part of an illusion. They ARE part of an illusion which clouds truthful awareness. See these as such and you will begin to understand the reason for the confusion on this plane, the reason for the nonsensical aberrations, the emotional exploitation of beings on this plane, the entrapment of minds, and the apparent pointlessness of existence.
Fail to see these things as part of illusion and you will continue on that pathway of confusion, frustration, and the inability to rationally resolve the so called unfathomable mysteries of nature, of man, of God and of the eternal struggle of Good against Evil. Fail to see these things as part of an illusion and you will not be prepared for that which is to occur very, very shortly.
One can only provide the answers when the total picture is viewed as a complete mosaic. It is not enough to examine and question fragments, or to accept part truths which appeal to us, or to accept theoretical explanations which are incomplete. This has occurred in the past. It is not good enough to invent explanations which suit only a little of the mosaic at any one time.
All the questions must be answered by the truth, and answered quickly. All must be rationally explained and nothing is to be left veiled in mystery with the excuse that it is not for man to know. (Whether an explanation is comprehended by a heavily polluted outer physical mind when the explanation is correctly given is another story.)
It has been the ability of charlatans and `robots' of Evil to convince us not to seek the Truth and to accept massive doses of Ignorance and Darkness that have caused so much fall in true awareness.
As one seeks the Truth and questions things, more and more of the accepted `norms' of our society, of Mother Nature, of past philosophical treatises, of religious doctrine, of theology and theosophy, and of humanity and its existence become questionable.
The more the Truth is revealed, the more these `norms' or standards are discarded, for they are seen for what they really are - artificially imposed illusions. They are imposed by Evil as pollutants on to the outer mind of man.
They are seen as an evil plot to trap True Beings, to reduce their awareness, to rob them of their energy and to make them surrender their true identity, their heritage and their Divinity.  They do this by cutting the communication of the inner true spiritual mind to the outer mind.
The explosive destruction of these illusions and exposure of these traps used to make these illusions appear real are the aims of these volumes.
The challenge is to see the Truth in toto; to envisage the complete mosaic of reality beyond the illusions.
Individual effort is called for and necessary to meet this challenge.
The reward of enlightenment for the individual is proportional to the honest effort made by that individual. No one else is involved in the challenge. It is the most intimate enterprise any being can undertake.
But as I warned earlier, and will do so again and again, move quickly for  TIME IS RUNNING OUT.
Some psychics, clairvoyants and remote viewers are disagreeing with me, a few rather vehemently.
It seems they have had their noses put out of joint.
Why is that?
Most of these operate with information gained from the Astral – some from the lower and some from the higher Astral.
But all levels of the Astral are simply extensions of the evil Physical Dimension, controlled very carefully by the Archons of Evil.
Psychics, etc., some of whom know very little about cleansing and protection, gain most of their knowledge from beings in these Astral, and sometimes, demonic levels.
These being, with whom they connect, feed them information of a mundane nature. Thus they are accurate enough about daily events, about illness outcomes, about job prospects, about changes in careers, relationships, etc., etc.
They are not privy, however, to the Higher levels where decisions like the Message I have delivered, and the information in the form of my books that I have distributed, originate from.
Hence, these psychics, clairvoyants and remote viewers, may have little idea about the accuracy or worth of the information I produce.
They can only access the information after I have released it on the physical level and the many sublevels of the physical such as the Astral and Demonic levels, and other levels around other heavenly bodies.
Please note that this does not apply to all psychics. In fact, a few have been given instruction by their Guides as to my Source and Information.
The ones that have not are in a mental process of struggling with their lower monkey minds about what to do with this information that I have now freely given.
It was not a case of them being wrong or being inaccurate, it was and is simply a case of inaccessibility.
If they can accept my information, all will be well with them.
If not, they will struggle with my information, especially as the changes I have described overcome the plane in the exact manner I have described.
Of course if these psychics, clairvoyants and remote viewers are of Darkness, they will argue vehemently, even as the Truth of the Light burns their retinas.
Evil ones cannot see the Truth; they do not perceive the Light and its Glory. Thus are they doomed to their Darkness.
Don’t argue with them. Go within and seek your Truth which resides therein.
March 31, 2010

Today I have added a catalogue of books on the front page and below:

Catalogue of books

1    Journey Into The World Of Metaphysics - Volume One

2                    Journey Into The World Of Metaphysics - Volume Two
3                    Essential Gnostic Truths
4                    What’s Going On? - Making Sense Of The Madness - Volume 1
5                    Keys To Reality - Making Sense Of The Madness - Volume 2
6                    Death Of An Evil God - Making Sense Of The Madness - Volume 3
7                    Towards Divine Warriorship
8                    The Kingdom Of Zion - Exposing The Worldwide Conspiracy Of Evil
9                    One World - Exposing The New World Order
10-15      Thoughts Of A Gnostic - Volumes 1 – 6
16                            My Experiences of Aliens and Other Realities.
17                            Psychiatry - The Struggle For Your Soul
18               To    28
Collection of My Verses and Poems based on Gnostic Thoughts
Volumes: 0ne - Eleven


At present the books are only available as e-books.

If you wish to purchase any, please contact me directly via email

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